Exquisite Lucia Clinic’s team at the exquisite polo event - Lucia Clinic was honored to participate in IFZA Gold Cup 2023 and dazzle with beauty treatments.

This Saturday was an extraordinary day for Lucia Clinic. On 4 March, we were participating in a spectacular event, the Dubai Polo Gold Cup. Everyone was full of anticipation about this world-class polo tournament, including us. This prestigious event joined a glamorous sport with glamorous fashion styles. We prepared exclusive beauty treatments and goodie bags for everyone who visited us at this exciting, sophisticated and luxurious event.
All visitors at our gazebo had the privilege to get AnteAGE skincare products like AnteAGE MD System, thanks to Dubimed support. This brilliant product contains Stem Cytokines and 21 additional ingredients with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and other benefits. When you use these products on a daily basis, your skin health significantly improves. Also, AnteAGE Moisturizer deeply hydrates your skin and strengthens your skin’s protective barrier.
We were happy to provide our visitors with one of the best skincare products – and we will continue to do so in the future.


The Al Habtoor Polo Club is a prestigious polo and equestrian community. This year it brought together sport, style and beauty. This amazing event showed the strength of Dubai’s community – people from all walks of life got together to have a great time.
It was a great chance to see some of the well-known VIPs and also to be seen by others. This prestigious equestrian sport event attracts royalties, socialites, influencers, celebrities and opinion leaders from the entire region. It was a wonderful occasion for you to glam up for an elegant day out and to dazzle everyone with your glamorous style!
There were even prizes for the best-dressed lady or gentleman – Lucia Clinic was on the lookout! We were participating in this contest as judges of your style. It was a perfect day – people had fun, watched some exquisite polo tournaments and won something for themselves! This sport/social event really deserved to be marked on the calendar!


We were so delighted to be a part of this event that was more than just a competition. It was a fusion of polo, fashion and beauty but also it brought together visitors from the entire region and nourished the sense of community. By participating in this luxurious and sophisticated sporting event, we were contributing to the awareness of diversity and talent all across the UAE. Lucia Clinic is a leader in aesthetic and dermatology treatments in the region so we are very proud that we contributed to the beauty and elegance of this event.
And we shared our skills and expertise regarding aesthetic and beauty treatments with you. Finding out what treatment is the most effective for your skin concerns is the best to do hands-on. We gladly advised our visitors on the best beauty treatments for them. We also demonstrated some exclusive beauty treatments. Also, by visiting our gazebo, people could understand much better what services we offer.
What definitely singles out Lucia Clinic is our holistic approach to skincare. This is really precious for our clients – their safety and well-being are always in the first place. And our mission is not just resolving your skin issues. Naturally, that’s important but we also want to educate you about your skin and teach you how to properly take care of it. We all have different skin types and skin tones, especially in a sunny and multicultural city like Dubai. So it’s important to find out how to nurture and hydrate your skin if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Even though it’s very enjoyable to be in the sun, too much exposure can lead to dryness, dullness and sun-damaged skin.
We demonstrated how to prevent some of these skin concerns by properly moisturizing your skin and having some safe and non-invasive facial treatments that would protect your skin for the future.
Next to watching the biggest polo competition in the region, our visitors could stop at our gazebo and try some of the most sophisticated, gold-standard and ground-breaking beauty treatments that we offer. This day was about finding out what aesthetic treatments can rejuvenate, refresh and improve your skin. And help you feel radiant and look youthful.


We don’t need to mention again that polo is one of the oldest equestrian sports. Being the oldest makes it also one of the most luxurious and sophisticated. Polo players spend a lot of time in the sun and proper skincare for their faces is more than necessary. They look after their skin concerns with special aesthetic treatments that keep their skin moisturized, soft and fresh. But what’s most important, these treatments don’t have to be invasive or aggressive to the skin. They can be non-invasive, gentle and safe but ultimately effective in keeping the skin youthful and radiant. This is Lucia Clinic’s most important mission – customizing treatments that will bring real and natural-looking results.
That’s what a holistic approach to skin treatments is all about. We always strive to offer our clients the latest and most advanced treatments that effectively treat skin concerns with their ground-breaking technology. Non-invasive safe skin treatments give you beautiful and natural-looking results without significant side effects or downtime. Let’s face it – polo players don’t have a lot of time to spare on long recovery. Therefore, exclusive beauty treatments that are non-surgical and holistic, fulfill our clients’ aesthetic goals quickly and effectively.


And why is it the ultimate event that brings together luxury, sophistication, sports and beauty? Because it offered you all you need for an elegant and entertaining day. Not only could you witness a world-class polo tournament and get a chance to win a prize for the best-dressed lady or gentleman, but also you could win a voucher from Lucia Clinic for our exclusive aesthetic treatments. It all depended on your aesthetic goals and needs and these vouchers will start your journey toward beautifully radiant skin. Don’t forget that we always think about our client’s safety and well-being so we will be more than glad to walk you through the treatment and demonstrate how it works. As we said, it’s always best when you see right away how some treatment works – you understand it better and know what results to expect.
This voucher for our exclusive treatments was like the icing on the cake after such an extraordinary day.


We are truly honored to have been a part of this glamorous event that brought together sport, fashion style and beauty. It also brought people together which shows how much Dubai’s community is strong. Even though this beautiful city is full of different people from different walks of life, they all get together on this day to enjoy themselves. Lucia Clinic is more than glad to be part of this community and contribute to the awareness that beauty is everywhere and that a proper skincare routine can help us shine on the outside as well as on the inside.
Let’s all agree that naturally enhanced beauty is the most sophisticated and luxurious. And that’s what Lucia Clinic’s holistic approach to skincare and non-invasive and safe treatments can bring to you.
It was a day to remember because we don’t witness every day a fusion of sport, luxurious style and beauty treatments. It may sound like an unusual combination but – we had the best time.
Thank you for joining us at The Al Habtoor Polo Club community and enjoying this wonderful day together with Lucia Clinic!