Dr Evana Janbeh is a highly respected dermatologist and aesthetician with 15 years of international experience. She started her career as a dermatologist in 2005 in Syria. In 2009, she moved to Saudi Arabia and later on started working as a Dermatology Specialist in Dubai.

Dr Evana is an expert for a wide range of aesthetic procedures such as dermal fillers and other injectables, facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, laser resurfacing, skin tightening and much more. An established practise focused on understanding the patient’s unique goals is what sets her apart. Dr Evana’s personal approach allows her to listen to each patient’s distinct needs while offering the latest treatments and technologies. Helping people feel better and helping them achieve confidence – that really changes the way a person feels in the world we live in – is what motivates her.

As a dermatologist, Dr Evana has treated various skin conditions, from skin rashes to acne, from autoimmune diseases to cancer diagnostics. Her scope of work also includes minor skin surgeries as well as biopsies for an early check of skin cancer.

She is very active in the academic community – Dr Evana has published numerous papers in scientific journals and is a known speaker at the international conferences.