All you have always wanted to know about plastic surgeries - Get all your questions about plastic surgeries answered in detail, with precision and expertise.

Today, I am going to tell you why Lucia Clinic is one of the places to have plastic surgery. Here you will find everything you need – state-of-the-art facilities, more than qualified surgeons and staff and ground-breaking procedures.

Find out why Lucia Clinic is a center of knowledge, expertise and excellence.

  1. When deciding to have plastic surgery, never settle for less.
  2. Traveling to Lucia Clinic to have your plastic surgery is worth your trip.
  3. What to expect from your consultation with the plastic surgeon?
  4. Thinking about breast augmentation – choose the best implants for you.
  5. Tumescent liposuction – a painless plastic surgery
  6. Benefits of Fat Grafting surgery – move the unwanted fat to where you actually need it.
  7. Getting personal – Mommy Makeover surgery.
  8. Is plastic surgery for men? Absolutely!
  9. What can influence body image?



Having plastic surgery is never an easy decision. When you do decide to have it, the first step you need to take is to find the right doctor and the right clinic – this is what makes a huge difference between an expected and excellent outcome and the one you will regret. Your search ends at Lucia Clinic because they go the extra mile to make you satisfied with the results of your plastic surgery.


Simply because you need to be sure that your surgeon is experienced but also possesses that fine line of artistry in his work. It all starts at the initial consultation where you get familiar with the doctor.

because you need to be sure that your surgeon is experienced but also possesses that fine line of artistry in his work. It all starts at the initial consultation where you get familiar with the doctor.

Is he focused on you and your aesthetic goals like  there is no one else there?

If yes, then you are moving in the  right direction.

This kind of approach is what you get from Lucia’s plastic surgeon. Dr. Josipovic is oriented towards the best results and the best patient care – this signals that you are in good hands.

Extensive experience is the crucial factor that your surgeon needs to have.  Dr. Josipovic has an abundance of it which makes him a leader in his field. But it is also important that he is always continuing with his education and implementing the newest technology and the most advanced techniques. This is the only right approach and it guarantees that Dr. Josipovic will bring you the best results.

Another clue that tells you that you have found the right surgeon is this –

No two patients are the same and no two surgical  procedures are the same.

If you hear this from your surgeon, you can be certain that you are getting individual attention from him. This is definitely Dr. Josipovic’s philosophy. Together, you can create a customized procedure plan that will be tailored to your specific needs. Even though Dr. Josipovic is skilled in a huge number of different plastic surgeries, he takes your goals and expectations into consideration and listens carefully to your needs. This is what helps you to instantly connect with him and to feel confident that you have chosen the right doctor.


Because you need to feel safe there. Lucia Clinic’s team treats every patient with the same unparalleled care – they are committed to making you feel and look your best.

You are probably already familiar with Lucia Clinic’s major success and huge reputation when it comes to non-surgical procedures. Lucia’s team consists of knowledgeable, experienced and warm-hearted skin specialists. All this is important for a medical team to earn the title of being one of the best in their field.

But now their mission is to become even better. Lucia Clinic has recently expanded and included a plastic surgery ward, which proves that they are serious, dedicated and respected. With hard work and a motto – there is no room for mistakes, Lucia Clinic has developed even more and can boast now of the highest quality non-surgical and surgical procedures.


Because the minute you enter Lucia Clinic, you feel its unique and warm atmosphere. The highly trained staff contributes to this positive feeling. They are all patient-focused and friendly.

You notice that everything is peach-perfect regarding cleanliness and all safety precautions are taken care of. All the members of Lucia Clinic’s team will answer all your questions, they are updated on the newest procedures and products and can explain every little thing about every single treatment they offer. The most important thing – all specialists listen to you very carefully, suggest which treatment is the best for your goals and create a bespoke treatment just for you. Because as I’ve already mentioned, they treat each patient individually, and there is no ‘one fit’ treatment plan.


The answer is simple – this way you know that they are following strict standards for patient care and safety.

Some of these strict criteria include that the surgical facility is well equipped for emergencies, that only qualified surgeons and staff perform the procedures and that the operating room is properly sanitized.

All this matters to you as a patient.

Having your plastic surgery performed at a hospital that is prepared for emergencies means that very little or nothing can go wrong. This applies to complications during the surgery which generally rarely happen, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You definitely feel safe at the facility that is prepared for any unwanted situation.

It goes without saying that next to a qualified surgeon, there must also be qualified staff that assists the surgeon during the surgery.

And finally, your privacy is important. So, a serious surgical facility will strictly follow all the protocols to protect your privacy as a patient.

In the end, when you visit Lucia Clinic after deciding to have plastic surgery you will feel safe, valued and thrilled about the final outcomes. Remember again that you should accept to have plastic surgery only if you are completely confident that you have found the right doctor and the right clinic. But also keep in mind that Lucia Clinic’s team never settles for less when it comes to treating their patients.



If you think that traveling to another city to have plastic surgery sounds a bit unusual, let me change your mind right away -it is actually very common. Why? Because you deserve the best surgeon no matter where he is located.

Again it’s all about you and your desire to fulfill your aesthetic dreams. And that’s possible only if you trust your plastic surgeon completely and you want first-rate care. Traveling to Lucia Clinic now sounds like a great decision, doesn’t it?

You will decide to come to Lucia Clinic even easier when I tell you that traveling to another city for plastic surgery has recently become very popular. It even has a name – medical tourism. Most people find out about the best surgeon through websites or social media. If that surgeon is not located in their city, that doesn’t prevent them to pack their things and fly to meet him in person. If getting a high-quality treatment means traveling to another town, city or country, don’t change your mind about getting plastic surgery, instead – start packing your bags.


Because Lucia’s team understands that having plastic surgery is a huge physical and emotional investment. If the Head of their plastic surgery department, Dr. Josipovic isn’t in your area, don’t lower your expectations just because of that. Consider his years of comprehensive training before becoming one of the best plastic surgeons that can now perform all the popular and advanced procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, Mommy Makeover, Breast Reduction and so many others.

Before you travel to Lucia Clinic to have your  plastic surgery done, make sure to plan your trip.

This actually means planning your trip back.

Depending on the plastic surgery you choose to have, you might need to stay longer in Dubai before you can go home either by driving or flying. For instance, if you get a breast augmentation procedure you can travel home after a few days. On the other hand, if you are getting Mommy Makeover you might have to wait a week before you are fit to travel back home. No matter which procedure you undergo you will get detailed instructions from your surgeon on how to recover quickly.


When you decide to travel to Lucia Clinic to have your plastic surgery, you will immediately feel excited and eager to meet your surgeon and finally achieve your aesthetic goals. But, after the procedure, you should be very careful and take care of your body. This way you will stay healthy and safe as you go on the road.

Make sure you follow your surgeon’s recommendations and do the following:

MOVE AROUND – After a couple of hours post-procedure you should try standing up and walking around. This way you can avoid an unwanted risk of blood clots but also you will recover faster and go back home sooner.

DON’T TAKE BLOOD THINNERS –  This way you will avoid the risk of over-bleeding and again speed up your recovery. So, aspirin, Ibuprofen and other similar medications are off the list.

TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THE RECOVERY – Even though there are some things you can do to recover quickly, you should still listen to your body and give it enough time to heal completely. Take time off work and relax as much as you can. And of course, don’t forget to follow your surgeon’s recovery recommendation.

BRING SOMEONE FOR SUPPORT – Although getting plastic surgery is just your decision, tell your family about it. They can help you recover faster with their emotional and physical support especially if one of them comes with you on your journey.

In the end, at Lucia Clinic you will get excellent care and brilliant results and that’s what definitely makes your trip worthwhile.


Meeting your plastic surgeon for the first time is an exciting moment. You get to find out details about your procedure and ask all questions that have been lingering in your mind.

Meeting your plastic surgeon for the first time is an exciting moment. You get to find out details about your procedure and ask all questions that have been lingering in your mind. After the consultation, you make a decision if the surgery is right for you and if the surgeon meets your expectations.

Let’s give you an idea of what you can expect from your consultation with Lucia’s surgeon.

When you arrive at Lucia Clinic for your consultation with the surgeon, you will feel the warm and inviting atmosphere right away. This immediately helps you to relax and realize that you are in good hands. And then you start your journey towards fulfilled cosmetic goals…

First, you fill out forms about your previous medical history. You should be honest and write if you are taking any current medications or if you recently have had some medical issue. This can contribute to the choice of the best plastic surgery option for you and determine how fast you will recover.

When you meet the surgeon, he asks you about  your aesthetic goals and expectations from the surgery and also about your  lifestyle.

Then the surgeon examines your body or more precisely the area you wish to treat with plastic surgery. If, for example, you wish to have breasts augmentation, the doctor can show you different implant options which you can try on and see which shape and size you like. This is pretty awesome because you can check out what you will look like with new breasts.

Since there are different methods for performing different plastic surgeries, the surgeon will explain what each method involves and what you can expect from it. Also, the surgeon will tell you about potential risks and what the recovery period will look like. And of course, he will tell you about the results, which is probably the thing you will be most interested to find out.

As I have already mentioned Lucia’s plastic surgeon will give you his full attention. Every patient is different – that’s his motto. So, together you and your surgeon will create a customized treatment plan, that will work only for you and your aesthetic goals. The surgeon will put together all his expertise and creativity to bring you the results you are expecting.

The first consultation with your surgeon can last for an hour or more. So, you have plenty of time to ask everything about the plastic surgery that you are interested in.


Even though your consultation with the plastic surgeon is very thorough, there are still some questions that might pop into my mind.

It’s important for you as a patient to feel  free to ask everything about your procedure – in the end, you are having the  surgery and you need to be certain that you made the right decision.

For example, you could ask your surgeon if you really are a good candidate for the plastic surgery you have in mind. There are different ways of performing for example breast augmentation – there is fat grafting and there are implants. So you need to be sure which method is ideal for your body structure and your expectation. The surgeon can explain the difference between these two methods and help you decide which one to choose.

You could also ask about the anesthesia that is used for the plastic surgery you want to have. For example, if you want to have liposuction done, there are also different methods to perform this plastic surgery. There is traditional liposuction where general anesthesia is used and there is tumescent liposuction which requires only local anesthesia. So, you can discuss with your surgeon which one would suit you more because both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you are still concerned about the risks of the surgery, you could ask your surgeon how often some more serious effects happen and what to do in those cases.

And finally, you can discuss the results of your surgery and decide if the surgery will actually achieve your aesthetic goals. You could always decide to have a non-surgical treatment if that is possible. Should this be the case, your plastic surgeon will definitely advise you to go with it since non-surgical treatments require a much shorter recovery period and cause fewer side effects. But, non-surgical treatments are not our topic now.

In the end, after your consultation with the surgeon, it will all boil down to two major questions-

Is the plastic surgery I had in mind ideal  for me?

Is this surgeon the right for me?

I can safely say that you will answer YES to both questions after you meet Lucia’s plastic surgeons.


Deciding to have breast augmentation surgery is just your decision and just for you. It might be difficult to actually make this decision, but with the help of an experienced surgeon, it can be quite easy.

Especially if the surgeon has a good eye for aesthetics and can recommend you the best implants to fit your body.

When you choose the right implants you start feeling excited because you are one step closer to your ideal body image.

Read about different shapes and sizes of implants to get a clearer picture of what to expect when you get to Lucia Clinic to have your breast augmentation surgery.

Read about different shapes and sizes of implants to get a clearer picture of what to expect when you get to Lucia Clinic to have your breast augmentation surgery.

Let’s start by saying that –

There is no one size or shape of  implant that fits everybody.

This is what makes choosing the right implant exciting because you can find the one that will suit just you. It all starts with your lifestyle and the goals you wish to achieve with this surgery. Therefore always keep in mind that the implants that your friend got might not be the best ones for you. We are all different – we have different bodies and different habits.

If you are a very active person and enjoy biking, skiing or hiking, the best implants for you would be the ones that will give you natural-looking results and don’t interfere with these activities. Silicone gel implants are best in this case because they are light but also hold a firm shape so you won’t get a “sloshing” feeling while you are running. They will also give you a nice look and subtly boost the size of your breasts.

If you have recently had a baby then you might regard your breast as “deflated” because of breastfeeding. In this case, silicone implants with higher projection can solve this issue. They will restore the plumpness of your breasts and create a youthful-looking shape.

If you are entering a more mature age, you may consider teardrop-shaped silicone implants because they will give you subtle enhancement and natural-looking results. This type of implant feels very natural to the touch and its shape nicely and naturally follows as your actual breasts fall. Silicone implants keep their shape really well and don’t create visible creases on your skin.


This is a huge revolution in this industry because once you get your implants and everything works out fine you can enjoy them for a really long long time.


As I’ve already mentioned, breast implants come in different shapes and sizes, which makes them customizable to fit your unique needs and goals.

Choosing the right implants depends on how you want your silhouette to look, so enhancing your breasts can really make a difference.

Regarding implant profile, it is a connection  between the implant’s projection and the implant’s base width.

Implants have different profiles which allow you to find the best match between your desired breast size and your natural breast dimensions. You can choose between low, moderate and high profiles. The larger augmentation you want the higher the implant profile you need and vice versa.

The point is that the implant diameter needs to match the base width of your breasts. If, for example, your base is 10 cm wide and you want a larger enhancement (450cc), you will need a higher profile implant so that it doesn’t extend too much to the side of your chest. If on the other hand, you want a smaller enhancement (250cc) you need a lower profile implant because otherwise, the implant would be too narrow.


Generally, there are two basic shapes – round and teardrop. The round might be more popular but teardrop-shaped work really well for some women. The round implants adapt to the natural shape of the breasts and change their shape as you move. So they feel very natural. Also, when you rotate your position these implants don’t distort the shape of your breasts.

Teardrop-shaped implants also provide a very natural look to your breasts. They are especially helpful if you have small breasts and very firm skin.


When you take all the above into consideration, you realize that choosing the right breast implants just for you is a careful and thorough process. That’s a good thing because it proves to you that you are unique and you need breast implants that will fit only you. With the help of your plastic surgeon, you can rest assured that you will be happy with the results of your breast augmentation surgery.


Yes, you read it right – Tumescent liposuction is a plastic surgery that is virtually painless. This method of liposuction represents a revolution in this industry and it has already become a signature procedure at Lucia Clinic. More and more people find tumescent liposuction an effective answer to their stubborn fat problems.

So, why is Tumescent liposuction so popular? Let’s find out.

Well simply because it can do so much for you. If you are struggling with stubborn fat pockets that simply don’t go away no matter how much you exercise or keep a balanced diet, Tumescent lipo is your effective solution. It offers so many advantages – the two major ones are local anesthesia and quicker recovery.


But, actually, it isn’t – a lot of surgeons prefer using just local anesthesia during surgery. If it is possible, doctors avoid general anesthesia because that way there are no side effects that are connected to it like nausea, pain and others. Instead, for Tumescent lipo, a special tumescent solution is injected into your targeted area. This solution consists of a local anesthetic that keeps the pain away, epinephrine that prevents excessive bleeding and saline solution that helps with the distribution of the previous two ingredients.

So, basically, you are awake during the surgery, but you  don’t feel any pain.

 But being awake also helps your surgeon to remove all the unwanted fat even the one that is hard to reach, because he can tell you to change your position and help him reach all the fat.

With the tumescent solution, your fat deposits become swollen and easily reachable. This makes Tumescent surgery very precise because the surgeon suctions only the unwanted fat and doesn’t harm the surrounding tissue. Therefore, you can get this liposuction done even in small body areas like under your chin or above your knees.


For Tumescent lipo, your surgeon makes only tiny incisions for inserting microcannula – a tube with which he suctions the fat out. Everything is micro here – the incisions are barely visible and fade away eventually. This is a huge advantage of this surgery.


This is all thanks to general anesthesia. You do have some minor post-operative side effects like redness and swelling, but it all stops within a few days.

Best of all – you are back on your feet, a few hours after  the surgery or the next day.

Along with your healthy lifestyle habits, you will be able to enjoy your silhouette for a long time because the eliminated fatty tissue is gone for good.

Liposuction, especially Tumescent, is an excellent way to eliminate unwanted fat deposits from different areas of your body and get an ideally shaped silhouette.


Liposuction, especially Tumescent, is an excellent way to eliminate unwanted fat deposits from different areas of your body and get an ideally shaped silhouette. But, keep in mind that Tumescent lipo is not a procedure for weight loss, so you need to be close to your perfect weight before you start thinking about this surgery.

Also, Tumescent lipo can’t help you with loose skin – it only targets fat tissue. If your aesthetic goal is to tighten your skin there are better options for that like tummy tuck, body lift and other similar procedures.

You will benefit the most from this surgery if you are bothered by fat deposits under your chin, above your knees, on your waist or on your thighs – this procedure can bring you amazing results and help you finally feel confident about how you look.


This is an awesome benefit of this procedure because it helps you address multiple body concerns at one time. If you for instance want to get a Mommy Makeover surgery, you can combine it with Tumescent lipo and get even better results.

If you decide to have multiple procedures, remember that they require general anesthesia. So it’s best to consult with your surgeon about the benefits and risks of combining procedures before you make your final decision.

All things considered, Tumescent lipo really represents a revolution in plastic surgery. It is as effective as traditional liposuction but enables you to recover much faster and more importantly not feel any discomfort. These two major benefits, along with brilliant results definitely sound inviting – it will help you to fine-tune your body contours.

Deciding to have plastic surgery is not easy but Lucia’s team will help you feel as comfortable as possible before your procedure. Having emotional support before surgery is very important and when you honestly feel it from your surgeon you know that you made the right decision regarding having Tumescent lipo.



We all know that some stubborn fat pockets are impossible to eliminate no matter how much we exercise or keep a balanced diet. But what if I told you that the Fat Grafting procedure is just what you need to finally eliminate that unwanted fat tissue and add it to areas where you need more volume?

Fat grafting surgery is a brilliant solution for  sculpting your contours or adding more volume to your face.

It is absolutely safe procedure that brings wonderful results and doesn’t require a long recovery. You can eliminate excess fat from your abdomen for example and move it to your buttocks or breasts – you get completely natural-looking results and there is no chance of allergic reaction. I mean – it’s your own fat tissue that’s used. It’s like you just remold your body a little bit and make it perfect.


Fat grafting or fat transferring includes 3 steps:

●      Harvesting fat – first you decide together with your surgeon where the fat will be taken from (where you have more than you want it). This is your donor area. The surgeon uses Tumescent liposuction to suction out this unwanted fat. As I’ve already mentioned Tumescent lipo is done with local anesthesia and doesn’t cause you any pain.

●      Purification of the fat – This is the second step and it includes clearing harvested fat from unwanted agents like tissue, blood and some other fluids. Once the fat is purified, it is ready to be injected into targeted areas of your body or face.

●      Injection of the fat – Finally, your surgeon uses a thin cannula to inject the fat back where necessary. He can inject it into different areas of your face and add more volume to your sunken cheeks or fill in smile lines, Marionette lines or Nasolabial folds. When the surgeon injects the fat, he massages the area, simply to distribute the fat and to provide you with natural-looking contours.

All in all, the biggest advantage of this procedure  is that you reduce and shape one part of your body and enhance and improve  the other.

I can safely say that it’s a win-win situation!


Almost every part, but the most popular ones are the buttocks and breasts.

Brasilian Butt Lift (BBL) is the name of a great fat transfer procedure that involves harvesting fat from the area where you don’t need it and injecting it into your buttocks. The biggest advantage of this procedure is that it provides you with nothing but natural-looking results – your buttocks is more round and perkier.

With BBL you can easily improve saggy skin and loss of natural shape of your rear end because of aging.

You can enjoy your improved contours and nicely shaped buttocks for a long long time, as long as your body weight doesn’t fluctuate a lot. Just continue with your healthy lifestyle and you will feel confident about the way your body looks.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is the other popular procedure. If you are not a big fan of implants or you want to eliminate fat tissue on one part of your body and enhance the appearance of your breasts this procedure can bring you awesome results.

With this procedure, you can make your breasts appear fuller or more symmetrical. You can return the volume loss which happened because of weight loss, pregnancy or aging.

If you don’t desire very dramatic results but prefer only a subtle enhancement you can get one cup size increase with fat transfer. The results are completely natural-looking and what’s even more important fat grafting is a great alternative to more invasive breast augmentation surgeries.

In the end, fat grafting provides you with a small increase in your breasts size, but that’s more than enough to increase your self-confidence and enable you to enjoy your new and nicely-shaped silhouette.

Getting fat grafting surgery at Lucia Clinic provides you with a great opportunity to improve the body area you aren’t satisfied with. With the expertise and artistry of Lucia’s surgeon at your hand, you will definitely feel and look great.



Having a baby is such a wonderful thing – new moms will agree with this. It brings a change to your entire life – your body isn’t the exception here. You can see changes in your breasts, tummy and anywhere on your body where stubborn fat pockets have appeared. These changes are not very welcomed and can decrease your self-confidence. Lucia Clinic’s Mommy Makeover procedure is something you can do for yourself and feel good again in your body – or better yet feel yourself again.


Well, there are many reasons. It usually includes procedures like liposuction, breast lift or augmentation and tummy tuck. But you don’t have to undergo all these surgeries if you don’t need them –

Mommy Makeover is fully customizable and can address  only your problematic issues.

You can also include a thigh lift or arm lift if that’s your goal. Each procedure is tailored just for your needs. This way you reach your aesthetic goals to the fullest.

With a Breast Lift or Breast augmentation procedure, you can restore the youthful perkiness of your breasts or restore the lost volume. You can even have both procedures to enhance the size, position and shape of your breasts. For Breasts augmentation, you have the option of choosing different size and shape implants and achieving dramatic or subtle results. It’s all up to you.

 With the Tummy Tuck procedure, you can solve the issue of saggy skin, stretch marks or unwanted fat deposits. You can get firmer muscles and tighter skin which will dramatically change the appearance of your midsection.

 With Liposuction, you can restore natural and nicely-shaped contours because your surgeon can precisely remove the fat tissue anywhere on your body.


And you deserve it. Being a mom has its challenges, but if you feel confident and radiant it’s definitely easier because you stop being conscious about how you look. With this procedure, you can return your pre-baby body contours and wear your old clothes again. It is so exciting when you can fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans!

All this definitely brings a lot of satisfaction and happiness.


As with any other surgery, you need to trust your surgeon completely before you undergo it. Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeon understands this and won’t rush you into making this decision quickly. Instead, he will slowly guide you and explain the whole process of this procedure until you fully understand what it looks like, what you can expect during the recovery period and what results you will achieve from the surgery.

After the initial consultation with Dr. Josipovic, you will know that he is the best surgeon for you. He will answer all your questions about your body with patience but more importantly with great knowledge.

Many patients who have had Mommy makeover surgery say that the worst part is the anticipation of it. But with the great emotional and physical support from your surgeon, his staff and of course your loved ones, even that can be overcome. Nothing compares to the thrill and happiness of seeing the results after the recovery period. Mommy Makeover truly helps you to feel like yourself again.

Once you see the results of your Mommy Makeover you will be motivated to hit the gym again or do other exercises that you like. This is so beneficial for you because you will continue to look after your health and stay fit.


Let’s just clear something right away – the days when plastic surgery was just for the ladies are long gone. For men to start thinking about aesthetic improvements is no longer a taboo. And that’s great news because men should also have the opportunity to do something about their body areas that make them less attractive and lower their self-esteem.

Learn about plastic surgery procedures for men at Lucia Clinic.


They have different reasons. They make up a huge percentage of the total plastic surgeries. Perhaps we could say that this number is rising because of the popularity and necessity of online meetings in the past couple of years. As we can see our faces on the screen, we make conclusions about the things we don’t like about our faces.  This is just an assumption of course, but generally, a lot of men say that they are getting plastic surgeries to increase their self-confidence. Or they simply want to look younger again and stay in the game regarding their careers or social lives.

Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeon has a huge experience  in working with male patients and helping them solve the issues they have with  their bodies or faces.

Some of the most popular plastic surgeries for men include liposuction, nose job, eyelid surgery and breast reduction.


This procedure is reserved just for the men. It successfully solves of issue of enlarged breasts that some men struggle with. They can eliminate excess fat that tends to deposit in their breasts no matter how much they exercise. This issue kind of makes men look feminine and diminishes their self-esteem.

With this plastic surgery, men can return their masculine  look and get firmer and well-defined chest contours again.

The surgeon removes unwanted fat tissue with liposuction and reduces the size of the male breasts.

This procedure helps men feel good in their bodies again. They can wear more flattering clothes again or do different physical activities they couldn’t before. Once they eliminate excess fat from their breasts they feel more comfortable when running for example which additionally motivates them to stay fit and keep their nicely shaped upper bodies.

Another benefit of this surgery is that it improves their posture. Enlarged breasts tend to pull the shoulders back, so once the excess fat is removed, men can keep their spine straight and reduce neck and back pain.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this surgery is that it helps men feel like men – nothing can replace that.


Don’t worry, because the trend of male plastic surgeries is not going to end soon. Getting plastic surgery is your own decision and you shouldn’t consider plastic surgery as only ladies’ thing. You will make this decision much easier once you meet Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeon who always keeps up with the trends and innovations in this field – and one of the trends is definitely male plastic surgery.


We live in the world of social media and sometimes we tend to compare with other people. This can easily lead to forming a negative perception of our bodies. But plastic surgery can be one of the solutions to the body issues that bother you. Even some scientists say that plastic surgery can improve body image.

Your body image is actually your personal view of your body. Here you include your weight, height and shape but also how you mentally perceive your body.

Apart from your own perception of the body, there are other factors that influence it like your peers, family, media or culture. There are also surgeries that might have left scars on your body which create a negative body image.

Having a negative body image can diminish your self-esteem and make you feel depressed or unsatisfied.


Even though plastic surgery focuses on improving aesthetic concerns, you can benefit from it on other levels as well.

Once you improve your physical appearance you will instantly feel better about yourself. You will develop a more positive image of yourself and increase your confidence. This could possibly improve your social interactions and change your life completely.

Another benefit of plastic surgery might be improved physical health. For example, if you decide to have breast reduction surgery, this will certainly relieve the pain you might have had in your neck or shoulders. Also, once you remove fatty tissue from the body area that you weren’t satisfied with and get nicely-shaped contours, you will be motivated to keep a healthy lifestyle – exercise more or eat properly. You definitely don’t want that unwanted fat to return.

So plastic surgery can help you return your confidence back and finally look and feel great in your own body.

Are you ready to experience the improved version of yourself? Visit Lucia Clinic and schedule an appointment with Dr. Josipovic.