In the past, laser hair removal was just for women. However, things are changing – men are adapting to developments in the aesthetic world and addressing skin and other issues they are not satisfied with. One of those issues is unwanted body hair. More and more men want to reduce the hair on their stomachs, legs or backs. They also wish to eliminate excess hair from knuckles or toes or eliminate a unibrow.

Even though men look handsome with their natural ruggedness, they often feel uncomfortable when excess hair grows in some problematic areas. Also, if men have very thick body hair, it can make them feel uncomfortable when playing sports for example.

Opting for laser hair removal can make men’s life much easier. It is definitely more comfortable and convenient than waxing, trimming or shaving. Laser hair removal treatments are painless and fully customizable.

After the laser hair reduction treatments, men feel more confident and attractive.

How It Works

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful?No
Is there any downtime?No
How many sessions are needed?6-8 sessions
How long does the procedure take?10-90 minutes
When can I see the results?Initial one month after the first session, full after completed cou
How often should I do it?Every 4-6 weeks


Lucia Clinic has a reputation for offering only the latest, safest and most effective treatments, laser hair removal included. The treatments are painless and comfortable. The skin therapists at Lucia Clinic are all highly trained to perform these treatments. Patients’ safety is their top priority. Before the treatment, each patient is consulted with a skin therapist who determines how many sessions are necessary to achieve the best results. Some men can choose to have full body hair removal treatment or choose the area which bothers them the most. They can even choose not to remove all hair but simply to make it thinner or less thick.

One of the laser hair removal treatments that men can choose is:


Soprano Titanium is a groundbreaking laser hair removal treatment. It is faster, more effective and painless. It combines SHR technology with the In-motion technique which enables the surface of the skin to stay cool. The system used in this treatment maintains the skin cool with the sapphire tip. The tip protects the skin from burns but also keeps the heat targeted at hair follicles.

With this treatment, gentlemen can achieve their most desired aesthetic goals.

The treatment is safe for all skin tones and types and can be done at any time of the year. It can even be used on dark or toned skin. This last advantage of this treatment is something that singles this procedure out. Dark skin melanin is very sensitive to heat during laser hair removal, but the Soprano Titanium SHR system is safe for it because it slowly heats the skin until it reaches the right temperature. Then the energy is directly emitted to the follicle and it doesn’t cause any trauma to the surface of the skin. This is one of the major reasons why this laser treatment is the safest for dark skin.

Soprano Titanium is the newest generation of laser hair removal on the market. It was developed by Alma which guarantees unparalleled functionality and comfort. This device is pain-free because of an integrated cooling system and more effective because of large applicators.

Men can have this treatment done on any body part – face, jawline, underarms, arms, legs and shoulders.

There are no special preparations before the treatment. The patient should shave the targeted area because the skin needs to be smooth. This greatly increases the comfort and the efficiency of the treatment.

After the treatment, the patient should avoid direct sun exposure, saunas, hot baths and other sources of heat to prevent skin irritation.

The number of sessions depends on the skin and hair type. It is recommended for men to have between 8 to 12 sessions to achieve the best results. The patient can see hair reduction after each session, but after the last session, the treated hair is permanently reduced by 80%.

The reason why patients need more sessions is that the treatment is only effective if the targeted hair is in the Anagen or growing phase. Hair has 3 cycles and not all unwanted hair is at the same time in the growing phase. It is important that each session is 4 to 8 weeks spaced out so that most hair can reach the growing phase. The hair follicles that were missed during one session, have enough time to start growing hair and get treated during the next session.

The treated hair can’t grow back because the targeted hair follicles are permanently damaged.

There is no downtime after Soprano Titanium laser treatment. The treatment is safe and comfortable because of the cooling system. After the treatment, the patients can carry on with their normal everyday activities. The treatment can be finished fast because of the large applicator so the patient can include it in their lunch break.

The results of Soprano Titanium laser treatment include improved skin quality and eliminated ingrown hair. Between two sessions the hair is lighter in its texture and it is easier to shave. Shaving is the only way of grooming patients can do between two sessions.

Each treatment can be fully customized to meet the aesthetic needs of every patient.

Another laser hair removal that men can tryout is:


Soprano ICE laser hair removal is a treatment that has introduced a revolution in photo epilation. The treatment combines SHR technology and the In-motion technique, which makes the treatment comfortable and effective. The surface of the skin stays cool, while the hair follicles are targeted.

Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatments can be performed on all skin types and most hair types. The treatment works best on hair that has melanin pigment in the follicle. Therefore it just won’t be effective on white, ginger or grey hair or on very fine hair.

This laser targets hair follicles. The light emitted from the laser is changed into heat when it finds the root of the hair and it destroys it. The damaged hair follicles can’t grow hair any longer. The hair that has been attached to the targeted hair follicles falls off after a week post-treatment. There may appear some patches of hair on the treated area because the laser has missed some hair follicles. This is the reason why patients need more treatment sessions to treat all unwanted hair.

It is usually recommended to have 8 to 12 treatment sessions to achieve the best results. The results are long-lasting, once the patient completes the initial course of treatment. Each treatment session should be 4to 6 weeks spaced out because not all hair grows at the same time. With every session, more and more percent of hair follicles get destroyed, until all unwanted hair is eliminated.

After the treatment, there is no downtime because the laser is gentle which makes the treatment safe and comfortable. The patients can continue with their daily schedule right away.

The results of Soprano ICE laser treatment are long-lasting. All body areas can be treated safely without the risk of irritation.


Laser hair removal treatments are safe. This means that they have been FDA-approved and don’t cause any unwanted side effects. They are non-invasive and painless which makes them one of the most popular and effective treatments.

Laser hair reduction treatments can save effort and time. Men can eliminate waxing, trimming or shaving from their daily grooming routine. They don’t have to worry about their hair between treatment sessions. The laser treatment is much more comfortable than waxing for example. Also, it is much safer than shaving because it doesn’t cause irritation or ingrown hairs that can be painful. Any side effects that might be caused by laser treatments are minimal and resolve quickly.

Laser treatments reduce friction that is caused by unwanted hair. This can apply to athletes who can eliminate unwanted hair and make their exercising more comfortable. Also, some men can have unwanted hair in areas that get irritated because of constant friction. With a couple of laser treatments, men can fully solve this problem and not lose time with constant hair grooming.

Eliminating unwanted hair can help men lower their body temperature and feel cooler. This can help men who get naturally hotter because of their excess hair. Also, if men spend a lot of time working or exercising outside, they can feel more comfortable once they remove unwanted body hair.

Every laser hair removal treatment can be customized. This is a brilliant benefit of this treatment because not all men want to eliminate unwanted hair entirely, they just want to make it thinner and less thick. During a consultation with Lucia’s skin therapist, men can talk about their aesthetic goals and expectations regarding hair removal and the skin therapist can create a customized treatment plan that will address only their needs. Laser hair removal treatments require multiple sessions because of hair growth cycles and once men reach the desired level of hair reduction they can stop the treatments. This is usually the case with treating men’s chests because a lot of men want to keep enough hair to still look masculine.