Lucia Clinic at the 21st edition of AMWC World Congress - once more Dr. Lukian and her team joined world experts at prestigious dermatology congress in Monaco

Dr. Lukian was on a quest for knowledge again – this time at the most prestigious aesthetic and anti-aging AMWC Congress. Held in the beautiful city of Monaco, this congress is leading in dermatology and anti-aging solutions. Our wonderful Dr. Radmila joined esteemed anti-aging experts to share the latest insights on aesthetic medicine.
This world-renowned congress offers inspiration and knowledge on the most advanced techniques and technology and is sure worth attending. With more than 12,000 participants and speakers, Dr. Lukian gathered the newest info that she and her team will implement in their new treatments just for you.
What makes a leader in aesthetic dermatology? Staying up-to-date with the developments in aesthetic medicine. As our wonderful Dr. Radmila says, this ensures that you’re giving your patients the best possible care. This is something that is in the first place for Lucia’s team – patient orientation and the highest level of care. That’s why so many clients trust them and feel safe in their hands. They also know that Lucia’s team of experts will find the best treatment for them – and for you!


It really makes a difference when you get a detailed explanation and all the information about some aesthetic treatment. You learn about its benefits but also risks or side effects. When talking to a patient oriented skin specialist you get the whole picture about the treatment – how it will improve your skin and why it is the best one for you.
With Lucia’s team, you will get exactly that – knowledge and resources about your aesthetic treatments. That way you can easily decide whether you want this treatment or not and that gives you a sense of power – the decision is in your hands.
That’s one of the reasons why Lucia’s team is so eager to find out everything they can about the latest and most advanced treatments they offer to their patients. Attending world-class congresses like AMWC is a great and privileged opportunity to gain knowledge about these latest treatments. Lucia’s team learns from the best – the best experts in their fields. They further improve their excellence and provide you with even better results.
In the end, it’s all about you – the patient. You are the most important to Lucia’s team. If they can update their knowledge and improve their skills to bring you outstanding results, they will do it. Your satisfaction and safety is what matters the most. AMWC Congress was a great occasion for Lucia’s team to become even better in providing already high-quality services – just for you.


You are an individual and you are treated like that at Lucia Clinic. We are all different – we have different skin, body concerns, expectations and aesthetic goals. But there isn’t one aesthetic solution that fits everybody, because it won’t bring satisfying results. That’s why Lucia’s team is so committed to creating customized treatment plans that suit precisely your skin and your concerns. Since you get a treatment that works just for you, you are bound to achieve excellent results with it. That’s what singles Lucia Clinic out – every single patient deserves individual attention and care.
But creating a personalized treatment plan isn’t a breeze – it requires time, dedication and extensive knowledge. The last one is very important because dermatologists need to broaden their horizons in terms of new techniques, safety and human anatomy. It goes for every aesthetic treatment that dermatologists may advise you to have – lasers, injectables, threads, energy-based treatments and so on. Once again, attending AMWC Congress enabled Dr. Lukian and her team to get a deeper knowledge about all these minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.
The congress covered a holistic approach to advancement in anti-aging solution, which was very beneficial for Lucia’s team. They have always been for this type of aesthetic treatments and beautiful, natural-looking results. And with insights into current advancement in the field of holistic dermatology, Dr. Lukian and her team will continue to create customized treatment plans that bring outstanding and real results.


This is one of many of Dr. Lukian’s expert and proven opinions. And again it demonstrates the importance of getting a customized treatment plan. Since it all depends on your skin concerns and aesthetic goals, sometimes it’s more effective to get different treatments instead of one.
We can’t deny that non-surgical treatments give you great results on their own. But when they are combined they enhance your results even further. And you come to the appointment only once – it’s a major time saver.
At Lucia Clinic, there are numerous facial skin treatments that work great together. For example, you can clean and exfoliate or, in other words, prepare your skin with Express HydraFacial and then have Dermapen or Micro-needling. Your skin will absorb nutritious serums better and faster – you will instantly notice the difference.
On the other hand, you can get CoolSculpting treatment to freeze away stubborn fat deposits from almost all body areas. Your treated area becomes slimmer once your body eliminates these destroyed cells. But to tone and slim your treated area more significantly, you can combine CoolSculpting with Thermage. Thermage will firm your skin after a single session. So, with these two treatments together you will eliminate fat cells and tighten loose skin which will result in supreme body contouring.


That’s one of the most rewarding aspects of working in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Lukian and her team help their patients improve their self-esteem and increase their confidence after their procedures. And they constantly strive to become even better at providing excellent results. Attending the prestigious AWMC Congress greatly contributed to this.
Being an aesthetic dermatologist requires a careful approach to the patient. During consultations, a skilled skin expert will carefully listen to the patient and understand the patient’s reasons for the treatment, his/her emotions, fears and concerns. A dermatologist needs to feel empathy for the patient, apart from being a professional. This is how the patient develops a positive relationship with the dermatologist and feels safe. Next to providing high-quality treatments, dermatologists need to take patients’ health and wellness into consideration.
That’s why a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments is so important – as Dr. Lukian always points out. The right treatments improve physical image but they also benefit emotional aspects. Patients experience a boost in confidence, once they see the results of a treatment that was tailored specifically for them. Excellent results can really improve the patient’s quality of life.
Some patients battle against some skin concerns for a long time – maybe even since their childhood. For example, acne can appear early in life and can be very persistent and hard to get rid of. This leads to a decrease in self-confidence. But once these patients see how much the right acne treatment has cleared their skin and made it radiant, they instantly feel better about themselves.
On the other hand, many people don’t like to look in the mirror because their faces look older than they really are. It can be because of poor skin quality, aging signs, loss of volume and so on. But carefully customized treatment plans, like different anti-aging solutions, can instantly refresh and rejuvenate their faces and help these patients feel great. They look youthful again and this greatly contributes to their quality of life.
As you can see, being a dermatologist is actually beautiful. Dr. Lukian and her team feel precious when their patients see the results and say that they are beyond expected.


Why is staying up-to-date with the latest advancement in aesthetic dermatology crucial for skin experts? Because they give you an alternative, another treatment or technique that you can choose for your aesthetic goals. A great example is the EMFACE treatment, which has already created a lot of buzz. And it has been demonstrated as a super effective anti-aging treatment at the AMWC congress.
Since dr. Lukian has already introduced EMFACE to her patients, proves that she understands the importance of always going forward. EMFACE is a great alternative to injectables because it’s non-invasive and perfect if you are not a fan of needles.
EMFACE is truly a revolutionary treatment – it simultaneously smooths out wrinkles and fine lines and tones facial contours. Many patients are more than satisfied with this non-invasive anti-aging treatment because it provides supreme results without side effects or downtime. EMFACE is the future of aesthetic treatments.
It is hands-on what they call a lunch break treatment. One session lasts for 20 minutes after which you are free to continue with your day. It’s an effortless workout for your face – it makes it better structured and rejuvenated.
It’s all about the collagen – EMFACE boosts its production in your skin. After just 4 sessions you notice that your face is plumper, smoother and better-toned. Your skin is lifted and your facial features like cheeks, chin and jawline are nicely contoured. Plus you get rid of wrinkles on your forehead. EMFACE really offers you a lot. Most importantly, the results are completely natural-looking – EMFACE is a great secret treatment. Nobody will guess why your face looks so great.


In the end, attending AWMC Congress provided Dr. Lukian with a great opportunity to meet with her colleagues from all over the world. She was able to share her knowledge and expertise with other experts. It was an opportunity to show once more that Dr. Lukian really is a leading aesthetic dermatologist and anti-aging expert in the region. And she will continue to be the leader in her field because of her commitment to providing only the highest-quality treatments and keeping up with the latest trends and technology. And of course, because of her devotion to her patients – this is actually in the first place.