Dr. Alejandra Reyes


Dr. Alejandra is a world-renowned Aesthetic Doctor specialized in skin procedures. She is an American board-certified physician and internationally acknowledged as a skin treatments expert.

Since 2018, Dr. Alejandra has worked extensively with certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Latin America and the USA. There she completed training in trichology and hair transplant surgery and performed several more successful surgeries. This talented doctor completed several aesthetic courses and certifications in Dubai in the last couple of years.

As an aesthetic doctor, Dr. Alejandra is an expert in injectable procedures and energy-based devices. She treats numerous skin conditions, including scars and pigmentation. She is also a specialist in overall skin rejuvenation.

What singles Dr. Alejandra is her holistic approach to skincare. Not only does she helps her patients to feel confident with their natural look, but she also teaches them how to embrace healthy skin care habits. Her patients feel the most comfortable with a natural look without needing heavy makeup. Dr. Alejandra has a special vision of implementing her artistic technique in aesthetic medicine, and she has lead her patients toward better-looking, healthier, and more radiant skin.  She believes in a personal approach to every patient, which helps her to customize the treatments fully. This way, Dr. Alejandra is sure to achieve the best aesthetic outcomes.

Let Dr. Alejandra guide you on your journey to achieving the skin you have always desired.