Soprano Titanium, Soprano Ice and laser hair removal tips - make your hair removal routine easier and faster with Lucia Clinic’s tips about laser hair removal.

Today I am going to show you why Laser hair removal is the best long-term solution for the elimination of unwanted body hair.

In fact, I am going to tell you how this treatment changed my life in terms of saving my time, and nerves.


  1. Save your time and nerves
  2. Choose the right laser hair removal treatment or more precisely the right device
  3. Catch the hair at the right moment
  4. Get a patch test – just to be sure
  5. Prepare before your appointment
  6. Take good care of your skin after laser hair removal
  7. Be consistent with your laser hair removal treatment plan
  8. Find the best clinic for you – let it be your beauty sanctuary



let’s discuss how laser hair removal can save your time - in the long run.
The patient is having a treatment session on his neck

Yes, this first thing is absolutely important. Following your hair grooming regime, almost every day is really dreadful and tiring. I, personally am not a fan of grown-out hair, and if I didn’t tackle it every day it started creeping out from every corner. Laser hair removal changed my life – I don’t have to worry about wearing a short skirt because my legs are silky smooth now. I feel so relaxed about it now!

So, let’s discuss how laser hair removal can save your time – in the long run.

But, actually, let me just tell you how much time we actually spend removing pesky hair with different methods – just to compare.


There are different ways of shaving – a quick one, in the shower when you are in a major hurry. You are probably already late and when you finish and want to wear your short skirt you can’t because you have missed a few patches of hair or God forbid, cut yourself. So, has your hair grooming method succeeded? No. And now you lose even more time because you have to re-do it or find something else to wear. On average you spend about 5 minutes on a quick shave.

Shaving is painless, I grant you that, but you may get ingrown hair – pretty painful and awful-looking. Talk about losing your nerves when this happens – definitely a downside to this grooming method.

Of course, you can do it more precisely with the use of a tone of shaving cream. But, let’s face it we don’t do it so often.

All in all, when you add up you spend about 35 hours shaving a year, depending on whether you do it every day or every other day.


It all depends on which area you are waxing, but let’s say that you are grooming your legs, bikini zone and underarm area. This takes about an hour to cover. And you probably need to do it once a month if you want to maintain your smooth skin. But, you need to add additional time to schedule the appointment and drive to the salon and back – that’s roughly another hour. I forgot to mention – it can hurt like crazy! And burn your skin if an inexperienced person is doing your treatment. Also, you need a bit of grown hair if you want waxing to be successful. So if you desire silky smooth skin all the time this is not a good option.

When you add up everything, you spend roughly 18 hours a year on waxing.

I can also mention,


They are quick, I admit, but can be messy when used. Don’t forget that they can contain some pretty harsh chemicals and smell awful. The effects – not very lasting. Two or three days and you must do it again. The skin is silky smooth because you do remove all the hair but you must constantly repeat it. So you spend a lot of time doing it – perhaps similar to shaving.

TIP: If you have  sensitive skin, steer clear of depilatory creams. You don’t want to end up  with red or burned skin.


This device can easily remove hair but can be quite uncomfortable. And you need to use them every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain smooth skin, but again similar to waxing, you need to let your hair grow a bit to effectively remove it with epilators. It can last really long to cover all your areas, and it can really hurt when you are treating sensitive areas like the underarm or bikini zone. Another thing – you can also end up with ingrown hairs, so again you lose your nerves when this happens.

Regarding time, it can be compared to waxing. The only difference is that you don’t spend additional time traveling to the salon, because you do it at home.


Let’s say that getting laser hair removal on your whole legs, underarm and bikini zone lasts for about an hour. There are some differences in duration depending on your hair type and thickness. And you need a maximum of 10 sessions to permanently destroy unwanted hair.

So, let’s roughly add it up – 10 hours – every 4-6 weeks plus occasional touch-up treatment if necessary. It’s very simple -you just pop up to the clinic, get your treatment session done and continue with your daily routine. On the whole, you save a lot more time and constantly enjoy your silky smooth skin. Just imagine how much nerves you will preserve being relaxed when it comes to wearing whatever you want especially in the summer.

I previously mentioned the problem of ingrown hairs. Good news – with laser hair removal there aren’t any.

 TIP: If you are prone to ingrown hair,  laser hair removal is the only effective method of eliminating them fast.

The laser hits the root of the problem – the hair follicle. It destroys the follicle so it can’t grow hair. With no hair, there is no ingrown hair – it’s that simple. You will never have to worry about unsightly bumps on your legs for example – they will be beautifully smooth.

I admit – it’s not an overnight solution, but it is so worthwhile in the end. Once you start your laser hair removal journey you will notice the results really soon – your unwanted hair is disappearing, the remaining hair is lighter and not so visible. The final result may take a while to notice but it will be permanent.



You have been given a gift of choice – there are so many different laser hair removal treatments that you can surely find the right one for you. I will inform you about the two most popular and effective ones after talking about them with everyday people and collecting their experiences with these two treatments.

If you are like me – not a fan of fine print, you have probably tried to get rid of undesirable body hair for ages. Depilatory creams, razors, electrolysis, waxing, have their benefits, but they lack the crucial one – they are not permanent.

But, the following two treatments will greatly reduce your unwanted hair – you will love them!


Laser Hair removal treatment with Soprano Titanium

The patient is having Laser Hair removal treatment with Soprano Titanium in a safe and comfortable environment

Let’s just quickly cover some of the technical sides of this device.

This is la creme de la creme among laser hair removal devices. It is the latest generation and represents a revolution in laser hair removal because it’s pain-free, it’s fast and most importantly it’s super effective.

It has been patented by the Alma company so you can be sure that it combines comfort and functionality.

It uses the SHR system which stands for super hair removal. It’s a diode laser that creates a focused beam of light that targets its goal – melanin in the hair follicle. SHR slowly heats the top layer of the skin and when it reaches the proper temperature it destroys the follicle and with that the hair.

It combines IN-Motion technology and ICE plus cooling tips and makes sure that the surface of your skin is comfortable and cool.

Another cool thing about this treatment is that it has a large 4 square centimeters applicator that treats large areas of the body really really fast – this is something completely new in the world of laser hair removal. Also, it makes sure that missed areas are minimal.

 TIP: If you have a dark or tanned skin tone Soprano  Titanium won’t damage your skin surface.

That’s how exceptional this treatment is. We know that dark skin melanin is more sensitive to heating so laser hair removal is not always a good choice. But Soprano Titanium beats other treatments – SHR slowly heats the skin surface and there is no possibility to burn it. This fact is what makes Soprano Titanium the only safe laser treatment for dark skin tones.

TIP: Start with Soprano Titanium laser  hair removal even if the summer is approaching.

This treatment is safe to be done at any time of the year.



Soprano Titanium laser hair removal treatment

The patient is having an effective Soprano Titanium laser hair removal treatment

Usually when asked why they chose to get Soprano Titanium laser hair removal they say because they hated their unwanted hair and wanted to get rid of them fast, painlessly and finally in an effective way. All that is possible with this amazing treatment. They also say that once most hair is destroyed you don’t have to go 2 to 3 times a month to your waxing appointment, or use a razor every other day – you just get so relaxed because you don’t have to worry about pesky hair. One more thing – they could have their treatment even in the summer because it’s safe and there are no side effects. After finishing with a session they could go on vacation right away – you don’t need to plan your summer holiday according to treatment sessions. Not having to shave every day at the seaside was already a big motive for deciding to have this treatment.

This treatment really made their life easier.


Others, especially women with darker skin tones could finally have laser hair removal because Soprano Titanium has all three wavelengths and affects both the melanin and hemoglobin – this is what makes it safe for all hair types. The laser recognizes fair hair on fair skin and dark hair on darker skin. This used to be a problem for fair skin people because the laser didn’t catch thin and very fine and fair hair.


Another thing that is awesome about the treatment and that attracted a lot of people is that it is super fast. After the ultrasonic gel is applied to the targeted area, the laser applicator is moved really quickly across that area – that’s the IN-motion technique. Because of the integrated cooling system, at the start of the treatment, the patient feels only a cold sensation. After a few seconds, the laser starts to get warmer but when it becomes hot, the treatment is over. So there are no burns or hyperpigmentation.


The way how the treatment is so simple, made a lot of people love it. You just come to the clinic, have a consultation with the treatment therapist who examines your skin and hair and sets the laser parameters and that’s it. The treatment can be finished in a few minutes and you are good to go. You just schedule your next treatment session and continue with your lunch break. That’s how easy it is to have this treatment done.


This is the best part of the treatment – after a single session, you can see the first results 2 to 3 weeks post-treatment.  This is the time when your hair would grow again normally but you notice for example while showering, that the treated hair is falling off and almost one-third of the hair disappears. So, after 4 to 6 sessions 90% of your hair is gone. That’s pretty cool! And that’s what made this treatment so popular and beloved by many people. They finally could enjoy silky smooth skin all the time.

TIP: If you have a history  of ingrown hair, this treatment will put a stop to it once and for all.

Moreover, it improves the general state of your skin, eliminates pimples and other imperfections. While you are waiting for your next session you will notice that your hair is thinner and the periods when the hair doesn’t grow at all are massively increased


Laser hair removal treatment with Soprano Ice

The patient is having a safe and effective Laser hair removal treatment with Soprano Ice

This is another brilliant hair removal treatment. Soprano ICE laser is an advanced device that really takes hair removal procedures to the next level. It has various wavelengths which makes it suitable for most skin types and hair types. It includes SHR technology and an IN-motion technique that keeps the surface of the skin cool and safe from overheating. It is safe, fast and effective.

Soprano ICE laser lets you treat all body areas and finally put a stop to unwanted hair. It gives you beautifully smooth skin from face to bikini zone to feet.

Its goal is hair follicles – the laser changes the energy from light to heat which detects the root of the follicle and destroys it. It needs the heat to work properly but it is virtually painless because there is a lower amount of energy that is pulsed 10 times a second. Once destroyed, the hair follicle can grow hair anymore – so it’s goodbye pesky hair forever.

As with any other laser hair removal treatment you can’t wax, tweeze or pluck the hair in between two sessions. Remember – the laser needs the follicle to destroy it properly.

After the initial series of sessions, if some persistent hair still grows back, you can easily solve this with touch-up treatment. This hair will be much thinner and finer in texture so the touch-up treatment can be finished fast.

There are some shortcomings of this laser – it doesn’t work on white, grey or ginger hair. This is because it needs melanin to destroy the follicle. Also, very fine and thin hair won’t be affected by this laser because it doesn’t have enough density. But otherwise, it works like a charm.

Most clients see positive results after just few treatments, but for the best results, you might need 8 to 12 treatment sessions.


Lucia Clinic’s Skin Therapist demonstrating the Soprano Ice device

Lucia Clinic’s Skin Therapist is demonstrating the Soprano Ice device

Again one of the biggest reasons why people chose this treatment is the removal of all unwanted hair once and for all. It is simple and so easily fitted into everyday life – you just pop to the clinic every six weeks, get your treatment and carry on with your daily routine. You don’t need to let your hair grow like with some other methods (waxing or epilation), you can just shave.


This is what actually makes your life much easier. Each patient gets a customized treatment plan that includes the patient’s tolerance to the heat. You just get ultrasonic gel applied to your targeted area, in order to transport the laser energy and the therapist swiftly moves the applicator over the area. It is quickly over – for example when doing underarm it can be over in less than a minute. This area is sensitive and some say that they do feel a bit more heat because the hair is coarser here but it is definitely tolerable. Also, when done on bikini zone you again feel a bit more heat because the hair is also coarser in this area but nothing you can’t tolerate.

When doing shins, on the other hand, the therapist first marks the grid to be super precise when moving the applicator. This area is not so sensitive so you just feel a warm sensation without burning or tingling.

All in all the treatment is comfortable, some people feel it more but that’s just because we are all different and have different skin and different pain thresholds.


This is another thing that makes Soprano ICE treatment super popular. It can even be performed in the summer and on tanned skin. So, again people can go on their summer holiday whenever they want to -they don’t have to plan them according to the treatment sessions or have their sessions only during cold weather.


Finally, this is the best thing about this treatment – after a couple of weeks post-treatment, the hair starts to fall off. To get the best results you need between 6 and 12 sessions, but that’s all individual.

The laser works best for people with light skin tone and dark hair – the dark hair absorbs more heat and destroys the hair follicle. If you have lighter hair the laser will still bring you great results- you only need a few extra sessions. It’s just that lighter hair has less pigment and the laser works the best if the hair has more pigment, meaning the hair is darker.

The laser also works well if you have a darker skin tone it’s just that darker skin will steal away some of the laser energy. Again you will achieve great results with a couple of extra sessions.

It all boils down to this that people are so happy to have found this laser hair reduction treatment. They go relaxed to their sessions and don’t dread because of pain – it is completely tolerable and safe.

So, there you have it – it’s definitely a good idea to learn the facts about Laser hair removal devices and then choose the right one for yourself – this way you greatly save time, nerves, energy and of course money.



treatment applicator

The skin therapist is gliding the treatment applicator swiftly over the patient’s back

At first, this sounded like an SCI-FI to me because laser is laser – energy, heat and it’s all over. But pretty soon I realized that when you treat your hair with a laser at the right moment of the hair growth, you get the best results. And it is simple to do it.

Hair is actually the one thing on your body that comes and goes easily. But, we all know that ‘easy go’ doesn’t describe stubborn hair that we need to deal with regularly in different ways – waxing, shaving, epilation, plucking. Whichever way you choose – it’s annoying, time-consuming and boring.

With laser hair removal, you just need to have your hair at the correct growth cycle and the magic happens.

Our body is covered with a lot of hair – 5 million to be precise. And it doesn’t grow at the same controlled time – it’s pretty much every hair for itself. This actually means that each hair has its own growth cycle, or better yet – three cycles.

Cycle number one – ANAGEN

This is the growth cycle.

Cycle number two – CATAGEN

This one is a phase between rest and growth.

Cycle number three – TELOGEN

This is the resting phase.

When the hair is in the second and third phases it is not good for laser removal because it doesn’t grow at these stages because it doesn’t get nourishment. The laser can’t affect it because this hair is already shedding. So the laser can’t reach the hair follicle and destroy it.

So, in order for the laser to work the hair needs to be in anagen or growth phase – it is fixed in the hair follicle.

The hair is growing and getting all the nourishment it needs. The body doesn’t shed this hair and when the laser energy travels to this hair, the melanin absorbs the light and turns it into heat. The heat goes to the hair follicle and destroys it – the hair doesn’t grow anymore. And that’s our goal.

It might look like a challenge to deal with 5 million hair and only some of them in the growing phase. But you solve this with more sessions until all hair has reached the anagen phase and can be destroyed at its follicle. That’s what makes laser hair removal effective – it doesn’t stop until each and every hair is caught.


It’s very simple – just pass across your skin with your hand and if you can feel your hair that’s it.

In the growing phase, you can see your hair above your skin because it is attached to the papilla which is a part of the hair follicle. The papilla is like a dent that resembles a knob at the base of the follicle. So, as already mentioned the laser will be effective in destroying the hair follicle if the hair is in the anagen phase. This phase lasts for 2 to 3 weeks, well at least when we talk about the body and facial phase.

This brings us to the question of why it is necessary to have more treatment sessions. In order to remove as much hair as possible in the treated area, the laser needs to hit the follicles. So, you need to come to your treatments every six weeks so that the laser can destroy the follicles that were previously resting and at the time of your appointment they reached the anagen phase. And so on until the majority of the hair gets eliminated, which happens approximately after 6 sessions. But, remember every skin and hair is different so you might need fewer or more treatment sessions to get that silky smooth skin.

A couple of months after my last session I had an unpleasant situation – some unknown, already treated hair started growing again. What’s that? I thought. Haven’t I got rid of all unwanted hair?

But I found out that this sometimes happens.

Some follicles rest for months. Why? Not sure about it. The telogen phase is quite uncertain – sometimes the hair can start growing after a couple of days and sometimes it doesn’t grow for a year. Why is this important for your laser hair removal? If hair starts growing again from these follicles and you thought that these follicles were destroyed by laser, don’t think that there was something wrong with your treatment. This hair was simply not seen and the laser simply couldn’t do its thing.

I didn’t want to go back to my previous hair grooming methods but I wanted my skin to be silky smooth again.

And then it hit me – touch-up treatment.

Since this is a completely normal thing you can get a touch-up treatment and destroy these few undesirable pesky hairs. Easy and simple – and your silky skin is back again.



Laser hair removal

The patient is having Laser hair removal in a safe environment

When I decided to start my laser hair removal journey, there were several things I needed to take care of regarding my skin. There aren’t a lot of preparations for the first and every sequent session but still in order to get the best results, follow a few simple tips.


This is something you should definitely do prior to having your first laser hair removal session because we are all different and have different types of skin. The therapist actually examines your skin and determines which treatment is the best for you – this way the precise parameters can be set to match the laser energy to your hair color and ofcourse not burn or otherwise damage your skin.


This is something you need to be straight with. Some medications can interfere with the effectiveness of the laser or they can make your skin more sensitive – you can more easily get burned.

One medication that you should stop taking 12 months before your first laser treatment is Accutane. Your skin becomes really photosensitive because of this medicine and you can get burns or blisters.

Other medications like some types of antibiotics can also make your skin sensitive to light – it’s best to postpone your laser treatment until you are finished with them. Generally, you can start with the treatment 7 to 10 days after your last dose – antibiotics should be out of your system by then.

You can also have a patch test but it’s not mandatory.

The patch test is done only if the Skin Therapist decides it’s necessary or you really believe it would be good for you to do it. It’s okay to have a patch test if you have never had a laser hair treatment before, or you have some bad experience with previous laser treatments.

The skin therapist also advises you on how to prepare best for the treatment.


This is important – if you have sunburned skin, the laser may damage your skin even more. You definitely don’t want that to happen. So avoid sun exposure for 1 to 2 weeks before your session.

TIP: If you need to spend time in the  sun, use a lot of high SPF. This way you will protect your skin.

Remember – it’s best to have a contrast between your skin and hair color. Then the laser works the best.


This goes for bronzers, tanning creams, tanning beds – anything that makes the color of your skin darker. Your tan needs to be steady before the treatment in order for the laser to work properly and doesn’t cause any unwanted side effects.

What I mean is that the laser will work the same on tanned skin and on untanned skin. But if your skin is tanned the laser will work on as if that is your real skin color – which actually isn’t, so the skin therapist can’t set the laser parameters properly.

Also, don’t bleach your skin 6 weeks before the treatment. In 6 weeks dark root of your hair will grow back and the laser will target the melanin in it and destroy the hair follicle.


Because this is the only way you can groom your hair before laser hair removal. So no depilatory creams, waxing, tweezing or plucking is allowed at least 5 to 6 weeks before the treatment. This is simply because the laser needs the root of the hair to be present to hit it and destroy it. With other forms of hair removal, the laser might not work properly.

If you don’t shave your legs, the hair absorbs the energy and gets heated – this can seriously burn your skin. Also, not enough energy will hit its goal – the hair follicle. This way you won’t get satisfying results.

Another thing – you need to shave your legs one day or a few hours before the treatment because your skin on the targeted area needs to be smooth so that the treatment applicator can glide properly over your skin. And shaving is the only hair grooming method that doesn’t affect the root of the hair.


Or deodorants or lotions or other cosmetic products that you normally apply to your skin. There is a possibility that these products have tiny amounts of metal in them which may interfere with the laser and make it less effective. Also, a small residue of perfume on your skin can lead to a minor burn by laser – you don’t need that. So come to your laser hair removal treatment free of all beauty products.

I followed all of these recommendations during my laser hair removal journey and it really helped me to keep my skin safe and- more importantly – get the best results.



When I finished with my first laser hair removal treatment, I realized that there are some awesome things you can do to nurture your skin and of course get the best results. These things are simple but they do keep your treated skin nourished before your next treatment session.


This is because you’re dealing with heat coming from the laser and your skin will be a little sensitive. But this is short – it should stop after 2 hours. You may experience that your skin is feeling a bit sunburned, but you can ease the discomfort by applying Aloe Vera, which is great in situation like this.

To prevent irritation don’t go swimming in chlorinated water and steer clear of hot baths, hot showers, saunas or steam rooms – all this can burn your skin. Also, take a break from working out in the gym – strenuous exercises make you sweaty, and sweat makes your skin irritated. So, take cool showers that will be soothing for your skin


Don’t wash the treated area with some harsh products – only mild soap and water is enough. Especially in the first 48hours, dry the skin with a soft cloth – don’t rub it. Also, in the first 24 hours don’t use topical skincare and other products like makeup, moisturizer or deodorant especially if you have treated the underarm area. It could irritate your already sensitive skin.


This is the moment we’ve all been waiting and it happens between 5 and 30 days after your procedure. This dead hair is a stubble that sheds from the follicle and falls out. This may seem as new hair is growing but it is just dead hair coming out of the follicle.

 TIP: To speed up the shedding exfoliate  your skin.

You can use a soft washcloth and mild scrub wash to help the hair fall out faster. Just wipe over your treated area incircles, a couple of times per week and you will finish the hair shedding and be ready for your next treatment.  Or you can just simply shave.

This brings us to the next tip – don’t scratch, wax, tweeze or pick the treated area. This method of hair grooming will destroy your hair follicles, and as you remember you need them for your laser treatment.  If you want to achieve the best results from your laser hair removal, just shave the treated area


This should be actually the first thing you do to protect your skin after laser treatment. Just don’t expose your skin too much to the sun because it could get irritated. This also goes for getting a fake tan – so again no tanning beds, tanning creams and others.

TIP: If you do need  to be in the sun always use a high SPF (25 or higher).

Remember that you need to protect your skin from the sun at least 4 weeks post-treatment.

There you go. These are the things that really help you to keep your skin safe during the two treatment sessions and they help to achieve the best results which are life-changing – after a proper number of sessions, you will never ever have to check for stubble again!



setting the parameters before the laser hair removal

Lucia’s Skin Therapist is setting the parameters before the laser hair removal

This part was crucial for me on my journey towards silky smooth skin. When you come to the aesthetic clinic, you get a customized treatment plan that includes when exactly you need to come for your next session. If you wait too long between two sessions you don’t get the results you expect and you may get back at square one.


Nothing – and that’s what causes problems. Your hair follicles don’t get damaged properly meaning they can still grow hair. You may see initial results but pretty soon your hair starts growing as it normally did.

Let me just quickly remind you about how hair grows because it is the reason why you need to come to your appointments regularly.

There are three phases of hair growth – anagen(growing), catagen (a phase between growing and resting) and telogen (resting or shedding phase).

And we’ve already established how laser works- it sends light energy to the hair follicles and transforms the light into heat that damages the follicles. And the laser works the best if your hair is in the anagen or growing phase because that’s the moment it actively produces the melanin that gives it its color and this melanin is what the laser hits. The laser treatment will be successful if your hair is in a growing phase.

Session after session, the hair follicles are more and more damaged. They may produce some hair but it will be thinner and feeble. Your hair will grow more and more slowly as your sessions advance.

The bottom line is that the laser can’t work on hair that is in the resting or shedding phase.

If you missed a session, that doesn’t mean that you need to give up entirely. Just go back on track right away. You just may need more treatment sessions to treat the hair you missed. If this hair was in a growing phase and you didn’t treat it, it will grow again. 30 to 40% of hair is in the resting phase which means that this hair is not in the follicle- so it might seem to you that it’s okay to skip one session. But it’s not because this hair will grow back again. That’s why you need to stick to your treatment plan and complete it to get all the unwanted hair gone forever.

There’s a reason why your sessions are spaced apart for 4 to 8 weeks. It depends on the area you are treating, your hair and skin type and your hair growth cycle. If you are treating hair on your face, for example, your skin therapist needs to tell you how much you need to wait until this hair grows back.

So waiting for example 6 weeks between two sessions, ensures that the hair will be in its growing phase and able to treat with laser. If you wait too long for your next session, your hair will move to its next phase and the laser won’t be able to treat it. And then you need to wait again until that hair is back in its growing phase – you unnecessarily prolong your laser hair removal journey. There is also the possibility that some of your hair follicles need more sessions to be completely damaged and if you miss a treatment they can get fully regenerated and grow hair again. You definitely don’t want that to happen.

Also, if you had just one treatment session and then another one after 3 months, you won’t have any results.


Just go to your aesthetic clinic right away and get back on track. (and try not to miss any following sessions again).

You see, if you come to your session one week earlier or later that won’t affect your results. But the long gap between the two sessions definitely will. The reason is that it is impossible that 20% of your hair changes the phase of growth in just one week. But, again make sure you follow the schedule.

So, what’s the conclusion? Attend every session until your whole laser hair removal is complete. This way you will achieve the best results and eliminate undesirable hair. Remember that laser hair removal is a repeated process that eventually enables permanent hair reduction.


laser hair removal treatment on a leg

The patient is having a safe and effective laser hair removal treatment on her leg

This is what really saves your nerves, time and money. Once I found a clinic I could trust with my laser hair removal, it was life-changing. Having an experienced skin therapist that is fully committed to you even though she has thousands of other patients is what makes an aesthetic clinic unique and above all a place that I would go for all my treatments.

When thinking about an aesthetic clinic for your laser hair removal journey you will definitely choose the one that meets your expectations and leaves you more than satisfied.

So, let me tell you about Lucia Clinic.


This is perhaps the most important thing that singles out this aesthetic and dermatology clinic. They have been in the business for over a decade, meaning that they have years of experience in laser hair removal behind them.

When I say that they have a long experience with laser hair removal, I mean that they are experts in using Alma laser technology.

Their wide knowledge of the aesthetic world has led them to become a Key Opinion Leader for Alma Lasers.


When you are considering which aesthetic clinic to choose for laser hair removal, think about the safety and the equipment they are using.

Lucia Clinic uses only the latest and most efficient devices for hair removal treatments which guarantees that you will be safe – all the devices are of the best quality and meet the highest standards.

Soprano Titanium laser hair removal is aground-breaking treatment – Lucia Clinic is proud to have this device included in their treatments.

Soprano Ice laser hair removal is another advanced device that Lucia Clinic’s Team has been using for many years now.

TIP: You will make  your decision about which laser hair removal treatment to choose easily if  there are various devices.

You shouldn’t leave it up to chance that if a clinic has only one laser hair removal device, it will be just the right for you.


This means that the clinic guarantees the best results for patients with different types of skin and different types of hair. Lucia Clinic is proud to be successful in achieving amazing results in laser hair removal treatments with a minimum number of treatment sessions. This is something that definitely seals the deal – you know that no matter which type of skin and hair you have, Lucia’s Team will go an extra mile to provide you with satisfying results.


This is super important – a good aesthetic clinic has a team of experienced therapists with who you can have a consultation about your skin and treatment expectations. If you want to get the best laser hair removal results and later maintain those results, your treatments must be done by a skilled therapist. This way you feel more relaxed because you know that you will be in good hands and nothing will go wrong. In the end, you will walk out of the clinic knowing that you are on your way to finally getting silky smooth skin.

It goes without saying that Lucia Clinic has a team of qualified laser and skin therapists – they perform each treatment with experience, knowledge and efficacy. There is no way that some adverse reaction can happen because they pay extra attention to keeping you safe and sound. Whichever laser hair removal treatment you choose to have, all the parameters are carefully set to suit your skin type and hair type. We are all different – there aren’t two same customized treatment plans. Their motto is -treat each patient’s skin as if it was your own.


For me, this is also one of the key points in choosing an aesthetic clinic. I want my visit to the clinic to be a nice experience – remember, when you start your hair removal journey, you will be visiting the same clinic for several months. You need to feel comfortable there, or you will walk away.

Lucia Clinic’s team lacks neither experience nor a friendly atmosphere. You are always greeted with a smile and feel welcome.


What describes a clinic better and more truthful than a huge number of satisfied clients. Lucia Clinic has earned its reputation by keeping the standards of a successful business. They treat each and every patient with respect and care and their patients would never consider changing a clinic. That’s how much they are satisfied with the results, treatments and service.

Lucia Clinic has been in the business of laser hair removal for more than a decade. Lucia’s team always says that beautiful skin is healthy skin.

After reading the tips and finding out about my laser skin removal journey, I am sure that you are one step closer to starting your own journey. But, you don’t have to look for the right clinic, because you have already found it – Lucia Clinic is one of the best aesthetic clinics that will bring you the best results in laser hair removal treatments.

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