The world of aesthetic procedures is always changing. There are new styles and new standards of what is considered beautiful and attractive.

When we think about the appearance of our rear end, round and nicely contoured buttocks are appealing and attractive.
To enhance this area of your body and feel more attractive you can accomplish this in two ways:

By getting a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift with fat transfer, or

By getting a non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift with injectable Hyaluronic acid fillers


The proportion and shape of the rear end are important for a well-proportioned and attractive body. Brazilian Butt Lift surgery enables achieving rounder and more voluminous buttocks contour with a specialized fat transferring technique. 

 A skilled plastic surgeon transfers excess fat from one body area to the buttocks to make it better-shaped and fuller. 

It is a procedure that has a double benefit – one area of the body gets slimmer and the other part gets more enhanced. BBL fat transfer surgery is an ideal solution for patients who want to achieve permanent results that can’t be achieved just with regular exercise. 

It is a safe procedure that achieves natural-looking results because the transferred fat is taken from the patient who is having BBL surgery. Therefore there is no risk of infection or allergic reaction. 

Procedure info at a glance

Will I be awake or asleep during the surgery?Local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia can be used
Do I stay in hospital after surgery?Might be needed to stay for 1 night
What is the recovery time? When can I return to work/exercise?Redness, tenderness, swelling, bruising, itching or pain for up to two weeks
How long will the surgery last?Around 60 minutes
How long until the final results of surgery are visible?6 months after the procedure


The proportion and shape of someone’s buttocks are generally predetermined by genetics, skeletal structure and how the body stores fat deposits. Even though regular exercise and a proper diet are important for optimal body weight and toning the muscles, a lot of patients can’t achieve the desired buttocks shape. 

Brazilian Butt Lift helps patients to reshape their buttocks and other body areas like thighs, hips or lower back. It enhances the curves of the lower body, eliminates fat pockets of thighs, hips or abdomen and adds fullness to the rear end. The balance between the lower and upper body is improved and enhanced. Patients feel more confident about their new attractive buttocks and wear better-fitting clothes.


One of the biggest advantages of this surgery is that it provides two improvements at once – the donor site becomes slimmer once the excess fat is removed, while the buttocks become rounder and more voluminous.

It provides long-term and natural-looking results. The saggy skin is subtly lifted, and the loss of natural buttocks shape is restored. The buttocks look perkier and youthful again. 

The surgery causes minimal side effects and with a proper recovery period, the patient is quickly on his/her feet. 

Brazilian Butt Lift with fat transfer surgery restores patients’ confidence in their body proportions and enables them to feel good in their bodies. 


Asked By Others


    Before BBL with fat transfer surgery, the patient is consulted with Lucia’s plastic surgeon who determines if the patient is suitable for the surgery.

    On the whole, patients who are suitable to have this surgery are the ones who want to restore their natural buttocks shape or enhance it. But the important condition for this surgery is that the patients have a proper amount of fat deposits stored on their hips, abdomen, thighs or other body areas because these fat deposits will be used for fat transfer. Also, ideal candidates should be close to their ideal weight and in good overall health. It is also preferred for the ideal patients to have healthy lifestyle habits like keeping a proper diet and exercising. Finally, the patients shouldn’t suffer from some medical conditions that could slow down or interfere with their recovery.


    The first step, as previously mentioned, is a consultation with Lucia’s plastic surgeon. The surgeon examines the shape of the buttocks that the patient currently has and talks to the patient about what shape he/she would like to achieve with the surgery.

    There are 4 female buttocks shape types - V-shaped, squared, round and heart-shaped. The doctor can advise the patient which shape would fit the best with the patient’s body constitution and proportions but he also keeps in mind the patient’s wishes and expectations from the surgery.

    During the consultation, it is important that the patient is completely open with the surgeon about previous medical history and current medications or if he/she has any allergies. The surgeon may recommend avoiding pain killers like Aspirin or Ibuprofen for a week before the surgery, to lower the risk of excessive bruising.

    Finally, the surgeon creates a custom-made treatment plan that addresses the patient’s specific needs and concerns. The plan involves choosing the body area from where the fat will be harvested and the amount of fat that will be necessary to achieve the wanted buttock’s size and shape.


    Once the patient arrives at his/her scheduled surgery, he/she is first prepped. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia, but it can also be done under local anesthesia if only a small amount of fat is being transferred. All this is determined prior to the surgery, during the consultation with the anesthesiologist and surgeon.

    It is important to determine the amount of harvested fat before the surgery because there is a possibility that some of the fat (about 50%) will be reabsorbed by the patient’s body, once it is transferred. To minimize the fat reabsorption, the surgeon harvests and transfers more fat or schedules more treatment sessions to achieve optimal results.

    The BBL with fat transfer involves several steps:

    The first step is liposuction. The surgeon harvests the fat from a chosen body area or in this case, called the donor area. It can be hips, abdomen, thighs or others. The surgeon makes a small incision and uses a tube or cannula to extract the fat that is necessary for transferring to the patient’s buttocks.

    The second step is the purification of the fat. The suctioned-out fat is purified. All the unnecessary agents are removed from the fat like blood and others. The fat is then prepared for injecting.

    The final step is the injection of the fat into the buttocks. The surgeon administers the fat into the predetermined areas of the patient’s buttocks to make it fuller and rounder. Once all the fat is transferred, the surgeon closes the liposuction and fat transfer incisions with stitches.

  • Post-surgery notices

    Once the surgery is over, the patient can go home or spend one night at the hospital. It depends on the surgeon’s recommendations.

    The patient should arrange for someone to drive them home and stay with them at least for the first 24 hours.

    Before going home, the patient schedules a post-operative appointment with the surgeon, who will examine the patient and see if the recovery is going on properly. During this appointment, the surgeon removes the stitches. After the surgery, the patient should wear a proper compression garment over the treated area to lower the risk of excessive bruising or swelling.


    Every surgery carries some risks and side effects so BBL with fat transfer is no exception. However, this surgery doesn’t cause as severe side effects as some others might.

    Swelling and bruising of the targeted area is a normal reaction and should resolve after a few weeks. The patient’s buttocks appear larger than they should, but this is because of swelling and a large amount of fat that was transferred. Some of the fat will be reabsorbed by the patient’s body. After the recovery period, the patient will see the desired outcomes.

    Some other side effects might include infection, scars, pain and lumps under the skin where the fat was extracted and later transferred.


    After the surgery, the surgeon explains the recovery protocol to the patient. It is important to follow the surgeon’s recommendations in order to make the recovery period as short as possible.

    For two weeks after the surgery, the patient shouldn’t sit on his/her buttocks. The patient should sleep on the stomach or on the side until the buttocks are healed. Avoiding sitting on the buttocks also lowers the risk of too much fat being reabsorbed by the body. After 2 weeks, the patient should sit on the special doughnut pillow to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks.

    The patient should relax and take time off work or social interactions. The number of days that the patient should stay at home depends on his/her type of work and the size of the surgery.

    The patient needs to avoid strenuous exercise for 6 weeks, but some light activities are recommended.

    The results of BBL with fat transfer surgery vary and depend on the patient. They are fully visible 6 months after the procedure and last for years.

    The patient shouldn’t fluctuate in weight too much in order to enjoy his/her new and nicely contoured buttocks for a long time.