July offer, plastic surgery, Thermage CTP or Accent Prime - get complimentary consultation with plastic surgeon, firm your skin or recontour facial features.

The summer is here and you have probably already changed into lighter clothes, tossed high SPF and headed for the beach. But, how about doing a little tweaking on your bodies? Just to get that peach-perfect summer look. Lucia Clinic is thinking of you this July. It is presenting you an exclusive offer on plastic surgery, Thermage CTP and Accent Prime treatments – treatments that will take care of your facial and body skin and improve those unwanted imperfections.

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Are you thinking about plastic surgery this summer? The time couldn’t be more perfect to get all your questions answered because Lucia Clinic is offering initial complimentary consultation with the Head of the plastic surgery department. We are all different and have different bodies. We all have our own insecurities when it comes to our bodies and sometimes we simply can’t get rid of stubborn fat pockets no matter how much we exercise and keep a proper diet. Or we would like to shape different body and facial areas a bit better – maybe to remove aging signs or maybe to enhance breasts, buttocks or pecs and feel more confident. But, it’s not easy to choose the right plastic surgery procedure – the one that will bring us great results, help us feel youthful again and give us the chance to finally enjoy our bodies to the fullest.

And who could help you make the right decision about the right plastic surgery procedure better than Lucia’s world-renowned surgeon? A consultation gives you an opportunity to meet the doctor, ask him all the questions you have and decide which procedure is right for you. You will get the full attention of the doctor during a complimentary consultation. He will ask you what you want to change on your body or face and why you want to change it. Also, the doctor will keep in mind your goals and expectations. So, plastic surgery consultation is a two-way conversation that helps you learn about surgical procedures that can address your body concerns.

Among different plastic surgeries, the doctor will advise you on the best one for your body imperfections. You can decide to have facial rejuvenation, breast adjustment or different body areas lift – it’s all up to you. All plastic surgeries are different and address different body or facial issues but what makes them the same is the doctor’s expertise and creativity to customize each and every surgery to fit each and every client. Above all, special and precise techniques guarantee fast recovery and brilliant results.

During your consultation with Lucia’s plastic surgeon, you will feel like you are in the right place. This is important because it helps you relax and make the right decision. The surgeon listens to you carefully and understands your concerns and goals. He focuses on achieving the best results for you and suggests only the procedures that will meet your expectations. Also, you will feel at ease once the surgeon explains in detail what each procedure can do for you.

Another thing that is important is to feel comfortable while you are sharing your personal details with the surgeon. This is not always pleasant but you will feel at ease while talking about your medical history and about all the concerns you have. Finally, the surgeon will carefully examine your problem areas and create a customized treatment plan that will work especially for you.

Start your exciting journey towards the body you have always wanted with Lucia’s special offer on plastic surgery.

Another awesome treatment you can try out this July is Thermage CPT for the face and body – a brilliant skin tightening procedure.

Is your facial skin starting to look saggy? Then Thermage for the face is a great solution – it is a non-invasive treatment that is also known as a non-surgical facelift. There are no needles, incisions or complications only a high rate of successful results. This treatment can improve your skin on the face and tighten your cheeks, lift drooping eyebrows and jawline and overall sculpt your facial contours. It also rejuvenates the face because it eliminates wrinkles and fine lines and creases around your mouth or nose – it makes the skin smoother and more youthful-looking.

But that’s not all – Thermage can be also used on the body and tighten the skin on your hands, abdomen, buttocks, flanks, thighs or legs. That’s how versatile this treatment is. This is an amazing benefit of this treatment because it can address aging signs in any area of your body – not just the face. It is especially effective after pregnancy because it can firm the skin on the tummy and help you feel more confident about your body shape. The wrinkled skin after liposuction or weight loss becomes smooth and firm. It can even target stretch marks and reduce their appearance. One more thing – Thermage CPT for the body can smooth out uneven and dimpled skin and reduce cellulite.

After Thermage CPT there is no downtime. This is a great benefit of this treatment because you don’t have to spend a lot of time on recovery. You can continue with your daily routine right away. That’s because Thermage CPT is non-invasive and uses Comfort Pulse technology that makes it even more comfortable than before. You will be able to enjoy summer to the fullest after just a couple of days post-procedure – you don’t have to wait long.

During this treatment, a safe RF energy is used to tighten loose skin. It travels deep into your skin but it doesn’t damage the top layer -you feel the heat in the inner layers but you feel the cooling on the surface layer. This protects the surface layer of the skin from any damage or discomfort that you would otherwise feel during the treatment.

Thermage CPT is so effective in skin tightening because it remodels your existing collagen and also triggers the production of the new one. And we all know that collagen is the one that keeps your skin nice and firm. The emitted heat starts your skin’s healing process with gentle vibration directed to the damaged tissue. The vibrations vary in their power and safely increase the collagen level in your tissues. As a result, your skin gets restructured and restores its smoothness and suppleness. It becomes tighter and subtly lifted.

With Thermage CPT you get nothing but natural-looking results. Since it stimulates the production of collagen it naturally improves the skin texture. You can notice the first results after the initial session but the best part is that the results continue to improve over the period of six months. Your skin becomes firmer and firmer as collagen builds up in the skin tissue. Moreover, the results are long-lasting – the effects of Thermage CPT can be seen for up to two years.

And finally, this July you can try out Accent Prime treatment and recontour your facial features.

Accent Prime will make you look gorgeous. It is the most advanced treatment for cosmetic enhancement, skin tightening and face contouring. It simultaneously uses the benefits of RF energy and ultrasound to rejuvenate your facial skin and make it firmer. It helps you fight against gravity and aging – ultrasound reduces fat cells underneath your skin and makes your face appear slimmer and nicely contoured. RF energy triggers the production of collagen and tightens your skin. With this dual technology, you get double benefit – you eliminate stubborn fat deposits and tighten your skin. Your natural beauty gets revealed without downtime and discomfort.

Accent prime recontours your face in a safe way. It can do so much for your skin in just one treatment session. It is non-invasive and doesn’t harm the surface layer of your skin. The downtime is really short – you can continue with your daily routine really fast. It is also perfect if you have a busy schedule because it is fast and comfortable. You will get a customized treatment plan that will work especially for you and your skin concern – this ensures the best treatment outcomes.

You will return your confidence with Accent Prime. There are so many advantages of this procedure. It eliminates wrinkles and fine lines, lifts your facial skin in a subtle manner and tightens loose skin. It effectively reverses aging signs and makes your face youthful-looking again. If you are having trouble eliminating a double chin or firming loose skin on your neck, Accent Prime will effectively reduce fat pockets under your chin and make your face appear slimmer. The new collagen will firm the skin on your neck and make it smoother. As the collagen builds up, your skin becomes more resilient to aging.

Your skin will get smoother and firmer in a flash. You will include Accent Prime in your skincare routine once you see its amazing results. This unique treatment is one of the most effective procedures for antiaging, skin tightening and facial contouring. Once the collagen is built up, your face looks radiant and has a healthy glow. You will love this treatment because it prepares your skin for future aging with the abundance of collagen. Collagen will keep your skin structured, firm and nicely contoured.


This summer you can finally bring your body and facial features to perfection. With complimentary consultation with Lucia’s plastic surgeon, you can easily decide which procedure to choose and enhance your body or facial areas. With Thermage CPT your skin on the face or body will get firmer, smoother and rejuvenated. Or opting for Accent Prime treatment will take your skincare to the next level – your face will look refreshed, radiant and youthful. The results you achieve will be natural-looking and of course long-lasting – they will last way after the summer season is over. It’s the right time to do something for yourself and get rid of all body or facial imperfections that have been bothering you. With Lucia’s team to guide you, you will feel at ease during the procedures and wonder why you haven’t tried them before.

Don’t miss out on the chance to schedule your appointment at Lucia Clinic this summer.