Acne represents inflammatory cysts and nodules on the face and other parts of the body. They can really be irritating and unpleasant for the patients and seriously diminish their self-confidence. Acne is actually a medical condition that requires appropriate treatment.  These unattractive spots can affect young adults because of stress, hormonal changes and environmental effects. Acne can be a problem for adults also – there is actually no rule.

There are various acne treatments that can help the patients to reduce this unpleasant skin concern. At Lucia Clinic, acne treatments include Isolaz, ClearSkin and Chemical Peels. All these methods involve a careful assessment of the patient’s skin prior to starting with the treatment. Every patient needs an individual approach in order to achieve the best optimal results. When the proper treatment is determined, with the help of Lucia Clinic’s specialists, the patient can improve his/her skin appearance in several treatment sessions.


Acne appears because the pores in the skin get clogged with oil, impurities, dead skin cells and bacteria. Inside each pore, there is a hair follicle and sebaceous gland that produces sebum or natural oil. This oil travels up the hair to the skin’s surface and keeps it moisturized and soft.

Acne breakout happens when people produce too much sebum because of hormonal disbalance, pregnancy, an improper diet rich in sugar and fat and other reasons. When there is too much sebum, dead skin cells and acne-causing bacteria, the oil can’t get out and this results in a clog. The skin doesn’t get properly regenerated and red pimples, blackheads and oozing pustules appear on the skin surface.


Isolaz is an IPL laser used for acne treatment in a non-invasive way.

This treatment represents an advanced alternative for addressing acne and achieves supreme results. It includes deep pore purification with vacuum and broadband light techniques. The treatment is completely painless and effectively cleans the pores from the inside. It is quick and provides long-term results no matter the skin type.

Isolaz can truly provide patients with clear and radiant skin. It is FDA-approved and safe for treating pustular acne, comedonal acne and moderate inflammatory acne.


It is one of the first aesthetic treatments that use a combination of vacuum and broadband light. It cleans the pores with a vacuum that extracts dirt, excess oil and blackheads deep from the pores. The vacuum gently pressures the pores and cleans them for a healthier-looking complexion. Broadband Light destroys the bacteria that causes acne and diminishes the redness of the face. On the whole, the treatment reduces the size of the pores and improves the overall skin texture.

This special method of acne treatment is actually called Photopneumatics – photo or light and pneumatics or vacuum.

After the treatment the skin is refreshed, healthy and shiny.


When the patient arrives at Lucia Clinic, first he/she is consulted with Lucia’s dermatologist. The dermatologist assesses the patient’s skin and decides which acne treatment is the most suitable for him/her. They discuss the patient’s needs and expectations and determine how many treatment sessions are necessary to achieve the desired results. Lucia’s team always takes time to understand the patient’s needs and do their best to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals.

The patient is advised to avoid spray tanning, tanning beds and exposure to the sun prior to the treatment because this increases the risk of hyperpigmentation after the treatment.

Before the treatment, the patient’s skin is moistened with water. Topical numbing cream is not necessary because the treatment is painless.

When the treatment starts, the therapist gently vacuums the patient’s skin with the applicator tip. The patient feels a slight warming sensation but it’s not uncomfortable. After the skin is vacuumed the therapist applies a flash of light. Then the applicator is moved to the next targeted area and repeats the process until the whole treatment area is covered.

After the treatment, the patient may be instructed to continue with topical or other acne medications.

The Isolaz treatment is really simple, quick and painless. It almost feels like a warm massage. It can be over really quickly – 20 minutes for the face and 30 minutes for the body areas.


After the treatment, there is no need for a post-procedure protocol because the treatment is completely painless and non-invasive. The patient can continue with his/her daily activities right after the treatment. Female patients can apply makeup and male patients can shave right away.  The patient’s skin gets a healthy glow and it is significantly cleaner after the treatment.

The patient may experience some mild redness for a little while but nothing else because Isolaz treatment doesn’t provoke side effects that some other acne treatments might.

The necessary number of treatment sessions depends from patient to patient but usually, it is recommended to have between 6 and 10 treatments to achieve the best results. There are different reasons that determine the number of sessions including the severity of acne, skin type and others.

Usually, the patient can see the first improvement of the severity of acne after the first session. But it is crucial to follow the treatment protocol to see the best results.

The results of Isolaz treatment can last for a year after all sessions. The patient can have additional touch-up treatments incase of acne breakouts.


There are numerous benefits of this treatment. It is safe for all skin tones and types and provides long-term results. It is absolutely painless procedure that requires no downtime. It clears the pores, reduces redness, destroys the bacteria that causes acne and removes the excess oil and blackheads. It improves the patient’s overall skin texture.


ClearSkin is a special procedure that uses a combination of laser, vacuum technology and contact cooling to treat acne in an effective and safe way. It is FDA-approved and suitable for all skin tones and it’s minimally uncomfortable because of the cooling effect. It requires minimal to no downtime. The laser eliminates dead skin cells, excess sebum and bacteria- the three biggest acne causes. It also destroys acne vulgaris papules, nodules and pustules.


The treatment uses laser energy that goes deep into the skin and destroys P. Acnes bacteria that cause acne breakouts. The laser utilizes thermal damage to the sebaceous glands and reduces the production of oil. The vacuum technique gently cleans the treatment area and extracts the impurities that block the pores.  The laser is non-ablative so it doesn’t damage the surface of the skin – it heats the tissue in the deeper skin layers.

The laser is precisely controlled and targets only the bacteria that causes acne. At the same time, it stimulates healing processes, collagen production and skin cells regeneration. After the treatment, the patient’s skin heals, rejuvenates and becomes smoother.


When the patient arrives at Lucia Clinic he/she is consulted with Lucia’s therapist. The patient’s skin is carefully examined and then a customized treatment plan is created that will address the patient’s specific acne issues.

Then the patient’s skin is cleaned and prepared for the treatment. The therapist gently places the applicator tip to the targeted area and emits the laser energy. The energy heats the damaged tissue, but with minimal discomfort because of the integrated contact cooling. The process is repeated until the whole treatment area is covered.

The treatment usually lasts for 40 minutes but it all depends on the patient’s skin condition.

The number of treatment sessions varies from patient to patient, but usually, it is recommended to get 4 to 6 sessions for acne treatment. Some patients see the improvements after the first sessions, while others need 2 to 3 sessions to see the first improvements.


Because of the integrated cooling system that works alongside laser and vacuum, the treatment doesn’t cause serious side effects. The laser is non-ablative so it doesn’t require a long downtime. The patient can continue with daily activities after the treatment with the use of high SPF. The patient might only get mild redness and swelling in the treated area, but the face should settle after a few hours or days.

The aftercare protocol includes avoiding too much sun exposure and applying a high SPF to avoid hyperpigmentation. The patient needs to stay clear of saunas, hot baths and excessive workouts for the first 5 days. Also, it is not recommended to have chemical peels or retinol because of the possibility of irritation. Following the aftercare procedure, decreases the recovery period and brings the best and long-term results.


The ClearSkin laser treatment has numerous benefits. It is quite comfortable because of contact cooling and doesn’t require a long downtime. The vacuum effectively clears the clogged pores and the laser targets only the damaged tissue. The healthy skin tissue is left unharmed and helps with the healing and regeneration of the treated area. The treatment triggers collagen production and it is suitable for all skin types. It improves the patient’s overall skin complexion and provides long-term results.


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Chemical peels are another effective way of acne treatment. They involve the application of chemical solutions to the targeted areas. They improve the appearance of the skin after a series of treatment sessions.


Acnelan chemical peel is a medical procedure for treating acne, seborrheic skin and congestions. It involves a professional peeling done by a skin specialist and a home care treatment that consists of products that prevent acne breakouts and eliminate the causes of acne. Acnelan cleans the blocked pores, removes impurities and improves the general skin texture. It is a high-quality treatment that is completely safe and effective for acne elimination.


Before the treatment, the patient is consulted with Lucia’s skin specialist. The specialist assesses the patient’s skin and determines if this treatment is suitable for his/her acne issues.

Then the patient’s skin is cleaned and prepared for the treatment.

The first step involves deep cleansing of the patient’s skin with a multifactor mask. The mask effectively removes bacteria and excess sebum with its special combination of ingredients. It also reduces inflammation and exfoliates the skin.

After 3 minutes the mask is removed with a wet towel and post-peel spray which soothes the skin.

When the skin is dry, a pore sealing gel is applied to the face to extend the effects of this treatment.

The treatment protocol includes 3 sessions spaced out for 2 to 3 weeks. During this time the bacteria that cause acne are completely cleared.


After the treatment, the patient may experience a mild heating sensation and redness. In the next 3 to 5 days the skin peels off and reveals clearer and smoother skin.

The results vary from patient to patient. It is important to complete the treatment protocol to achieve the best results.


There are numerous benefits of this treatment. It effectively reduces active acne and prevents breakouts of new acne. It maintains a healthy balance of the skin by clearing blocked pores and removing impurities and excess oil. On the whole, it improves the overall skin texture.


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