Dr. Raj Kanodia celebrity plastic surgeon at Lucia Clinic

Dr. Raj Kanodia recently visited Lucia Clinic for the first time and he already feels at home there. He is a leading board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in Closed Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation. Dr. Kanodia’s Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty is sought out by people all over the world for plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation. His clientele includes actors, models, executives, Royalty and many other successful and recognizable faces.

What distinguishes this plastic surgeon is his scarless rhinoplasty expertise. He is known as the king of nose jobs. The technique he uses, closed rhinoplasty, is special because it doesn’t cause any visible scarring. Dr. Raj Kanodia has done this plastic surgery for more than 40 years and 100% of his practice is devoted to it. His philosophy toward scarless rhinoplasty is based on finesse – with his artistic ability, Dr. Raj keeps the original character of the nose and sculpts it to be more harmonious with the rest of the face. This doctor believes that the nose is the center of the face and needs to be refined with subtlety and finesse. His goal is to achieve natural-looking results. What he always emphasizes to his clients during the consultation is that their nose needs to fit the rest of the face to achieve natural harmony. Most noses have features that are attractive and shouldn’t be touched. Because of his artistry, finesse and subtle approach to the nose, Dr. Kanodia’s closed scarless rhinoplasty is sought out by many A-listers.

Dr. Kanodia possesses artistic ability which he uses to enhance facial harmony and keep youthful contours. This exceptional talent and skill have earned him the respect of other plastic surgeons. Many of Hollywood’s most famous stars trust Dr. Kanodia and seek his help in keeping their faces youthful and radiant. This exceptional doctor has been featured on shows like Dr 90210, E! And others. So, we can say that Dr. Kanodia is a celebrity himself.

This notable surgeon has now met many new clients at Lucia Clinic, clients who are from Dubai and the neighboring countries. All clients were super excited to meet the master of facial rejuvenation from Beverly Hills, and they are all looking forward to seeing him again. Dr. Kanodia worked with these clients for the first time and loved the experience.

In his own words –

“Dubai has become a center of the world, it’s a hub.”

So, Dr. Kanodia believes that Dubai is a new place to be. And since he felt very welcomed at Lucia Clinic, he has chosen it to be his home when he is in Dubai. With the help of Dr. Radmila Lukian and her team, the king of scarless rhinoplasty and aesthetic rejuvenation felt as if he were in his own clinic in Beverly Hills. The comfort, high standards, the highest quality of products and aesthetic treatments, and excellent patient care, allowed Dr. Kanodia to seamlessly see his patients at Lucia Clinic whether for consultations or Botox and Dermal Fillers treatments. So, we can say that the Lucia Clinic has become the Beverly Hills of Dubai.

“How to deal with invisible Botox and Dermal fillers is really an art.”  Dr. Radmila Lukian

And Dr. Raj Kanodia is really a master of non-surgical rejuvenation. He doesn’t inject Dermal fillers simply to add volume to facial features. He has a different philosophy – he uses fillers as lifters of natural muscles in the skin. By injecting fillers deep into the muscle, he lifts this muscle naturally. So, Dermal fillers actually support the layers under the skin and the muscles and thus enhance natural facial contours. And this is what puts a youthful and beautiful appearance in harmony. A deep understanding of the anatomy of the face and a desire to create youthful contours is what makes Dr. Kanodia the king of facial rejuvenation.

“There is beauty to be found in every human face.” Dr. Raj Kanodia

This statement portrays Dr. Kanodia’s philosophy when it comes to anti-aging treatments. Beauty shouldn’t be measured with some random standard. Scientific advancements in aesthetic treatments should provide tools that will harmonize each face. It’s similar to taking a photograph. Dr. Kanodia looks at the face as if he is using a lens of the camera – the light falls on the subject and reflects from its contours. And if the face is wrinkly and tired, the contours don’t reflect light in a harmonious manner. So, Dr. Kanodia adjusts the light until the youthful features of the face are established.

“Contrary to rumor, Anti-Aging Botox properly used does not “freeze the face” and eliminate its expressiveness.” Dr. Raj Kanodia

The Master of invisible Botox, Dr. Kanodia injects Botox gently and with absolute precision to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. His goal is to achieve natural-looking and not plastic results. This is where his artistic ability takes center stage. He creates a youthful appearance that is in harmony with the individual face. He creates a bespoke treatment plan for every client. The amount and technique of injecting Botox is different for each patient. This is what actors who come to Dr. Kanodia for their Botox treatment really appreciate because their aesthetic goal is to rejuvenate their faces but also keep their facial expressions.

“What makes me happy is that I learned from Dr. Raj how to deal with a celebrity and how to do an invisible touch with Botox and Dermal Filler.“  Dr. Radmila Lukian

The friendship and collaboration between Dr. Radmila Lukian and Dr. Raj Kanodia go way back. The thing that immediately connected Dr. Raj and Dr. Radmila is the fact that they are both very passionate about what they do. They are both in the beauty business and believe that beauty, wellness, health and anti-aging all come in one package. Also, they both teach at international meetings where they actually met for the first time many years ago. They have a long-term relationship and are both extremely delighted because of that.

Dr. Radmila learned a lot from Dr. Raj who was her mentor many years ago. The knowledge she gained and skills she developed over the years, helped Dr. Radmila Lukian to become one of the most world-renowned dermatologists and anti-aging specialists. She founded Lucia Clinic, which became one of the most visited clinics in the region and worldwide. Dr. Lukian’s clientele includes many celebrities from different fields and her Lucia Clinic has the same high standards and excellent patient care as Dr. Raj’s clinic in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Kanodia was delighted to see his patients at Lucia Clinic and work alongside Dr. Lukian. His patients will need a follow-up after a couple of months and as he said himself –

“Who better than to have Dr. Radmila take care of my patients if I am not at Lucia Clinic.”

With her knowledge and artistic eye, Dr. Lukian can stand side by side with Dr. Raj. And again it proves how much Dr. Kanodia is fascinated with Lucia Clinic and Dubai and wants to make this sophisticated and exceptional clinic his second home.

Dr. Raj is very pleased to continue his collaboration with Dr. Radmila Lukian and to take care of his patients at Lucia Clinic.