Lipolysis is a method of non-surgical fat cells reduction. It is minimally invasive and brings brilliant results in face, neck and body sculpting. It targets stubborn fat pockets and eliminates them. This treatment aims at the receptors that produce fat or lipogenesis and that break down fat or lipolysis. The receptors that break down the fat are called beta receptors while the ones that form fat are alpha receptors. Alpha receptors are triggered when carbohydrates, fat, hormones or amino acids are ingested.

Lipolysis treatment consists of injections of different formulas that trigger beta receptors and slowly break down unwanted fat cells. The treatment has been FDA-approved which makes it safe for most patients.


Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful?Unpleasant but tolerable
Is there any downtime?Possibility of bruising after injection
How many sessions are needed?Usually 3-4 sessions
How long does the procedure take?Around 20 minutes
When can I see the results?After the course of sessions
How often should I do it?Every week

How It Works


Lucia Clinic offers different formulas for stubborn fat elimination. Upon arriving, the patient is first examined by the doctor, who asks the patient about his/her previous medical history. Then the doctor decides which formula would be the best for the patient’s individual needs and expectations.

Lipolysis injections can target fat cells in different body areas that don’t respond to exercise or diet. Different formulas can be injected under the chin, above the knees, hips, love handles, abdomen or back. It all depends on which body area the patient wants to contour. The number of treatment sessions and final results depend on the patient.


PB Serums are a groundbreaking treatment that improves the patient’s health and quality of life. They consist of recombinant enzymes that have powerful regenerative characteristics. PB Serums provide visible results after the first treatment, they are minimally invasive and don’t require a long downtime.

The enzymes found in PB Serums have been produced through a special technology and have the same structure as human enzymes. This makes them completely pure and 100% biological, safe and effective. They are products of high stability and don’t require any additives for preservation.

The enzymes responsible for fat elimination are Lipases. They eliminate fat through body’s metabolic processes, activate lipid metabolism and reduce excess fat. These enzymes don’t harm the tissue and can improve skin’s texture.

PB Serums are safe for most patients apart from breastfeeding or pregnant ladies and patients with low metabolism.


Lipolysis injections can be really beneficial for patients who have stubborn fat pockets in difficult-to-reach places. These treatments are a great alternative to surgical procedures. They are minimally invasive and don’t require a long downtime.

Once the destroyed fat is eliminated from the body it doesn’t return so the patients can enjoy their slimmer contours for along time. Also, the results are natural-looking.

With the right technique, lipolysis injections are a safe and very effective treatment.



    The patient is first consulted with Lucia Clinic’s doctor, who examines the patient’s targeted body area and determines if PB Serum is the right treatment for him/her. If yes, the doctor can create a customized treatment plan that might include different PB Serum formulas. When combined, PB Serums can be even more effective and provide better final outcomes. The doctor also determines how many treatment sessions are necessary to bring the best results.

    Next, the doctor creates a mixture of PB Serum that will be injected into the patient’s targeted body area. The treatment is only mildly uncomfortable, because the mixture contains a local anesthetic that eases the pain. Then the doctor cleans the targeted area, marks the spots of the injection sites and starts with the injections. The mixture is injected with very fine needles, just under the patient’s skin in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. When the doctor finishes with injections, the patient can go home. The whole treatment usually lasts less than an hour.

    The number of treatment sessions depends on the size of the targeted area and the amount of adipose fat that the patient has.


    Even though PB Serum treatment is only minimally invasive, it may cause some minor side effects. These side effects include bruising, redness, swelling and mild pain. All these sensitivities usually stop after a couple of days and the patient can return to his/her daily routine.

    There are some things that the patient should do in order to speed up the recovery. He/she should avoid prolonged sun exposure, tanning beds and saunas. Also, the patient shouldn’t consume carbohydrates because the treatment won’t be as effective as expected. PB Serums for fat reduction target triglycerides and break them down so consuming carbohydrates will slow down the process of fat elimination.


    Sagoni Melt Professional is an advanced product for lipolysis that remodels the lower area of the face. It corrects the double chin and reshapes the jawline area. After the treatment, the face appears slimmer and better-contoured. The treatment is minimally invasive and provides wonderful results.

    This formula comes in a form of an injection which consists of the natural extracts that immediately perform lipolysis and reduce the fat in the double chin. It also stimulates lymph detoxification and microcirculation.

    The treatment is suitable for almost all patients. However, it should be avoided in case of skin infection, sensitivity to the product’s ingredients, allergies, bleeding disorders or autoimmune diseases. The treatment is also not suitable for breastfeeding or pregnant ladies or for patients who are prone to keloid scars.


    After the consultation with the doctor, the patient’s targeted body area is cleaned and a topical anesthetic is applied to it. The doctor injects the formula with very fine needles into the area under the patient’s jawls. The formula breaks down the fat cells which are flushed away from the body through metabolic processes. At the same time, the patient’s lymphatic system is improved as well as blood circulation.

    The treatment usually lasts for 15 minutes.

    The number of treatment sessions depends on the severity of adipose fat tissue. Usually, it is recommended to have a cycle of 3 sessions, within 3 weeks.

    There are some minor side effects after the treatment like swelling and redness.


    The visible results of the treatment include improvement of the shape of the lower area of the face. It is effective in reducing local subcutaneous fat and provides a better-shaped chin and jowls.