One of original supermodels, Naomi Campbell at Lucia Clinic - bespoke skincare treatments for Naomi Campbell to accentuate her beauty for UAE’s National Day.

What can we say about Naomi Campbell that hasn’t been said before? Gorgeous, graceful, grand – a living icon with a strong personality both on and off camera. One of the five original supermodels, Naomi has dominated the fashion world for decades. When we say beauty we think about Naomi – an incomparable symbol of glamour and charisma. But this exceptional lady is also well-known for her unstoppable strive towards being empowered and outspoken – Naomi represents a true mentor for future models to look up to. One more thing – Naomi never forgets to look outside of fashion and organize large-scale fashion shows to raise money for charity. True beauty comes from within – this remarkable lady is a true example of this.

Only the best for the best – Lucia Clinic had a great pleasure to welcome Naomi Campbell and pamper her with bespoke beauty treatments tailored especially for her. Naomi loves coming to Lucia Clinic when she is in Dubai so her last visit was no exception. Dr. Radmila Lukian was very pleased to meet with this supermodel once again and to make the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebration even more festive and unforgettable. Along with her team, Dr. Lukian made Naomi feel special with deluxe treatments that accomplished her aesthetic goals. The revitalizing boost to Naomi’s skin made her even more radiant for UAE’s National Day – a day at Lucia Clinic prepared Naomi to feel and look like the true diva that she is.


And they speak with great affection and respect about Lucia Clinic’s team and Dr. Lukian because they recognize their aspiration towards perfectionism. Only a real professional can create a customized treatment plan that can address each and every client’s skin concerns. That’s why Naomi loves Lucia Clinic – she knows that she is in good hands here.

Lucia’s treatments are so much more than regular beauty procedures. With decades of experience in the world of the aesthetic industry, Dr. Lukian and her team really are the leaders – they follow the trends but also set the trends as well. With no room for compromises, they treat the skin of every client as if it is their own – this way they really help their clients to reveal their confidence and radiance. With only the latest anti-aging procedures, skin rejuvenation treatments and beauty regimes, Dr. Lukian and her team provide only the best for their clients in a fast, safe and absolutely effective way. With the best products, treatments and methods, Lucia Clinic is one of the leading providers of non-surgical treatments in the UAE.

Dr. Lukian always follows the same philosophy – every patient is unique and needs unique attention and a bespoke beauty regime. Combining a holistic approach with modern techniques, Dr. Lukian’s treatments provide nothing but natural-looking and long-lasting results. Because the real beauty lies in nature – just a small enhancement to your face can make you look refreshed and rejuvenated again. Dr. Lukian and her team are true advocates of natural beauty- that’s why they earned respect from so many clients – including Naomi Campbell’s.

Being passionate about what you do never fails to bring you success – Dr. Lukian’s biggest passion is taking the best care of her clients. The world of aesthetic dermatology is always advancing – new methods and new products are constantly emerging. Dr. Lukian never stops searching for improved and innovative treatments because she believes that this is the best way to help her clients.


As a renowned clinic, Lucia is a haven for beauty treatments for international visitors and for Dubai residents. Every client of Dr. Lukian and her team receives the VIP treatment they deserve -everyone leaves Lucia Clinic with a newly discovered shine on their faces.

The time we live in can be dynamic and fast -this can take a toll on our skin. That’s why it is important to occasionally pamper and relax our body and soul – and at Lucia Clinic that’s exactly what you get. A luxurious day that makes you feel like a celebrity.

When you take care of your skin, you take care of your health. You show how much you love yourself when you take care of yourself. It’s important to know what your skin needs and what you can do to help your skin shine and look healthy. When you show gratitude to your body, you feel empowered physically, mentally and emotionally – you enhance your overall sense of well-being.  With a little help from Dr. Lukian and her team, you can take your skincare to the next level!

This is something that every Dr. Lukian’s client understands and respects. This is what Ms. Campbell believes – she knows that she will only get the best for her skin when she comes to Lucia Clinic.

Dr. Lukian and her team are so delighted that they had an opportunity to welcome Ms. Naomi Campbell and they can’t wait to meet with her again.

With an unrivaled reputation for service, perfectionism and attention to detail, Lucia Clinic has become the number one destination for beauty treatments and dermatology. Dr. Lukian provides first-class skincare and always goes the extra mile in helping their clients look healthy, radiant and refreshed.


Healthy skin is smooth, shiny, bright, hydrated and has no blemishes. If your skin needs a bit of pampering Lucia’s aesthetic treatments can bring it to perfection. Whether you are concerned about aging signs on your face or you want to refresh your skin, Dr. Lukian’s team will find a perfect solution for you.

Would you like to get your own beauty treatment that will make you feel like a supermodel? Visit Lucia Clinic and get your customized treatment plan that will address only your skin concerns. Feel and look refreshed and radiant – like Naomi Campbell.

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