Synetica technology represents the groundbreaking methods for liposuction, liposculpting, skin resurfacing and skin tightening. The key benefit is a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound lipo cavitation at the same time – these two aesthetic procedures are performed simultaneously. This is the only treatment on the market currently that performs these kinds of treatments. But that’s not all -radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation can be used separately. It all depends on the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals.

The purpose of ultrasound cavitation is to break up and separate fat cells with the help of a micro-cannula – it causes less swelling and the recovery is much faster. The RF is emitted from that same cannula – it restores the skin, makes it smooth and tight and all that without surgery and discomfort. The best thing – this treatment always delivers outstanding results.

Procedure info at a glance

Will I be awake or asleep during the surgery?Local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia can be used
Do I stay in hospital after surgery?Might be needed to stay for 1 night
What is the recovery time? When can I return to work/exercise?Possibility of mild bruising, skin sensitivity, blisters where the RF was emitted or accumulation of fluids under the skin; no downtime
How long will the surgery last?20 minutes -1 hour
How long until the final results of surgery are visible?Immediately with improvement over the time


The unique and innovative technology that lies behind this sophisticated treatment is targeting areas that can’t be reached with traditional cavitation. It is actually developed on the grounds of the old cavitation concept but it’s much more exceptional. It works from within with micro-cannulas that transmit the RF straight into the tissue and improve skin concerns.

Synetica treatment can be used for:

  •     Liposuction and liposculpture
  •     Tummy tuck
  •     Gynecomastia
  •     Skin rejuvenation
  •     Improvement of sagging calves, ankles, buttocks, flanks and saddlebags
  •     Reduction of cellulite and stubborn fat pockets on different body areas.
  •     Skin resurfacing and tightening
  •     Reduction of armpit wrinkles, flabby arms and double chin

This groundbreaking treatment is unique because the RF waves are emitted through the entire length of the micro-cannula and not just at its end – this saves the tissue from depletion during microcavitation. This provides continuous skin rejuvenation effects.

Through the innovative micro-cannulas, the RF targets even the smallest areas of stubborn fat but it doesn’t harm the surrounding tissue. While the micro-cannula passes the tissue gets firm right away – the patient isn’t left with sagging skin after liposuction and doesn’t need to take additional skin contouring procedures.


During the treatment, 3 different micro-cannulas are used that enhance the effect of fat breakdown. The treatment is more precise and can treat delicate areas without damaging them.

The cannulas used in this treatment have a diameter of 1 to 3 mm – they are able to reach the areas that are generally difficult to treat. The treatment can eliminate fat pockets in the areas like armpit, chin, knee, ankle or inner thigh. This is what makes this treatment extraordinary.

In standard liposuction, the surgeon uses an instrument called a cannula to suction the subcutaneous fat from under the patient’s skin, but during Lipo Cavitation, the surgeon uses micro-cannulas that are not so invasive to the skin. That’s why Lipo-Cavitation lowers the risks of potential side effects that might appear after traditional liposuction.

Synetica treatment is a safe and effective alternative to traditional liposuction. It is minimally invasive and achieves outstanding results with a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation. The treatment relies on liposuction technology but it is much more improved – it requires shorter downtime and doesn’t cause much discomfort.

Since this treatment is minimally invasive it doesn’t need general anesthesia and patients can continue with their normal daily activities right after the procedure. It provides significant results even though it is gentle. It precisely targets only stubborn fat deposits and it doesn’t damage the surrounding blood vessels and nerves. This level of accuracy enables absolutely targeted treatment even in the areas that are hard to reach – the results of treating these restricted areas are immediately visible.

The treatment doesn’t need to be performed in a hospital – it can be done as an outpatient.

The greatest and best benefit of this innovative technology lies in combining the firming effect of internal RF and internal lipo cavitation. The treatment simultaneously treats excess fat tissue and firms the skin so the patient isn’t left with loose skin after the procedure – the treatment works on both issues at the same time.

The future of minimally invasive body reshaping treatments is here thanks to Synatica.



    Anyone who wishes to achieve body contouring and eliminate stubborn fat pockets that can’t be removed by exercising or a proper diet can benefit from this treatment. Also, people who want to avoid undergoing more invasive surgical procedures can achieve their aesthetic goals with this less invasive and safer method. The patients can eliminate cellulite and fat deposits with a single treatment.

    One of the best advantages of Synetica treatment is that it doesn’t put the patients through a stressful surgery -there is no hospitalization, injections, needles, scars or total anesthesia. It provides liposuction and skin tightening in the outpatient setting - there is no operating room. In traditional liposuction, the surgeon uses a cannula to extract the fat from under the skin, but with lipo-cavitation, the surgeon uses a micro-cannula that is less invasive and reduces the risk of side effects.

    The treatment is tolerated really well by the patients and doesn’t require a long recovery time.


    When the patient arrives at Lucia Clinic, first he/she is consulted with Lucia’s plastic surgeon. The surgeon examines the patient’s areas of concern and explains what happens during the procedure and what results can the patient expect. The patient talks about the previous medical history and what aesthetic goals he/she would like to achieve. The surgeon creates a customized treatment plan that will specifically address the patient’s concerns.

    When the treatment starts, the patient gets only local anesthesia to the area that will be treated.

    The surgeon doesn’t use a sharp instrument or suctioning as in standard liposuction. Instead, the surgeon used three different micro-cannulas that enable more accurate and precise treatment. Only a micro-incision is necessary for inserting the micro-cannulas that are inserted through the tiny superficial hole.

    The surgeon performs the ultrasound cavitation for emulsification of the fat and changes fat cells into a liquid that is drained by the patient’s body’s system for natural filtration. This way the surgeon can treat the most unreachable areas. The micro-cannula is inserted under the skin of the targeted area, but with minimal invasiveness. The cannula emits the ultrasonic waves through its whole length, not just the tip. This is the only method that can eliminate the stubborn fatty deposits in the areas that are impossible to treat with other instruments.

    The surgeon uses radiofrequency to treat the patient’s skin laxity by increasing the temperature of the tissue. During the procedure, thermal damage triggers neocollagenesis in the subcutaneous tissue and in deep layers of the patient’s skin. Radiofrequency can be used together with ultrasound cavitation - this combination helps to break down the fat even more and also to rejuvenate, firm and smooth the skin in the area that cavitation is being performed.

    During the standard liposuction procedure, the fat is broken up and removed, but this leads to skin laxity. However, with the combination of RF and lipo cavitation, the patient doesn’t lose skin tone, because RF enables the skin to keep its density and elasticity and restores the new skin that was already treated with the ultrasound. Because of this outstanding combination, the patient can see the results after the first treatment session.

    When the treatment is over, the surgeon closes a small incision with a simple butterfly bandage.

    The treatment can be over after 20 minutes or an hour - it all depends on the size of the treated areas.


    Since the surgeon makes only tiny incisions during the treatment there is minimal to no possibility for contraindications. This superior treatment provides brilliant results and doesn’t require any downtime - the patient can normally continue with his/her daily routine.

    After the treatment, the patient might only get temporary and mild bruising, skin sensitivity, blisters where the RF was emitted or accumulation of fluids under the skin.

    The recovery is faster and discomfort during and after the treatment is minimized.

    The treatment enables faster treatment time, immediate results and minimal to no risks.

    The treatment can achieve full-body reshaping and provide the following results:

    ● Abdominal Contour - stubborn fat pockets on the stomach are reduced and the skin is firmer
    ● Buttocks shape and size - the buttocks is contoured and the skin tone is improved
    ● Leg shape and size - the stubborn fat pockets in the upper thighs is reduced and the contour of the legs is improved with skin tightening
    ● Arm shape - the treatment firms the skin on the arms and reduces the fat in the upper arms
    ● Jaw and neck contouring - the stubborn fat deposits from the neck and jaw are removed, the skin is firmer and the patient gets a better definition of this area.
    ● Mommy Makeover - the treatment restores the pre-baby body by removing the excess fat that can’t be eliminated with exercise and diet
    ● Elimination of excess body fat -excess fat is removed from different areas of the body for better contouring and body definition.