Lips are one of the most representative features of the face. When they are symmetrical, voluminous and well-balanced they can’t pass without attracting attention.

Lip augmentation is performed with lip fillers and lip injection and one of the most essential benefits of lip treatments is restoring lost volume.

Lucia Clinic offers a non-surgical lip augmentation treatment in order to enhance lips’ structure and shape. Lip fillers can be used as an anti-aging treatment or as an aesthetic preference. Aesthetic doctors at Lucia Clinic use the JUVÉDERM® hyaluronic acid lip fillers that ensure long-lasting and smooth lip enhancement.

JUVÉDERM® lip fillers are used to soften and enhance the lips and make them look fuller and defined. JUVÉDERM® is FDA cleared and it is used as an anti-aging treatment for restoring the lost volume in the lips, smoothing fine lines around the lips, improving the symmetry of the lips and defining the lip border.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful? Minimally uncomfortable
Is there any downtime? Possibility of swelling and bruising for couple days
How many sessions are needed? Usually one
How long does the procedure take? Around 20-30 minutes
When can I see the results? Right after the procedure
How often should I do it? Every 6-12 months

How It Works


Lip fillers are the ideal way to restore or add volume and plumpness to the lips. They are semi-permanent solutions that are injected into the lips that have lost their shape, volume or elasticity. JUVÉDERM® lip fillers are based on hyaluronic acid which is actually sugar that is already found in the body. This selection of lip fillersis specifically designed to deliver the best results – a natural look of enhanced lips.

In a lip filler procedure, the solution is injected into the soft tissue of the lips and the results are fuller, smoother and more contoured lips and the area around them. JUVÉDERM® lip fillers are specifically designed to create a youthful appearance of the lips and since they contain natural ingredients they keep the natural look, movement and feel of the lips. During the lip filler procedure, the injected hyaluronic acid combines with the water in the skin and as a result, enhances lip volume and smooths lip lines.


As the skin gets older it loses its volume because of the reduced production of elastin fibers, collagen and hyaluronic acid that support the skin and make it strong. Injectable lip fillers lower the signs of aging and effectively enhance the lips and the skin around them.

When hyaluronic acid starts to decrease, wrinkles and fine lines start to appear and the lips lose their fulness. As the lips become thinner, they lose volume and lack definition.

When lips lose their definition, lip fillers are used to define and outline them again. This treatment is called Lip Border enhancement and it is also perfect for patients who are getting lip lines (smoker lines). After the lip fillers treatment lips return their original shape and restore lost volume.


In some cases, patients are satisfied with the shape of their lips and they just wish to add more volume to the lip body. Lip fillers are ideal for lip body enhancement because they make lips look more hydrated. This is just a subtle change in lips’ appearance. Lip fillers can also make a more dramatic change and make the lips fuller and more enhanced. After the treatment lips still, look natural and every movement of the lips is preserved.


They represent raised vertical columns that go from the peaks of the upper lip to the nose. Lip fillers can be used to enhance the shape of Philtrum columns. This treatment brings back the youthful and well-supported area of the upper lip. The skin that surrounds the lips provides support for them. So, treating lower face areas with lip Fillers can be also considered in order to fully enhance lip appearance.


This is a V-shaped contour in the upper lip center that makes the two peaks and bow-shaped upper lip. Lip Fillers can be used to enhance the Cupid Bow and shape the upper lip a little better. This treatment can also be used to contour the flat upper lip.


Many patients consider lip augmentation in order to solve the issue of having thin lips. Lip fillers provide fuller, more voluminous lips that still look natural.

Lips can gradually become thinner because of the loss of proteins such as collagen and elastin – they are in charge of plumping the skin around the lips. However, as the skin matures these proteins become less productive so lips don’t look full as before.

Also, lips can start to get thinner because of lifestyle or environmental influences. The skin around the lips can start to look tired, aged or dehydrated. One more reason is genetics – something that can’t be escaped.

Non-surgical lip augmentation can solve the issue of thin lips quickly and effectively. Lip fillers injections can change the shape and size of thin lips and make them appear youthful, luscious and defined again.


A gummy smile means that more gums than preferred are showing when people smile. A lot of patients wish to have amore proportional smile – less gum more teeth. A gummy smile can be the cause of the way that the teeth grow, they may be shorter so the gum covers more teeth than it should. Also, this condition can be caused because the facial muscles and the upper lip lift higher when people smile.

Lip fillers injections can be a perfect aesthetic treatment for reducing gummy smiles. This treatment can increase the size of the lips especially the upper ones. As a result, the enhanced upper lip covers more gum when patients smile.


Anyone who wishes to give a new shape to the lips or solve the issues of aging can be a candidate for a lip fillers procedure. JUVÉDERM® lip fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body, so they can be used on almost any person who wants to increase the lip size, improve the shape and overall enhance the lips.

Lip fillers are absolutely safe for both men and women of all skin types. The patients leave Lucia Clinic satisfied with the results and with a new, enhanced smile on their faces.


At Lucia Clinic, patients are first consulted with aesthetic doctors specialized in the field of cosmetic injectables. During the consultations, the doctors assess the problematic area and decide which treatment is the most suitable. Together with the patient, the doctors create a customized lip filler treatment just for them.

Aesthetic doctors at Lucia Clinic are highly trained and care about patients with the highest standard. All lip fillers are administered by experienced specialists who deliver long-lasting results and make sure that the lips are natural-looking after the procedure.

They have but one goal – to fulfill patients’ expectations perfectly.

The lip filler procedure is minimally invasive and non-surgical so patients experience minimal to no pain at all.

The JUVÉDERM® lip fillers contain an anesthetic that temporarily numbs the tissue of the target area. This way the comfort of the patient is on the highest degree during and post-procedure.

When the lip enhancement procedure starts, the aesthetic doctor carefully injects lip filler into the lips to strategically address the issue that the patient has and achieve the desired result. The doctor may inject several syringes – it all depends on the patient’s goals. Hence the lip filler procedure total time may vary between 10 to 30minutes.

When the lip filler treatment is over, the doctor applies aftercare cream and shows the results to the patient.



    Results are instant. After the lip fillers injectable procedure the patients notice the change in the area that was treated. Usually, the optimal results are achieved after just one session, but some patients might need a second one to completely reach their goal.

    JUVÉDERM® lip fillers can last from6 to 18 months depending on the amount of solution injected into the lips. Overtime, hyaluronic acid tends to break down as a natural process. Regular touch-ups are needed to maintain the results for good. Whether non-surgical lip fillers are used to treat thin lips or to restore the diminished lips, they bring fulness and volume back to patients’ smiles.

    After the lip fillers procedure, there is no downtime since it is a non-surgical treatment. Patients can fit the procedure into their lunch break and continue with their normal activities afterward.

    Regarding side-effects, they are minimal and therefore well-tolerated. After the lip fillers injectable procedure, a mild redness might appear accompanied by slight swelling, bruising or tenderness around the treated area. However, all the discomfort ceases after a few days. The patients are normally advised by the aesthetic doctors who performed the procedure to avoid sun exposure, vigorous exercise and make-up for 24 hours after the lip fillers treatment.


    Lip fillers offer so many possibilities to the patients.

    They can be used for lip augmentation to tackle the issue of thin lips, or they can be used as an anti-aging treatment and restore the lost volume of the lips. They can dramatically change the shape and size of the lips and give patients a new, perfect smile. Lip fillers can effectively enhance the shape of the lips, restore hydration and plumpness and give a more youthful look.

    Lip fillers successfully smooth the wrinkles and fine lines around the lips and make a dramatic impact on patients’ appearance. They add shape, volume and structure to the treated area. They enhance facial contours and soften creases around the lips. And still, lip fillers keep the lips looking naturally.

    One of the greatest advantages of lip fillers is that they are precisely injected into the targeted areas and bring the perfect outcomes. This makes them take the top place when it comes to quality aesthetic treatments. After lip fillers are injected they can stay and support the lips for over a year, all depending on how many syringes are administered.

    Since they are non-surgical and minimally invasive, lip fillers procedures are just mildly uncomfortable and require no downtime. These treatments can be perfectly fitted into the busy lifestyle.

    After the treatment, the patients leave Lucia Clinic with a newly discovered confidence and with a bright new smile on their faces.