Dr. Raj Kanodia – Beverly Hills and Lucia Clinic’s King of the Nose

Interview with Dr.Raj Kanodia, a dear friend of Dr. Lukian

Dr. Raj Kanodia is back at Lucia Clinic and talks about his view on closed scarless rhinoplasty and a holistic approach to anti-aging. This leading board-certified plastic surgeon found his second home at Lucia Clinic – Dr. Radmila Lukian and her team welcomed him above and beyond.

But there is another reason why Dr. Kanodia loves coming back to Lucia Clinic – high standards, high quality of products and treatments and incredible patient care make him feel like he is in his clinic in Beverly Hills. As a premier destination for many A-listers, Lucia Clinic is Beverly Hills of Dubai.

Dr. Kanodia is a dear friend of Dr. Radmila Lukian and what primarily connects them is their passion for their work. They both believe that beauty, health, wellness and anti-aging are all part of the same equation. Plus, Dr. Radmila became one of the world-renowned dermatologists and anti-aging specialists after developing her skills and experience together with Dr. Kanodia.

Dr. Radmila became the first Dubai celebrity doctor and her high-end clientele includes national and international actors, singers, executives, fashion models, influencers – the list is endless.

Dr. Lukian can now stand alongside Dr. Kanodia, and take care of his patients if he is not at Lucia Clinic. Her knowledge, artistic eye and work philosophy definitely helped her to establish one of the most sophisticated clinics in Dubai.

Find out what Dr. Raj Kanodia says about his work, beauty and healthy lifestyle habits.

What are your passions in life?

One of my passions is scarless rhinoplasty. That’s one of the ultimate forms of art because my work is multi-dimensional. Not only the profile or front view of the patient’s face is important but also the emotions, intellect and soul of the patient.

Closed scarless rhinoplasty is a special technique and not many plastic surgeons practice it. Dr. Raj practices only this technique because it goes along with his artistic side and comprehensive approach to patients. He performs closed rhinoplasty with finesse – keeping the original character of the nose is the most important to him.

In what ways is the nose functionality important?

The nose is one of the most important structures of the body. Apart from being the center of the face it also takes in oxygen. If the septum is straight, you take in lots of oxygen, you have lots of energy, you sleep better, you taste your food better, your endurance is better.

Dr. Kanodia works with a lot of athletes and enables them to breathe more easily. He believes that taking deep breaths helps all cells in the body to get more oxygen. And as we know oxygen is life. That’s why the nose is important in both cosmetic and functional aspects. Getting a proper amount of oxygen balances the entire body, mind and soul.

What’s the most important thing about rhinoplasty?

Every face has some beauty, every nose has some beauty – it’s important to recognize this first. You discuss with the patient about how to preserve the character of the nose. You don’t want to change the anatomy to an extent that looks like somebody else’s nose was planted on your face.

This is where Dr. Lukian and Dr. Kanodia see eye to eye – every face is beautiful in its own way, and it’s important to enhance the beautiful features not to change them. Dr. Kanodia stresses that he only does little brush strokes to the nose – the keyword is only a little bit. He may even keep a little imperfection to keep the perfection of the nose. This is where his artistic eye comes in the spotlight. So, rhinoplasty is as much an art form as it is a surgical form.

How important is it for the patient to know to which artist to go for facial rejuvenation?

It’s very important. Not all clinics are the same – the difference is in the eye of the artist. There is a tremendous amount of artistic involvement in order to create a natural or enhance the natural beauty. I think that’s why you see so much bad work and plastic surgery gets a bad rep.

Everybody notices bad work – bad lips, bad nose job. That’s because the features have been changed too much.

But you won’t see bad work at Dr. Kanodia’s Beverly Hills clinic as well as Lucia Clinic. Dr. Lukian believes in using Botox or Dermal Fillers in order to enhance the natural beauty of the patient. Whether it’s lips augmentation, cheek or jawline enhancement, Dr. Lukian uses her artistic eye to create natural-looking results. Because the best work won’t be noticed per se – the patient will look refreshed and more attractive, without the need to point out which treatment was done.

What are the latest anti-aging trends?

Beauty is an important part of my life, but at the very same level, I’m into wellness. Wellness, health and beauty are part of the same equation. And all that creates happiness – we all want to be happy. For that goal, we need to be well and we need to fight aging.

As the body ages, the cells create inflammation. These inflammations actually age the body. The point is to shock the body with cryotherapy, cold plunge or fasting. This helps new cells to come to the body and keep it youthful.

What is the most important thing that keeps us youthful?

It’s exercise. That’s one thing you can’t substitute. With exercise, you create wellness in your mind and body.

When we talk about a holistic approach to wellness, exercising is crucial. But, other aspects are also very important, like nutrition. We need to pay special attention to what we eat. We need to increase the intake of antioxidants like blueberries or pomegranate and keep our cells youthful.

Improving health and wellness comes little by little – we slowly improve ourselves on a cellular level. One simple way to feel better is to take deep breaths in the garden in the morning and fill our cells with oxygen. That’s what the holistic approach is all about – a comprehensive care of wellness, beauty and happiness.

Dr. Radmila Lukian appreciates above all the holistic approach to her patients and treats every face as if it were hers. Plus, with her skincare advice, patients learn how to take care of their complexions. With her bespoke treatments, her patients maintain youthful and radiant skin, and Lucia Clinic is always their premier destination when they visit Dubai. Dr. Lukian is more than pleased that Dr. Kanodia feels at home at Lucia Clinic and his work in this unprecedented clinic is a simple continuation of what he does in Beverly Hills.

Dear Dr. Kanodia, thank you for your interview. We can’t wait to talk to you again.