Fat and Cellulite reduction. Med Contour features its own patented FDA approved dual hand piece helping focus treatments better and leaving surrounding structures (i.e. skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue) undamaged. Med Contour also has its own built in lymphatic drainage system helping the body to remove toxins, excess fluids and waste from the body.

The Med Contour treatment was developed to help medium-weight to overweight women and men who wish to improve their figure and to treat fatty tissue underneath the skin. One particularly positive aspect is that slim people with less significant adipose deposits can also benefit from this treatment too. Med Contour is a new, specially developed ultrasonic device that combines the effects of low and high-frequency ultrasound that offers longer two powerful ultrasound heads integrated into an applicator, a vacuum and a special probe lymphatic drainage. Only Med Contour has two ultrasound heads, placed under each other at an angle of 135 degrees, and vacuum applicator to open the lymph nodes and lymph drainage.

This device is also the only patented device in the world that sucks the tissue through the action of variable low frequency and focused ultrasound which allows controlled treatment. With the help of special technology Med Contour achieves much greater depth and penetration with benefits such as:

  • Smoothes, firms, and shapes the body
  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Targets your problem areas with the help of your body’s metabolism by increasing blood circulation in the area being treated
  • Allows safe and effective treatments with no recovery time
  • Reduces the pain and swelling that occurs after liposuction and other surgical procedures
  • Features its own patented FDA approved dual hand piece helping focus treatments better and causing less damage to surrounding areas
  • Helps the body drain off excess toxins, fluids and fats

How does Med Contour work?

Med Contour uses an applicator with two low-frequency ultrasound heads that target unwanted localized fat just beneath the skin. It penetrates the targeted subcutaneous adipose tissue and is designed so that it causes fat cells to implode, thereby leaving the skin, blood vessels and connective tissue, intact. During the treatment, Med Contour, tissue and fat cells are “sucked“ in a vacuum in the applicator. Through two mutually coordinated actions of ultrasound of compression and decompression, the tissue creates a lot of gas bubbles. The bubbles become bigger and bigger and encourages the break down and decomposition of fat cells

How the body is getting rid of fat after Med Contour treatment?

Med Contour’s unique ultrasound treatment breaks the membranes of fat cells, which shrinks and releases fatty acids and triglycerides. They are then absorbed through the lymph and transported to the liver blood vessels. Through the natural metabolism of the liver, the excess fatty acids and triglycerides are eliminated from the body. Lymphatic drainage, which is integrated into the applicator, known as the “zone massage,” greatly facilitates this process of elimination.

How does Med Contour treatment feel like?

Clients describe the treatment feeling like a hot deep massage. This should be a relatively painless experience, except for a few seconds of high energy once you treat the least desirable and most prominent areas of fatty deposits.

What pre-and post-treatment preparation is required after Med Contour body sculpting?

You need to drink plenty of water for 24-hours before each treatment to facilitate the liquefaction of fat tissue during Med Contour treatment. After the treatment, the client can immediately return to their daily routine. There is no recovery time after treatment. The client should not feel any pain or discomfort after treatment and even moderate exercise is an advantage.

How long will the Med Contour treatment run and how often it should be repeated?

Each session usually lasts 45-75 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area, and also includes photographs and measurements. Most clients typically need five treatments to achieve exceptional results.

Are the results from the Med Contour permanent?

Results obtained from the Med Contour are similar to the results obtained from operative liposuction. Hence, the results are permanent once the recommended treatment sessions are complete and that the client maintains a healthy and active lifestyle.

Who are good candidates for Med Contour treatment?

Women and men older than 16 years old that have realistic expectations of a better body shape in addition to an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. Med Contour body contouring is not intended for weight reduction.

Who is not a suitable candidate?

Pregnant women are not suitable candidates for the use of this treatment. Med Contour treatment is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding, those with active cardiovascular disease, heart peace makers, and any type of medical graft or prosthesis.