Beauty tips by top plastic surgeons and aesthetic experts

The festive season is just around the corner and it’s totally understandable that you want to look and feel your best. You want to take your skincare or aesthetic goals to a new level. So, as the shine of holiday lights may warm up your heart, you want to enhance your natural beauty and shine even brighter. This holiday season is all about the radiance that you feel inside and outside. With the help of Lucia Clinic plastic surgeons’ and aesthetic experts’ beauty tips and secrets, your radiance is on its way. Let the search for radiance begin!

#1 Skin rejuvenation treatments

Since the festive season is a synonym for luminous and glowy skin, skin rejuvenation treatments are the secret to achieving radiant skin. Non-invasive treatments like light chemical peels can reveal healthy-looking and bright skin, free of blemishes and imperfections. They don’t require downtime, which means that you can continue with preparations for your holiday season. Forget about tired and dull-looking skin – chemical peels will make your skin bright and shiny.

TIP: After the chemical peel, your skin will be a bit sensitive so avoid direct sun exposure. Or if you want to go outside, apply high SPF and maybe a wide-brim hat (if you like to rock them).

Another secret – laser therapies. They are also non-invasive and don’t keep you away from enjoying your pre-festive season. They are very effective in revitalizing your skin from the inside out. Laser therapies boost collagen production which gradually reduces fine lines and wrinkles and makes your face youthful-looking and refreshed. Now it’s the right time to start with laser therapies because when the festive season starts, your skin will become radiant and plump because of all the built-up collagen. Talk about starting your holiday celebrations feeling super confident.

#2 Injectable treatments for quick results

You already know that we are talking about dermal fillers and botox. They are quick, effective and only minimally invasive. Dermal fillers are super versatile and they can enhance your face in so many different ways. They can restore the volume of your sunken cheeks and temples or improve the look of your chin and jaws. Plus, they are brilliant in rejuvenating, plumping or improving the symmetry of your lips. Prepare for some serious rejuvenation before the festive seasons.

TIP: Since most dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which keeps your skin hydrated and plump, you can prolong the effects of this injectable treatment by drinking plenty of water. It’s a simple way of boosting your refreshed and rejuvenated look

BOTOX is one of the most popular injectable procedures for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Just a small amount of botox temporarily relaxes the muscles which create wrinkles. So, Crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines and other aging signs will disappear just in time for your holiday parties. Your face will be radiant and glowy just as you wanted.

TIP: The secret of the best botox results is subtlety. You do want to reduce wrinkles but you also want to keep your facial expressions. Too much botox will make you appear like a frozen doll and that’s not the look you are going for.

As our wonderful Dr. Aliya Nurpeissova says: ’The 2023 trend is flawless skin and a “Face without a filter”.  The time of overfilled lips and cheeks is fortunately passing and the era of natural beauty is coming.  Each person is an individual and has his own beauty and attractiveness.  This means that the approach to procedures must be personalized’.

#3 Thread lift for a mini facelift

Thread lift treatment actually lifts your face without surgery. So there are no scalpels, incisions or other inconveniences which is great for you if you are not ready for a surgical facelift. The threads lift and tighten your skin on your cheeks, chin or jaws – you instantly look rejuvenated and refreshed. What’s great about thread lifts is that they are placed in the fibrous layer which doesn’t have any nerve endings and you feel minimal discomfort during the procedure. And you previously got topical anesthetic cream so you are good to go. The threads dissolve after 3 months but during this time they trigger collagen production. The collagen gradually builds up and keeps your face lifted and tight long after the threads are gone. So, now it’s the best time to do it because you have more than enough time to make your skin radiant and youthful before the holiday season.

TIP: After your thread lift procedure don’t rub your face or clean it too harshly. Just be gentle to your face for a couple of weeks and your skin will recover much faster.

#4 Holistic approach to skincare

Beautiful and radiant skin is not achieved only through aesthetic treatments. They are a wonderful addition to your regular beauty regime and can boost and enhance your skin. Between your aesthetic treatments, you need to take care of your skin consistently. That means hydration, sun protection and proper nutrition.

As Dr. Evana Janbeh always points out: ‘One of the secrets of beauty is not to sleep without washing your face well’.

This all falls into the category of holistic healing that more and more plastic surgeons and aesthetic experts encourage. Especially Dr. Radmila Lukian always teaches her patients that lifestyle habits affect the way their skin looks. A balanced well-being helps you radiate on the inside as well as on the outside. A continuous and careful skincare regime is a great starting point for achieving a radiant complexion before the festive season.

#5 Breast surgeries for silhouette enhancement

Breast surgeries like augmentation, lift or reduction cause only minimal initial discomfort. So if you choose to enhance your breasts, you have plenty of time to recover and radiate with confidence during the festive season. This procedure can really be life-changing – it restores your youthful look, makes your entire silhouette more balanced and generally helps you feel great in your body. Even though breast surgeries are done under general anesthesia and in an operating room, the recovery is quite quick. Well, that’s true provided that you follow all the recovery recommendations from Lucia Clinic plastic surgeons. After about a week, you can return to some light activities – depending on how you feel. It’s important not to rush your recovery.q

TIP: Don’t do any strenuous activity in the first week post-op like stretching, lifting or pushing. Relax and rest and you’ll be ready to enjoy the holiday season with your brand new breasts.

#6 Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery for an instant refreshed look

This brilliant plastic surgery lifts your droopy eyelids and eliminates puffy under-eye bags. The surgeon removes all the excess tissue in these areas to make your eyes more open, refreshed and youthful. It’s a relatively quick procedure after which you can go straight home. Just make sure to ask someone to pick you up because you’ll be a bit woozy after the anesthesia. The recovery after blepharoplasty is surprisingly short. All the side effects should resolve after a week and you can continue with your normal routine. This is because this procedure is only minimally uncomfortable. Before the holiday parties start, you’ll be fully recovered and ready to have a great time. You’ll look rejuvenated and radiance – and you don’t have to tell anyone what’s your secret.

TIP: After eyelid lift surgery, keep your eyes clean to avoid any infections. Don’t use make-up or harsh beauty products. Your recovery period will be even shorter this way.

#7 Tumescent liposuction for quick body contouring

This type of liposuction is perfect for pre-holiday body tweakments. It is a revolutionary procedure that you can get under local anesthesia. This means a lot to you because you are out and about in just a couple of days – you don’t have to deal with additional side effects connected to general anesthesia. Tumescent lipo is great if you want to remove isolated fat deposits on your abdomen, thighs or waist. It is performed with thin cannulas (aka tubes) which don’t cause a lot of scars. The incisions are of course strategically placed in places that are difficult to notice. After this procedure, you will have plenty of time to recover and rock your new festive clothes. Your treated area will be slimmer and nicely contoured.

TIP: Stay hydrated and reduce the intake of salt. This way you will reduce the swelling in the treated areas and see the final results much faster.

In the words of our amazing doctor Dr. Allesandro Caielli: ‘2023 has been for my patients the year of acceptance and taking a final decision about their body and figure. I have realized that even if you try hard, with diet and exercise, machines, injections, non-surgical devices, etc. you will reach a stage where only a body contouring surgery can close the final cycle. Luckily, nowadays body contouring surgeries are less and less invasive, helped and assisted by the highest technology devices to minimize the recovery, and the doses of anesthesia, mainly local. Patient after a few days are back to work and in a couple of weeks back to their normallife but a ‘New Life’, the one with their best and beautified body.

#8 Brachioplasty or arm lift for nicely contoured arms

This plastic surgery is done to remove the excess skin and fat from your upper arms. It will effectively deal with your problem of flabby arms, which you may have developed after significant weight loss or because of aging. And now you want to rock that sleeveless dress at your holiday parties and you want your arms to be firm and sculpted. Brachioplasty can fulfill this for you. If you don’t have a lot of unwanted saggy skin, then this procedure can be performed rather quickly and it doesn’t require a long recovery. You can go back to work or your daily routine in a week. After the full recovery period, your arms will be firm, smooth and sculpted.

TIP: During the first week of your recovery period don’t lift or strain your arms too much. Just rest and wait for those awesome final results.

#9 The secret of bespoke treatments

There isn’t one size fit that works for everyone. This goes for both non-surgical and surgical aesthetic treatments. The secret of the best final outcomes is a customized treatment plan – every Lucia Clinic plastic surgeon and aesthetic expert will tell you that. During your consultation, they discuss every little detail about your procedure and tell you what real results you can expect. It’s not about following trends and having plastic surgery because someone else told you to do it. Getting a bespoke treatment plan for your breast augmentation, for example, will harmonize your body and help you feel good about the way you look. The right size of breast implants will fit your entire silhouette perfectly. Or a bespoke treatment plan for your dermal filler procedure will perfectly plump and rejuvenate your facial features without changing your appearance. It’s all in the right amount of this product and just a little enhancement can do so much for you. The bottom line is that it’s important to be open with your plastic surgeon and share all your aesthetic goals. With your doctor’s recommendations and your vision of beauty, you will get a perfect treatment plan and perfect results.

As the holiday season approaches, your quest for beauty is taken to the next level. Lucia Clinic plastic surgeons and aesthetic experts offer so much advice and recommendations when helping you to find the best aesthetic treatment for you. There are numerous plastic surgeries, non-invasive treatments and simple but important holistic approaches that can make your skin radiant and youthful. The most important is to find the approach that suits you the most – the outstanding results will definitely help you feel confident during the festive season.

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