Mesotherapy treatment is a rejuvenation method that incorporates microinjections of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and plant extracts. It is used for skin tightening and rejuvenation, hair quality improvement, cellulite and excess fat removal. Mesotherapy enhances natural beauty with the help of plant and vitamin formulas – when the cocktail of nurturing ingredients is injected into the skin it hydrates the skin and keeps it healthy. Mesotherapy treatment is a revolution in injectable skin enhancement in the world of aesthetic dermatology.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful? No since anesthetic cream is used
Is there any downtime? Possibility of mild swelling, redness and soreness after injection
How many sessions are needed? Usually 3 or more sessions
How long does the procedure take? Around 30 minutes
When can I see the results? After the course of sessions
How often should I do it? Every 2 weeks

How It Works


Mesotherapy employs two actions – mechanical and chemical stimulation. The mechanical involves injecting the needles that create micro-damages that trigger the body’s own healing processes. The organism starts producing new collagen and elastin, very important proteins for keeping the skin young and firm. With Mesotherapy treatment the existing collagen is not harmed – just the new one is stimulated. Chemical stimulation includes inserting special solutions into the middle layer of the skin all according to skin condition, type and concern. The treatment can be performed with thin needles or a device designed for this treatment.

Lucia Clinic’s doctors use high-quality products like REVITACARE, manufactured in specialized laboratories. These products are absolutely efficient and safe for the patients. They are full of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid – all these ingredients improve skin and blood circulation. HA is especially significant because it is already in the skin, but diminishes over the years. HA hydrates the skin because it binds water molecules. Also, it makes the skin become firmer, refreshed and triggers the production of new collagen. These products also consist of DMAE, silicon and others and make the skin tighter, rejuvenate the cells, trigger the formation of new collagen and elastin while other diminish wrinkles and fine lines.


As time passes, the skin naturally matures and starts to show aging signs. Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth become visible around the age of 30. Also, the skin complexion slowly changes. There are other factors that contribute to skin aging like UV light, genetics, stress and pollutants. Mesotherapy treatment is super effective when it comes to achieving ideally smooth skin, improving microdamage and removing fine lines. Mesotherapy triggers and nourishes the top layer of the skin. A lot of patients, both men and women, start with anti-aging Mesotherapy treatments in their mid-20s as a preventive measure.


Mesotherapy is an effective, non-surgical treatment for fat reduction. During the treatment, the specific products are injected directly into the problematic areas which in turn increases local metabolism and prevents storing fat cells. Improved metabolic rate breaks down existing fat cells. The injections target fat and cellulite in the buttocks, thighs, waist, double chin and other areas that can show unattractive fat pockets.

Mesotherapy treatment results in noticeable cellulite reduction and smooth and more even skin. The skin is natural-looking and rejuvenated. Also, the treated body areas get slimmer and firmer.


This treatment is effective for elimination of stretch marks and it involves delivery of a product into the dermal layer of the skin using mesotherapy method. Mesotherapy is used to administer the product with a very fine needle. The formula for stretch marks elimination consists of Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants and B5 Vitamin. After several treatment sessions, the skin is smoother and tighter and stretch marks are dramatically reduced. Stretchcare product strengthens the skin and leaves it rejuvenated and firmer. Also, the product makes the skin better moisturized and more flexible and it removes skin discoloration. The product causes minimal side effects and it is suitable for patients of all ages. Results can last for more than 3 months.


Usually, hair loss happens because of hormone imbalances in or around the hair follicles. It can also be caused by the lack of important nutrients or poor blood flow. Mesotherapy treatment can improve blood circulation, eliminate excess DHT (dihydrotestosterone), reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen growth, increase the size of hair follicles and thus prevent or stop hair loss and trigger the growth of new hair.


Mesotherapy treatment can be used to improve the skin on the face and body, improve hair and address cellulite issues. All these concerns are treated by different cocktails – they are injected into the skin to trigger the production of collagen and to make skin and hair healthier.

When Mesotherapy is used on the face it can

  • Treat wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, mouth, neck, forehead
  • Improve scars, blemishes and other imperfections
  • Brighten dull-looking skin
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Treat acne and acne scars
  • Restore the skin glow

When Mesotherapy is used on the body it can

  • Treat cellulite
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Address alopecia (this condition causes hair loss)
  • Reduce fat cells in arms, legs, stomach, thighs, buttocks
  • Recontour the body in combination with other treatment

solution is used to prevent, correct and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

REVITACARE’S CELLUCARE solution is used for fat reduction and cellulite treatments.

REVITACARE’S STRECHCARE solution is used for the reduction of stretch marks.

REVITACARE’S HAIRCARE solution is used for slowing down hair loss and treatments of various symptoms of hair and scalp problems.



It is a safe, no-needle alternative to usual mesotherapy treatment. It provides the same results and benefits and is risk-free. Infusion™ helps to revitalize the skin and fuses it with powerful and important ingredients. After the treatment the skin is refreshed, radiant and soft. It maximizes absorption and boosts the overall appearance of the patient’s face and body. It is a perfect aesthetic solution for patients who shy away from needles.

At Lucia Clinic, patients can choose this non-invasive solution for various skin concerns. Infusion™ mesotherapy treatment helps with collagen regeneration, skin toning and firming cellulite and stretch marks reduction and body contouring.

The Infusion™ mesotherapy treatment consists of precise pulse waves that open micro-channels in the skin and safely deliver natural healing ingredients. The treatment is done without puncturing the skin. The micro-channels close right after the compounds are absorbed.

Patients can choose to have the Infusion™ mesotherapy treatment as a stand-alone procedure or combine it with some complementary treatments – fractional laser rejuvenation, exfoliation, peeling and others. The treatment is a comfortable and efficient solution for various skincare needs and goals.


After the mesotherapy treatment, the tired-looking and dull skin is immediately improved. Fine lines are reduced, hyperpigmentation is diminished as well as acne scars. The facial skin receives the long-desired hydration and glow.

Mesotherapy can improve poor blood flow which in turn helps the body to eliminate toxins that cause aging.

Mesotherapy vitamin solution trigger fibroblast cells in the skin that produce collagen and elastin. In order to protect the skin from aging the mesotherapy vitamin cocktails include vitamins, HA, peptides, growth factors, antioxidants and other elements. They provide the patient with healthier skin that can fight against the aging process.

Mesotherapy treatment solutions nourish, rejuvenate and repair the skin. The treatment rebuilds the skin, eliminates cellulite dimples and can provide the desired body contour because it makes the skin firmer and smoother.

It can trigger hair growth and solve the symptoms of hair loss.



    Upon arriving at Lucia Clinic, the patient is first consulted with the treatment doctor. The doctor examines the patient’s skin and the treatment area that will be targeted. Lucia Team of doctors is highly trained and specialized in these kinds of aesthetic treatments. Also, the treatment doctor will ask the patient if he/she is taking any medicines or if he/she has an allergy. This is important in order to avoid any unwanted reactions. The treatment doctor creates a custom-made procedure plan, designed especially for the patient’s concerns and goals.

    When the treatment starts the patient’s skin is numbed with an anesthetic. This way the treatment is just mildly uncomfortable. Then a special short needle is injected. These injections are administered at different depths (from1 to 4 mm into the skin). It all depends on what condition is being treated and what solution is injected. The thin injections are administered in the middle layer of the patient’s skin or mesoderm. During the treatment, the underlying concerns like poor blood flow or inflammations that cause skin damage are corrected.

    As previously mentioned, the doctor can administer the needle into the patient’s2 skin at an angle or flick their wrist very fast while injecting the solution. Each injection may only leave a tiny drop on the skin which is quickly absorbed.

    The treatment time may vary depending on the technique used and the body area that is targeted. With a mesotherapy gun the treatment can be over much faster than with individual injections.

    The treatment time for the face can finish in 20 minutes, while for cellulite in 30 minutes.


    Mesotherapy treatment that addresses the symptoms of hair loss can last between 20 to 30 minutes. It all depends on how large is the targeted area.

    Normally, 10 sessions 2 weeks spaced out are necessary to trigger hair growth. The results become noticeable after 2 to 3 months.


    Since mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that involves tiny needles, some side effects might occur like bruising, swelling, inflammation or a reaction to the injected solution. The patient might experience some sensitiveness to the touch, itchiness and bumps on the treated areas. After the treatment, the face will look red, but the treatment doctor can apply a mineral foundation to the patient’s face to cover it. Normally, the redness ceases in 48 hours.

    As mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment there is minimal downtime after it. The patient can continue with his/her normal daily activities. It is advised not to sunbathe and avoid sun exposure for 72 hours or take vigorous exercise 24 hours post-treatment. Taking aspirin should also be avoided. Patients should refrain from massaging the treated area and avoid consuming too much salt in order not to experience swelling. If swelling should occur, a cold compress may be applied to alleviate this sensitivity.


    For optimal skin improvements, usually 3 to 6 treatments are needed. Each session can be two weeks spaced out. Additional touch-ups are recommended once or twice a year to keep the results.

    The number of sessions is determined during the initial consultations with Lucia’s doctors according to the patient’s needs and goals and the targeted area.


    Every patient is different so the results may vary depending on body type, the number of sessions and the type of mesotherapy treatment that was performed.

    Some patients will immediately notice the first results - the skin is more toned and hydrated after the first session. As time passes, the skin will get more radiant and more evenly toned. The face and neck will look fresher and more rejuvenated. Others might see the first results after the third session.

    When the final results are achieved, they are long-lasting. The patients can enjoy a more even skin texture and tone, and improved body contour.