Perfectly chiseled 6-pack abs with right plastic surgery - try advanced liposuction techniques to define and shape abs after removing the fat that hides them.

Are you ready for perfect abs, shaped for this year’s shorts and bikini season? Do you have the trendiest top or tight-fit shirt that you never dare to wear? If yes, then it’s time for a flat stomach. And if you have reached that point where proper diet and regular exercise simply aren’t enough anymore then your true answer is plastic surgery or to be more precise, innovative and minimally invasive liposuction techniques that contour your abdomen with unrivaled accuracy.



You have definitely been in a situation, where you thought that just going to the gym simply couldn’t get you to that defined abs you have always wanted. This also goes for your running, spinning classes or any other form of exercising – you just couldn’t see the results you desired. Because to get shaped abdominal muscles, you need to trim the superficial subcutaneous fat and that’s usually very hard to accomplish just by exercising.
This is where a customized liposuction procedure can really help you. And the good news is that liposuction isn’t just for super-fit people. It can help you achieve your dream 6-pack abs if you are healthy and in good shape. It works perfectly for both men and women who want to achieve that chiseled abs look.



There are different liposuction techniques that are less invasive than traditional liposuction. This is good news because you recover more quickly – you don’t have to take a lot of days off and you can return to your regular fitness regime in a flash. So if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to miss out on your social and business interactions, then advanced and minimally invasive liposuction procedures, performed at Lucia Clinic, are your answer.


Well, first of all, this type of liposuction is done only with local anesthesia. This is really amazing and revolutionary – and very beneficial for you. With local anesthesia, you don’t experience any side effects connected to general anesthesia – a big plus for Tumescent lipo! The surgeon uses a special liquid that numbs the skin and keeps the blood flow to the fat at its minimum. This also lowers the side effects like excessive bruising and swelling – and speeds up your recovery

So, what happens during Tumescent lipo? The surgeon makes small incisions in your abdomen and injects the solution into the fat tissue. Then he uses a special, thin cannula to break down the fat and suction it out. The best part is that it precisely targets subcutaneous fat that lies between your skin and muscles. Once the surgeon removes this fat, you are left with a better-shaped abdominal area and better-defined abs.

What else is great about Tumescent lipo? You need only tiny incisions that are just compressed after the procedure and not closed. So, there are no drains or sutures and therefore less possibility of inflammation, swelling or pain. You can go home right after the procedure and carry on with your daily activities 3 days after. With visible 6-packs abs! Talk about feeling immediately more attractive. Awesome right?


This is another brilliant new liposuction technique that is performed with medical laser beams. This is something that really makes this type of lipo much easier to perform – laser beams liquefy the fat in the abdominal area and then tiny cannula suctions it out. Once the fat cells are removed, your skin starts to get tighter and your abs become better defined. Also, you can continue with your daily routine after just a couple of days. The recovery is much shorter when compared to traditional liposuction.

Another brilliant feature of laser-assisted lipo is that removed fat can’t return. So with steady weight and regular exercise, you can enjoy your newly shaped abs for a long long time.


In this case, your plastic surgeon uses ultrasound with ultrasound waves to liquefy the fat before it is suctioned out. This technique is perfect if you have small fat pockets on your abdomen that simply won’t let those 6-pack abs breakthrough. They simply won’t get defined no matter how much you exercise or keep a proper diet.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is absolutely precise – this is super important for you because you need your abs to be precisely shaped. Your plastic surgeon removes the fat but doesn’t harm surrounding nerves or tissue.

After a week of recovery, you are back on your feet and continue with your life normally.


Synetica is really a groundbreaking method for liposuction and skin tightening. It’s a golden standard in body shaping – perfect for defining those 6-pack abs you desire. The surgeon uses two techniques – ultrasound cavitation and RF energy. It may sound complicated but actually, ultrasound cavitation helps the surgeon to break down fat cells and RF energy makes your skin smooth and tight. Again, the recovery is quick and you can go home right after the surgery because you get only local anesthesia. This is a huge plus because you immediately are free from the side effects caused by general anesthesia.

Synetica is super precise and can target even the smallest areas of fat. Your abs get defined once these stubborn fat pockets are removed. There is no stress of going through surgery, no scars, no hospitalization – you can get this procedure in-office. This liposuction is minimally invasive which greatly reduces the risk of severe side effects.

The special cannula that the surgeon uses during this type of liposuction is the key here – it is tiny and passes through the fat to make it into liquid before extraction. But this cannula immediately starts neocollagenesis in your skin to make it tighter and toned – perfect for abs! Synetica is the only method of liposuction that can treat stubborn fat cells in hard-to-reach areas – no other techniques can do this.

So, with Synetica reshaping technique the fat tissue from your abdomen is removed by you are not left with saggy skin afterward. Your skin is firm because of RF energy that helps your skin preserve its elasticity and show those six-pack abs. The best part – you can see the results right away!


Now we are talking – this combination is the one that brings outstanding results and yet it’s a minimally invasive body contouring procedure. The trick is to eliminate fat pockets on your abdomen and then define those abs. The incisions are shallow and there are no stitches – so the recovery period is again quite short.

This procedure can really change your life by boosting your confidence. This J Plasma that we are talking about is achieved when RF energy passes through helium and ionizes it. It’s all done through a tiny cannula that goes beneath your skin to firm and tighten your skin. There is no room for mistakes here – plastic surgeon precisely targets the tissue that needs to get firmer and defined and thus accentuates your underlying abdominal muscles. The contouring is precise and you get that defined 6-pack abs you desire.

After the procedure, you can see immediately that your abdominal region is firmer and nicely contoured – a big plus for Lipo and Renuvion J plasma! You feel more attractive which was actually one of your goals in the first place.


Now, this is where you really need to choose a plastic surgeon who has an artistic eye. We all know that men have different anatomy than women, so performing abdominal liposuction is therefore completely different.

What do we want to avoid with plastic surgery? Making men appear too feminine in their midsection and on the other hand making women appear too masculine or having no waist. So, to get the best outcomes from your abdominal liposuction and define those 6-pack abs you need a surgeon who understands male and female anatomy to its core and also possesses a touch of artistry. An experienced plastic surgeon performs your belly liposuction in a way that highlights your abs, and curves and keeps your abs in harmony with the rest of your body.

So if you are a man, your abs will be defined once the plastic surgeon eliminates flanks and highlights your oblique muscles. The right liposuction technique will make you more masculine – by removing excess fat deposits, the plastic surgeon creates ridges and definition with horizontal and vertical lines that actually accentuate your underlying abs.  You will appear like a sturdy warrior or to be more precise like a male model advertising swimsuits.

If you are a woman, a plastic surgeon will also accentuate your abs but keep your waist curvy. You will still keep that feminine and soft look. You will appear elegant and yet have strong abs that will emerge once the precise amount of undesirable superficial fat is removed.

So, with a plastic surgeon that knows the body contours of both genders and understands the standards of female abs look and male abs look, proper liposuction techniques can easily bring you that long-desired 6-packs.



And where will you find those experienced and artistic plastic surgeons? At Lucia Clinic.

You may think that six-pack abs are a mark of hard-core sportspeople but it doesn’t have to be like that. Sure, it’s hard to get them with exercise especially if you are prone to accumulating pesky fat pockets around your waist or on your abdomen but new liposuction techniques can really help. Lucia’s plastic surgeons strategically target those fat cells that bother you, eliminate them and accentuate your underlying abdominal muscles. So, as a sculptor uses his tools to chisel a perfect statue, plastic surgeons use cannulas to shape your abs. Want that perfect look of your abs? The right liposuction technique can get it for you.



Let’s get something straight right away – liposuction is not a weight loss program. Although traditional liposuction can eliminate a lot of accumulated fat and sculpt your targeted area, the recovery period can be long and you are left with saggy skin that you need to take care of.

On the other hand, advanced and latest liposuction techniques are much less invasive and when done by a professional, they shorten the recovery – you are back on your feet very soon.

So to start from the beginning, with Tumescent or wet lipo, you can return to your normal activities after just three days. That’s really amazing when compared to weeks of recovery after traditional liposuction. You may take things slower at the beginning but, very soon you can even start with a light fitness regime.

Laser-assisted liposuction keeps you off work for just 3 days. Of course, you need to start slow but you definitely don’t waste a lot of time lying in your bed and recovering.

After ultrasound-assisted lipo, you are free to go back to work after a week. Again you will recover much faster compared to traditional lipo.

With Synetica or lipo reshaping you can normally continue with your day right after the treatment. Awesome right? Advanced liposuction techniques really save you time on recovery.

Finally, with liposuction + Renuvion J Plasma, you can go back to work in a week and expect to completely recover in 3 weeks. And then you can enjoy your newly contoured abs to the fullest.

So, as you can see modern liposuction techniques are not just effective in bringing you brilliant results, but they are also minimally invasive and don’t require a long downtime. All these benefits really make them the number one procedures at Lucia Clinic. It’s just important to mention that the recovery period depends on the patient because we are all different. But with the surgeon’s recommendations, you can truly expect to recover fast and get the best outcomes.

To find out which liposuction technique can fulfill your aesthetic goals – 6-pack abs, schedule a consultation with Lucia’s plastic surgeons.