Dr. Radmila Lukian attending ISAPS Olympiad World Congress

Dr. Radmila Lukian was proud to have been invited to represent Lucia Clinic at ISAPS – Olympiad Athens World Congress dedicated to presenting the advancements in aesthetic plastic surgery. This leading world congress was held in September and offered inspiring conferences and extensive knowledge about cutting-edge methods and technologies in the field of plastic surgery. By gathering the latest information on these topics, Dr. Radmila Lukian and her team will implement all the knowledge into new aesthetic procedures for their clients.

The ISAPS Olympiad Athens World Congress is an eminent gathering for everyone who is passionate about aesthetic plastic surgery. Its main goal is to contribute to learning, collaboration and celebration of innovations in this field.

Going forward and always educating herself on the latest aesthetic, dermatology and plastic surgery procedures is what makes Dr. Radmila Lukian a regional leader. That’s why she felt more than privileged to represent Lucia Clinic at this sophisticated congress in Athens, the birthplace of democracy and a home to the most remarkable philosophers. Participating in the ISAPS World Congress, enabled Dr. Radmila Lukian to meet with her colleagues and make new connections as well. ISAPS Congress was a perfect occasion for Dr. Radmila Lukian to exchange some new ideas and knowledge in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.

ISAPS World Congress was an event where Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons from all parts of the world and at different phases of their careers could foster deep connections and use the opportunity to share their knowledge. Dr. Radmila Lukian was delighted to participate in the ISAPS Congress because it is the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery whose members count more than 5000 plastic surgeons from more than 120 countries. ISAPS truly represents an international organization of Global Leaders in Aesthetics.

Being a thought leader herself, Dr. Radmila Lukian enjoyed exchanging new ideas and knowledge about advancement in aesthetic plastic surgery. ISAPS Congress is a gold standard for enabling further education to its participants in new treatments, techniques and approaches in aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Radmila Lukian will share and present the advancement in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery to her Lucia Clinic team of plastic surgeons and doctors.

Dr. Radmila Lukian enjoyed a diverse program in which the ISAPS Congress focused on many different aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery. There were symposiums on minimally invasive procedures, breast surgeries and body contouring. ISAPS Congress also covered different approaches to facial rejuvenation like deep plane facelifts, fat grafting for facial rejuvenation and ponytail facelifts. The program also included lectures on advanced rhinoplasty techniques, and how to optimize results after secondary rhinoplasty. There was also a discussion on permanent fillers and how to deal with complications. All in all, this year ISAPS Congress presented a comprehensive program that covered advanced techniques and approaches in both facial and body aesthetic plastic surgery.

Dr. Radmila Lukian gained the highest quality knowledge by attending all scientific sessions held by the most eminent experts. As Dr. Radmila Lukian is always striving toward professional progress, she had the chance to share her love for aesthetics and explore all the latest techniques in each area of aesthetic plastic surgery. This new knowledge will certainly inspire Dr. Radmila Lukian and her Lucia Clinic’s team of plastic surgeons and doctors in their future work.

ISAPS Olympiad Athens World Congress is really prestigious and makes a difference in the world of aesthetic plastic surgery. It connects the community of aesthetic medicine and offers the opportunity to be surrounded by premier experts from all over the world. Therefore, Dr. Radmila Lukian was more than pleased to represent Lucia Clinic at such an important event.


Dr. Radmila Lukian will always stay a regional leader in her field. This is simply because Dr. Radmila Lukian and her Lucia Clinic’s team of dermatologists, doctors and plastic surgeons are experts in their field who take the patient’s care and skin health to the next level. Dr. Radmila Lukian offers only the highest quality products to her clients and performs aesthetic treatments with the latest and most advanced techniques and technologies.

When helping her clients achieve the most radiant skin, Dr. Radmila Lukian pays special attention to each and every one of them. This is something that singles out Dr. Radmila Lukian and Lucia Clinic. Dr. Radmila Lukian treats every patient’s skin as her own and understands how important it is to find the best solution for skin care.

Dr. Radmila Lukian is known for her bespoke treatment plans that achieve beautiful and natural-looking results. Dr. Radmila Lukian’s clients always return to her because they trust her expert opinion and are always exceptionally satisfied with her choice of skin solution for their skin concerns. Dr. Radmila Lukian has helped many celebrities and people out of the limelight to achieve youthful, radiant, and healthy-looking skin. Whether it’s a sports field, television show or red carpet, Dr. Radmila Lukian’s clients always look exceptionally radiant and beautiful – all thanks to Dr. Radmila Lukian’s tailored treatment plans.


On numerous occasions, Dr. Radmila Lukian was the first in the UAE to introduce the latest treatments to her clients at Lucia Clinic. This outstanding doctor sees beyond the latest trends in aesthetic treatments. Once she recognizes the benefits of new and advanced techniques or technology, she offers them to her patients. This is another thing that singles Dr. Radmila Lukian out – she is always thinking forward and implementing the newest advancements in her field.

With vast knowledge and experience and a deep understanding of different skin types, Dr. Radmila Lukian’s choices of new treatments are always the right ones. Therefore Dr. Radmila Lukian is more than a dermatologist and anti-aging specialist – she is a trendsetter and key opinion leader. Whether it’s a new anti-aging treatment or body-sculpting technique, Dr. Radmila Lukian makes a hit with her choices.

Some of the innovative treatments that Dr. Radmila Lukian first introduced in the UAE were Alma Hybrid treatments, EmSculpt NEO EDGE and many others. All these treatments have revolutionized aesthetic procedures because they use techniques and technologies that have never been used before. These advanced and unique treatments that Dr. Radmila Lukian introduced are loved by her clients – simply because they bring outstanding results.

In the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Radmila Lukian’s team of plastic surgeons uses innovative and least-invasive methods to fulfill their patients’ aesthetic goals. With their bespoke plastic surgery treatment plan, they prioritize their patients’ safety and bring them real and beautiful results. With the new knowledge that Dr. Radmila Lukian acquired at the ISAPS congress, her team of plastic surgeons will surely upgrade their skills and experience.


Dr. Radmila Lukian regularly attends national and international congresses and events to represent Lucia Clinic. This way Dr. Radmila Lukian stays ahead of the competition by learning about the latest techniques in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery.

One world’s leading congresses that Dr. Radmila Lukian and her Lucia Clinic team attended was the IMCASS Congress in Paris this year. This inspiring medical event offered Dr. Radmila Lukian extensive learning about cutting-edge techniques in the field of dermatology, anti-aging and plastic surgery. Learning from top experts and sharing her own findings and experience, enabled Dr. Radmila Lukian to further upgrade her skills.

In 2018, Dr. Radmila Lukian was chosen to be one of the keynote speakers at the IMCAS Congress 20th anniversary in Paris. Over 9000 people participated in this important event which gathers only the best experts in the field of dermatology and plastic surgery. That year Dr. Radmila Lukian presented her unique approach to skincare for different ethnicities and proved again how important it is to develop and revolutionize different techniques in dermatology and aesthetic procedures.

Another prestigious event that featured Dr. Radmila Lukian as a speaker this year was IJAC, the first International Jordanian Aesthetic Conference. This international event focuses on educating and training plastic surgeons and dermatologists through a perfect combination of science and aesthetic medicine. Dr. Radmila Lukian presented EMFACE treatment – one of the latest treatments in the world of anti-aging, non-invasive procedures. Since EMFACE remains a hot topic in this world, Dr. Radmila Lukian greatly contributed to the IJAC Conference by introducing and explaining the benefits of this extremely effective treatment.

Another important event that Dr. Radmila Lukian attended as an exclusive guest dermatologist was the Shiseido Summit this year in Barcelona. Since this event values science and innovations in the world of beauty, Dr. Radmila Lukian was honored to contribute with her extensive knowledge and unique approach to skincare.

These are just some of the many congresses and events that Dr. Radmila Lukian attended and participated in, during her career.


It’s already well known that Dr. Radmila Lukian and her Lucia Clinic team are patient-oriented and always go the extra mile to help their clients feel and look radiant. Dr. Radmila Lukian has a rich portfolio of bespoke treatments for her patients and is always here for them.

A huge part of Lucia Clinic and Dr. Radmila Lukian’s mission and passion is improving and further customizing the treatments for the clients. This entails constantly looking for new techniques and approaches and implementing innovations – this is something that made Dr. Radmila Lukian the regional leader she is today.

By attending ISAPS,  Olympiad Athens World Congress, Dr. Radmila Lukian further expanded her knowledge which she will pass on to her Lucia Clinic team of plastic surgeons. Groundbreaking techniques and innovative approaches to plastic surgery will upgrade Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons’ skills and expertise even further. Keeping pace with the patient’s needs and scientific developments is what seals Dr. Radmila Lukian’s role as a thought leader in the UAE and worldwide.

Dr. Radmila Lukian is looking forward to the next ISAPS Congress, full of new and inspiring ideas.