Dr. Radmila Lukian shares her wisdom about LED face masks - the leading dermatologist featured in Glamour magazine, talks about an amazing aesthetic treatment.

When we talk about beauty and aesthetic dermatology, what’s innovative and advanced is the secret (or not really secret) method of unmasking your brilliant and best skin so far. And we say unmasking because LED face masks are the newest devices that take your skincare routine to a whole new level.
Of course, it still stands that your regular skincare should include cleansing, moisturizing, toning and high SPF – these will give you a radiant complexion. But LED face masks support and contribute to your mission of maintaining healthy skin. And even though LED face masks look like they have sprung out from a (scary) sci-fi show, don’t doubt their efficiency. They are gentle and non-invasive and can help your skin in so many different ways. Best of all, they give you totally natural-looking results – there are no side effects or downtime.
This treatment helps your skin to heal, boosts your collagen level and reduces various blemishes. LED face masks look like a mask of a killer but they give you killer-looking results.
If all this was just bogus then LED face masks wouldn’t become so popular so quickly. A lot of A-listers have tried them and loved them. LED face masks have been hitting the headlines because of their therapeutic effect on the skin and everyone is crazy about them.
But, to tell you right away – LED light therapy isn’t really a new thing. It has been present for more than 30 years and its therapeutic effects have been proven in many different ways. Even NASA confirmed its effectiveness. But for you who won’t be traveling to space and needing LED light to treat wounds and muscle tissue, this amazing treatment can heal your facial skin and make it look healthy, bright and beautiful.
You can be the next person who will find LED face masks your key to amazing skin. Especially after you read what our Dr. Radmila Lukian said about them for this prestigious magazine.

First things first – What is LED light therapy?

Simply put – it is a facial treatment. A proper LED face mask is put on your face and its lights boost your collagen production and make your skin clear of blemishes. The treatment is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any special preps or aftercare. And there is no downtime – this is where its non-invasiveness is granted.
Actually, this light is emitted through different wavelengths and colors. So you have a red, blue and yellow light and each of these light heals your skin in different ways. The light that is emitted through the mask is absorbed by your skin and very soon, your skin is improved. It’s all about choosing the right LED face mask to benefit your skin concerns and this is done with the expert help of Dr. Lukian and her team.

How does LED face mask benefit your skin?

The beauty of these amazing skincare devices is their versatility. They can improve your skin in so many different ways. They can be a great anti-aging treatment and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Or they can help you with different skin inflammations and increase the circulation underneath your skin. Good circulation and increased collagen (which we’ve already mentioned) keep your skin fresh and youthful and really really radiant.
In the end, you can simply try LED light mask to maintain your skin’s healthy appearance in terms of even skin tone and texture. By including LED light therapy in your regular skincare routine, you will notice that your skin is bright, glowing and simply beautiful.

Is it safe to use LED face mask every day?

If you really want to upgrade your skincare routine because you realized that LED light therapy is making significant changes to your skin appearance then YES it’s safe (you must really love this answer). There are LED face masks that you can use at home every day, but don’t go overboard. Follow the instructions carefully and limit your at-home LED light therapy to 20 minutes 3 to 5 times per week. It’s good to start slowly when you are introducing your skin to a new product or device.
And you also need to be patient with the results – the best ones will be noticed in a few weeks. You already know that precious collagen needs time to build up and smooth out those unwanted fine lines. So don’t rush it. And also, never be on a “break” from your daily skincare routine – it does take up time and effort but the results are wonderful. Add LED light therapy and your skin will be extraordinary!

How safe are LED face masks?

They are super safe, but you also need to be super careful when you use them – eye protection is a must. If you are not sure about it – consult with Lucia’s dermatologists and skin therapist. That’s a good kick-start especially if you have some skin concerns like rosacea or psoriasis or you simply have sensitive skin.
It’s even better to have your LED face mask treatment at Lucia Clinic. At least at the beginning. This way you will be certain that you’re in good hands and that you’re getting the right LED light therapy. And in-office LED face masks are stronger which will definitely help you reach those desired results much faster. And since these LED face masks are more effective your results will last longer.

Does LED face mask require any preparations?

Not really. All that you need to do is thoroughly clean your face before you put on your LED face mask. So, just remove your makeup or other skincare products you may have applied that day. But you CAN apply a light moisturizer or a serum to help your skin absorb the light better.
Now the hot question – which LED light color should I use?
As already mentioned, you get different skin benefits from different LED light colors. It is a whole science behind it – during your consultation at Lucia Clinic you can find out which LED light color is best for you. But in general, red light fights inflammation and boosts your collagen. Blue light reduces acne or rosacea and it eliminates bacteria from your skin, which is a big plus. Green light will help you with pigmentation and make your skin tone more even.
Something that you should also know about LED lights is that you can combine them – this is super beneficial if you have different skin conditions.

What else should you know about LED face masks?

Be consistent with this treatment but don’t go overboard. Be patient with the results especially if you are using LED face masks at home. Wait for a couple of weeks and then you will be amazed by the results – healthy-looking, glowing and fresh skin is what you can expect. Since the results of LED face masks are completely natural, it takes time to see them. You can’t rush nature. But when you start noticing the results you will realize that they are beautiful, real and radiant. And once more – keep up with your skincare routine – never skip a day of SPF!

Finally, which LED face mask does Dr. Lukian recommend?

Celluma LED mask is her number one choice. And you can get it at Lucia Clinic. It can help with tons of skin concerns and significantly improve the look of your skin. It has another benefit – it helps with back and muscle pain. So it’s pretty awesome!
To fully benefit from this LED face mask is best to consult with Lucia’s dermatologists and skin therapists. That way you will be certain that this light therapy will bring you the desired results.
Finally, let’s just say that


And Lucia Clinic will guide you to your beautifully bright and radiant skin. And which aesthetic and dermatology center would be better in that journey than the one that has the word LIGHT in its name? Dr. Radmila named Lucia Clinic after the word luce which depicts everything your skin needs – light, clear, bright. And LED face mask therapy is just one of many non-invasive and gentle treatments that you can get at Lucia Clinic. LED face masks will give you natural-looking results because they are gentle and help your skin to heal on its own. A boost of collagen will make your face smooth and fresh. That’s all because Dr. Radmila advocates a holistic approach to beauty treatments – gentle and non-invasive treatments can do so much for your skin. They can help you let out your inner radiance and fall in love with your natural beauty.

And even though LED face masks are non-invasive they are super advance, tested and FDA-approved. Never forget that Lucia Clinic always puts your safety in first place. So choose the best LED face mask for yourself and get the skin you have always dreamt about.

We hope that Dr. Lukian’s recommendations and careful explanations of LED face masks have helped you decide about taking the next step in your skincare routine.

Thank you Glamour for meeting with our wonderful Dr. Lukian.