The Ultimate Aesthetic Guide in 2024 – Natural Needle Lift Decade

Lucia Clinic - Your Guide to Non-Invasive Facial Treatments

Gone are the days when you could notice bad Botox or Dermal filler work from afar. Even though a lot of celebrities have made Botox change from mainstream to extreme in the last two decades or so, now the usage of this amazing product has become more subtle. Nobody wants unrecognizable faces any more or as you may know it – botched Botox, frozen doll looks, and other unflattering phrases. You surely remember Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Meg Ryan, and other A-listers who have gone overboard with aesthetic work. But, nowadays, some of them have realized what aging gracefully means and how gentle and non-invasive skincare can keep their faces beautiful. The age of new beauty is here.

You may already know that looking for sustainable and natural aesthetic procedures is on the rise. But how can you benefit from that?

You need to find a skilled and artistic dermatologist and the right aesthetic procedure that will bring you new and authentic beauty.

In this guide, you will find out how to move away from invasive procedures and find non-invasive alternatives that bring you natural-looking and long-term results. Also, you will see how a holistic approach to well-being promises youthful and radiant skin.


Read the following chapters.


  1. How to improve your neckline with Barbie Botox?
  2. Take care of your skin in the most natural way with PRP
  3. How to achieve new beauty with the slow beauty concept of Ultherapy?
  4. How to feel empowered about unique beauty with EMFACE?
  5. How to take care of your skin smartly and effectively with LED light therapy?
  6. More individualized approach through bespoke treatment plans
  7. Redefining aesthetic treatments with a holistic approach

1. How to improve your neckline with Barbie Botox?

We all know how this iconic Mattel doll has influenced the fashion world ever since it was introduced. But last year it also found a way to influence the aesthetic treatment world with a shiny new word TrapTox.

If your aesthetic goal is to elongate your neck and make it slim and graceful without having plastic surgery or other invasive treatments then Barbie Botox can be your solution. Plus, it also has another benefit up its sleeve.

What exactly is Barbie Botox?

Barbie Botox or nowadays called TrapTox has been here for years. But now it has taken the world by storm because of its aesthetic benefits. Just to quickly cover the anatomy, Traptox or Botox is injected into the trapezius muscle, or the area that extends over the back of your neck and shoulders. You already know how Botox works – it temporarily relaxes your muscles so they don’t flex. This happens with TrapTox also – over time your muscles become slimmer.

That’s when the magic happens – your shoulders get lowered and your neck shrinks. This gives you that slim feminine look just like Barbie’s. Your muscles get less bulky and because of that your neck looks elongated and slimmer. You instantly appear more delicate and graceful.

Get ultimate beauty treatment with Barbie Botox at Lucia Clinic

Is TrapTox uncomfortable treatment?

Even though TrapTox is an injectable treatment, it’s not painful. If you have already had Botox, you know that it’s not a big deal.

The good news is that the skin on the trapezius muscle is less sensitive than the skin on the face.

So, you practically feel minimal to no discomfort. And there is no bruising. But if you are prone to it just avoid Aspirin before your session and you are good to go.

What’s the other huge benefit of TrapTox?

Let’s reveal the ace that TrapTox has up its sleeve – it eases the tension and pain that you may feel in your neck and shoulders. You see, we tend to keep a lot of tension in the trapezius muscle which can result in feeling discomfort in this area. However, after injecting TrapTox, this area relaxes and relieves the pain. As a result, your posture improves as your shoulders lower and you look more attractive.

How to know for sure that you will achieve a Barbie look with Traptox?

As already mentioned, getting Botox injections is no big deal, but it’s definitely a big deal who injects it into your face. You won’t choose an inexperienced doctor to smooth out your facial wrinkles with this treatment, right? The same goes for TrapTox.

To achieve that Barbie look of an elongated and nicely contoured neck, choose a skilled and experienced doctor who knows his way around human anatomy.

Because that’s crucial. Your doctor needs to know exactly where to inject TrapTox into your trapezius muscles. You don’t want any adverse reactions like TrapTox migrating to an unwanted area.

That’s why it’s best to choose a qualified and board-certified doctor like the ones at Lucia Clinic. Lucia Clinic’s doctors will create a bespoke TrapTox treatment just for you. This means that your individual anatomy, the desired outcome and the right amount of Botox will be taken into account. Only then you can be sure that you will achieve that beautiful swan-like neck. Plus, there will be no adverse reaction and you will be able to continue with your activities right away. Since only a small part of the muscle is being treated there will be no limitations in terms of exercising.

So if you want to find out why minimally invasive TrapTox or Barbie Botox is creating all the buzz, include it into your regular aesthetic routine. With TrapTox you will definitely take it to the next level.

2. How to achieve new beauty with the slow beauty concept of Ultherapy?

Do you feel overwhelmed by promises of instant skin improvements that you simply don’t know which aesthetic treatment to choose? We are used to expecting instant gratification and we forget that real and natural-looking beauty takes a bit of time to emerge. Non-invasive Ultherapy treatment is based on gradual results that don’t harm your skin in any way and keep it radiant and youthful for a long time. That’s the right way you should take care of your skin.

How does Ultherapy focus on quality rather than quantity?

Ultherapy is so effective, that you will probably need only one treatment session. This gentle, non-invasive treatment will do so much for your skin that you will enjoy the results for up to 2 years. And then you can do a touch-up treatment to maintain the results.

TIP: Prolong your Ultherapy results with a good skincare routine and sun protection.

When you think about it, it’s a great investment for a long-term strategy of keeping your skin youthful and firm.

And that’s what Ultherapy does – it lifts and tightens your skin with non-invasive ultrasound energy targeted precisely where it’s needed. And that place is where your collagen is.

You probably know that after the year 20, your skin slowly loses collagen and elastin. That’s just how nature works, your skin matures and becomes less elastic and firm. This is especially noticed around your jaw and neck – they become loose and saggy.

So if nature is doing its course, it’s best to help your skin in the most natural way, don’t you think?

Restore your glow with Lucia Clinic's Ultherapy treatment

How does Ultherapy keep your skin natural-looking and youthful?

It’s all about going underneath the surface of your skin. Ultherapy emits energy deep into your skin cells in the areas where your skin starts to sag. It makes your skin cells wake up and tighten. The collagen and elastin start to build up through your body’s natural processes. So, there is nothing artificial and nothing that would harm your skin – it is healing on its own.

With Ultherapy you are not doing anything against nature – you are helping your skin to revive and rejuvenate. As the collagen builds up, your skin becomes tight and elastic again, just as you desired.

The idea behind Ultherapy is to accept that slow beauty makes you satisfied with the improvements of your skin that slowly emerge.

This treatment helps you understand that natural-looking results are the most precious ones.

When do you see the results of Ultherapy?

This is where the concept of slow beauty kicks in. The best results of Ultherapy are seen in 6 months. Your new and natural-looking beauty gradually emerges. Your jawline and neck are firmer, youthful and nicely contoured. All thanks to Ultherapy which gives your unique beauty a personalized approach. You don’t have to worry about looking fake or overly done – with Ultherapy you will look like yourself only more refreshed and plumper.

TIP: Get an Ultherapy treatment as a preventative measure.

The moment you see aging signs on your face you can have Ultherapy and reduce them. But this treatment is also great if you already developed mild to moderate skin laxity – Ultherapy will boost your collagen and bring you long-lasting results.

With Ultherapy, you will definitely move away from invasive treatments and still be more than satisfied with the outcomes. As you slowly see the improvements in your skin after just one session of Ultherapy, you will realize that you are taking good care of your skin and that focusing on quality rather than quantity really pays off in the long run.

3. How to feel empowered about unique beauty with EMFACE?

When you look in the mirror, do you feel like your face is showing a different picture? Do you look older than you really feel because of wrinkles and fine lines and loss of facial structure and volume? If yes, then you have probably started to think about what you can do to rejuvenate your skin. Perhaps, Botox and Dermal fillers or even plastic surgery pop instantly into your mind, but deep down you feel that you want to take a different direction and approach. Well, one of those directions can certainly be EMFACE – a shiny, new and brilliant non-invasive anti-aging treatment.

How does EMFACE celebrate authentic beauty?

EMFACE has taken the beauty world by storm because it promises and delivers natural-looking and long-term results in terms of skin rejuvenation. People love it because this treatment enhances their facial features and does not erase their authenticity. EMFACE brings you that new beauty that is real and perfect with all its imperfections. With EMFACE you no longer conform to some standardized motions of beauty but rather enhance what makes you a unique person. And that’s empowering.

Why is EMFACE revolutionary?

EMFACE has transformed the world of aesthetic treatments to its core. There are no needles, no discomfort, only magic that happens underneath your skin. It’s the first treatment in the world that reduces your wrinkles by boosting your collagen level. Again, you are naturally helping your skin to wake up the dormant collagen and start building up. Nothing fake and nothing artificial – you are rejuvenating your skin in a completely non-invasive and comfortable way.

The perfect non-invasive anti-aging treatment at Lucia clinic

Next to smoothing out your wrinkles, EMFACE is like a tiny gym for your facial muscles. It contracts your facial muscles so that they become stronger and more defined. What’s the end result? Your face is better structured and youthful because the muscles are doing their job.

TIP: With EMFACE you don’t accept cookie-cutter beauty standards that have dominated the beauty world for a long time.

With EMFACE you accept your unique beauty and you just enhance it.

This anti-aging treatment was proven to increase the level of collagen and elastin and your facial muscle tone and to reduce wrinkles after just 4 sessions. Some even say that it is more effective than Botox.

TIP: If you are not a fan of needles, then non-invasive EMFACE is your solution.

EXTRA TIP: Find a skilled and experienced dermatologist for your EMFACE treatment.

EMFACE is a relatively new treatment, and you need to be sure that your dermatologist knows his way around this treatment. Lucia Clinic is one of the first clinics that introduced this treatment to its clients and they loved it. So, let Lucia Clinic’s dermatologists and skin therapists be your guide on your journey toward skin rejuvenation with EMFACE.

After EMFACE you will celebrate your one-of-the-kind allure. Without any downtime, side effects or discomfort. EMFACE will turn back the clock and make your face youthful again without changing your unique facial characteristics. And that’s precious.

4. Take care of your skin in the most natural way with PRP

If you have ever wondered about completely natural aesthetic treatments, you have probably stumbled upon PRP otherwise called Vampire facial. Don’t get intimidated by its name because PRP promises to rejuvenate your skin and reduce aging signs with your body’s natural healing processes by using your own blood.

Why is PRP your natural fountain of youth?

Well, what could be more natural and sustainable than your own blood? As strange as it sounds, your blood has healing properties that can make your skin youthful, eliminate scars and other blemishes, make your complexion more even and radiant, and even stimulate hair growth. All with the powerful platelets that are extracted from just a tiny amount of your blood. PRP is a unique treatment just as your skin is unique. There is no other treatment that offers you the ultimate personalized approach to your skin concerns.

How does your skin heal with PRP?

When platelet-rich plasma is injected into your troubled spots, it immediately triggers your skin healing processes. Your skin naturally wants to close those tiny wounds on your injection sites.

PRP helps your skin to regenerate in a completely natural way, without any artificial or harmful ingredients.

Your skin is doing the entire job itself. Plus, it’s also waking up collagen and elastin which start to regenerate and build up. This is when your wrinkles and fine lines slowly fill in. And your skin becomes tighter and more resilient to future aging.

PRP - The Lucia clinic solution for natural skin rejuvenation

Now this is what’s great about PRP – it gives you long-lasting results. Your skin gradually becomes more radiant, more youthful, and more voluminous. Granted, you will need to wait a bit to see the final results but don’t forget that slow beauty brings you new and real beauty. With PRP you don’t do any harm to your skin – you are naturally rejuvenating it.

So, if you are dreaming of a treatment that is minimally invasive but completely natural and completely personalized, then PRP will make your dream come true. It’s not just a treatment, it’s proof that your skin can naturally bounce back and look gorgeous.

5. How to take care of your skin in a smart and effective way with LED light therapy?

How often have you desired a clear and even complexion without invasive and harsh products or treatments? You are sick and tired of acne, sun damage, rashes, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes and want a completely natural treatment that won’t harm your skin but bring you superior results. If this is true for you, then LED light therapy is your solution.

Why is LED light therapy a game-changer in the world of aesthetic treatment?

Because it’s a revolutionary approach to health and wellness. Just imagine how light is powerful and how much it can do for your skin. It simply makes your skin beautiful from the inside out.

Your fading and dull complexion can become radiant after just a couple of LED light therapy sessions.

The secret of this treatment is its versatility. Different lights bring you different benefits. For example, you can reduce acne and reveal a radiant complexion with blue light. Or with red light, you can boost collagen production and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

LED light therapy soothes your skin and regenerates its cells without even touching it. That’s why it’s a smart approach to a good skincare routine. There is no direct contact with your skin, there are no side effects, and no downtime. It’s a completely natural way of helping your skin to heal and reveal its real beauty. LED light therapy is like a high-tech spa for your face that returns its radiance and smoothness.

LED light therapy focuses on the concept of clean beauty

The best things come to those who wait – this is how we can describe LED light therapy. This treatment helps you step back from your hectic anticipation of instant but not long-lasting results. You make a conscious decision of how to treat your skin, without harming it in any way.

Brighten up your skin with Lucia Clinic's LED light therapy

After 4 sessions of LED light therapy, you will start noticing how much your skin has improved. This transformation will long be visible and with regular maintenance, you can keep the results for a long time.

6. More individualized approach through bespoke treatment plans

Have you ever wondered how your friend has such great skin after a certain aesthetic treatment? If yes, then you probably wanted to try the same treatment right away and get the same results. But that’s not the way you want to take because you and your friend have different skin and different skin concerns. That’s the first thing you will find out when you come to a renowned aesthetic and dermatology clinic. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment. And that’s a good thing.

What do you get through an individualized approach?

Well, a lot. When you meet with a dermatologist for the first time, you will instantly feel if you are going to let him/her become your beauty guru or not. There is no deception here –

If the dermatologist is treating your skin as his own, then you know you are in good hands.

According to your skin type, skin concerns, and aesthetic goals, a dedicated dermatologist will craft a specific protocol that will address only your skin issues.

At Lucia Clinic, each and every client gets a personalized treatment plan that brings amazing and effective results. Lucia Clinic’s patients always return to this clinic because they know that their skin is properly looked after. And that’s what makes Lucia Clinic so great – people just know that Lucia Clinic’s dermatologists and doctors will find the best treatment for them.

How to become a skintellectual?

By finding a good dermatologist. A skilled dermatologist will recommend a gentle and non-invasive treatment if you just need preventative measures. If you are in your 20s or 30s and you have started to develop wrinkles and saggy skin because of loss of collagen, your dermatologists will be proactive and teach you how to change your skincare routine.

Or he/she could recommend a gentle yet very effective and non-invasive treatment called HydraFacial for example. This treatment is great for unclogging pores, gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, and moisturizing the skin. It preserves your skin by keeping it healthy and resilient to future aging. The results are amazing – completely natural and long-lasting. Plus, you can have this treatment anytime you need to because it doesn’t damage your skin in any way.

As already mentioned, the era of uniform beauty standards is dying out and people are shifting to authentic and natural-looking results. A good dermatologist understands this and if, for example, you want to get Botox or fillers, they will inject them only to harmonize your facial features, restore the lost volume, and enhance your facial contours.

TIP: Street clear of dermatologists who don’t believe in less is more.

You want to keep your unique beauty and maintain your facial character and not just fill your face until unrecognition.

Also, a good dermatologist would recommend you a combo of two or three different aesthetic treatments, if they believe it will bring you the desired results. That’s not strange because it also shows that they are taking a genuine interest in the health and beauty of your skin. This is a fully comprehensive and personalized approach to your skin that improves the quality of your skin over time and brings you long-lasting and authentic results. A combo of treatments is a new way of reaching that new beauty that slowly emerges and lasts for a long time.

TIP: Combine the right treatments to get even better results and much shorter downtime.

That’s the key. Plus you save money and time because you don’t have to come to the clinic so often. We can’t neglect that, right?

If you are looking for that wow results for your skin, a great combo is micro-needling with PRP.

PRP will speed up the healing of your skin in terms of cell turnover and improvement.

Or a combination of Ultherapy and dermal fillers will give you a double boost of volume. Ultherapy will trigger your collagen production and your skin will gradually become more voluminous. By adding dermal fillers, you can boost the volume a bit more, but since there will already be a lifting part after Ultherapy, you don’t need a lot of fillers. It’s all in a good proportion.

You can also combine dermal fillers or Botox after energy-based treatments like laser therapies or RF energy treatments. You will just need a little of these injectables to boost the results.

The right combo of treatments is really transformative. It can improve your skin more comprehensively and address different skin issues. So, if you need collagen boosting, but at the same time skin texture improvement, this aesthetic approach will do the trick.

7. Redefining aesthetic treatments with a holistic approach

You have probably heard about a holistic approach to skincare. Maybe you understand it, maybe not, but let’s just say that it’s one of the best approaches to well-being. If your well-being is in harmony then your skin also radiates. It is all connected.

How to nurture body and soul with mindful beauty?

With mindful beauty, you are completely breaking free from the traditional approach to skincare. A holistic approach blends your mental and emotional well-being with physical aesthetics. This blend represents harmony between your inner balance and outer radiance. And that’s the true and new beauty that you are looking for.

The holistic approach goes beyond aesthetic treatments. That’s the most comprehensive and sustainable way to approach beauty. You just need to learn and implement different practices that will enhance your entire health and thus your skin also.

The best way to do it is to find a dermatologist or skin therapist who is pro-holistic approach.

Apart from advising you how to take care of your skin with non-invasive treatment, this dermatologist can also teach you how to take care of your entire well-being.

Lucia Clinic’s dermatologist and skin therapists are all for this approach and some of the tips you can learn from them include:

TIP #1 – Improve your overall health.

The holistic approach teaches you that it’s important to nurture your body from within. This means proper nutrition and good hydration. Once you change your lifestyle and adopt this tip, you will soon notice that your skin, hair, and nails have significantly improved. Your inner health will radiate on the outside.

TIP #2 – Reduce stress

This tip is super important and vital in today’s busy lifestyle. Learn how to slow down and relax, and find some activities that fulfill you. It can be a hobby, meditation or a simple walk by the river. Very soon you will feel and look youthful again and those stress wrinkles on your forehead will reduce. By reducing stress, you prevent premature aging of your skin – you definitely want to avoid that!

TIP #3 – Get a good night’s sleep

Try to sleep at least 8 hours every night, and also go to bed before midnight. This is the best time for beauty sleep. Also, avoid looking at the computer of mobile before falling asleep because the light from the screen contributes to skin aging. Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase. Apart from sleeping like on a cloud, silk prevents your skin from wrinkling – there will be no surprising new lines on your face in the morning. So simple, yet very effective.

TIP #4 Exercise, exercise, exercise

Never skip your yoga or Pilates classes or go to the gym. This way you will keep your body strong and healthy. Also, exercising is a great stress relief, plus it releases endorphins or happy hormones – after exercising you will have a huge smile on your face which is so important for your overall well-being.

TIP #5 Nurture a positive self-image

With a holistic approach to well-being, you will learn to accept your imperfections and your unique features. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and taking good care of your entire well-being will help you realize this.

TIP #6 Treat yourself to IV drip therapy once and a while

IV drip therapy is the epitome of a holistic approach to well-being. It is an aesthetic treatment that you get in-office, but it’s really quick, and effective, without side effects or downtime. You can get a customized formula that will replenish you, boost your immune system or help you relax after a strenuous exercise. Getting IV drip therapy on a regular basis can significantly improve your overall health which means beautiful and radiant skin, beautiful nails and strong and shiny hair on the outside.

Why self-care includes good skincare?

Because as we said, a holistic approach focuses on your skin also. Good skincare includes using a high SPF especially if you live in hot countries. This is crucial because you can soak in the sun and increase your Vitamin D level without causing sun damage to your skin. It’s better to prevent it in advance.

Also, a good skincare includes a regular visit to your dermatologist. With your personalized and unique aesthetic treatments, you will effectively treat your skin and make it resilient to aging. A bespoke treatment plan includes many factors including your genetics, lifestyle, skin type, and aesthetic goals. A dermatologist who values a holistic approach will take all this into account when recommending the best treatment for your skin concerns. It’s very important to understand that a holistic approach is not a quick fix to your skin issues. It addresses the causes of your skin issues, not just the symptoms. That’s why you gradually experience sustainable improvements in your skin and reveal that new, real, and timeless beauty.

Your search for an aesthetic clinic that is dedicated to helping you find the best aesthetic treatment ends at Lucia Clinic. Lucia Clinic offers a wide range of non-invasive treatments that reveal your true and unique beauty. With bespoke treatment plans, carefully crafted by Lucia Clinic’s dermatologists, doctors, and skin therapists, you will fulfill your aesthetic goals of enhancing your facial features in a completely natural and safe way. Plus you will learn everything you need about your skin and how to take care of it with a holistic approach.

Together with Lucia Clinic’s team, you will embrace the new era of beauty or in other words – real and natural beauty.