Eyes reveal everything – especially the person’s age. Eyes have more delicate skin around them which makes them easily influenced by time and lifestyle. As the skin gets mature it loses supportive elastin and collagen and can’t rebuild these proteins again.  The skin under the eyes gets hollow and forms shadows that make the eyes look tired and dark. Also, wrinkles and fine lines are developed as well as pockets of sagging skin and heavy hoods on the eyelids that actually make a person look older.

Thermage® for Eyes is FDA approved and a proven non-surgical procedure that can smooth and tighten the skin around the eyes, reduce wrinkles and hooding. The procedure brings long-lasting results and it is absolutely safe.

Thermage® for eyes treatment can rejuvenate and brighten the eye area. It is performed by the radiofrequency for skin tightening, it is safe and minimally invasive and it requires no downtime. It is also known as a non-surgical eye lift.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful?Unpleasant but tolerable
Is there any downtime?Possibility of redness and minor swelling for up to 24h
How many sessions are needed?One
How long does the procedure take?Around 40 minutes
When can I see the results?Right away with constant improvement over the period of 6 months
How often should I do it?Once per year

How It Works


The Thermage® for eyes treatment heats the deeper layers of the skin where there is an abundant amount of collagen. The heating is done with the use of radiofrequency energy that triggers the building of new collagen. After the treatment, the skin around the eyes is plumper, smoother and rejuvenated. As the new collagen continues to build up and regenerate, the effects are gradually more noticeable – the fine lines and wrinkles are decreased, the texture of the upper eyelids and under eyes is improved, the skin is softer and the signs of maturing and fatigue are significantly reduced.

The Thermage® for eyes treatment is one of the best non-surgical skin lifting methods of restoring the structure of the skin on the eye area and maintaining it fresh and youthful for years to come.


This procedure is highly effective in smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, lifting and tightening the skin around the eyes, smoothing crepey skin, reducing crow’s feet. More specifically, Thermage® For Eyes can treat the following conditions and eye areas:


These unattractive shadows under the eyes can really make a person look older and tired. Thermage® For Eyes treatment reduces the appearance of dark circles with its RF energy that heats up the connective tissue on deeper layers of the skin.  The result is a tighter and smoother structure. This procedure also triggers the production of collagen and new fresh cells. It also helps with the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid. These supportive proteins make the under-eye hollows fuller and correct the shadows that make dark circles to appear.


Thermage® For Eyes treatment is especially popular for treating under-eye bags. As the skin around the eyes gets mature it becomes weaker and muscles around the eyes lose their strength. The stored fat replaces the muscles that support the eyes and moves down to the lower eyelids. This process creates puffy bags under the eyes and makes this area of the eyes look swollen. Thermage® For Eyes triggers the collagen that eventually smooths out and balances the skin again. This way the appearance of under-eye bags is reduced.


Thermage® For Eyes can be used as a non-invasive method to lift and tighten the eyelid skin.

It reduces the mild or moderate loose skin or hooding on the upper eyelid. It brightens and makes the eye look more open. It can also be used for the maintenance of eyelid surgery.


This non-invasive skin lifting treatment is highly effective in treating the eye area as it

  •   brightens and rejuvenates the eye area
  •   makes the eyes look more open
  •   reduces the sagging skin under the eyes
  •   softens the fine lines and wrinkles
  •   smooths the skin on the eyelids
  •   reduces the hooded eyes

The Thermage® For Eyes treatment differs from other procedures in one essential way – it doesn’t require more sessions to achieve the desired results. After a single treatment, the skin on the eyelids and around the eyes is tightened and rejuvenated. The effects develop over the course of 6 months, as the collagen continues to naturally build up.


Since the procedure is non-invasive there is no downtime. Thermage treatment is non-ablative which means that it works under the skin and the surface of the skin remains intact. After the treatment, patients can continue with their busy schedules right away. Thermage® For Eyes can be easily fitted into a busy lifestyle and a regular beauty regime.  


The main benefit of Thermage® For Eyes treatment is to trigger the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which are in charge of supporting the skin around the eyes. The state-of-the-art radiofrequency technology deeply stimulates these proteins and restores the structure of deeper layers of the skin and smooths and strengthens the skin all around the eyes.  


The results of Thermage for eyes are long-lasting. Patients can enjoy their new, rejuvenated skin for years after the treatment. The lasting effects depend on patients’ age, lifestyle and quality of their skin. Patients can repeat the treatment once a year to keep the results.

The ideal candidates for Thermage for eyes treatments are people between 35 to 60 years old, of all skin colors.

Thermage for eyes is an amazing skin lifting treatment that enables the patients to get brighter-looking eyes, take a few years off their faces and feel more confident about their youthful appearance. They leave Lucia Clinic absolutely satisfied with the result with a big smile on their faces and a bright look in their eyes.



    When patients arrive at Lucia clinic, first they are consulted by Thermage® medical practitioners. The practitioners assess the patients’ area around the eyes and determine whether this treatment is suitable for them. Together with the patients, Thermage® practitioners create a customized plan. Since the Thermage® For Eyes specifically targets problematic areas, the results are overly satisfying.

    At Lucia Clinic, all Thermage® medical practitioners are highly trained and their top priority is the patients’ comfort.


    Prior to the treatment, a return pad is placed on the patient’s body. This is because RF is monopolar which means that the current goes from the applicator to the body and doesn’t go back to the applicator. It requires a grounding electrode - a return pad. Monopolar RF goes deeper into the skin and reaches lower layers. That's one of the advantages of the RF.

    The practitioner cleans the area that will be treated to remove the makeup, cream or dirt. As the skin on the eye is still wet from the cleaning solution, a special, temporary grid is applied on the eye area - on the upper part and lower part. It is actually a piece of paper with circles and squares that is transferred on wet skin. The grid helps the practitioner not to overlap the pulses. Then the Thermage® practitioner puts a small numbing drop in the patient’s eye and a contact lens shield. Patients can feel the lens but it doesn’t cause any discomfort for them. Then the treatment starts.


    The practitioner places the device's small tip on the eyelid and goes over the lid releasing RF pulses. The small treatment tip is specially designed for treating the eye area. Small vibrations are released prior, during and after each pulse to cool the area and to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient. The cooling also helps the skin stay undamaged.

    The treatment then continues and the practitioner moves the tip all over the eyelid skin to the eyelid edge, up to the eyebrows and down to the socket bone of the eye. The patient feels a small amount of heat, but the feeling is mildly uncomfortable. The Thermage® practitioner can always lower the energy if the patient feels uncomfortable. The coupling fluid is continuously added in order to make the RF delivery easier and more effective.

    After the first upper and lower eyelid is treated the practitioner takes out the shield. The patient can already notice the difference between the treated and the other side. Then, the practitioner repeats the treatment on the second eye.


    When the treatment is over the practitioner cleans the grid and the skin with alcohol.

    Some minor side-effects might appear after the Thermage® For Eyes procedure like slight redness and minor swelling of the treated area, but the sensitivities normally stop after 24 hours.

    What makes Thermage® For Eyes especially effective is that the patient can actually notice the first results after only one session. The skin around the eye is lifted and tightened. The skin continues to tighten and becomes more plumped up over the period of 6 months because the new collagen is produced.