Beautiful and talented Eva Longoria visits Lucia Clinic - This exquisite lady gets first-class skincare at Dubai’s number-one aesthetic dermatology destination.

She has won our hearts as Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives – beautiful, talented, glamorous. This wonderful actress has been nominated for  Golden Globe, appeared in numerous movies and produced documentaries that deal with social issues. But she is so much more than a celebrity. This lady has a heart of gold – she is a founder of charities, spokesperson and supporter of different organizations. She is dedicated to helping others and invests a lot of energy in creating a better world. Whether she is supporting people with disabilities, empowering the Latino community or visiting childrens’ hospitals, Eva Longoria advocates for human rights and better conditions for education and job opportunities for underprivileged people. As a committed philanthropist and activist, Eva never forgets about those in need. This lady with an enchanting smile and huge heart is one of the most devoted social entrepreneurs in the world.


Even the busiest philanthropists need a break and a day for themselves. Lucia Clinic had a great pleasure to pamper this outstanding lady on her visit to Dubai. She couldn’t have chosen a better place to spend a day of relaxation and refreshing. Eva radiates inside and out and Lucia Clinic is all for that – emphasizing natural beauty with just simple treatments. Dr. Radmila Lukian and her team were delighted to meet with this true diva and tailor a bespoke beauty treatment just for her. They were all captured by Eva’s magical charm and made her feel special with luxurious treatments that fulfilled her aesthetic goals. Even though Eva always looks like red-carpet ready, her skin was revitalized and her natural beauty was even more enhanced. By spending a day at Lucia Clinic, Eva recharged herself and felt and looked twice as glamorous and radiant.

Dr. Lukian and her team were so happy to meet with this talented actress and devoted philanthropist and activist with a radiant complexion and natural beauty. They are looking forward to welcoming her again on her next stay in Dubai.


Celebrities all around the world love coming to Lucia Clinic. One of the reasons is that they know they will be in good hands. The other is the great respect they have for Dr. Lukian and her team – their clients know that they will be treated with nothing but true professionalism. By tailoring bespoke aesthetic treatments, Dr. Lukian addresses each and every client individually. We are all different and can’t be fitted into one box. Therefore your skincare treatment plan is customized especially for you. Maybe you don’t have a problem with wrinkles and acne, but still, your skin needs to be treated with love and care.


This doesn’t come easy. It requires years of experience in the world of the aesthetic industry. It requires a full-time dedication to their clients and no room for compromises – providing only the best treatments is at the heart of this aesthetic and dermatology clinic. And this is something that Dr. Lukian’s clients recognize and respect – she and her team treat the skin of every client as their own because that’s the only right way to do it. That’s the only way they help their clients know and understand their skin and what their skin actually needs. When you know your skin, you can choose the right products and the right treatments that will make you feel and look radiant and healthy. Of course, you do it with a little help from a dermatology specialist you completely trust – that’s how Dr. Lukian and her team earned the trust of so many celebrities but also from people who shy away from the limelight.


The world of beauty and dermatology treatments is constantly changing and evolving. The technology of skin rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments and non-invasive face and body procedures are always advancing with one major reason – to provide people with effective, fast and safe aesthetic treatments. Dr. Lukian and her team are well aware of this – you will find only the newest and best skincare products and aesthetic procedures at Lucia Clinic. With decades of experience, Dr. Lukian is passionate about taking the best care of her clients and helping them reveal their beauty and radiance. A small effort goes a long way – with the most effective treatments for your skin type and tone, you will enhance your natural beauty and restore your confidence.


We live in a fast world, our days are super busy. Sometimes we forget how important it is to look after our skin and keep it youthful and fresh. Occasional indulgence in beauty treatments can do so much for your skin. You can reverse the signs of aging, keep your skin hydrated or cleanse it with a simple facial – it’s all up to you and your aesthetic goals. And at Lucia Clinic, you will get an unforgettable treatment. Dr. Lukian and her team really listen to their clients and truly do their best to find the treatment that will address their specific skin concerns. This is what makes Lucia Clinic stand out – creating a customized treatment just for you is something they do the best. And with a unique combination of innovative methods and a holistic approach, Lucia’s team really delivers natural-looking and long-term results. With simple Lucia’s treatments, you can feel and look refreshed and rejuvenated.


Taking care of your skin shows that you love yourself and that you take care of your health also. When you radiate on the outside, you radiate on the inside also – you shine, you capture the attention, you feel great. You feel confident and ready to tackle daily challenges. All this power comes from showing gratitude to your body and your skin – your body is your home. With the right dermatology specials that will guide you towards a proper skincare regime, you can have healthy skin, with no blemishes. And having Dr. Lukian and her team as an aesthetic guru, you can really discover what is best for your skin.

Get your beauty or aesthetic treatment at Lucia Clinic and return your radiance.