DNA Skin Tests

What is skin DNA and how is it performed?

Skin DNA is a revolutionary DNA lab test that examines 16 genetic markers playing a role in skin protection, premature aging and determined the future outcomes of our skin. This test presents accurate information based on DNA analysis and can determine your skin's genetic risks and take the right preventative steps to improve your skin's future. We collect a saliva sample from the inside of your cheek with our easy-to-use DNA Collector. The sample is then analyzed at the accredited lab. After the data is analyzed, a user-friendly report is tailored for you.

What will it determine?

1. Firmness + Elasticity It can identify if the synthesis and degradation process of Collagen

is in balance, or if the aging process is accelerated resulting in the appearance of premature wrinkling, loss of youthful looks and other ageing skin traits.

2. Wrinkling Skin DNA will help detecting the Glycation process condition which causes the skin to become rigid and lose elasticity. Glycation also impairs the skin’s ability to regenerate, leading to skin laxity, cracking, thinning, redness, and inability to self-repair.

3. Sun Damage + Pigmentation The Skin DNA Test can reveal if your skin has a greater or lesser natural genetic solar protection factor (gSPF™), and based on the results, we can provide you with a unique, enhanced skin care protection strategy that is specially designed to provide the best protection plan for your skin based on your genes.

4. Free Radical Damage SkinDNA score is the most powerful indication of our body’s genetic Antioxidant abilities to fight destructive effect of free radicals.

5. Sensitivity + Inflammation Genetics can be used to identify weather you are at a greater risk of inflammation production causing trauma to skin cells. The results of excessive inflammation include prolonged irritation, increased redness, and enhanced sensitivity to environmental pollutants.