ClearSkin is a unique treatment that combines a non-ablative laser with a vacuum element and contact cooling to effectively and safely treat acne. It is also successful in treating signs of aging, uneven texture and tone and scars. The treatment is suitable for all skin tones and requires minimal to no downtime. The treatment is quite comfortable because of the cooling effect. It requires no needles or more invasive procedures. It provides a smooth complexion and long-term results. 

The laser technology used in this treatment is designed to fight against three major culprits of acne appearance – dead skin cells, bacteria and excess sebum.

ClearSkin treatment is FDA-approved and helps the patient to restore their confidence. Acne and acne scars can seriously diminish the patients’ self-esteem but ClearSkin treatment lets them reveal their faces proudly.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful?No
Is there any downtime?Mild redness and swelling in the treatment area for a couple of hours or days
How many sessions are needed?Usually 4 to 6 sessions
How long does the procedure take?Around 40 minutes
When can I see the results?After 2 to 3 sessions
How often should I do it?Every 2 to 3 weeks

How It Works


Acne usually appears in the teenage years, but a lot of adults also suffer from persistent and long-lasting acne. These skin blemishes appear when the pores in the skin are blocked with oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. Hair follicles exist in the pores together with the sebaceous gland that is responsible for the production of sebum or natural oil. The sebum goes up the hair and keeps the skin soft and moisturized.

If people produce too much sebum then they are bound to get acne. There are various reasons why this excess sebum is produced like increased or fluctuating hormones during puberty or pregnancy or the reason can be medications like birth control pills. An improper diet that is high in sugar or fat can contribute to acne breakout. Too much sebum, combined with dead skin cells and bacteria that cause acne, results in a clog that doesn’t let the oil get out. The skin can’t get properly cleaned and regenerated. This process can bring up undesired red pimples, oozing pustules, or black or whitehead bumps.  

These unwanted red spots often end up leaving scars on the skin that look like sunken craters. The appearance of the face that has active acne combined with acne scarring can seriously diminish a person’s self-esteem. But, finding out that there is a solution in a form of ClearSkin treatment can transform the patient’s life for the better.


ClearSkin treatment utilizes Erbium Glass Fibre laser that penetrates deep into the skin and eliminates P. Acnes bacteria- responsible for acne breakout. At the same time, the laser causes thermal damage to the sebaceous glands and lowers the production of sebum. The sebum causes blockages inside the follicles of the hair that result in acne and spots appearance. The vacuum element in the treatment cleans the area and gently extracts the dirt blocking the pores, while the laser works under the skin’s surface.

The top layer of the skin stays intact because this is a non-ablative laser – it heats the tissue but doesn’t damage it.

Compared to stronger cleaning and aggressive chemical peels, ClearSkin treatment doesn’t eliminate the protective oils from the skin – it just vacuums the blocked pores and lowers the production of sebum.

This precisely controlled laser targets only the bacteria under the skin surface. It produces microscopic light beams and creates pixels or fractional perforations in the targeted area. It utilizes a wavelength that doesn’t ablate or evaporate the water in the skin tissue, but only heats it.  

Simultaneously, the laser triggers the body’s natural healing process and starts producing collagen, increases blood circulation and stimulates skin cells’ renewal. The skin starts to heal and regenerates the targeted areas.  

The result of the treatment is the reduction of acne and acne scars but also smoother and youthful-looking skin.


ClearSkin is absolutely effective in treating acne lesions because it causes thermal injury to the sebaceous glands and destroys acne vulgaris papules, nodules and pustules. It also treats blackheads, oily skin and large open pores. 

Since this treatment is a non-ablative skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing procedure it can be effective in treating the signs of aging and other skin blemishes, such as: 

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin texture or tone
  • Skin laxity
  • Dull skin

The ClearSkin treatment can be performed on other body areas including neck, décolletage, arms and back.


The ClearSkin laser treatment represents an advanced and unique procedure that is virtually painless and more than comfortable due to the cooling technology. 

It effectively vacuums the clogged pores while at the same time the laser penetrates beneath the surface and targets only the damaged tissue. The surrounding tissue is left unharmed. The healthy skin tissue quickly starts to heal and regenerate the treated areas.   

The treatment is effective intreating all types of acne and acne scars. It also provides a gentle rejuvenation because it stimulates collagen production. It is suitable for all skin tones and causes minimal to no side effects. It provides a smooth skin complexion and long-lasting results.

The patient’s dream of having flawless skin can finally come true with ClearSkin treatment. The time of painful and aggressive treatments is over. This treatment provides the results that the patient is looking for – smooth and rejuvenated skin, clear of acne and other undesired skin blemishes.



    ClearSkin treatment laser with vacuum and cooling elements can be beneficial for patients that are suffering from all acne types like pustules, nodules or papules. The treatment can also help the patients achieve gentle skin rejuvenation, elimination of acne scarring and stimulation of new and healthy collagen.

    It is suitable for both men and women and for all skin tones.


    The treatment is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies.
    Also, it should be avoided in case of:
    ● Active tan received 30 days before the treatment from the tanning bed or sun exposure
    ● Active inflammations like eczema or herpes simplex
    ● Susceptibility of keloid scars


    When the patient comes to Lucia Clinic, first he/she is consulted with the ClearSkin therapist. The therapist examines the patient’s skin to determine if he/she is a suitable candidate for the treatment. Then a customized treatment plan is created that addresses only the patient’s skin concerns.

    The therapist applies a topical anesthetic cream to the patient’s skin in order to numb it so that the patient won’t experience discomfort.

    Then the patient receives special protective eyewear and the treatment can start. The therapist applies the laser applicator to the patient’s skin and passes it across the targeted area without overlapping. The laser evenly emits the energy and heats the damaged skin tissue in a non-ablative way and with a vacuum element. The patient feels only minimal discomfort because of the integrated contact cooling.


    The treatment time depends on the skin condition and is determined during the initial consultation with the ClearLift therapist. Usually, it lasts for 40 minutes.


    The correct number of treatment sessions is determined during the initial consultation. It all depends on the severity of the patient’s skin condition. Some patients can see the improvement after the first treatment.

    Usually, for acne and other skin blemishes, it is recommended a course of 4 to 6 sessions 2 to 3 weeks spaced apart.

    Most patients can see visible improvements after 2 to 3 treatment sessions.

    After the initial course of treatments, the patient can have additional touch-ups every 6 months.


    As the treatment involves an integrated cooling system that works all the time together with vacuum and laser, the patient doesn’t have seriously visible side effects.

    The treatment is suitable for all skin types and provokes minimal to no side effects. As it is a non-ablative laser treatment it doesn’t require a longer downtime as others, especially ablative laser treatment do. The patient can resume his/her normal everyday activities right after the treatment, just with the use of high SPF.

    The healthy, surrounding tissue is undamaged because the laser emits fractional energy and treats only the targeted tissue. This greatly speeds up the process of healing and reduces downtime and side effects.

    The patient may only experience mild redness and swelling in the treatment area, but these sensitivities last for a couple of hours or days and can be concealed with makeup.


    It is important to follow the aftercare protocol after the ClearSkin laser treatment. It includes avoiding excessive sun exposure and applying a high SPF for 2 months post-procedure in order not to experience hyperpigmentation.

    The patient should avoid excessive exercise, saunas and hot baths for at least 5 days post-treatment.

    Moreover, the patient should avoid chemical peels or retinol to lower the risk of skin irritation.

    Careful following of the aftercare protocol speeds up the recovery period and brings the best and long-lasting results.