About Dr.

Head of Department of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery

Dr. Leonard N. Josipovic is a German specialist in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery.
His sense of beauty and unique technique has led him to become a world-renowned specialist and plastic surgeon.

His experience in the field of cosmetic surgery and skin rejuvenation along with his incomparable work ethic and integrity make Dr. Josipovic one of the most sought professionals.

Dr. Josipovic focuses on a variety of different procedures such as breast surgery, liposuction, fat transfer, various anti-aging and face rejuvenation procedures.

His goal is to help his patients synchronize face and body appearance and of course, keep them satisfied with the end results of the procedures.



Dr. Josipovic is an internationally trained and certified surgeon. Upon finishing his studies at the Medical Faculty of the University “Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe” in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, he chose to do an internship at the two most distinguished institutions – UCLA in the USA and Imperial College in London, UK.

Moreover, this exceptionally talented surgeon has received many awards, but perhaps his dearest one is the first prize he won for Publication on “recurrence of M. Paget 25 years after MAK reconstruction through Nipple Sharing”. He published his paper in DGPRÄC Berlin – German Society for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

He started his successful career in the University hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. He worked as a medical assistant in an operating room in the department for heart and thoracic surgery, while he was a medical student. Later on, he became a resident in the Department for Thorax, General and Visceral Surgery in Markus Hospital. And after that, he decided to move to the Department for plastic and aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery, where he completed his residency and became a Specialist for Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Josipovic has received his certificated membership in the German board for plastic and aesthetic surgery.  His next step was becoming Consultant for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Body Contouring, Facial rejuvenation) at Rosenpark Klinik. This prestigious and well-known Clinic in Germany is specialized in liposuction and other aesthetic procedures.
Dr. Josipovic greatly contributed to the reputation of this institution with his expertise and experience.

His professional experience also includes being an International speaker for Allergan Medical Institute in Frankfurt, and an International Allergan trainer in London, UK.


Dr. Josipovic has attended a lot of congresses and workshops in a lot of European countries, including Germany, France, Sweden, England. He has also held presentations and live workshops in the Philippines.
Some of the congresses he attended are:

  • Medical Mission Activities, Province of Los Banos, Philippines
  • ISDS (International Society for dermatologic surgery), Presentation and live workshop (8 Point Facelift), Manila, Philippines
  • MD Codes Tour with Mauricio de Maio (live presentation), Frankfurt, Germany
  • Vistabelund Juvederm Vycross: Relax and Refill, Lecture und live workshop (Hands-On Training ) at Medical Education Center of Rosenpark Klinik, as a speaker of Allergan Medical Institute, Darmstadt, Germany
  • Lecture und live workshop DERM 2019, Frankenthal, Germany
  • IMCAS (Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology), Paris, France
  • Live Symposium ISDS 2018 (live workshop and live breast reduction surgery, lecture) Frankfurt, Germany
  • BTS (Beauty Through Science), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Masterclass (lecture and live workshop, aesthetic circle), Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Masterclass (lecture and live Workshop with “Global Netzwerk”), Vienna, Austria
  • AMWC (Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine World Congress), Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Masterclass, Teoxane Filler, Per Heden, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Allergan Masterclass OP Techniques-Advanced, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Royal College of Surgeons of England, Facial anatomy course, London, England
  • The Vertical Beauty; Delivering emotional attributes, with the MD Codes Equationswith, Mauricio de Maio, Berlin, Germany


As a certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Josipovic is proficient at performing a wide variety of treatments and procedures.

Dr. Josipovic’s scope of specialty includes aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries, such as breast augmentation, reduction and lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, and body contouring. He is also specialized in performing a Mummy makeover which usually includes a breast lift and augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck. Dr. Josipovic delivers excellent results in returning the body to its original contours before childbearing.

Also, he is an expert in facial corrections and facelifting and performs upper and lower Brachioplasty (arm lift), eyelid surgery and ear surgery among others.

Regarding non-surgical and anti-aging procedures, Dr. Josipovic performs liquid rhinoplasty, which is an option of traditional rhinoplasty, but instead of surgery, advanced hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into the patient’s nose in order to enhance and reshape its contours. This treatment is an ideal solution for patients with minor nose humps, insufficient Nasal projection -the nose tip needs to be more up, or deep glabella. This non-surgical rhinoplasty is beneficial because it requires less downtime, there aren’t a lotof complications that can arise and there is no anesthesia. This procedure is effective, safe and above all brings excellent results. It is also much simpler than traditional nose surgery.

Additionally, he performs Botox and facial rejuvenation treatments, chin and jawline augmentation, liquid facelift and 8 point facelift.

Dr. Josipovic approaches each patient individually. During the consultations, he examines the problematic body areas and strategically comes up with a tailored-made solution. His top priority is creating aesthetic visions that are completely in tune with the patients’ visions of final outcomes. He believes that everybody can reveal their most radiant and confident self.

As one of the best plastic and reconstructive surgeon he always strives to advance his knowledge and implement the latest techniques in his work. He follows the trends in the world of beauty and he is always ready to offer his patients the best results.

Dr. Josipovic has experience in appearing on television. He showed his talent and expertise in plastic and aesthetic surgery as one of the participants in the TV show – “Team Beauty”, which topic was beautification and improving problematic body areas. The TV show was broadcasted on the famous German channel RTL and Dr. Josipovic was performing operations in front of millions of viewers.

Dr. Josipovic’s commitment to continue improving his skills and implementing advanced and innovative techniques never stops. He offers his patients first-rate solutions in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. He absolutely loves and enjoys his job and new challenges are what inspires and motivates him to become even better.