Plastic surgery department, a new addition to Lucia Clinic - fulfill your aesthetic goals with a different approach in good hands of Lucia’s plastic surgeons.

Lucia Clinic is proud to announce a new addition to its facilities – the plastic and cosmetic surgery ward. With all the latest technology and modern methods of surgical procedures, we are offering you a different way of accomplishing your aesthetic goals. Plastic surgery has advanced a lot and Dr. Leonard N. Josipovic, the chief of staff, will find the best surgical solution to address your facial and body concerns. Dr. Josipovic performs natural and refined plastic surgeries to optimize your body and make you feel comfortable in your own skin.



What do you consider when you choose your plastic surgeon? Well, his location doesn’t play a huge role when deciding – you actually focus on his experience and success. Dr. Josipovic lacks neither.

With his energy but more importantly his artistic sense and expertise, Dr. Josipovic represents the heart of Lucia’s plastic surgery department. He is a world-renowned specialist and focuses on different procedures – liposuction, breast surgery, fat transfer, mummy makeover, full face beautification to name just a few. He strives towards synchronizing the patient’s face and body appearance, which in the end is the key to natural beauty. His passion for plastic surgery comes from the fact that it is a creative job and you immediately see the results. He is dedicated to finding the best solution for each and every patient’s aesthetic needs – this is where his creativity and aesthetic visions come forth. Nobody can stay indifferent when they meet this charming but above all qualified and experienced doctor. Let’s face it – when you decide to have plastic surgery, you deserve the best surgeon – with Dr. Josipovic you will be in good hands.



The point of plastic surgery shouldn’t be making everybody the same. It should be accepting what makes you one of a kind. Therefore you should decide to have plastic surgery to highlight something you are pleased with or to optimize something to be finally satisfied. There is no one size and one procedure for everybody – plastic surgeons like Dr. Josipovic are well aware of that and help patients feel safe on their journey to wellbeing.

Every patient is an individual – every arm, leg or face needs an individual approach. Every patient is carefully examined and listened to – with knowing what he/she wants, combined with the doctor’s aesthetic vision the patient can achieve the desired results and desired enhancements. When the surgeon is dedicated to his work and goes above and beyond to keep his patients happy with the results then the patients radiate just that whatever body type they have.



This technique is widely used in cosmetics and plastic surgery. It represents a natural way of restoring shape and volume in your problematic body areas. Excess fat is harvested from one area of your body and then transferred to another area which needs to be enhanced. With this advanced technique, you can improve two areas of your body – eliminate the stubborn fat from your abdomen for example and shape and enlarge your breasts. It is a completely natural process that doesn’t cause any allergies or infections – it’s your own fat tissue that is being transferred. And of course, the results are natural-looking.

In recent years, BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift has been one of the most popular fat grafting procedures. It involves enhancing the shape and increasing the volume of your buttocks by harvesting fat from body areas like thighs, abdomen or flanks. The harvested fat is purified and then injected into the buttocks – the results look completely natural and you can finally wear jeans that will accentuate this area of your body. When done professionally, this surgical procedure can really boost your confidence and make you feel good about your body. It’s all about the right balance between harvested and transferred fat -an experienced and reliable surgeon like Dr. Josipovic will focus on making your BBL surgery experience comfortable, safe and most importantly effective.



There are numerous benefits from breast surgeries and Dr. Josipovic knows this after having performed thousands of them. The benefit of breast reduction or breast lift surgery is that it creates a positive effect on the look of your torso and waist. As we age, our breasts can change dramatically because of the loss of skin elasticity, significant weight loss, pregnancy, nursing, genetics and other factors. When your breasts are loosely hanging down the torso or abdomen it can make you look older than you really are. A breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation surgery can make you look youthful again, make you feel comfortable and improve your confidence and self-esteem. Your breasts appear more attractive and your waist looks more feminine and slimmer.

 Breast lift surgery is a great option if you are satisfied with the volume and size of your breasts and you just wish that your breasts are more lifted and rejuvenated. During the procedure, your breasts are reshaped and lifted to the position which makes them youthful-looking again. The incisions are minimal and fade away almost completely after 2 years.

Breast reduction surgery is performed in a similar way as the breast lift. It also lifts your breasts but it involves removing the excess fat and breast tissue in order to shape and define the breast as you desire. This procedure can really make you feel more comfortable in your body because it improves your appearance but also reduces skin rashes that might appear under the overly sagging breast.

Breast augmentation surgery is an ideal option if you want more volume added to your breasts. This surgery can be performed with fat grafting, where the excess fat is harvested from another area of your body like tummy or thighs and transferred to your breast to enlarge them. If you wish your breasts to be lifted and more enhanced in size then you can decide to get implants. In both cases, you will get absolutely natural-looking results and you will finally be able to wear more flattering clothes.



Many women see the changes in their bodies after one or more pregnancies and wish to restore their contours. A mummy makeover can do the trick – it involves a combination of surgeries performed at once. Of course, every woman has different needs and aesthetic goals, so this procedure is done after a customized treatment plan is created. You might want to address just your breast and abdomen or just your hips, thighs and waist or all of them. So different surgeries can be involved like breast lift and augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck. The best part is that they are all performed as a single surgery and restore the body shape you had before childbearing.

Breast surgeries can make your breasts firmer and better contoured. The tummy tuck procedure eliminates the excess fat and skin from your abdomen and makes it look tighter and youthful again. After the procedure, you feel good in your body again and restore your confidence. Dr.Josipovic performs this surgery with great proficiency and his magical hands manage to deliver nothing but natural-looking results. His female patients are more than satisfied because this amazing surgeon helps them to feel and look attractive again.


Lucia Clinic is always following the trends in the world of aesthetic procedures and offering you innovative and effective ways of accomplishing your goals. In the plastic surgery domain, full body reshaping takes the top place.  This procedure involves a combination of RF energy and ultrasound lipo cavitation to break up and separate stubborn fat cells. This technique is done with a micro-cannula, a special medical tool that reduces the possibility of side effects and makes the recovery period shorter. The RF energy is emitted through that same cannula in order to restore your skin and make it smooth and tight – all without much discomfort. With this procedure, you can rejuvenate your skin, reduce flabby arms, double chin and armpit wrinkles. You can also firm the loose skin on your thighs, buttocks, flanks and ankles.

Dr. Josipovic performs this procedure with impeccable results and never settles for less – he always strives for absolute perfection in his work.

Facial rejuvenation with fat transfer is an awesome surgical solution if you want to restore volume and youthfulness to your face. It involves harvesting fat tissue from one area of your body and transferring it to the major areas of your face. This is the most biocompatible dermal filler -your own fat. You can achieve completely natural-looking results – your face looks plump and soft again. The excess fat is taken from your body areas that have stubborn fat pockets that simply don’t respond to exercise or proper diet. Then it is purified and injected into the targeted areas on your face. You can restore volume to your sunken checks, improve your chin and jawline, reduce wrinkles and nasolabial and marionette folds. With this procedure, you can even reduce the visibility of acne and other scars.

To perform this delicate procedure it is necessary to have an amazing eye for aesthetics and great precision. Rest assured that Dr. Josipovic has both.



For a long long time, plastic and cosmetic surgery has been viewed as a women’s field of interest – now that’s definitely the thing of the past. Gents are also welcome to achieve their aesthetic goals with plastic surgery and look fit and youthful again. There are numerous procedures that can help men feel masculine again like an arm lift, facelift or liposuction – the right surgeon can make them better sculpted and more defined. The results are nothing but natural and after plastic surgery men still feel like men – they only have more confidence about their appearance.

There is a world of difference between men and women – the best surgical procedure for a woman doesn’t have to be the best for a man. Therefore initial consultation with the surgeon is important, during which a custom-made treatment plan is tailored to meet the goals of both genders.


Gents can greatly benefit from the procedures like eyelid surgery, liposuction and gynecomastia surgery. Eyes show aging signs and nobody can escape from drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes or wrinkles. With the help of eyelid surgery, the skin can be lifted and bags under the eyes can be improved -men look energized and have a more awake look again. Liposuction can address stubborn fat cells that tend to linger in the men’s abdomen or waist. Those fat cells usually don’t respond to exercise and diet, but can be successfully eliminated with liposuction. With the customized treatment plan, liposuction can make the waist slimmer and more masculine. Sometimes men have feminine features like enlarged breast tissue. This can really influence men’s confidence and lead to a serious lack of self-esteem. A surgical procedure called gynecomastia surgery can really come in handy here – it represents the reduction of the male breast and reshaping the chest to achieve a more defined and masculine look.

So you see gents – plastic surgery is not just for the ladies. The time of prejudice about improving your aesthetic concerns is over. You can feel good about your body with the little help of plastic surgery without the need to justify yourself.



With all the latest technology and facilities Lucia’s team is glad to offer their services in the surgical domain too. With the experienced and more than a qualified surgeon, Dr. Josipovic, you will be in good hands on your journey towards accomplishing your aesthetic goals.


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