Get the perfect nose with Dr. Tony Park at Lucia Clinic Dubai

Rhinoplasty otherwise known as ‘nose job’ is a surgical treatment that promises nose transformation into a harmonious blend of form and function. At Lucia Clinic, you can opt for two different surgical techniques of this procedure – open and closed. But, what is the real difference between these two types of aesthetic refinements?

Plastic surgery where precision meets artistry

Before deciding to have rhinoplasty at Lucia Clinic, you need to understand what this surgery will bring you and what are the pros of both techniques. Closed rhinoplasty includes making 2 incisions within the inside of the nose. Through these incisions, your plastic surgeon makes all the necessary alterations. The surgeon modifies the nasal bone and cartilage but since it can be tricky to access the required parts of the nose because of limited visibility, the surgeon needs to be super skilled and experienced. Not to worry – Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Tony Yang Soo Park is a leading Board-certified surgeon from Seoul, South Korea, specializing in closed rhinoplasty.

A very close friend of Lucia Clinic, who is always very happy to be at Lucia Clinic and have consultations with Lucia’s patients is Dr. Raj Kanodia. This outstanding plastic surgeon, specializing in closed rhinoplasty, is called the King of the Nose because he enhances his patients’ facial features without changing the character of their noses. Over the years, he has performed closed rhinoplasty on many A-List Celebrities and influencers, including Kloe Kardashian, Kamila Coelho, Alissa Violet, Nick Champa and Olivia O’brien.

The same goes for Dr. Tony Park – he is at the forefront of the Korean beauty revolution and has operated on most of many of the K-Pop world celebrities.

This surgical technique is marked by subtlety and finesse and is a good choice for you if you are looking for discrete and refined nose transformation.

Open rhinoplasty includes the same two incisions, with an additional one across the columella. For those who don’t know much about anatomy, this is a tissue that connects the tip of the nose with the nasal bone, according to our plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Park.
In terms of open rhinoplasty, this final incision helps the surgeon open the skin of the nose and actually reveal the nose. The real art and science of open rhinoplasty lies in customization. Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons carefully decide how the nasal bone and cartilage will be altered to achieve your specific goal.

And that goal is a perfect nose. With your unique facial features in mind, Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons carefully create a bespoke treatment plan that will keep the character of your nose and only make it more harmonious with the rest of your face. The nose is such a prominent facial feature and has a delicate structure so it needs to be treated with finesse and precision.

As devoted patients who had rhinoplasty with Dr. Kanodia and Dr. Park claim, this plastic surgery has brought them a myriad of benefits including elimination of nasal hump, fixing the crook, enhancement of nasal tip projection and even resolving functional issues like a deviated septum.

If you want that perfect natural-looking profile, check out if you are a good candidate for open or closed rhinoplasty – the trend of this plastic surgery is not going anywhere any time soon.

What about the external scars?

This is perhaps the first question that anyone considering rhinoplasty asks themselves. Well, let’s unveil the secrecy right away.

One of the key factors that distinguishes open and closed approaches to rhinoplasty is scarring. Since closed rhinoplasty involves only internal incisions, there are no scars left on the outside. That’s why closed rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Kanodia or Dr. Tony is also called scarless rhinoplasty. Even though you may think that it’s a new technique it actually isn’t – it has been done for many years now. But, it is a dying trend because most plastic surgeons perform open rhinoplasty. However, Dr. Raj Kanodia and Dr. Tony Park are determined to keep performing closed rhinoplasty.

Open rhinoplasty involves one external incision so it can potentially leave a small scar. This scar typically fades over with time, provided that the incision was closed carefully and with great precision. Then the scar should heal very well and people will hardly notice it.

Next to scarring, another thing that distinguishes open and closed rhinoplasty is the recovery period. Closed rhinoplasty leads to a shorter recovery with less swelling and bruising. Open rhinoplasty is more invasive so consequently it requires a longer recovery with more swelling and bruising. So, if you are looking for a nose job, that allows you to socialize 7 days post-operation then closed rhinoplasty is your solution.

How do results differ between open vs closed rhinoplasty?

We have already established that your ultimate goal is the perfect nose. The best approach and technique for your rhinoplasty procedure depends on your surgeon’s recommendations. Skilled and experienced surgeons like Dr. Kanodia and Dr. Tony can recommend closed rhinoplasty if they believe that your goals can be achieved with this technique. The same goes for open rhinoplasty. In both cases, the results will be real and natural-looking.

So, it all boils down to this – it’s more important to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon first, and then think about which approach would be better in your case. Choosing an experienced and talented surgeon will have far more of an impact on your rhinoplasty results, compared to an open or closed approach.

During your rhinoplasty consultation, Lucia Clinic plastic surgeons will carefully examine your nasal structure, facial features, thickness of the skin, and nasal asymmetry and talk to you about your cosmetic goals. So, be ready to open up and share your medical history, previous nose surgeries, or injuries. Depending on your goals and needs, your surgeon will recommend closed rhinoplasty if you need minor corrections like removing the nasal hump or correction of a deviated septum. On the other hand, if you want more significant alterations, your surgeon will probably recommend open rhinoplasty.

In any case, Lucia Clinic’s rhinoplasty promises beautiful results – a perfectly shaped nose that is in perfect harmony with the rest of your face.

To find out whether you are a good candidate for Lucia Clinic rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tony Yang Soo Park.