EMTONE® is a unique device that effectively and non-surgically eliminates cellulite and smooths, tightens and firms skin. It also improves the laxity of the skin. EMTONE® provides a more toned appearance with long-lasting results. It is Ideal alongside other body shaping treatments, diet and exercise.

EMTONE® is FDA approved for reducing the appearance of cellulite and studies show that EMTONE®:

  • increases collagen by 59%
  • increases elastin by 64% 
  • increases the thickness of the dermis by 44%. 
  • Numbers say it all – EMTONE® really provides scientifically proven results.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful? No
Is there any downtime? No
How many sessions are needed? Usually 4 sessions
How long does the procedure take? 30 minutes per area
When can I see the results? After the course of sessions
How often should I do it? Twice per week

How It Works


Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer to this question. Cellulite is associated with connective fibrous bands that tie up the skin to the muscles that lie underneath and are surrounded by fat tissue. When the fat cells pile up they go up to the surface of the skin and long, strong connective fibers pull the skin down. This is when a dimpling or uneven surface of the skin is created. 

So, gaining weight can be connected to getting more cellulite, but slim people can also have it. Cellulite could be associated with genetics – it determines a person’s skin texture and structure and body type. Hormonal changes in the body can contribute to cellulite appearance also. If people live inactive lives they are more prone to cellulite but some fit people also struggle with it. 

Mild cellulite is seen only if people pinch the skin in the area where they have it. But cellulite can be severe and even noticeable with the eye – it makes the skin look rumpled and bumpy.

It comes down to this – everyone can have cellulite, women a bit more than men and no matter how much people exercise or keep a strict diet it still prevails. People can even turn to massages and anti-cellulite creams, and sometimes they manage to                                                                                                                reduce it a little bit, but sometimes they don’t. 


EMTONE® is a perfect solution for reducing cellulite. It is an advanced cellulite treatment device that combines monopolar radiofrequency and pressure wave therapy at the same time. EMTONE® applicator delivers safe electrical energy to the skin and emits waves that stimulate the skin. During the treatment, a grounding pad is placed usually on the patient’s back to ensure the safe emission of the RF.  

Radiofrequency energy travels from the tip of the applicator to the skin and heats it to 44 degrees. This temperature is crucial because it triggers the structural changes in collagen underneath the skin. Collagen starts to build up and the skin texture gets improved and smoother. Also, the skin gets tighter and cellulite gets reduced. So, it rejuvenates the tissue, stimulates collagen production and smooths, tightens, and firms skin.

The simultaneous emission of both thermal and mechanical energy has a greater impact on connective tissue and fights against cellulite much better than when the energies are emitted separately.


Any type of energy that is used in medical treatments can produce heat. But, the benefit of radiofrequency is that it doesn’t damage the surface of the skin while it is emitted. It only heats the deep layers of the skin and triggers the production of new collagen and elastin which in turn smooths and tightens the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and textures and it can be even used on tanned skin.

On the other hand, mechanical or targeted pressure energy causes vibrations and pressure that disrupts the fat cells and those fibrous bands that pull down the skin. These vibrations also improve circulation and reduce the metabolic waste and fluids that tend to build up under the skin and contribute to the creation of cellulite.

The result – the skin becomes smooth and tight because cellulite dimples are eliminated.


Patients who are struggling with unattractive cellulite dimples can really take advantage of this advanced skin tightening procedure and achieve amazing results. 

EMTONE® is a fast and effective way of reducing the cellulite tissue underneath the skin and leaving the skin smooth and tight. The EMTONE® applicator gently heats the skin on the treated area and in just 20 minutes triggers the production of new collagen. After 4 sessions of EMTONE® treatments, the treated body area is smooth all without surgery, scars and downtime.

EMTONE® is the first and only device that combines two types of energies in one treatment simultaneously and provides much better results than when treated separately. RF and targeted pressure energy address every element that causes the appearance of cellulite and significantly reduce them. 


It is suitable for both men and women and it is Ideal alongside other body shaping treatments, diet, and exercise. It goes well with CoolSculpting, EmSculpt NEO® and other treatments.

This revolutionary device provides outstanding results and patients can see the first improvements two weeks post-procedure. Since it is a non-invasive treatment, there is no special preparation prior to the treatments and there is no recovery time. Patients can easily fit EMTONE® sessions into their lunch break. 

EMTONE® offers a new non-invasive aesthetic body enhancement. It rejuvenates tissue + stimulates collagen.

Patients leave Lucia Clinic having more confidence in what they wear. They feel good about themselves and look their best. They get a more toned appearance with long-lasting results. Cellulite dimples are something they don’t have to worry about anymore after EMTONE® treatments.



    EMTONE® is a perfect solution for people who want to take their fitness goals to the next level. If regular exercise and diet regimes simply can’t help removing persistent cellulite dimples and improve skin elasticity, then choosing EMTONE® treatment is an ideal way to take care of yourself. Patients end up looking their best but in a natural way.

    So, patients whose skin is still relatively elastic respond to treatment very well. Patients who have developed a poor skin texture might need more EMTONE® treatments.

    Anybody who wants to tighten the skin or mildly contour the areas of stubborn cellulite tissue will benefit from EMTONE® treatment.


    This procedure is not suitable for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Also, for anybody who has a pacemaker or internal defibrillator, or other internal electronic devices. Patients who have metal implants including dental braces close to the targeted area should not undergo this procedure, as well as patients who had deep chemicals peels or resurfacing treatments in the last 3 months.

    EMTONE® is not suitable in the following cases:

    If patients suffer from skin infections like rosacea, eczema or burns.
    If they have weakened immunity, poor wound healing or bleeding disorders, or they suffer from kidney or liver diseases.
    If they undergo radiation therapy, have cardiovascular disease, sensitivity disorders, tuberculosis or varicose veins.
    Lucia Clinic is a doctor-led clinic and its professional team will advise all patients about suitability for EMTONE®, and they will be more than happy to answer all questions and concerns.


    The advantage of EMTONE® treatment is that it is non-surgical and it requires no anesthesia. It can be safely used on different body areas to treat cellulite or loose skin. These areas include:

    The buttocks
    The lower buttocks
    Love handles
    The abdomen
    The inner and outer thighs
    The back and front of the thighs
    The knees
    The upper arms

    Since EMTONE® treatment incorporates two different energies simultaneously it is so powerful that it deals with different factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. These factors include:

    Big fat build-ups underneath the skin
    Poor blood circulation
    Loss of skin laxity
    Tight fibers that pull the skin down
    Piled up metabolic waste under the skin

    EMTONE® treatments were completely successful in reducing the cellulite and smoothing out the skin in patients that participated in a clinical study. 3 months after the procedure EMTONE® managed to reduce the cellulite in 93% of patients and reduce thigh circumference by 2 cm and 1.42 cm in waist circumference. Also, 85% of patients experienced a noticeable improvement in skin elasticity. Overall more than 90% of patients were satisfied with the results.


    Upon arriving at Lucia Clinic, patients are first consulted with EMTONE® therapies, who carefully assess the problematic body areas. Lucia’s therapists create a tailor-made treatment plan for each patient individually. The therapists also determine how many sessions a patient needs, depending on the severity of cellulite appearance.

    Patients can even have more areas treated. Their requirements are discussed in the consultations and therapists suggest the best treatment plans based on patients’ goals.

    Also, EMTONE® can be accompanied with other body shaping procedures for even better body-contouring results.

    Prior to the EMTONE® procedure, the therapist will apply a protective lotion on the targeted area in order to smoothly guide the applicator across the skin. Also, the patient will get a grounding pad placed usually under the back to ensure safe RF energy emission. When the treatment starts, a tapping noise is heard that comes from targeted pressure energy, and the patient will feel a heating sensation as the therapist moves the applicator in a circular motion. The therapeutic temperature is achieved in 60 to 90 seconds.

    The procedure can quickly be finished - it all depends on the size of the targeted area. Usually, each session takes about 30 minutes per area.

    The EMTONE® treatment is very gentle and non-invasive and even though the energy heats the dermis it’s not uncomfortable. The patient shouldn’t feel too hot, since there is a possibility to monitor and control the thermometer directly on the applicator.

    EMTONE® is done in a lying-down position which is very relaxing for the patients and they usually perceive the treatment as a hot stone massage accompanied with vibrations.

    Once the treatment is over the skin might appear slightly red but this seizes in 30 minutes.


    EMTONE® advanced cellulite treatment effectively eliminates all central causes of cellulite and loose skin. Since it triggers natural processes in the body such as the production of collagen and improved tissue circulation it takes a few weeks to see the first results. This is what makes EMTONE® a great solution for cellulite reduction - it does it in completely natural ways. As the new collagen builds up over the period of 3 to 4 months patients can see the full results - their skin on the treated area is rejuvenated and significantly smoother.

    EMTONE® is a non-invasive treatment and very gentle, so it doesn’t require any downtime. Patients can continue with their busy schedule right after the skin-tightening session. A minimal redness can occur on the treated area and the area is a bit warm but that’s usually it. Some more serious side effects are uncommon like burning the surface of the skin because the device automatically shuts off if necessary which ensures the safety and comfort of the patients.


    Initially, 4 sessions of EMTONE® are recommended, twice a week over 2 weeks. In order to keep the results, patients have additional touch-ups every 3 to 6 months, but this is all individual. It all depends on how severe the cellulite condition is and which body area is treated. Also, patients should continue with a healthy diet and exercise for the best results.

    After the treatment sessions are completed patients don't only see the results but also feel them. Their skin is smooth and tight.

    Patients leave Lucia Clinic satisfied with the results and with a new confidence about their bodies.