Celebrating International Doctors’ Day at Lucia Clinic - Let’s appreciate hard and dedicated work of Lucia’s plastic surgeons who make their patient’s happy.
“Plastic surgery makes so much sense to me because it is a combination of my rational medical thinking with my artistic side.”

Dr. Alessandro Caielli
Italian board certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeon
“I love to make people happy, I like to be creative. And with surgery, creating nice results is visible immediately. So, it’s a good combination and I love it. “

Dr. Leonard N. Josipovic
Head of Department of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery at Lucia clinic

It’s only right that we should start the story of our plastic surgeons with their own quotes. They are what plastic surgery represents – an expression of art and science. This combination may sound strange, especially when we talk about cosmetic surgery, but this field of medicine is truly complex.

Our plastic surgeons are devoted to helping you get closer to understanding what can be accomplished with cosmetic surgery. What stands Lucia’s plastic surgeons apart from others is that they work to enhance your natural beauty using the latest and most advanced surgical techniques. They give you natural-looking results and help you feel more confident in yourself. This is so precious.

Plastic surgery can change your life because it is able to enhance your body image. No longer do you feel uncomfortable in your skin. Your body is balanced and your view of yourself is improved. But to get it right, your plastic surgeon needs to listen to you carefully and help you visualize what your results will be long before the surgery takes place. That’s one of the reasons why creativity is so important for our plastic surgeons. Add to that their technical skills, supreme knowledge of human anatomy and renowned expertise and you got yourself a plastic surgeon who has it all – integrity, patience and the ability to make the patient happy with the results.

Lucia’s plastic surgeons have it all – they work hard to help their patients improve their quality of life with plastic surgery – in both physical and also emotional terms.

Let’s dive deeper into the stories of our plastic surgeons and appreciate their effort and



When we try to define art we usually say that it expresses creative skill and imagination usually in a visual form. That’s what connects art and plastic surgery – exceptional plastic surgery outcomes start with artistic vision, expert knowledge and exact technique.

Plastic surgery is mostly about aesthetics and aesthetics and art are fully connected. They represent plastic surgeons’ appreciation of nature and beauty – that’s why plastic surgery should always bring beautiful and natural-looking results.

But, what is beautiful? We are all different and have different perceptions of what pleases our visual sense. That’s why plastic surgeons should be so good at listening to what their patients find beautiful and what look is appealing to them. It’s not about finding that ultimate ideal of beauty – with the help of a dedicated and experienced plastic surgeon you should find the look that is pleasing to you. This look and this enhancement of your natural beauty will bring you that sense of harmony and self-confidence.

But this is a crucial point where plastic surgeons should show their integrity and never go overboard. Surely you have seen photos of plastic surgeries gone bad – that’s the moment when it began to be tacky and tasteless. This happens in all forms of art – even in plastic surgery. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a plastic surgeon who has a real sense of aesthetics and uses plastic surgery to show or accentuate your already naturally beautiful features.

We can say that the look that is the most appealing is harmonious and proportionate. You can’t achieve or expect one right look that works for everybody – a good plastic surgeon will advise you to choose plastic surgery that will work just for you. In the end, it’s not all about physical proportions – a good plastic surgeon will harmonize both your body and mind.

You discuss all this with Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons. With their aesthetic visions and vast knowledge, they always strive to bring their patients beautiful and natural-looking results. In the end, having a satisfied patient is all that matters – and being a part of that transformative passage of that patient is really precious to our plastic surgeons.



It may sound harsh but it’s the reality – an outstanding plastic surgeon is committed to the ingenuity and scientific curiosity. We must remember that plastic surgery is an ever-evolving field of medicine and keeping up with the latest scientific breakthroughs is a must. Striving for new and better approaches in plastic surgeries is what singles out plastic surgeons.

And this ability to look at the body issues of their patients from a different angle is certainly something that singles out Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons. They are real plastic surgeons that help their patients achieve the best outcomes by applying the newest scientific developments in plastic surgery. We can say that plastic surgeons, like all other doctors, learn and educate themselves on new approaches in their field for as long as they do their jobs. Lucia’s plastic surgeons keep their ingenuity and creativity but also learn about the new concepts that revise traditional techniques.

For example, once there was only traditional liposuction. Now, there are numerous new liposuction techniques that are less invasive. You have Tumescent lipo that revolutionized this plastic surgery because it’s done under local anesthesia. Or you have Synetica liposuction which is done with ultrasound and RF energy and Liposuction with J plasma. These new techniques are even more precise and bring even better results. They significantly shorten the recovery period and don’t cause any unwanted side effects. And when you are a patient, this matters to you.  All of them are performed at Lucia Clinic because Lucia’s plastic surgeons recognized the benefits of these advanced lipo techniques both for them and also for their patients.

Even though cosmetic surgery is a surgery that patients do because of their own choice, it is one of the most scientifically developing fields of medicine. It’s simple – with state-of-the-art techniques and procedures, plastic surgeons want to achieve even better results and even higher patient satisfaction rates.

New ideas and new approaches are shared all over the world at medical congresses and conferences. Plastic surgeons at Lucia Clinic are always privileged to attend these important gatherings which broaden their knowledge and their creativity. They learn from the best in this field but they also share their own wisdom with their colleagues and trainees.

Currently, Lucia’s team is in Monaco, attending AMWC Congress. This is one of the most prestigious world congresses about aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Lucia’s plastic surgeons are constantly educating themselves in their pursuit of even better plastic surgery outcomes.



There are a lot of steps that plastic surgeons take before they can show that after photo. And this is good because cosmetic surgery is not something that should be rushed. Lucia’s plastic surgeons spend a lot of time with their patients before they get to the surgery time.

First, they meet their patients at the initial consultations. Now, some people already know most things about the plastic surgery they have chosen because they’ve done their research. But others are indecisive and anxious about plastic surgery because they don’t fully understand it. And that’s Okay because Lucia’s plastic surgeons will talk to them and ease the anxiety. But plastic surgeons are also medical doctors – they ask about medical history and thoroughly examine the patients. They point out that smoking can interfere with the healing process. They have to educate the patients on how to properly recover and maintain the results.

Also, plastic surgeons explain every little step of the surgery, so that the patients can visualize it. And then comes creating a customized treatment plan that will work just for them. After that, there is the preparation stage, where surgeons meet with patients at least twice to answer any additional questions.

Then comes the surgery time, which lasts for 2 to 3 hours. After the surgery, the surgeons meet with patients frequently to see how they are healing – these appointments can be even twice a week for the first couple of months. Then it’s another appointment after 6 months and another after 12 months.

So, as you can see, Lucia’s plastic surgeons are truly dedicated to their patients and want to help them recover as fast as possible. These appointments help patients to feel less stressed during the recovery period and actually reach those much-desired results.

And reaching those best results after plastic surgery is a journey that doesn’t have to be unpleasant. With patient, committed and reassuring Lucia’s plastic surgeons, patients achieve their aesthetic goals with less anxiety and a more positive outlook on the whole process. Let’s be honest – with these important human traits, Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons earn the trust of their patients and succeed in making them happy with the results.



Their plastic surgeries really add to the quality of their patient’s lives. They use their skills and expertise to create natural-looking and beautiful results that help their patients feel more confident both physically and emotionally. That’s what makes plastic surgery so special – when it is performed by experts it can have a huge positive impact on the patient.

Among a huge array of plastic surgeries that Lucia’s plastic surgeons perform, perhaps the most favored ones are breast augmentations, tummy tucks and facelifts and gynecomastia surgery for men.

A lot of female patients feel less confident because of asymmetrical or smaller breasts. They dream about fuller cleavage and a more symmetrical silhouette. Plastic surgery like breast augmentation can help these women feel more attractive and satisfied. Lucia’s plastic surgeons are experts in this surgery and advise women on the best breast implants for them, regarding size, shape and texture. But they also take the patient’s wishes into account. The best part is that Lucia’s plastic surgeons will demonstrate how these implants will improve the patients’ entire body appearance – this immediately boosts their confidence. It’s important to mention that this surgery is done with the 5th generation of silicone implants which don’t have to be replaced every 10 years. This means a lot to ladies because they can enjoy their perky and fuller breasts for a long time. This is where the science aspect of plastic surgery comes in first place. Also, the surgery is done with minimal cuts in strategically hidden places.

Gynecomastia surgery for gents is precious plastic surgery – it helps men feel more masculine and attractive. In the expert hands of Lucia’s plastic surgeons, men achieve naturally chiseled chests and don’t feel less confident because of their enlarged breasts anymore.

For a Tummy tuck, plastic surgeons will improve the appearance of the patient’s abdomen by eliminating excess skin left after weight loss, pregnancy and other surgeries. The surgeon creates an incision in a strategic place that can be hidden. Once the excess skin and fat are removed this body area looks tighter and smoother – the patients start loving the way they look in their swimsuits.


Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons will keep up with their hard work and dedication to providing beautiful and natural-looking results for their patients. That’s why we appreciate and love them.