Plastic surgeries, men feel confident and look their best - consider liposuction, gynecomastia and other surgeries just for yourself and your aesthetic goals.

For years, plastic surgery was the thing for the ladies. But now that notion is a thing of the past. More and more men of all walks of life are considering plastic surgeries for one simple reason – to look good. With increased fitness and physical health levels, men want their appearance to mirror their vitality and how alive they feel on the inside. And that deserves enormous respect.

There are numerous plastic surgeries that help men feel more confident but still keep their masculinity- full-face rejuvenation, liposuction, eyelid surgery,  gynecomastia surgery and pecs enlargement are just the start of the list.

Let’s talk about these plastic surgeries and what they can do for men.


This plastic surgery is an awesome solution for aging signs like wrinkles around your eyes and mouth and sunken cheeks. It restores the volume of your face without making it too plump or feminine. This is where the true artistry of a plastic surgeon is shown – this surgery can make your face looks youthful again but without losing your masculinity and changing your facial features too much. Moreover, this plastic surgery is totally natural -your own excess fat is extracted from one area of your body with liposuction and then injected into key points in your face to rejuvenate it.  There is no way you could get an allergic reaction – there are no foreign agents just your own fatty tissue. We could say that fat grafting is the most biocompatible dermal filler.

What is the other benefit of this plastic surgery? It makes the donor site or the area from which the fat was taken slimmer and better-contoured. So for example, if you had stubborn fat deposits on your waist you can easily eliminate them and use them to make your face younger-looking and refreshed. That’s how much this surgery can bring you, aside from completely natural-looking results and a short recovery period. Short downtime can also play a major role here – the surgery is far less invasive than some others are so you don’t have to take too much time off work or social interactions.


Now we are getting to the core – liposuction can change the way you look but still keep you looking like a man. Looking too curvy or feminine after liposuction is out of the picture – with the unique craft of plastic surgeon you will just improve your masculine shape. With this procedure, you can, for example, eliminate those stubborn fat pockets on your waist and abdomen and get a more manly or so-called V-shaped middle area. Or you can eliminate a double chin and get a more prominent jaw line. Liposuction is versatile plastic surgery and offers you solutions for different body areas- thighs, arms, back, knees or calves. It’s all up to you and the body part you want to make slimmer and better-contoured.

The good news is that there are many different types of liposuction that are less invasive and don’t require a long recovery period. There are even those that can be performed with just local anesthesia, like Tumescent lipo. That’s the gold standard surgery for fat elimination – it leaves less scarring, is less painful and puts you back on your feet in just a few days. The best part – it achieves brilliant results. The treated area is smoother and contoured perfectly for your weight and body type. Let’s mention once more that liposuction helps you feel more confident about the way you look and while preserving or improving your masculine body shape.



The eyes are one of the first facial areas that show signs of aging. From drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes to wrinkles and fine lines, this area can make you look older than you actually feel. Eyelid surgery can reduce these aging signs and help you get a more awake look in your eyes. What is the key concern about this surgery? It is providing natural and age-appropriate results. And keeping in mind that male eyes are different than female eyes. So, having a consultation with the plastic surgeon is crucial. He examines your eyes and pays attention to your needs and expectations from the surgery. To make sure that the results of your eyelid surgery will look natural, the surgeon customizes the procedure to meet your needs. Even though eyelid surgery is a delicate procedure, when you are in the hands of a highly qualified surgeon you will end up with nothing but exceptional results. Natural results mean that you will still look like yourself after the surgery, just more youthful, awaken and refreshed. That’s how much this surgery can improve your appearance.

Once the saggy skin is lifted, under-eye bags are eliminated and fat deposits in the upper and lower eyelids are reduced you will enjoy a totally rejuvenated appearance of your eyes that will still match the rest of your face.



For some men achieving feminine results from plastic surgery is not what bothers them, but already having feminine features is the problem. That’s the case with gynecomastia or enlarged male breast tissue. If you desire to have a more masculine chiseled chest, gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction is your solution then.

This plastic surgery, reserved just for you gents, enables you to reduce breast size and get defined chest contours. The surgeon removes fat, skin and excess glandular tissue using liposuction or a breast tissue removal technique. Again, during the consultation, the surgeon determines if your enlarged breasts are caused just because of stubborn fat deposits that can’t go away no matter how many pecks exercises you do. Or if your gynecomastia problem is caused by excess glandular tissue. In either case, the surgeon creates a customized treatment plan that will work just for you and meet your expectations from the surgery.

And the benefits of this surgery are numerous- both cosmetic and medical. You can wear more flattering and fitting clothes without being self-conscious about your chest appearance. Talk about an increase in your self-confidence. Other than that, your posture improves – once the excess fat is removed, you can finally keep your spine straight and shoulders back. Also, your new flatter and more defined chest will keep you motivated to stay fit and keep your better-shaped figure. Running or playing basketball, for example, won’t be a problem anymore. On the whole, gynecomastia surgery will bring you something you have always wanted – you will feel masculine again.



We can all agree that a man with muscular pecs and chiseled abs is found attractive. But sometimes you can spend hours lifting weight and working out and fail to define your pecks. They still remain flat and weak. If this is true for you, then getting a pecks enlargement surgery is something to consider. It can dramatically change your appearance and help you boost confidence about the way you look.

You have two options here – you can either choose to have pecks enlargement with fat grafting surgery or do it with implants. Both ways are safe and have their advantages. With fat grafting, you can slim and sculpt one area of your body and enhance the other – in this case, your chest. This is an ideal solution provided that you have those extra fat deposits on your abdomen or waist, for example, that the surgeon can extract with liposuction and inject into the area that surrounds your pecs. This way, you get nicely sculpted and more prominent pectoral muscles. You can achieve fully natural-looking results and don’t fear any adverse reactions. Bottom line is that you trim your waist or lower back and enlarge your pecks with one surgery.

If on the other hand, you don’t have excess fat deposits then getting pecs implants will do the trick. Implants are made of silicone gel and once they are inserted, they extend the depth of your muscles and make them look better defined and more chiseled. The results are long-lasting and with newer generations of implants, you don’t have to replace them.

Also, pecs implants come in different shapes and sizes to fit your anatomy. You can talk to the surgeon about the right implant size that will bring you the desired enlargement. After the surgery, your pecs feel natural and nobody needs to notice that you got them. With the right insertion technique, your pecs will stay symmetrical and in tune with the rest of your body.

Both types of surgeries improve your body proportions but in a completely natural way.


It’s crucial to develop good communication with your plastic surgeon. During your consultation you can explain in detail why you want to have a specific plastic surgery and what are your expectations from it. Just be fully open – the surgeon will take all your needs and goals from the surgery into consideration. But to be fully open, you need to feel safe and trust your plastic surgeon – then the achieved results from the surgery will be as you expected.

The surgeon will also ask you about your health, previous medical history and current medications. It’s also important to be open in this part of the consultation – not sharing some important detail about your health could interfere with your recovery. You definitely don’t want that to happen. Finally, the surgeon will explain the procedure in detail and tell you about the recovery protocol. All in all, ask as many questions as you wish about your surgery – remember that getting plastic surgery may not be an easy decision but it’s yours and only yours.



The first couple of days and weeks after your plastic surgery are important for faster recovery and of course great results. You should follow all recommendations from your plastic surgeon and you are good to go. Arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery and keep an eye on you for at least the first 24 hours. Get enough rest. Wear appropriate compression garments. Take time off work. Take time to fully heal. Then you will be fully satisfied with the outcomes. Luckily, with innovative techniques that make plastic surgeries less invasive, the recovery period doesn’t have to last too long. The best thing comes after recovery – the confidence you feel after your new and improved appearance is precious.

To find out which plastic surgery is the right one for you schedule a consultation with Lucia’s plastic surgeon.