Meso-tread treatment is a groundbreaking procedure for facial and body lifting and contouring. It tightened the contour and reinforces the skin and makes it rejuvenated. Meso-threads support the skin and keep it toned and firm.

During the treatment, sterile meso-threads are inserted into the skin and they fully resolve after 3 to 6 months. When they resolve, the newly built collagen and elastin take their role in supporting the skin. Meso-threads are very thin, highly tolerable and don’t cause allergic reactions.  This technique is ideal for patients who want to improve their skin – make it firmer and more evenly toned. Meso-thread treatment can noticeably rejuvenate the skin because it triggers the production of new collagen and improves microcirculation in the areas where it is applied. The treatment actually bio-revitalizes the skin, makes it more glowing, youthful and smooth. It is non-surgical, therefore usually has little to no downtime, but it can vary since every patient is different.

How It Works

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful?Yes
Is there any downtime?Possibility of bruising, mild pain, the feeling of tightening and prickling for up to two weeks.
How many sessions are needed?Usually one
How long does the procedure take?30-40 minutes
When can I see the results?2 to 3 months after the procedure
How often should I do it?Every 12 months


Meso-threads are completely biocompatible and get fully resorbed within 3 to 6 months. Thread lifts can be combined withother aesthetic treatments like mesotherapy, peel, Botox or dermal fillers.

Meso-thread treatment can address:

  •     Nasolabial folds
  •     Loose face oval
  •     Fine lines and wrinkles around the lips
  •     Loose skin on the chin
  •     Gravitation ptosis of submental area and cheeks
  •     Loose skin on the neck


  •     Loose skin under the eyes
  •     Flabby skin on the outer edges of eyebrows
  •     Cellulite (in addition to other treatment)
  •     Stomach area
  •     Arms and legs – lower thighs and knees
  •     Flabby skin on the buttocks
  •     Loose skin on the breast

Meso-thread treatment has become really popular because of its groundbreaking technique and satisfying results. It is an effective anti-aging method and provides light lifting and strengthening of the skin. The procedure is non-surgical and level of discomfort varies from patient to patient, and the whole process is based on the body’s own self-regeneration. The results can last for up to one year time.

When meso-threads are applied to the upper layers of the skin they trigger the natural production of collagen and stimulate the skin cells. The threads slightly disturb the skin and trigger the healing of the tissue. During 6 months or the period in which threads are being absorbed, the collagen grid becomes stronger in the subcutis and stimulates the self-regeneration effect.

The non-surgical procedure – meso-threads mini lifting is especially efficient for treating the area around the eyes, forehead, lower jawbone or submental area. It provides a better contour to the face and improves the overall facial appearance.


Treating with meso-treads reinforces the skin with poly oxidant absorbed threads that can be placed in different layers of the skin. They integrate into the dermal matrix and cause no discomfort. They are fixed on the needle-conductor which actually installs them into the skin.

Meso-threads are made of polydioxanone, a material that is used in surgery for stitching. It is 100% soluble and sterile so meso-threads don’t cause infections. However, it is possible for the tissue to react to threads and cause sterile inflammation. Nevertheless, meso-threads are a safe method of aesthetic treatment precisely because they are anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic.

Since meso-tread treatment triggers neocollagenesis- the production of new collagen, the best effects are seen after a few months. It takes time for new collagen to build, but it is worth waiting. The final outcome is a younger-looking face and smoother skin.

The meso-thread mechanism of action is quite straightforward. As the skin matures, it changes in several ways – various facial muscle groups loosen over time and get replaced with fat tissue. With meso-treads treatment but there is no disturbance in microcirculation. When meso-threads are inserted skin gets toned and straightened which in turn provides a light lifting effect.


It is a fast and effective aesthetic treatment that provides visible results in 2 to 3 months post-procedure.

It is a completely innovative method for skin and subdermal tissue rejuvenation, lifting and tightening that can be performed on all parts of the face and neck and various other body parts.

The meso-thread treatment triggers the production of new collagen and elastin and HA as well. All these proteins are important for keeping the skin young and firm. Also, meso-thread treatment activates microcirculation – it improves nutrient feeds and oxygenation.

It tightens the skin, increases volume and lifts the skin on the neck and face. It improves skin quality and provides a fill-in effect.

It is a procedure that can be done in an aesthetic clinic, usually requires minimal recovery time so patients can quickly continue with their daily routine.

There are no incisions, no scars and tolerable discomfort during needle insertion. It is a safe treatment, with minimal side effects.

It can be effectively combined with other aesthetic treatments.

It provides an almost immediate effect that can last for a year time.


Asked By Others


    First of all, there are no age limits when it comes to this treatment. But good candidates are both men and women from 30 to 60 years old, who are bothered with loose skin in the middle area of their face, brows, forehead, jaw or they are concerned with the loss of volume in their faces.

    This treatment can be also done as a prevention measure for younger patients who simply want to postpone the aging signs.

    Meso-thread treatment should be avoided by patients who have the following conditions:

    ● Autoimmune diseases
    ● Inflammations on the skin
    ● Allergies
    ● Coagulation disorder
    ● Infectious diseases
    ● Oncological illnesses

    Also, ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid this treatment.

    The meso-thread treatment is perfect for patients with mature skin who wish to regenerate and tighten it in a natural way and thus achieve a younger look. It is also suitable for patients who don’t need to trigger collagen-building but wish to improve minor facial imperfections like the double chin or lower jawbone contour.


    When the patient arrives at Lucia Clinic first he/she is consulted with the doctor who will perform the procedure. The doctor thoroughly examines the patient’s skin and determines if this treatment is right for his/her concerns. Then the doctor asks about the patient’s medical history. Any health issues that the patient has, should be mentioned at this point. The doctor creates a custom-tailored treatment plan that will meet the patient’s needs and goals. The number and type of meso-threads are determined according to the treatment plan.

    During the treatment, the doctor first marks the areas that will be treated. Then the nurse applies the local anesthetic to the points where the meso-threads will be implanted. Patient’s comfort is the top priority. Then the doctor administers the tiny needles in the subcutaneous area of the skin on the targeted area. The meso-threads are placed inside the needle and inserted into the skin. The threads stay under the skin, and needles are of course taken out.

    The threads are not visible on the surface ofthe skin since they are placed in the subcutaneous tissue. The number of meso-threads may vary according to the treatment area, and it is determined during consultations with the doctor.

    The treatment lasts for about 30-40 minutes.


    Every patient is different and every skin is different. When the treatment is over some patients experience mild bruising, the feeling of tightening and prickling, but all the sensitivities should cease within two weeks. Also, some patients might experiences light pain in the treated areas.

    A slight irritation could appear on the treated area and also bruising around the points where needles were injected and the thread was inserted. This happens because of the rich blood supply to these areas. In the case of bruising the patient can take some medications that prevent forming of hematomas. Sometimes small superficial granulomas can appear but they can be treated with anti-inflammatory creams and disappear very fast.

    During the first two weeks post-procedure, patients could experience mild limitations in moving the treated areas for example when smiling or chewing.

    Usually after the treatment, the patients can return to their normal daily activities.


    The patient is advised to sleep on the back the first week after the treatment, just to be more comfortable, because sleeping on the side might cause mild pain.

    Make-up should be applied gently24 hours after the procedure.

    Tanning beds and saunas should be avoided for 3 weeks after the treatment.

    Also, the patients should avoid ace massages and other procedures, vigorous exercises, going to the dentist, excessive facial movements, excessive yawning and chewing for 3 weeks after the treatment.

    All these precautions will be mentioned again by the doctor during the consultation.