Morpheus8 and its brilliant facial skin tightening effects

Today, I am going to share with you tips and benefits of Morpheus8 that will prove that this advanced aesthetic treatment will solve your concerns with skin laxity, fat deposits and aging signs.
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We all know that aging is inevitable. You can feel young inside but your face may show a different picture. And unless you are blessed with awesome genetics, aging signs will appear sooner or later. And I mean signs like skin laxity, jowls and puffiness. Maybe you’ve started to play with the idea of a surgical facelift, but you still don’t feel ready for it. Luckily, Morpheus8 can restore the elasticity of your skin without much discomfort.


Morpheus8 is so much more than a traditional microneedling treatment

 It brings effective results when it comes to skin tightening because of radiofrequency energy which travels through microneedles.

This unique combination targets the main culprit of aging signs like loss of elasticity – the collagen in your skin.
You see, when it comes to tight and elastic skin, collagen is the main ingredient in your skin that keeps it radiant and youthful. It’s an important protein which keeps your skin nicely structured, lifted and contoured. But, with time, as your skin starts to mature (somewhere around the age of 30) this precious protein loses its strength and can’t keep your face as youthful as before. That’s the moment when collagen needs a little boost, and that’s the moment when Morpheus8 steps in.

 Microneedles are the first step in returning tightness to your skin. They gently penetrate your skin at controlled precision and create microchannels. These microchannels prepare your skin for the next step – RF energy and your body’s own healing processes.

These two components are essential parts of Morpheus8 magic.
Microchannels trigger your body’s healing response because they serve as micro injuries – your body wants to repair them. During the process of healing, dormant collagen is revived and starts to build up. Collagen fibers become stronger and gradually lift and tighten saggy skin on your face. The aging signs slowly disappear.
RF energy complements microneedles as a controlled burst of thermal energy. It warms deeper layers of your skin and helps kickstart collagen production even faster. This powerful energy is an effective addition that restores your skin’s youthful bounce and resilience.

 Since RF energy can reach deeper layers of your skin. Morpheus8 represents a comprehensive skin tightening treatment.


Skin tightening without fat loss with amazing Morpheus8

Even though Morpheus8 is amazing at melting adipose fat tissue (where necessary), it can tighten your facial skin without causing fat loss. This is especially true if you want to lift and firm your lower cheeks and jawline or your forehead area.
Since Morpheus8 is super precise, your aesthetic expert can control the depth of microneedles and RF energy during the whole treatment time. Usually, your fat tissue is between 3 to 4 mm underneath the skin. So,

 Your parameters for Morpheus8 can be set to 2 mm for most of the facial area and then to 1 mm depth to the forehead and periorbital area. This way there is no fat loss, only tightening of your skin.

Also, if you just want to resurface your facial skin, your skin expert will use a different technique. Instead of stamping, he/she will use the passing technique. If you still want to address a bit of fat tissue somewhere on your face, the skin expert will use the stamping technique, which means that the applicator will stay in that area for more penetration of microneedles.
This is especially true if you want to get rid of a double chin, for example. But for the rest of your face, no fat loss will happen. The newly produced and built-up collagen will subtly lift and tighten your facial skin giving your face the contours of your dreams.


Whenever you look in the mirror and wish those stubborn fatty deposits on your abdomen, thighs, or legs finally disappear, you may feel a bit under the weather when you realize they are stuck. You work out in the gym and keep a diet but somehow those pesky fat pockets won’t budge. Well, everything is not yet lost, because Morpheus8 works like a charm on eliminating those fatty deposits that bother you so much.
Find out how.


Morpheus8 brings brilliant and natural-looking results

Body fat – it can really be pesky and stubborn and prevent you from achieving your aesthetic goal – a perfectly contoured silhouette. But, Morpheus8 redefines your body contours and melts away the fat by perfectly combining microneedling and the power of RF energy.
You see, it’s all in the precision. This advanced body-contouring treatment works differently when it targets fat deposits in your body. The treatment starts the same – your aesthetic expert uses the Morpheus8 applicator and places it on your targeted area, for example, your abdomen. It precisely targets isolated pockets of adipose fat in this area.
In a stamping motion, the applicator creates microchannels in your skin with microneedles. That’s the key that opens the door to your body’s transformation. The RF energy travels through these channels and heats the fat tissue in the deeper layer of your skin. It selects only the fat tissue that lies in these layers.

This thermal energy disrupts the structural integrity of fat cells. This is technically called adipocyte disruption but actually, it means that these affected fat cells gradually break down.

This fat is eventually metabolized and eliminated by your body.

 Why is Morpheus8 so effective in reducing fat deposits?

Well, as previously mentioned Morpheus8 is super precise. This means that the depth of microneedles is preset and customized for your own needs. When treating the face, we said that Morpheus8 doesn’t go deeper than 1 to 2mm because you don’t want to lose fat. But

When your aesthetic goal is actually slimmer contours without fatty deposits then Morpheus8 can go much deeper into your skin to reach these fatty cells.

In other words, Morheus8 can go up to 8mm underneath the skin surface. For example, you start micro-needling at 6mm and then get an RF energy burst in three different layers – 6mm, 4mm and 2mm. All this within one cycle.

The effect of Morpheus8 is felt in deeper and more superficial layers of the skin which results in a shrink-wrap-like reaction that tightens your skin and fat.

During one treatment your skin gets smooth and tight and your contours get slimmer. With Morpheu8 it’s a win-win for you.

Morpheus8 is super versatile

Morpheus8, one of the most versatile aesthetic treatments

That’s something that makes Morpheus8 a very attractive treatment.

 It can transform, contour and tighten the skin with high precision in different body areas. By eliminating excess fat deposits and tightening your skin it harmonizes your entire figure.

As we already mentioned, Morpheus8 can contour your facial features and make your face appear more graceful and youthful. It doesn’t have to address fat tissue in your facial skin layers. It can only gently resurface, tighten and lift your skin.
But, Morpheus8 doesn’t stop on your face. It can address your abdomen and melt the adipose tissue in this area. The abdomen is usually the center of attention when it comes to body contouring.

Morpheus8 can transform and slim your abdomen by melting fat tissue with RF energy. It can also improve skin laxity in this area by triggering collagen production with microneedling.

After a couple of sessions, your abdomen appears better toned and better sculpted – just as you always wanted.
If your aesthetic goal is sculpted upper arms, then Morpheus8 is your choice. The micro-needling part refines the skin texture while RF energy melts those pesky fat deposits. The final result is defined and contoured upper arms – perfect for sleeveless shirts. For your comfort during the treatment, your skin therapist may recommend going with a 2mm depth of microneedles because your arms are sensitive areas with a lot of nerves.
If you want to get rid of ring coats of fat above your knees, Morpheus8 can do it for you in a few sessions. The trick here is to

Address the area where your skin is sagging but also a bit above it. Skin tightening of the entire area around your knees will help with eliminating the excess fat deposits above your knees.

Getting rid of a double chin is also what Morpheus8 is great for. Microneedles penetrate the subdermal layers of tissue and RF energy heats the tissue and fat cells. The fat cells coagulate and promote the production of new collagen. Gradually, the fat gets eliminated from your body and your chin becomes nicely sculpted and firm.
Other areas that you can contour and slim down with Morpheus8 are thighs, buttocks, bra rolls and fat pockets on your back.
All in all, this minimally invasive treatment brings you a shapely figure with minimal to no downtime and mild side effects. The best part is that you contour any body area without a scalpel, incisions or scars.


Morpheus8 is effective and safe stretch marks reduction

It’s not an unknown thing that most of us have stretch marks. They can appear as evidence of major weight loss, pregnancy or simple genetics. They are proof that our skin is maturing and losing its elasticity. But, it doesn’t mean that we have to live with them, Morpheus8 takes center stage in the fight against stretch marks.


Let’s clear something up right away – stretch marks are a direct consequence of collagen loss and thus elasticity loss in the skin. Your skin stretches and contracts and gradually develops red or white lines on its surface. This is especially true if your skin rapidly changes its size or shape. These changes cause collagen and elastin to break down. These lines or stretch marks make your skin rough – it loses its smoothness and resilience.
Morpheus8 targets the root of stretch marks – loss of collagen. It goes beyond superficial improvement in the skin. Microneedles puncture your skin at a precise depth and create microchannels. As mentioned before, these microwounds trigger your body’s own healing response. Your skin starts to regenerate.

 This means that collagen starts to build up and gradually makes your skin more elastic and resilient. Collagen is crucial in transforming the underlying structure of stretch marks. RF energy creates a thermal burst in the exact layer where collagen and elastin are settled. This powerful energy makes collagen and elastin fibers tighten and regenerate.

After 3 to 4 sessions of Morpheus8, spaced out a 4-6 of weeks, you will see the best outcomes. You need to be a bit patient because collagen needs time to build up. Once it finishes its production, you will enjoy smooth and tight skin. Plus the results will continue to improve.
And there you have it. New collagen and elastin restore the flexibility of your skin in the place where you have stretch marks. Your skin becomes smooth and supple. A powerful combo of microneedling and RF energy has done it again – gradually you notice that your stretch marks are fading away. Your treated area improves its texture and you can finally enjoy your stretch marks-free skin.


Cellulite is the number one aesthetic concern that frustrates people. You know how it just appears overnight? Well, once it’s there, it seems that it never wants to leave you. All of a sudden you have dimples in your skin that are visible on the surface. Even if you are fit and active, you still may struggle with this unattractive skin issue. Even though cellulite doesn’t harm your health, you would definitely want your skin to be smooth again. This is where Morpheus8 steps in again.


You may have already tried different methods of cellulite reduction and got poor results. That’s just it about cellulite it is very stubborn. Almost all people have it – granted women a bit more than men. It has to do with skin thickness. Men have thicker skin than women so they tend to develop less cellulite than ladies. It doesn’t matter which gender you are, cellulite can make you feel self-conscious and prevent you from wearing shorts or swimsuits.

Cellulite appears because fibrous tissue underneath your skin becomes less elastic and pulls your skin downwards. At the same time, the fat tissue moves up and becomes visible at the surface of your skin. You can develop these unsightly dimples in different body areas – abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Luckily Morpheus8 can address all these areas.

The secret of Morpheus8 is that it structurally transforms the underlying layer of your skin where cellulite is found.

Microneedles create microwounds in your targeted area which kickstart your body’s healing process and regeneration. The collagen and elastin wake up and start building up. RF energy boosts collagen even further with the thermal burst.

As collagen and elastin fibers get stronger and better structured, they make your skin more elastic and firmer. Even though you can’t completely eliminate cellulite, it becomes significantly less visible because your skin has restored its tightness and volume. Your treated area becomes smooth and nicely contoured – just as you always wanted it to be.

After 3 to 4 sessions, spaced out a couple of weeks, you will notice that your cellulite dimples are significantly less visible. All because Morpheus8 technology has made your skin tighter and stronger.


Full customization of Morpheus8 for the amazing results

You already know that in the world of aesthetic treatments, it’s not good to get a procedure that fits everybody. You want to get a treatment that suits only your concerns and your aesthetic goals. There is no one-size-fit because we are all different with different skin types and skin issues. Morpheus8 is great in this department – every single patient gets a bespoke treatment plan that brings brilliant results. You can be the next patient.


When you visit an aesthetic center, like Lucia Clinic, first, you are consulted with a skin expert.

You need to be fully open here and share every little concern you have. It may be saggy skin on your face or excess fatty deposits somewhere on your body.

You need to tell your aesthetic goals and what you want to accomplish with Morpheus8. Then, your skin expert will tell you if this is the right treatment for you. Also, the skin therapist will carefully examine your trouble spots and see if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

Generally, Morpheus8 is super effective if you have mild to moderate skin laxity on your face, neck or body, subcutaneous excess fat on your chin or other body areas, unsightly cellulite dimples or stretch marks.

Your skin expert will create a bespoke treatment plan just for you.

For example,

If you wish to contour, tighten and lift your facial skin, the skin expert will set the parameters or better to say the depth of microneedling to 1 to 2mm.

This way you won’t lose facial fat tissue, and still tighten and rejuvenate your skin.

If on the other hand,

If you wish to address fat deposits on the abdomen, thighs or knees, the skin therapist will set the depth of microneedling from 4 to 8mm.

Fat tissue lies a bit deeper in the skin and Morpheus8 can reach it easily.

What’s great about Morpheus8 is that it’s suitable for all skin tones, even the darker ones. You see, unlike laser therapies, Morpheus8 is not sensitive to light. So you don’t have to worry about hyperpigmentation. Plus, Morpheus8 doesn’t cause thermal damage to the surface of the skin. So there won’t be any adverse reactions like burns or scars.

If you are worried about downtime – don’t be. It usually lasts for 3 days, but you can function normally. Your treated area will be red and swollen but that quickly goes away. Just make sure to avoid sun exposure because your skin will be sensitive. If you must go outside, don’t forget to apply a high SPF.

One more thing – your skin therapist will recommend the number of treatment sessions for achieving your aesthetic goals. Generally, you need 4 sessions, spaced out one month, to see the best results. You need to wait a bit between two sessions because your skin needs to heal and collagen needs to start building.


Morpheus8 achieves consistent and long-lasting outcomes

In the world of cosmetic treatments, one thing you always ask first is how long will the results last. You don’t want to have numerous visits to aesthetic centers for your sessions because let’s face it – you don’t have time. You want a treatment that will bring you gradual, natural-looking and long-term results. And Morpheus8 has all this covered.


Morpheus8 is truly an advanced treatment that offers so many benefits. It makes your skin resilient to future aging – it provides you with results that stand the test of time.

The technological advancements have really outdone themselves here – what singles Morpheus8 out is a perfect combo of microneedling and RF energy. These two play an essential role in keeping your face and body skin nicely contoured, lifted and firm. In other words, they keep your skin youthful.

Your facial skin gets properly structured and contoured once your saggy skin is lifted and firm. Your targeted body area gets slimmer, tighter and contoured – your entire figure looks more harmonious.

Microneedles puncture your skin at a precise depth – just where you need them the most. It all depends on your aesthetic goal. It can be contouring your face or neck or getting rid of cellulite or stretch marks. The microneedles wake up the collagen and elastin in the skin layers where these important proteins are found.
Also, RF energy causes thermal burst and boosts the production of collagen and elastin even more. Plus this energy also causes fat tissue to start melting. Gradually, you notice that your targeted area is slimmer and tighter. And this process keeps improving your skin even more as time passes. That’s one of the reasons why Morpheus8 brings you long-lasting results. The results are not fully seen at the beginning but once they are there, you can enjoy them for a very long time.

The results of Morheus8 face and body contouring can last more than a year, which is longer than the results some other non-surgical treatments bring you.

It’s a great treatment for both men and women who want to improve their looks.

The most impressive results are there 1 to 2 months after your Morpheus8 treatment for the face, neck or body. But, everyone is different, so perhaps you will see the results more quickly than others.

You can always have a touch-up treatment once in two years, for example, to keep your nicely contoured face or body.


Even though Morpheus8 gives you long-lasting results, you can do several things to keep the results even further.

For example, you can adopt healthy lifestyle habits like regular exercise. Working out in the gym, jogging or aerobics will keep your figure nicely contoured and firm. By keeping your skin firm and elastic, you will prevent cellulite from appearing again.

Also, try to eat a balanced diet which will prevent weight fluctuations. By keeping a steady weight, your skin will stay elastic and won’t stretch and contract so often. That way you are free from stretch marks.

Finally, hydrate well. When you keep your skin hydrated, it will stay youthful and radiant – just as you always wanted.


Although Morpheus8 isn’t a quick fix when it comes to contouring it certainly offers transformation that is long-lasting. It’s all because Morpheus8 improves the underlying structures in your skin.

Whether it’s lost collagen, fat tissue, cellulite or stretch marks, this advanced treatment lays the foundation for the surface of your skin’s dramatic improvement.



Improve your skin at its cellular level with Morpheus8


When you start thinking about cosmetic treatments, you wonder whether these treatments will change your look too much. You want to keep your facial features and expressions the same – and just enhance them. Morpheus8 is perfect for that, plus it contours your body as you have always desired.


The cutting-edge technology of Morpheus8 delivers gradual but completely natural results. Although plastic surgery can make the most dramatic improvements, if you are not ready for it, Morpheus8 is an effective alternative. It will help you start your journey to timeless beauty.

Morpheus8 is not just a traditional cosmetic procedure.

What brings natural-looking results are microneedles that gently puncture your skin to trigger your body’s own healing response. Your body is very powerful – it’s amazing how much it can heal on its own.

It just needs a bit of a boost, and microneedles are just perfect for that.

Added RF energy travels deep into your skin and triggers collagen and elastin production. It also restructures the fat tissue underneath your skin.

It all results in a perfect combo of these two essential ingredients which work harmoniously together.

As your collagen and elastin gradually build up, your skin becomes tighter and smoother. At the same time, your contours become nicely sculpted as your fat tissue slowly gets eliminated from your body. You notice the transformation – it is graceful, subtle and natural-looking.

Morpheus8 brings you natural-looking results that are beyond just superficial beauty. Some treatments can result in an overly-done appearance but with Morpheus8 this is never the case.

This is because this advanced treatment does its magic underneath the surface and addresses your aesthetic concern at its core.

Whether it’s loss of collagen, excess fat deposits, cellulite or stretch marks, Morpheus8 makes structural improvements to these skin concerns. So the results are not just skin-deep – they are present at the cellular level. That’s why Morpheus8 is so authentic – it rejuvenates you from the inside out.

What is a brilliant benefit of Morpheus8 is that while you are waiting for those natural-looking results, you don’t have to spend time on a long downtime. Time is a precious thing and you can choose not to spend a lot on recovery after plastic surgery. After Morpheus8 treatment you may just need 3 days to rebound. You can continue with your normal day right after the treatment – just steer clear of direct sun exposure. Your treated area will be red, and mildly swollen but all these side effects resolve after about 3 days.

A huge benefit of Morpheus8 that also brings you natural-looking results is its possibility of customization. When it comes to aesthetic treatments, there isn’t one size that fits everybody – we all have unique features and different aesthetic goals.

Morpheus8 recognizes your unique beauty and offers you customization of all parameters, including the depth of microneedling and the power of RF energy.

This customization also works for your comfort – if the treatment becomes uncomfortable your skin expert can always reduce the power. After your bespoke Morpheus8 treatment, natural-looking results slowly emerge and enhance your beauty.

You will embrace the gradual nature of the results and enjoy seeing how your treated area is improving day by day, and week by week. Your facial features will become nicely contoured and your natural beauty will be enhanced. Also, your body contours will become slimmer and sculpted in a subtle yet noticeable manner. Your beauty will be graceful and sophisticated.

That’s all. I hope this post has helped you understand more about how Morpheus8 works and how beneficial it is. Achieving the desired contours for your face and body has become more accessible than ever with Morpheus8.

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