Tumescent liposuction an advanced painless plastic surgery - get rid of fat and contour your body with this revolutionary procedure done under local anesthesia.

Trendy and innovative – just two among numerous words that describe Lucia Clinic. Always on the top with its advanced treatments and high-quality products, this clinic has risen the bar in the world of aesthetic dermatology. With a vision of the future, Lucia Clinic has recently included plastic surgery on its list of services. And already Lucia Clinic offers one of the most advanced procedures – Tumescent liposuction. Performed only under local anesthesia, this surgery represents a revolution in Dubai. And Dr. Josipovic, the Head of Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgery ward, is an expert in this surgery and we can safely say that Tumescent liposuction is one of his signature procedures.

So, what about Tumescent liposuction effectiveness, side effects and recovery? Let’s talk about it.


It has definitely earned this title for many reasons – one of them is its effective removal of excess fat and body contouring. It offers almost the same results as traditional liposuction but it doesn’t require general anesthesia. This is what makes it so revolutionary -with local anesthesia there are fewer risks of side effects and you recover much faster. The tumescent fluid that is injected into the targeted area is a mixture of ingredients that firm, numb and prevent too much bleeding – three things that make this surgery much more comfortable.

Even though traditional liposuction and Tumescent liposuction have the same goal – removal of fat that you can’t eliminate no matter how much you exercise and keep a balanced diet, Tumescent liposuction is much safer and a better alternative.



When we think of surgery, we freeze at the thought of general anesthesia and the risks it brings. Not to mention the side effects after it like pain, nausea and others. To avoid risks and side effects, many surgeons prefer to use just local anesthesia if possible. The good news for you is that Tumescent liposuction is one of those procedures that are done under local anesthesia. This is a big advantage because the risks and side effects are greatly lowered. Depending on the targeted areas you wish to address with Tumescent liposuction, local anesthesia successfully blocks the pain in those areas.

Tumescent liposuction is a very controlled procedure because the surgeon injects a special tumescent fluid into the area you wish to address. This special fluid guarantees that you will feel less pain when the liposuction starts – you will feel only pressure. If you still feel distressed about the surgery, you can get sedation along with the local anesthesia, simply to be more relaxed and comfortable.



Another brilliant advantage of Tumescent liposuction is that it needs several open incisions that are only 1 to 2 mm in size. They are practically invisible. Open means that the incisions are only compressed after the procedure and not closed like with traditional liposuction. There are no drains or sutures, so there is less swelling, inflammation, pain or bruising. Why is this important to you? You can go home few hours after the surgery, compared to traditional liposuction where you need to spend the night at the clinic. You can return to your normal daily activities three days after, while traditional liposuction requires weeks of recovery. Since your body doesn’t experience much trauma and doesn’t experience serious side effects, it doesn’t need a lot of time to fully heal.



The secret behind Tumescent liposuction lies in the tumescent solution that is injected into the targeted area. It is injected into the subcutaneous fat that is found between your muscles and skin. We’ve already mentioned that it contains a local anesthetic that makes this plastic surgery virtually painless. But it also contains another important ingredient that causes blood vessels to shrink and reduces blood loss during the surgery. Why is this important to you? Since there is less bleeding you won’t have to deal with severe bruising and pain. So, again Tumescent liposuction is beneficial even in this part.

Another advantage of the tumescent solution is that it actually makes fat removal easier. It makes the fat firm and swollen and easy to break down. This way the surgeon doesn’t harm the surrounding tissue and suctions only the unwanted fat. But before that, he inserts a microcannula (which is much smaller than in traditional liposuction) into the targeted area, loosens fat cells and then suctions them out of your body. After the surgery, you are left with slimmer and better-defined contours. Of course, this process requires absolute precision but with Dr. Josipovic there is no room for mistakes – only natural-looking and brilliant results.



What’s brilliant about Tumescent liposuction is that it brings great results in removing stubborn fat from different body areas. It is safe and effective in eliminating fat from large body areas like inner and outer thighs, legs or abdomen but it can also address smaller and difficult-to-reach areas like your arms, neck, knees and even chin. Women can greatly benefit from this surgery if they wish to reduce their breasts or make their hips slimmer, while men can get rid of love handles or male breasts. After Tumescent liposuction, you can expect smoother skin and contours that are shaped ideally for your weight or body type. This is especially true if you get your Tumescent liposuction done by Dr. Josipovic, whose artistry and creativity go beyond measure.



Since the tumescent solution makes the fat firm and expanded before the procedure, the surgeon can control contouring the targeted area much more precisely. Also, the fact that you are awake during the procedure contributes to better sculpting because the surgeon can ask you to change your position if necessary. This way, the surgeon can see and reach all fat tissue that needs to be removed without harming any surrounding tissues. The surgeon can achieve excellent results by resculpting your curves. Also, microcannulas that the surgeon uses won’t cause any post-procedure irregularities in your skin. As we mentioned, the tiny incisions that are made before inserting the microcannulas are barely visible and eventually fade away. With better control come better results, and not to mention faster recovery, fewer side effects and less discomfort – Tumescent liposuction offers you all these benefits.


Once the surgeon removes all unwanted fat cells they don’t come back. You can enjoy your more balanced and better-defined silhouette forever. Of course, it is advisable not to gain weight and to keep up with healthy lifestyle habits. But if gaining weight does happen it tends to get distributed all over the body. Therefore it is beneficial to keep a proper diet and exercise regularly because you reduce fat cells proportionally and you can still keep your silhouette unchanged.

With Tumescent liposuction, you improve your body contours and eliminate fat that bothers you. The effects of this surgery are like you have been focusing your diet on that specific problematic body area – which is, as we all know, difficult or better to say impossible to do. But with Tumescent liposuction, you can effectively get rid of unattractive fat bulges around your thighs or tummy. Once you achieve the body contours you have always wanted, it will motivate you to continue with your healthy habits.

If you are thinking about your skin and if it will contract after Tumescent liposuction – it will. Your skin is an incredible organ that can stretch or contract a lot. After the surgery, your skin will eventually fit your new contours because it will be the same as if you lost all that excess fat with a diet.



Lucia Clinic is proud to offer you Tumescent liposuction – a safe and effective way for body contouring and fat removal. With its state-of-the-art plastic surgery ward and highest quality service, Lucia Clinic enables you to embark on the journey towards the silhouette you have always dreamed of. Of course, all this is possible with the help of Dr. Josipovic who will consult with you, give you the best advice, guide you through every step of the surgery and go the extra mile in fulfilling all your needs and expectations from Tumescent liposuction. His extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery will definitely make you feel that you are in good hands.

Tumescent liposuction really offers a lot of benefits such as short recovery, minimal side effects and most importantly it is performed only with local anesthesia. The surgery is precisely controlled which gives you natural-looking results and doesn’t leave you with unwanted irregularities on your skin. All this greatly contributes to your decision to have Tumescent Liposuction and contour body areas you are not satisfied with.

To find out what Tumescent Liposuction can bring to you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Josipovic today!