Body sculpting, fat freezing, skin tightening treatments - prepare for the summer with best body sculpting and facial skin firming treatments at Lucia Clinic.

Summer’s here and things are heating up, but are you ready for your moment in the sun? Whether you’re crushing your beauty and fitness goals this year or just getting started, now is the perfect time to turn some heads and put the finishing touches on your beach bod.

Not sure how to kick things off? We’ve got you covered. Lucia Clinic’s June specials are here to help you look your best for the long summer days and hot nights of our favorite season.


Ever wonder how some people look fit and toned all year round? We’ll let you in on the secret. Lucia’s award-winning body sculpting treatment can take your workouts to the next level and help you build muscle and burn fat where you need it most. You won’t even have to break a sweat to reach your fitness goals, but maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle will yield the best results. After just a few sessions, you’ll feel ready to strut your stuff whether you’re at the beach or out on the town — with no surgery or downtime.


Say goodbye to stubborn fat with Dubai’s newest fat-freezing technology. We know your body doesn’t always respond the way you want it to after a workout, so our fat reduction device is specifically designed to target common problem areas like the hips, stomach and buttocks. Your body will naturally discard treated fat cells, leaving you with slimmer contours and a more flattering shape. And the best part is, when the fat is gone, it’s gone for good, so you can rock your new look all summer long.


Don’t forget about your skin! Lucia’s innovative skin-tightening treatment can give you a fresh summer look by eliminating unwanted lines, wrinkles and sagging. Using patented ultrasound technology that lets us see and treat the deepest layers of your skin, this non-invasive treatment stimulates collagen production for a naturally firmer, lifted appearance. And like you, the results only get better over time, so you’ll feel radiant all summer long.


Don’t let the heat and humidity get the best of you this summer. Our innovative body contouring devices, fat-burning treatments and skin-tightening techniques can keep you looking great without breaking a sweat. As Dubai’s premier aesthetic clinic, you’ll only find the best at Lucia. Click to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to access our exclusive monthly specials and learn more about our favorite procedures.

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