4 different but sophisticated skin rejuvenation treatments - choose the best one for you after reading all about Sofwave, Thermage, Ultherapy and Accent Prime.

You may already know that non-surgical aesthetic treatments have become super popular in recent years because they give you an alternative to surgical or more invasive ones.
But how to choose the best one for your skin concerns and aesthetic goals?
That may be a real challenge.
We all have different skin concerns and need to find the most effective non-surgical treatment to deal with them. Every non-surgical treatment offers you different benefits.
In this guide, I’m going to help you understand how these top 4 non-surgical aesthetic treatments work – then you will be one step closer to choosing the best one for yourself.
Table of content:
1. How does Sofwave stimulate collagen production?
2. What are the advantages of Sofwave in improving skin laxity and texture?
3. What is Thermage and how does it work?
4. What are the benefits of Thermage treatment?
5. How does Ultherapy trigger collagen production?
6. What are the benefits of Ultherapy over other non-surgical facelift procedures?
7. What is Accent prime Face and how does it improve skin texture?
8. What are the advantages of Accent Prime for facial contouring and rejuvenation?
9. How do you choose the best non-surgical aesthetic procedure for yourself?


Sofwave a collagen-boosting non-invasive skin treatment - rejuvenate your skin with this customizable, effective and safe treatment that uses ultrasound energy.

Sofwave is a collagen-boosting champion that takes years off your face in a flash.
Let’s find out how it works.
Sofwave technology is super advanced – it uses ultrasound to trigger collagen production and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. It gives you a radiant and youthful-looking complexion.
It all happens because of powerful and yet gentle ultrasound waves. They are emitted into your skin to wake up your skin cells. These waves precisely target and heat the middle layer of the skin or the dermis – this is where collagen lies. The ultrasound waves pass through the surface of your skin and leave it unharmed. This is because this amazing procedure has a cooling system that doesn’t let the surface of your skin get burnt.
Your skin naturally responds to ultrasound waves and starts to produce collagen fibers. This important skin protein keeps your skin firm and youthful. Unfortunately, it starts to diminish as your skin matures. That’s the moment when you begin to notice wrinkles and saggy skin.  But Sofwave rescues your skin by kickstarting collagen production and thus makes your skin more resilient and firmer.


Sofwave is a powerful tool that can significantly improve your skin’s laxity and texture. Check out what you can expect during this advanced non-surgical aesthetic treatment.

#1 Consultation with Lucia Clinic’s skin therapist. You can’t avoid this step, because it’s the most important. Your skin therapist examines your skin and your concerns – wrinkles, sun damage, skin laxity and so on. Then you get a customized treatment plan that will work just for your skin issues and of course, bring you the best results.

#2 Preparations. Your skin therapist applies a numbing cream to your face and under the chin to ease the discomfort of the treatment. It stays there for about an hour and then the therapist removes it and applies ultrasound gel to your face – to help ultrasound waves travel through your skin.

#3 The treatment. Your skin therapist starts the treatment with lower energy and then gradually increases it if you can handle it. The therapist places the applicator on your forehead and keeps it there until you hear a beep. Then the applicator is moved to the next area until your entire face is covered. Remember that your therapist will guide you through the treatment and keep you safe and comfortable.

#4 Treatment sensations. You might feel mild warming sensations as the energy is delivered to your skin, but it is short and temporary. The treatment is quite quick – it can be finished in 30-40 minutes. Perfect if you have a busy schedule!

#5  Downtime. Since Sofwave is non-invasive there isn’t any. You get a soothing cream applied after it and you are free to go. Just keep away from the sun or use high SPF. That’s all.

#6 Outcomes. As your skin gets a lot of energy from Sofwave, it quickly regenerates the existing collagen and starts to produce the new one. You soon notice that your wrinkles are reduced and that your skin is better toned and smoother. The process of new collagen production starts to show in 12 weeks – then you can really enjoy your regenerated and youthful-looking skin.


If you really want a unique non-surgical treatment that lifts and tightens your skin without the downtime, pain or surgery then Sofwave is a great choice. This non-invasive aesthetic treatment has numerous advantages, next to requiring no recovery or causing no side effects.
Let’s check them out.
We are all different and have different skin and skin concerns – this is where Sofwave comes in handy. This aesthetic treatment is super versatile and highly customizable. You can treat your face, neck or decolletage – all depending on your aesthetic goals. It’s super precise – it boosts your skin where it needs it the most.

Sofwave is customized according to your skin type – it is safe for light or dark skin tones.

This is one of the greatest advantages of this procedure – it has become really popular among both men and women. And it can improve your skin laxity from mild to moderate one! You must admit that not many non-surgical treatments are that effective.
Let’s not forget that Sofwave brings you natural-looking results. Your own body produces collagen after this treatment stimulates it – there are no overboard results. Your skin looks beautifully enhanced, youthful and smooth. Talk about supreme-looking skin texture!
You may wonder if Sofwave is safe. But don’t, because it is. It is FDA-approved and proven to lift the skin on your eyebrows, mid-face, lower face, chin or neck. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines on your decolletage. So in terms of safety and versatility, Sofwave got it all covered.
With all these advantages it’s no wonder that Sofwave is so appealing. This non-surgical aesthetic procedure quickly improves your skin laxity and texture and brings you tighter and more youthful skin – all without much effort from your side.


Thermage the ultimate facial skin regeneration treatment - reverse signs of aging and contour your facial features with this advanced non-surgical treatment.

If you want to turn back time and reverse aging signs without going under the knife, then you can opt for non-invasive aesthetic treatment like Thermage. It’s a great shortcut – you get the results of a mini facelift but without surgery. It has created a lot of buzz in the beauty world because it effectively tightens your skin and gives you nicely contoured facial features.
What is behind the success of Thermage treatment?
Read the following to find out.
Thermage offers you a unique experience of non-invasive skin tightening using radiofrequency.

It uses safe radiofrequency energy that smooths and firms your skin and gives you that youthful glow that you so much desire.

This energy travels from the treatment applicator deep into your skin layers and heats them. These layers are super important because they contain collagen, an important protein that keeps your skin tight and young.
Thermage causes your collagen to contract – you immediately see and feel the skin-tightening effect.

It also triggers the production of new collagen which further makes your skin plump and tight.
You get completely natural looking, long lasting results

Your body needs some time to build more collagen so your skin improves gradually. The full results are there after 3 to 6 months – you can expect to look fabulous without recovery, downtime, side effects or cuts and bruises.
That’s the beauty of non-invasive treatments like Thermage.
If you are worried about getting burnt – don’t! Thermage has a cooling system that keeps the surface of your skin undamaged. So, you won’t end up looking as red as a lobster.
Another awesome feature of Thermage is that it uses CPT or Controlled Pulse technology. This technology also keeps you safe because the targeted area is precisely and effectively targeted with RF energy. That’s why you also feel more comfortable during the treatment.


If you are wondering what to expect during Thermage treatment, read the following.

#1 Consultation with Lucia Clinic’s skin therapist. The treatment can’t be done without this step (but you already know that). The skin therapist examines your skin and skin concerns and creates a customized treatment plan just for you – this ensures more than satisfying results.

#2 Preparation of your skin. Before the treatment starts, your face is carefully cleaned and a temporary grid with circles and squares is applied to it. This will guide the skin therapist during the treatment.

#3 The treatment. When it starts, the therapist places the applicator on your face and emits the RF energy. It is released as a pulse of heat. The therapist moves the applicator in a stamp motion across the whole targeted area until the end of the treatment.

#4 Treatment sensations. You might experience heat as the RF energy is delivered to your skin, but with each pulse of heat, there is a cooling sensation also – this keeps the surface of your skin protected and ensures your comfort.

#5 Duration of the treatment. It usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the treated area. That’s quite short, so this treatment is a great option for you if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

#6 Downtime. There isn’t any downtime after Thermage. You may have mild redness and swelling but nothing too significant. Best of all you can continue with your day right after. You can get a soothing cream applied after the treatment and high SPF to protect the skin from the sun. That’s all.

#7 Outcomes. You notice the first results right away – your skin feels tighter than before. Also, the results continue to improve and you gradually notice that your skin is getting better. It is firmer, smoother and more youthful – all this happens after one or two treatment sessions and lasts for more than a year.


As we already mentioned, Thermage is a non-surgical treatment that lifts and tightens your skin. It may sound as if it comes from a futuristic sci-fi film, but it actually zaps your skin with RF energy to improve it.
So, let’s check out those benefits.
First, since it’s non-invasive, there is no need for going under the knife and dealing with cuts and scars. There is no anesthesia (except for topical numbing cream), no recovery and no downtime. You firm your skin but you don’t need to take two weeks off work. You can continue with your day normally right after the treatment – it’s like a spa for your face.
Next, if you feel like your face is drooping or has sagged, Thermage will lift and tighten it and keep that collagen building up. So no more loose skin or wrinkles.
Thermage also improves your skin texture. It smooths out your skin and takes years off your face by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. It can also reduce acne scars – a big plus for this non-surgical aesthetic treatment. We all know how acne scars can be difficult to get rid of, but against Thermage they stand no chance. Your skin looks radiant, fresh, smooth and rejuvenated. Your face gets a makeover, without using makeup.
It’s safe and effective. If you are thinking that there must be a catch, don’t.

Thermage is FDA-approved which makes it safe for most patients.

It’s a very popular non-surgical aesthetic treatment, and if it weren’t so effective, people would soon see through it. But that’s not the case with Thermage – millions have tried it and seen that it provides long-lasting results.
It can be customized. This is a big advantage, especially if you have sensitive skin. There is no one-size Thermage that fits everyone – each patient gets his/her own bespoke treatment. That’s the beauty of advanced aesthetic treatments – that’s the beauty of Thermage. Your skin therapist can adjust the intensity of this non-surgical aesthetic treatment to suit your comfort.
The results are long-lasting. Okay, let’s clear something out – you can’t stop aging of your skin with Thermage, but you can certainly postpone it. Once you reach the final results, they can last for years. It’s all about the built-up collagen and elastin that will do their job of keeping your skin firm and smooth for a long long time. They just need a little boost from Thermage.
Thermage is a great alternative to a surgical facelift. Yes, you read it correctly – this non-surgical aesthetic treatment can achieve similar outcomes as surgery. Except that there is no recovery or scar healing – just smooth, tight and awesome-looking skin.


Ultherapy is the third of our 4 star non-surgical treatments. It works differently than Thermage to smooth and tighten your skin. It uses ultrasound technology to give you that rejuvenated look.
Let’s check out how.
We can say that Ultherapy is like a magic wand – it grants you the wish for youthful and plump skin.

With ultrasound energy, Ultherapy triggers collagen in your skin and starts its production.

Your body naturally builds up levels of this important protein. Collagen is the one that keeps your skin elastic and firm, but sadly it starts to decrease as your skin matures. This is where Ultherapy can help – its ultrasound energy heats the deepest layers of your skin and voila – collagen is activated!
Now, you must be wondering – how does ultrasound help my skin to look youthful and radiant? Isn’t ultrasound used to examine pregnant ladies? Yes, that is true, but ultrasound has other super cool usages – one of them is in aesthetic treatments. With Ultherapy, ultrasound stimulates collagen and gives you rejuvenated look.
Ultherapy treatment is quite straightforward. Your skin therapist applies gel to your targeted area and then uses a treatment applicator to emit ultrasound energy into your skin. This energy heats the skin tissue to the proper temperature which starts the collagen remodeling or production process. This non-surgical aesthetic treatment is super precise because your skin therapist can check your skin layers on the screen and send the energy to a precise depth. After the treatment, your collagen levels gradually build up and your skin gets tighter and more lifted. It looks rejuvenated.
Being a non-surgical aesthetic treatment is one of the best parts of Ultherapy. There are no cuts or scars or anesthesia, you don’t have to worry that you will walk out of the aesthetic clinic looking like a mummy (like after surgery). It is an effortless treatment where you just sit back and relax.
Also, you can get a fully customized Ultherapy treatment that will work especially for your aesthetic goals and skin concerns. Your skin therapist can adjust the level of ultrasound energy intensity so that you can feel more comfortable.  Your treatment plan can include specific areas on your face, neck or decolletage. If you have moderately loose skin on your chin, jaw or neck area, Ultherapy can easily fix that. Or it can lift your brow area and reduce wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. Whatever area you choose to treat with Ultherapy, it will be tighter and lifted.
Overall, Ultherapy is a safe and effective skin tightening and lifting treatment that will be like a time machine for your face.


If you are thinking about the Ultherapy treatment process, read the following to find out what you can expect.

Ultherapy, the ultimate bespoke facial skin rejuvenation - get best results from fully customized Ultherapy treatment, after consultation with skin therapist.


#1 Consultation with Lucia Clinic skin therapist. First, you come to Lucia Clinic so that your skin therapist can examine your skin and your concerns. Your skin condition will help the therapist choose the proper depth of ultrasound waves and thus give you the best results.

The key to best results of Ultherapy is skin preparation - before treatment your skin is carefully cleansed to remove all agents that interfere with treatment.

#2 Preparations. Lucia’s skin therapist cleans your face to remove makeup, oil or residue dirt.

The Ultherapy treatment doesn’t have to be uncomfortable - a topical numbing cream makes the experience of Ultherapy treatment very tolerable and comfortable.

Then the therapist applies a topical numbing cream to your face to ease the discomfort of the treatment.

Ultherapy treatment is comfortable and safe for the skin - before the treatment starts, topical numbing cream is removed after it thoroughly numbs your face.

After 15 to 20 minutes, the therapist removes the cream and marks the area that will be targeted. You are set for the treatment.

The key to Ultherapy is the careful marking of the area - preparations for the treatment ends with a precise marking of your facial area that will be addressed.

#3 The treatment. After applying ultrasound gel to the marked area, the therapist adjusts the parameters according to your skin type, concerns and selected treatment areas.

Ultherapy treatment ultrasound gel is applied to the face - to ease the emission of ultrasound energy, special ultrasound gel is applied to your treatment area.

A full customization singles out the Ultherapy treatment - this supreme treatment allows customization of precise parameters that fulfill your aesthetic goals.

First, the therapist starts with the setting that targets the deepest layers of the skin and then gradually reduces the depth to target the superficial layers of the skin.

A handheld Ultherapy applicator is used in the treatment - Ultherapy targets the deepest and more superficial layers of the skin according to your skin concerns.

The therapist moves the proper handheld applicator across the marked areas and emits pulses of energy. This energy triggers the production of collagen and tightens your skin.

Ultherapy ultrasound energy triggers collagen in the skin - pulses of energy are precisely monitored for the best and most natural-looking treatment results.

Your skin therapist can lower the intensity of the treatment if it becomes uncomfortable to you (a big plus for Ultherapy – it is fully customized to suit just you).

Ultherapy treatment applicator reaches all facial areas - according to your skin concerns and goals Ultherapy can even address the sensitive areas of your face.

Your skin therapist looks after your safety and comfort all the time and informs you about every step during the treatment (you are in good hands).

Ultherapy treatment is completely safe and non-invasive - your skin therapist can adjust the intensity of the ultrasound energy to suit your level of comfort.

Once all areas are covered, the treatment is finished and the therapist removes the rest of the gel from your face.

The Ultherapy treatment is very quick and straightforward - after an hour the treatment is finished and your face is cleaned from the rest of ultrasound gel.

#4 Treatment sensations. You may feel a funny feeling of thousands of mosquito bites under the skin – very fast and very shortly. That’s all. Remember that you get a numbing cream so the treatment is more than tolerable.

#5 After treatment. The therapist applies a cooling gel or serum to your face to soothe your skin and reduce the redness or swelling.
Ultherapy treatment doesn’t cause significant side effects - your skin is applied with a soothing cream that reduces any post-treatment redness or swelling.

You can get advice on how to care for your skin and maintain the results. Also, your therapist can recommend another treatment session in 6 months if necessary, but usually, one session is enough on yearly basis.
 #6 Downtime. There isn’t any significant downtime. You can continue with your daily activities right away because Ultherapy is a major time saver.

Ultherapy treatment doesn’t require downtime or recovery - you can continue with your daily routine right away and enjoy beautifully radiant and refreshed skin.

You can even squeeze this non-surgical aesthetic treatment into your lunch break. You will come back to work looking like you’ve just been on vacation.
#7 Outcomes. Immediately after the treatment, you feel that your skin is firmer, lifted and radiant. The best results will come gradually as your body produces more and more collagen. Your skin texture, tone and firmness will significantly improve.


If you want to lift and tighten your skin without surgery, sure there are numerous non-surgical facelift treatments to choose from. Ultherapy is a great choice and even though it has a lot of competition it still has a lot of advantages over other non-surgical procedures.
Let’s check them out.
A huge competition to Ultherapy in the world of non-surgical treatments is definitely BOTOX and Dermal Fillers. Botox is great in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines like Crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and frown lines. Dermal Fillers give your face youthful plumpness and symmetrical features. But this all applies if you get these treatments done by skilled and experienced doctors.
But what if you are not a fan of needles?
You are not alone. There are a lot of people who don’t feel comfortable around needles so non-surgical facelift procedures like BOTOX and Dermal Fillers are not a good choice for them. Another thing – these treatments require constant touch-ups to maintain the results.
Enters Ultherapy. This non-surgical aesthetic treatment doesn’t need needles or anesthesia. Plus – it gives you gradual and therefore natural-looking and beautiful results. It’s not like you completely change your look overnight. It triggers your collagen production which makes your skin better and better with time.
Ultherapy is certainly unique because its ultrasound energy targets deep layers in your skin. It can tighten and lift your skin more than some other non-surgical treatments. Dermal fillers can fill in your wrinkles but they can’t lift your saggy skin the way Ultherapy can.

 Ultherapy can even reach the layers of skin which are lifted during a surgical facelift – but without cuts and stitches.

You can greatly benefit from just one session of Ultherapy. If your skin is mildly loose, one treatment can provide satisfying and long-lasting results. This greatly saves you time – you don’t have to go to an aesthetic clinic so often. One session of Ultherapy is enough to make you look rejuvenated and youthful and keep the results for more than a year.
Ultherapy is quick and convenient – there is no waste of your time on downtime. Its session can be finished somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the treated area. And then you are free to continue with your busy schedule. You don’t have to take time off work or social interactions. And don’t worry about the side effects – they are minimal. Just mild redness, slight discomfort and swelling that resolves after a couple of hours. It’s a small price for wonderful results you can expect soon.
There you have it – Ultherapy brings you lifted, toned and beautiful-looking skin without the downtime and with the help of your own collagen.

Remember – natural-looking results are the most beautiful results.


Accent Prime, a superhero in skin-tightening treatments - firm your skin and contour facial features with this advanced non-invasive RF energy-based treatment.

We’ve come to the fourth non-surgical aesthetic treatment called Accent Prime. Now, this one is really magical – it tightens your skin and reduces stubborn fat pockets. It represents the ultimate face contouring procedure in the world of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. How does it work?
Let’s find out.
Accent Prime plus RF energy equals magic.
It’s a supreme beauty weapon if you want to contour your face and enhance your skin texture. It is based on radiofrequency energy that gives your skin a double blast – it reduces unwanted fat and rejuvenates your skin.
It actually zaps away unwanted fat cells.

With RF energy, Accent Prime heats up fat cells and breaks them down.

This energy is actually a type of electromagnetic energy that gently heats the skin tissue but it doesn’t damage the surface of your skin. Also, RF energy is very precise and it targets deeper layers in your skin where these fat pockets are.
These pesky fat pockets get destroyed and eliminated by your own body, through metabolic processes. You just flush away these destroyed fat cells and are left with a better-contoured and defined face. There are fewer localized fat deposits in your face. You say goodbye to unwanted fat cells once and for all.
This non-surgical aesthetic treatment enhances your best features and gives you a vibrant and youthful look. It’s like an artist – Accent Prime chisels away unwanted fat and eliminates double chin, defines your jawline or chin. Your face returns to its perfect balance and harmony – plus it looks radiant.
But that’s not all this non-surgical aesthetic treatment can do. Skin tightening is next on the list.

Again RF energy is the key here – it triggers collagen production in your skin and once it has built up, this important protein smooths out your wrinkles and lifts saggy skin.

RF energy is also gentle here – it heats the dermal layer of your skin and starts tightening your skin. What can you expect? Firm, smooth and youthful skin.
This way your skin tone and texture are significantly improved. Accent Prime boosts your skin to rejuvenate from the inside and outside. You must admit – that’s pretty impressiv! Your skin restores its elasticity and firmness. Have you found your fountain of youth? With Accent Prime, definitely yes.
So there you have it. Accent Prime can significantly improve your skin whether you want a slimmer double chin, contoured cheeks, firmer jawline or better skin texture on your neck or decolletage – this non-surgical aesthetic treatment got you covered.


If you want to find out what you can expect during this non-surgical aesthetic treatment, read the following steps.

#1. Consultation with a skin therapist. The first and most important step is meeting with your skin therapist. This way your skin is carefully examined together with your unique facial features. Also, you talk about your goals and concerns and get your own customized treatment plan. Your treatment plan includes skin rejuvenation and facial contouring – it can target your cheeks, jawline, forehead, neck or decolletage.

#2 Preparation of your skin. Before the procedure, your skin is cleaned and your skin therapist applies oil to your targeted area – just to ease the delivery of the RF energy to your skin.

#3 The treatment. The skin therapist takes the treatment applicator and gliding it over your skin. And then he/she starts delivering RF energy to your skin. Remember – the heat that is emitted through the applicator is controlled so it can’t harm the surface of your skin.

#4 Treatment sensations. You might experience a warm sensation on your skin while RF energy travels through it. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable, because the skin therapist can adjust the intensity to suit your comfort level.

#5 Duration of the treatment. A session may last between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the treated area. So it’s perfect if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to lose time on lengthy procedures.

#6 Downtime. Actually, there isn’t any – you can continue with your day right after the treatment. Just protect your skin from the sun with high SPF or avoid the sun altogether.

#7 Outcomes. They will come gradually. Your body needs to flush away destroyed fat cells and produce more collagen so it takes a little time to see the results. But don’t worry – you don’t have to wait too long. You will notice soon that your skin is tighter, more radiant and more youthful. Also, you will see how much your facial contours have improved.


As any other non-surgical aesthetic treatment, Accent Prime is gentle on your skin. And if you want to avoid a long recovery and side effects and still get great results then check out the other benefits of this treatment.
A great benefit of Accent Prime is that it can be fully customized to meet your needs. It can lift and tighten your chin, cheeks or saggy jowls. The RF energy can be adjusted to suit your comfort level and also to target the specific skin layers’ depth. That’s what makes this treatment so precise. Plus it has 3 different handpieces which singles it out and makes it highly customizable.
All this happens quickly and comfortably. With Accent Prime, beauty treatments don’t have to be painful – there is no need for downtime or anesthesia. You can even get this non-surgical aesthetic treatment during your lunch break and get back to your daily routine looking beautiful and refreshed. After a couple of treatment sessions you can notice how your skin quality is improving.

Accent Prime gives you natural-looking results that gradually get better and better.

Best of all, they are long-lasting and with regular touch-ups, you can keep your skin tight and rejuvenated for a long time. Your face will remain nicely contoured and your skin texture will be fabulous.
That’s it. Accent Prime is like a beauty superhero that targets unwanted fat cells to contour your features and rejuvenate your skin.


Working out which non-surgical aesthetic procedure is the best for your specific skin concerns and aesthetic goals may look like going through a huge beauty counter with so many wonderful options.
But don’t worry – read the following recommendations that may help you decide.
SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION WITH A SKIN EXPERT – this is the most important step when you are thinking about non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Lucia Clinic’s skin therapists are more than qualified and experienced to examine your skin and skin concerns and recommend the best treatment plan, customized according to your individual needs and expectations. They can bring you real and natural-looking results with minimal to no downtime and side effects.
KNOW THE FACTS – There is a lot of information online about all the procedures. However, if that feels too overwhelming then you can come to Lucia Clinic and find out the most appropriate non-surgical treatment from world-renowned skin experts.
THINK ABOUT YOUR AESTHETIC GOALS – It’s all about what you want to achieve with the treatment. You might want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines or improve skin laxity. Or maybe both. You may wonder how to rejuvenate your skin and improve skin tone and texture. When you identify your skin concerns you can easily choose the best non-surgical aesthetic treatment that will bring you the desired results.
 THINK ABOUT DOWNTIME – If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to take a long time off work then choosing non-surgical aesthetic treatment is a great option. These treatments require minimal to no downtime – this is a big plus for you if you have a busy schedule.

Remember – having your non-surgical aesthetic treatment done by an expert goes a long way in terms of results and comfort.

And finally,

LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS – After meeting with Lucia Clinic’s skin therapist you will feel comfortable and sure that the chosen aesthetic treatment will bring you exceptional results. Everything is important when determining which treatment is best for you – your skin type, skin concerns and aesthetic goals.
In the end, we are all different – one aesthetic treatment may work for your friend but perhaps the same treatment isn’t as effective for you.
That’s why consulting with Lucia Clinic’s skin therapists will help you to feel confident that you have chosen the best non-surgical aesthetic procedure for yourself – whether that treatment is Thermage, Ulterapy, Accent Prime or Sofwave.
That’s it. This is my guide to top 4 non-surgical aesthetic procedures. For additional questions, call Lucia Clinic today.