Next to the face and neck, hands can show aging signs as well. They are not immune to aging as they get constant sun and water exposure and their skin slowly starts to age. Hands are often neglected when it comes to beauty and anti-aging treatments but they also start to show wrinkles, loss of elasticity and volume and pigmentation. Collagen starts to diminish as well as fatty tissue so veins start to become more visible as well as tendons.  But hand rejuvenation procedures are great solutions for these concerns. 

Hand rejuvenation treatments are designed to improve the look of the hands and include different procedures – laser resurfacing, dermal fillers, chemical peels and others. All these different treatments soften the look of the hands and return their youthful appearance. 



There are a lot of different treatments that the patients can choose from to improve the look of the hands. It all depends on the patients’ personal needs and concerns. It also depends if the patients are ready to undergo a surgical treatment like fat grafting for hands or to try some less invasive treatment. In order to be sure that they have chosen the right treatment, they are first consulted with a skin therapist, who examines their hands and determines which treatment will bring the best results. Each treatment targets different skin concerns but the end result is the same – enhanced and rejuvenated hands.


A lot of patients don’t like the appearance of their hands because of over-prominent tendons and bones. This happens because hands start to lose volume and fatty tissue, the same way as the face and other body parts do. Dermal fillers are a brilliant solution for volume restoration in the hands. They are minimally invasive and don’t require a long recovery period. During the treatment, the doctor injects Dermal fillers into the backs of the hands and massages them to evenly distribute the filler. 

There are different types of Dermal fillers that work great for hand rejuvenation. 

Restylane Dermal filler

smooths away wrinkles and brings more volume to the hands. It addresses the cause and effect of aging skin and achieves natural-looking results. This filler consists of Hyaluronic Acid which makes it natural and safe for all skin types. It provides deep hydration which makes the skin on the hands softer, smoother and younger-looking. It also improves the skin’s elasticity and structure. 

The hand rejuvenation treatment with these Dermal fillers lasts very shortly, about 10 minutes. The results are immediately visible and last for approximately 6 months. After that, the patient can have additional touch-up treatment.

Radiesse Dermal Filler

is very effective in restoring the volume in the hands that is lost because of aging. It is a very quick procedure that brings long-lasting and natural-looking results. This Dermal filler consists of smooth and spherical Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) particles that stimulate collagen production around the spheres. It comes in the form of a gel that dissolves after a couple of months. CaHa particles also break down over time and get metabolized by the patient’s body. But the newly produced collagen structure remains and lasts for a year or two. 

When injected, Radiesse instantly fills the depression among the veins and tendons. This way the hands look softer and rejuvenated. 


Chemical peels are another brilliant option for hand rejuvenation. They specifically target dark spots on the hands and dramatically lighten them. There are different chemical peels that can vary in strength and formula. It all depends on the severity of hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels eliminate the superficial layer of the skin and help new and evenly-toned skin to resurface.  

One of the most popular chemical peels for hand rejuvenation is a TCA chemical peel which dries up the top layer of skin cells. These skin cells then peel off and expose a new layer of skin that is more evenly toned and smoother. The advantage of this treatment is that the skin on the hands continues to improve for 1 or 2 months post-procedure. 


SilkPeels are advanced treatments that combine microdermabrasion and infusion of important skin nutrients. Microdermabrasion is performed with a diamond tip which significantly reduces age and sunspots on the hands. The infusion is performed to soften and hydrate the skin with nutrients such as Vitamin C and antioxidants. The hands get dramatically rejuvenated and youthful-looking. A lot of patients choose to treat their hands along with treating their neck and face. 


There are different laser treatments that can address skin concerns on the hands. Doctors can precisely control laser treatment and target specific skin concerns like age and sun spots or wrinkles. Laser treatments leave the hands rejuvenated, smoother and fresher-looking. 

Erbium laser resurfacing therapy

can significantly reduce hyperpigmentation, eliminate sun and age spots and even out the skin texture. It is a gentle, non-ablative treatment, that doesn’t cause significant side effects and doesn’t require downtime. 

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL laser treatment

is also very effective in treating pigmentation. The light that is emitted from this laser has a specific wavelength that targets and eliminates pigment and clears the hands of superficial dark spots. 

Fractional laser treatment

is the best option for improving skin texture and tone and for reducing wrinkles on the hands. It triggers collagen production and refreshes the skin. The light from the laser travels to the dermal layer where there is plenty of collagen. Once the collagen is remodeled, the skin on the hands is fresher, tighter and younger-looking. The results are long-lasting and generally, it is recommended to have 3 treatment sessions to achieve the best results. 


Fat grafting is a very effective method for replenishing lost volume in the hands. It involves harvesting fat from a donor site and transferring it to the hands. It is a two-step procedure that can improve the appearance of the hands from the inside out. 

The procedure starts with liposuction or removing the excess fat from one area of the body, for example, the abdomen. The removed fat is then purified and finally injected into the hands. 

This procedure may require a longer downtime, but the results are more long-lasting and completely natural-looking. The patient may need several treatment sessions to achieve the best results because the body reabsorbs some of the transferred fat. However, once the results are achieved they can last for several years. 


PRP treatment is an advanced, injectable procedure that can significantly improve the appearance of the skin on the hands. It can eliminate sun and age spots, reduce wrinkles and restore the lost volume. The procedure is natural because the patients’ hands are treated with their own blood.  

This brilliant hand rejuvenation treatment combines PRP infusion and micro-needling. PRP is first injected into the surface layer of the skin on the hands and then it is spread with a micro-needling device. Micro-needling allows PRP to be absorbed by the skin and to go to deeper layers. 

PRP therapy triggers collagen production and eventually provides firmer skin, improved moisture and enhanced skin texture on the hands. 

This procedure is safe for all skin types and tones because there is no possibility of getting an allergic reaction or infection. 


Mesotherapy treatment for hand rejuvenation improves the texture of the skin on the hands. With Mesotherapy, a cocktail of important anti-aging ingredients are infused into the hands which makes this treatment very fast and effective. It hydrates, plumps and rejuvenates the hands in a minimally invasive way. 

The skin on the hands gets firmer and healthier after a single treatment. For the best results it is recommended to have 3 sessions and additional touch-up treatments to keep the hands youthful-looking. 


The hands start to look older because of different factors. One of the factors is aging which can’t be escaped. Another factor is over-exposure to the sun, toxins and free radicals. Without moisturization and sun protection the hands gradually develop sun spots and other blemishes.

However, hand rejuvenation treatments are effective in solving different concerns like lost volume, wrinkles and pigmentation. 

Dermal fillers restore the lost volume and return elasticity. They can also stimulate collagen production which makes them even more effective and long-lasting. 

Laser treatments and chemical peels eliminate unwanted blemishes like sun and agespots. They can eliminate dead skin cells and damaged skin. They also stimulate collagen production which is important for a proper skin structure.  As a result of these treatments, the skin on the hands is clearer and better-toned. The hands appear youthful and refreshed.  

Hand rejuvenation treatments are an excellent addition to surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. A lot of patients who rejuvenated their faces with Fillers or facelift procedures decide to achieve the same results on their hands. 

Blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles on the hands can diminish the patient’s confidence and make them feel embarrassed about the way their hands look. Hand rejuvenation treatments can restore the patients’ self-esteem once the right treatment makes their hands appear plumper, refreshed and youthful again.