Sculptra treatment for smooth, rejuvenated and firm skin - boost collagen and reduce wrinkles and fine lines with this long-lasting, safe injectable treatment.

Lucia Clinic’s Sculptra treatments are back! If you’re looking for new ways to keep your skin looking smooth, firm and youthful this year, we’ve got a long-lasting solution that will make you smile. Our Sculptra treatments are unlike any other injectable and target aging at the source, boosting natural collagen production to infuse your skin with renewed structure, strength and elasticity. We’re excited to offer this breakthrough product and tell you more about how Sculptra can take your skincare routine to the next level.


Sculptra is an injectable treatment like Botox or dermal fillers used to reduce the signs of aging, but the similarities end there. Lucia’s Sculptra treatments are in a class of their own and refresh your appearance by stimulating the production of fresh collagen. Since collagen is the structural protein responsible for keeping your skin looking plump, healthy and youthful, this is an effective way to correct volume loss and erase lines and wrinkles around the cheeks, temples, nose and more. In fact, our Sculptra treatments have been compared to a “liquid facelift” more than anything and deliver high-caliber results without surgery or downtime.

If you need more convincing, keep reading to learn more about how Lucia’s Sculptra treatments are unlike any other injectable you’ve ever tried.


Sculptra’s secret ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic material that works from the inside out to erase lines and wrinkles. When injected beneath the skin, Lucia’s Sculptra formula is absorbed by the body and begins to stimulate new collagen production. As the building block of smooth skin, rebuilt collagen fortifies the skin from within to lift and reshape your facial contours, leaving you with a naturally youthful appearance. By promoting collagen synthesis, Lucia’s Sculptra treatment doesn’t more than fill in facial lines and wrinkles — it targets the underlying cause to deliver results that last.


Other anti-aging treatments work by filling in lines and wrinkles or stopping facial muscles from contracting, but Lucia’s Sculptra is different. It works by increasing your body’s natural collagen production to gradually reduce the signs of aging, delivering some of the longest-lasting results on the market. And because this collagen-boosting effect remains even after Sculptra’s PLLA microparticles are absorbed, you can enjoy firmer, more youthful-looking skin for two years or more after completing your treatment regimen. Once you’ve achieved an optimal result, an occasional touch-up can keep you looking your best year-round.


Because Lucia’s Sculptra treatments work differently than other injectables, your results will develop differently, too. Sculptra affects the very foundation of your skin to restore facial volume and refresh your appearance naturally, but you won’t notice an immediate improvement — the signs of aging will diminish gradually as your body ramps up its collagen production. It can take a few months before you’ll notice a difference, but our Sculptra treatments are well worth the wait. The subtle enhancement this treatment delivers will have others guessing what your secret is as a more youthful appearance begins to emerge. Your skin will look smoother and firmer, but most of all, it will look natural.


Lucia’s Sculptra treatments are a safe way to enhance your facial contours and reduce the signs of aging. The collagen-boosting microparticles are biodegradable, biocompatible and naturally absorbed by the body, so it doesn’t harm your skin or any underlying tissues. Sculptra is FDA-approved and has been used around the world since 1999 to diminish the signs of aging, and its long-lasting results mean fewer injections are needed to achieve the look you want. But like any cosmetic treatment, it’s important to have trained professionals perform your procedure. Our Sculptra treatments are unlike any other dermal filler and our expert staff is trained in the proper techniques for delivering exceptional results that are customized to your skin care needs.


Replenishing lost collagen is the key to a firm, plump facial appearance, and that’s exactly what Lucia Clinic’s Sculptra treatments can do. We believe you deserve the latest and most effective techniques for reaching your beauty goals, so we’re proud to help you enhance your skin care routine with state-of-the-art injectables and cosmetic treatments. Make Lucia’s Sculptra your secret to youthful-looking skin and book your appointment today.

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