Botox & EmFace two effective methods for reducing wrinkles - achieve brilliant facial rejuvenation results with Lucia Clinic Experts’ formula for anti-aging.

Today I will show you how to get rid of aging signs caused by wrinkles and fine lines with the help of Lucia Clinic experts’ formula based on their treatments and results.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where you felt self-conscious because of your wrinkled face? It could have been a business opportunity, where a younger-looking fellow snatched that awesome promotion in front of your face. Well, you can put an end to that and never feel less confident again.

The time of considering men’s wrinkle treatments as a taboo is over. With Lucia Clinic’s treatments like Botox or EmFace, you can rejuvenate your face and solve the issue of wrinkles that have been bothering you so much.

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Frown lines, forehead wrinkles, Crow’s feet or laugh lines - reduce unsightly wrinkles with injectable or non-invasive treatment according to your preference.

Okay, if you see a tiny laugh line near your eyes this makes you look charming. But once those lines get bigger and deeper that’s when you start worrying that you are maturing.

Even though you don’t get wrinkles and fine lines so early as women do, nasty wrinkles like laugh lines or crow’s feet appear on your faces as if overnight.

Once they appear, they quickly get deeper and you lose your youthful appearance.

So, you may be luckier than women, because your wrinkles and fine lines don’t appear so early on your skin but once they do they look much worse than on women’s faces – and that’s the biggest problem.

Wrinkles and fine lines look more pronounced and deeper. This is because you have stronger muscles than women and constant muscle activity makes those wrinkles deeply set in your skin.

For example, think about those wrinkles on your forehead and between your eyes (also known as the 11s). They are the nasties and once they are firmly set, they make you look angry or worried all the time. This isn’t very attractive you must admit.

We can joke about aging but wrinkles and fine lines are not a medal of honor on your face. They are the sign that you are maturing but this process can accelerate very quickly if you don’t do something about it.



The social and business bar is high. But it’s your time to set that bar even higher.

Let’s discuss how you can rejuvenate your face with Lucia Clinic’s wrinkle treatments.

You have a choice between injectable treatments like BOTOX or non-invasive EmFace treatments. It’s all up to you, but both treatments provide you excellent results in smoothing out the facial skin and taking years off your face. This is what you want to achieve, this is your ultimate goal.

Lucia Clinic’s experts’ formula is unique and systematic, it leaves you with natural-looking results and most importantly, it keeps your masculine look. 

Let’s cover BOTOX first.

Botox injectable treatment for the reduction of wrinkles - smooth out your skin with treatment that achieves natural-looking results and keeps your masculinity.

The problem of wrinkles and fine lines appears when you use your facial muscles repeatedly to make facial expressions. That’s totally normal because facial expressions are the thing that makes us human.

So you squint your eyes when smiling, frown or simply laugh. And then you can see those lines or character lines around your eyes and mouth which little by little stay on your face when you are not making those facial expressions. And voila – you get wrinkles and lines that make you look older, tired or worried all the time.

But, with Lucia Clinic experts’ formula that includes BOTOX in their wrinkle treatment, you can easily relax those overactive facial muscles and smooth out your wrinkles.

For wrinkles on your forehead and the vertical 11 lines, BOTOX is the most effective solution. It relaxes your muscles in this area and you don’t frown anymore. Your wrinkles get smooth out and you look relaxed and youthful again.

For wrinkles around your eyes or better-known as Crow’s Feet, BOTOX is a fast and effective solution because it reduces the muscles’ activity which leads to these unattractive wrinkles. BOTOX prevents facial expressions like squinting of the muscle that folds your skin around the eyes.

For wrinkles above your lips (also known as smoker’s lines), BOTOX injections relax the muscles that cause your mouth to pucker. It smooths the lines and the skin around your mouth stops revealing that you are maturing. And of course, you can still move your lips as you normally do because with Lucia Clinic experts’ formula you keep your natural facial expression and don’t end up looking frozen.

For wrinkles around your mouth or Marionette lines, BOTOX reduces the activity of the muscles that pull the corners of your mouth downward and make you look sad and older than you really are. The lines smooth out and you don’t look like a marionette puppet anymore.

All of the sudden, once your face has settled, you look in the mirror and see that you look rejuvenated, refreshed and of course still like yourself. All without downtime or significant side effects.

That’s why Lucia Clinic experts’ formula is the best – it reduces your wrinkles and fine lines but keeps you looking like a man.

Appearing too feminine after BOTOX injections is out of the question! Getting enhanced but natural-looking results are what Lucia Clinic experts’ formula is all about.

If you are not a fan of needles, then let’s move on to EmFace treatment.

EmFace advanced treatment for ultimate facial rejuvenation - reduce the wrinkles and tone your facial muscles in a completely non-invasive and painless way.

Another culprit of wrinkles and fine lines is the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin as you get older. When you look in the mirror, you see that your face has lost its volume and that those nasty wrinkles around your eyes and mouth have become prominent.

Another problem – you don’t like needles. Luckily with Lucia Clinic experts’ formula, you have an alternative –

EmFace treatment that is totally non-invasive and painless but does the job very effectively. After a few treatments, you notice that your face looks like it got a mini facelift – without surgery or downtime. 

Wrinkles around your eyes/Crow’s feet become less prominent because EmFace lifts and firms the muscles that lift your eyebrows. So these wrinkles just disappear. Add boosted collagen and elastin and your skin around the eyes looks smooth and tight again.

Wrinkles around your mouth/Marionette lines get less visible because EmFace strategically targets the muscles that lift your cheeks and thus lift the corners of your mouth. You don’t appear sad or tired anymore, but youthful and refreshed. Marionette lines are out.

Wrinkles on your forehead and the ones that are set vertically or the 11s get smooth out because EmFace targets the muscles that lift your brows and so makes these wrinkles less visible.



Botox injectable treatment for natural-looking results - solve the issue of wrinkles and fine lines and rejuvenate your face with Lucia Clinic Expert’s formula.

The harsh truth about wrinkles and fine lines is that once they appear on your face they are there to stay.

You may think that you sprung from a good gene pool and that you won’t develop so many wrinkles or that sun exposure or not-so-healthy habits won’t affect your skin because you are magically protected.
But, it’s not that easy.

If you seriously want to find a treatment for your wrinkles and fine lines, you need the best aesthetic clinic, highly trained skin therapists and the best products and techniques.

Otherwise, you will end up looking unnatural, lose that masculinity and feel unsatisfied with the results.

So, read about the formula that guarantees that you will be satisfied with the results and find the best wrinkle treatment for yourself.



Lucia Clinic experts’ formula helped thousand of male clients find the best wrinkle treatment. A huge number of men finally felt welcomed in an aesthetic clinic, that focused especially on their facial structures and aging issues.

Since men and women age differently and have different anatomical structures, men need a specific formula that will keep their natural look and preserve their masculinity.

With their vast experience, Lucia Clinic’s doctors created a specific experts formula that included BOTOX for injectable treatments and EmFace non-invasive treatment as an alternative to needles.

BOTOX treatment enabled men to smooth out unattractive wrinkles around the eyes and especially the ones set vertically on the forehead.

A unique formula for addressing wrinkles on male faces - Lucia Clinic Botox for men treatment keeps your natural-looking masculinity and rejuvenates your face.

But this was done with a twist – as men have stronger muscles on their forehead, they needed a special formula to achieve that rejuvenated look and still look like themselves. This is where Lucia Clinic experts’ formula showed what it represented and how it helped men keep their natural look.

With Lucia Clinic experts’ formula, men don’t look frozen after BOTOX – on the contrary, they look as before but their wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. 

Their faces look relaxed, and so they appear happier and rejuvenated
Once they see how BOTOX can instantly refresh their faces, their confidence skyrockets. Looking good and feeling confident goes a long way in both social and professional interactions. Men can finally stay in the competition simply because BOTOX helped them look younger and more attractive.
On the other hand, EmFace treatment is an effective alternative to needles. It is a revolutionary treatment that smooths out wrinkles and fine lines on the whole face.

It is a powerful facial-sculpting treatment that lifts the brow area and makes wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead less prominent.

It effectively lifts the muscles that lift the cheeks and so eliminate wrinkles around the mouth.

All in a painless, non-invasive way.

It triggers collagen production that additionally adds to smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.

There are no tricks here – just super-advanced technology in the hands of highly-trained doctors.

You can be the next man who found the best wrinkle treatment with Lucia Clinic experts’ formula – with BOTOX or EmFace.



First, let’s talk about BOTOX.


Lucia Clinic’s custom-made Botox treatment just for men - unique Lucia Clinic experts’ formula effectively solves your specific wrinkle and fine lines concern.

Step 1: Meeting with the doctor.

During your initial consultation, you meet with Lucia Clinic’s expert doctors. They are all highly trained and world-renowned, but that’s not all. The thing that singles them out is their creativity and deep knowledge of facial anatomy.

Lucia’s doctors create customized treatment plans for every single patient.

Both things are super important for you – the first one guarantees a bespoke treatment that addresses only your aesthetic needs. It can be forehead lines, the 11s, smile lines or other wrinkles. There isn’t one BOTOX solution for everyone – we all have different skin types and different skin qualities. Lucia’s doctors know this only too well – they examine your skin thoroughly and then find the best solution that will bring you the best results.

Lucia’s doctors are experts in facial anatomy.

The second thing is super important for you because you’re a man – your facial anatomy is different than women’s, your skin is thicker and more robust and your facial muscles are stronger. So when you make constant frowning facial expressions or squint your eyes those wrinkles tend to be set much deeper and are more prominent. So the doctor finds a perfect amount of BOTOX that will relax those strong muscles and smooth out your wrinkles and fine lines.

The ultimate goal is to keep your face natural-looking.

And that’s where Lucia’s doctors are experts again – even though you might need more BOTOX units, your face will still look natural and you’ll keep your masculinity – those are the results you are aiming at with Lucia Clinic experts’ formula and those are the results you will get.

Step 2. Getting the BOTOX treatment

Botox treatments for men are simple and completely safe - reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines in the expert hands of Lucia Clinic doctors.

This step is super simple – you just come to your scheduled appointment without many preparations. The doctor starts by injecting the proper amount of BOTOX into your Crow’s feet, forehead lines, the 11s, laugh lines and other wrinkles that concern you.

Your safety is in the first place

With the expert hand of Lucia’s doctor, getting BOTOX is almost painless, because the needles are very fine and go just beneath your skin. And at the proper angle. Also, the treatment is super fast – again because the doctor is skilled and experienced.

So, what happens with your wrinkles when BOTOX gets injected into the correct facial muscles?

First, the technique used for administering BOTOX requires super precision, and Lucia’s doctors are all highly trained in this field. So ending up with botched BOTOX is not an option here. This is especially important for men because as we said, your facial anatomy and facial muscles differ from women’s. So, only a true expert knows how to treat men’s faces with absolute precision. That’s why you are guaranteed the best results with Lucia Clinic experts’ formula.

Anyway, the muscles in your forehead that cause you to lift your brows or frown and form those nasty horizontal lines or the 11s get temporarily relaxed. They stop being overactive and keep your forehead nice and smooth. The lines and wrinkles in this area become less visible.

To point out again – you can still make those facial expressions but not as active as before. You still look like yourself. As time goes by, you suddenly train your muscles a little and stop making those expressions yourself – big plus for BOTOX. You look younger and definitely not angry or worried anymore.

The muscles around your eyes that lift your cheeks when you smile and create Crow’s feet also bet relaxed. The mechanism of action is the same – your face looks relaxed and these wrinkles are less visible. Again you still can smile of course, but these so-called character lines get much less prominent.

Finally, wrinkles around your mouth, appear less noticeable, because BOTOX injections relax the muscles that pull the corners of your mouth downward. You look happier and definitely not as a marionette puppet anymore.

 Step 3. The aftercare

So, once you are finished with your BOTOX treatment, there is no serious downtime because of the super-experienced hand of Lucia’s doctor. You instantly see the first results, and after approximately a week you see the best results. Since Lucia Clinic’s doctors use only the best products, BOTOX is no exception here – it will give you long-term results.

Lucia’s doctors are extra thorough with the examination of your face.

After about 6 months you can check in for a maintenance treatment. Your doctor will examine your face again and if necessary inject BOTOX into different muscles. This is because if one muscle was relaxed the other one took over. The balance between your muscles needs to be restored and then there is no way you will experience any unwanted results. So, Lucia’s doctor will pay attention to every little detail in order to provide you with the best results again.

So, why is Lucia Clinic experts’ formula so effective?

Because it gives you precisely what you want with BOTOX – reduced wrinkles and fine lines, naturally-looking face and masculinity and younger appearance, all without downtime, almost completely painlessly, quickly and with full attention to your safety.


Now, over to EmFace treatment

EmFace effective applicators for male facial rejuvenation - the revolutionary treatment applicators are strategically placed in facial areas to reduce wrinkles.

Step 1. Initial consultation

Talk to your doctor about your biggest issues regarding wrinkles and fine lines. The doctor will examine your face and let you know if this revolutionary treatment is right for you.
Lucia Clinic is a pioneer in offering advanced treatments

And EmFace truly is creme de la creme. It’s the first treatment that can reduce your wrinkles and fine lines in a completely non-invasive way. And it strengthens your facial muscles at the same time – this was not possible with any other treatment before. But at Lucia Clinic everything is possible because their goal is to make you satisfied with the results and keep you safe.

 Step 2. Getting the EmFace treatment
This is a true gem among non-invasive facial sculpting treatments – effective but completely painless. You get 3 applicators with electrodes inside, attached to strategic places – the forehead and both cheeks. And then you just relax.

But what happens beneath your skin is truly magical – RF energy heats your skin tissue and softens your wrinkles by triggering collagen and elastin production. So your skin becomes softer and returns its elasticity.

EmFace offers you a big plus – facial muscle toning

Next to firming your facial skin and reducing wrinkles, especially those that bother you (crow’s feet, the 11s, horizontal forehead lines and smile lines) it works on your facial muscles and makes them lifted and better toned. This is all thanks to special HIFES energy that contracts your muscles and makes them stronger. All in all, you get a mini facelift, without needles, surgery or downtime.

Interested in more details? Well, EmFace targets 4 different muscles on your face. The ones that help you smile or laugh are the zygomaticus major and minor and risorius and they are in your cheeks. The fourth one is the frontalis muscle in your forehead (this is the same muscle that you target with BOTOX for horizontal lines).
So EmFace improves both your skin and reduces wrinkles, all at the same time.

The numbers say it all – most patients notice 26% improved collagen and more than 100% improved elastin.

That’s pretty cool.

Lucia Clinic offers fast treatments and fast results

This treatment couldn’t be any faster – each session is just 20 minutes. You save time and relax and wait for that new collagen to build up. After 4 sessions and several weeks you start noticing that your face looks better and better – the skin is smoother and lifted all thanks to stronger muscles and built-up collagen and elastin.

Lucia Clinic experts’ formula has proven its effectiveness again – EmFace is fast, safe, painless and gives you exactly what you need – a youthful face with less visible wrinkles and fine lines.

That’s how Lucia Clinic’s expert formula works in helping you find the best wrinkle treatment for yourself.

Unlike more invasive procedures, with Lucia Clinic experts’ formula, you don’t have to spend a  long time on recovery or deal with side effects.

If you want to find the best wrinkle treatment for yourself, visit Lucia Clinic today or feel free to contact us for any questions