Another year of wonderful people and successful treatments - Lucia Clinic’s team looks briefly at 2022 and shares with you major highlights and achievements.

As 2022 is almost over, we start reflecting on all the things that highlighted this year and made it amazing. We think about how we will remember this year and how to be even better the next year.
And at Lucia Clinic, so many wonderful things have happened and so many wonderful people have visited it and picked it as their beauty sanctuary. So, what lies behind Lucia’s successful mission for this year? Thousands of happy and satisfied clients, 365 days of being there for the patients, care and dedication, and constant moving forward are just some of the things that outline this aesthetic clinic. But perhaps most important is their passion – the passion to keep their patients pleased by fulfilling all their aesthetic goals.
So, let’s see what Lucia Clinic has achieved this year together with its patients.


This is what has always singled out this aesthetic clinic and what has made its doctors experts in skin care. This year, Lucia Clinic’s skin therapists and doctors have done 21,147 different treatments – the number really speaks for itself! With the focus on every aspect of facial and body skin, patients found the treatments that helped them rejuvenate their skin and feel and look youthful again.

With an array of injectable treatments, each and every patient could find the best solution for their facial skin issues. Whether they needed an anti-aging solution or improvement of different facial features with the help of  Botox, Dermal fillers, advanced PRP procedure, Profhilo, Skin Boosters and many others, Lucia’s doctors created a customized treatment for every patient because that’s how you really get the best results, show the patients that you honestly care for them and help them feel confident again.
As for non-invasive treatments, the patients chose various skin lifting and tightening procedures like various laser therapies, ultrasound techniques and facials. Each treatment brought them flawless skin that was radiant and beautiful. Natural-looking results are the most beautiful results – this is Lucia’s team mantra. And seeing that radiance and huge smiles on their patients’ faces after the right treatment is what makes Lucia’s team’s hearts warm and keeps them motivated and ready to become even better.
Finally, treatments for the body concerns were a hit!
A true hero is the EmSculpt NEO procedure that was first introduced in the Middle East by Lucia Clinic. It is a really advanced treatment that reduces stubborn fat pockets and tones muscles at the same time. This is something that truly made Lucia’s patients happy because it took their fitness goals to a whole new level. All without side effects or downtime.
And other body contouring procedures fulfilled patients’ goals, like cellulite elimination, skin firming and tightening, and fat reduction – to name just a few. Throw in laser hair elimination and you have the full package.
What made Lucia’s patients satisfied is the fact that all treatments are safe, they are of the latest generation and they deliver everything they expected.


This is another thing that makes Lucia Clinic shine among others, and in 2022 Lucia’s team created special treatments for 3917 patients. This year, as in any previous year, Lucia Clinic was visited by VIPs from the movie and entertainment industry, famous influencers, world sports champions and others. They always say that Lucia Clinic is their number one destination when they visit Dubai – they feel pampered, special and well taken care of. But this also goes for people who shy away from the limelight – each patient gets individual care and attention.
We are all different and have different skin – this is another motto that Lucia’s team stands by firmly. And since Lucia Clinic is located in Dubai, this gives Lucia’s team a fabulous opportunity to create treatments for patients with various skin types and tones. This is what makes them experts in their job – individual attention and custom-tailored procedures for everyone.
There is no one-size solution – every facial or body skin needs special nurture. It is all in the right intensity of laser therapy for example or the proper amount of injectables – only with an individual approach do you get what you are expecting – the best, most natural-looking and long-lasting effects. This is what Lucia’s team knows extremely well and what keeps their patients returning.
This year Lucia Clinic had a magnificent 98% of clients who returned and, well, found their aesthetic clinic. Also, let’s not forget that 99% of patients were satisfied with their brilliant results. These numbers portray Lucia’s team’s devotion to their patients, their constant drive to achieve even better results but also their natural friendliness and ability to treat every patient with care and full attention.
Among this colossal number of returning and satisfied patients were also male clients. Men found Lucia Clinic as their retreat, where they could get treatment designed especially for them. There are extra special procedures that help men rejuvenate their facial skin, deal with wrinkles and skin blemishes concerns and contour their problematic body areas. Men felt safe and sound in the expert hands of Lucia Clinic’s team and included aesthetic treatments in their routine.
The time of male aesthetic treatments is on the rise and Lucia’s team welcomes men with the same devotion and care as they do for female patients. The artistry and expertise of Lucia’s team come in the first place here – men have different facial features and skin than women so they need a unique approach. What they achieve with Lucia’s team is rejuvenated faces and bodies but they still keep their masculinity – it’s all about natural-looking results, and men appreciate that the most.


This is another of Lucia Clinic’s ruling principles. And they never fail to WOW their patients with the latest and gold standard procedures – all for the sake of offering more improved and more efficient treatments. This is how Lucia’s team stays up-to-date, educates themselves even further and creates even more customized treatments for their patients’ skin concerns.

So, in 2022, Lucia Clinic included not 1 or 2 but 7 new procedures. All these new treatments offered even bigger choices for their patients’ facial and body skin aesthetic goals.
We need to mention EmSculpt NEO again because the most innovative addition to this powerful treatment is EmSculpt NEO Edge applicators, used for sculpting curvy areas of the body. With this new procedure, Lucia’s patients could finally get rid of infamous love handles and tone the muscles in their waists simultaneously. This is the first treatment that can address this body area in a safe and effective manner. EmSculpt NEO Edge applicators are the latest buzz in the field of aesthetic treatments and Lucia Clinic was one of the first to introduce it to their patients. And they loved it.
Another super effective and brilliant treatment that found its place among the best Lucia treatments is EmFace. It is a treatment that everyone is raving about – it lifts and firms the facial skin by making facial muscles stronger. This is a completely new approach to anti-aging solutions and Lucia’s patients were crazy about it. Simply because it is safe, painless, non-invasive and brings amazing results.
Or how about the wonderful EmSella treatment? It helped so many of  Lucia’s female patients to return their confidence by helping them solve problems of urinary incontinence. It is also an innovative solution to this problem – it is a super simple treatment, that doesn’t require any preparations and is completely painless. Many women claimed that this treatment was really life-changing.
Let’s mention some of the new products that Lucia Clinic included in the array of different injectable treatments. Xela Raderm is a unique skin booster that completely revitalizes the skin. It helped patients with aging signs, pigmentation, scars and other blemishes with its special innovative formula. It provided Lucia’s patients with healthy, bright and radiant skin by hydrating it and triggering the production of collagen and elastin. Xela Raderm skin booster really delivered everything the patients wanted – all thanks to Lucia’s team’s desire and motivation to always offer the latest and highest quality products.
Anteage MD and ExoSCRT Exosomes injectable treatments also deserve to be mentioned. These treatments truly represent what Lucia Clinic is all about – a natural approach to skincare and natural-looking results. Anteage MD effectively brought patients younger-looking skin by introducing innovative Growth Factors. This is the future of skincare treatments – helping the skin to heal itself with its own repair mechanisms. That’s really something else.
The same goes with Exosomes – they represent a new era of skin rejuvenation. This powerful stem cell serum helps the skin to heal faster and produce more collagen and elastin. Again another completely natural treatment that provides long-lasting results.
Finally, a completely new technique of body contouring found its place – fat grafting. This procedure which falls into the category of plastic surgery enabled Lucia’s patients to get 2 treatments in 1. That is pretty cool – fat grafting removes excess fat from one area of the body by liposuction and then transfers it to another area that lacks volume. So it is an awesome procedure for breast augmentation or buttocks enhancement. It can even be done for the face as a full-face rejuvenation. Add to that the expert hands of brilliant Lucia’s plastic surgeons and everything is fully covered.
When talking about plastic surgery,


It immediately skyrocketed in popularity. This was really a big deal for Lucia Clinic because it was able to offer its patients a completely different approach to aesthetic treatments. And again, all plastic surgeries are done with amazing new techniques that don’t require long recovery but bring mind-blowing results. Like Tumescent Liposuction which is performed just with local anesthesia. This really shows how advanced techniques always find their place at Lucia Clinic. And by using these techniques, Lucia’s team cares for their patients and helps them to be out and about really quickly. Or when considering breast augmentation, female patients had an opportunity to choose the highest quality breast implants that don’t need to be changed every ten years. This is huge in the field of plastic surgery.
Lucia’s patients could get all the latest plastic surgeries, according to their needs and aesthetic goals. Like tummy tuck or Mummy makeover, Eyelid lift, facelift and others – all surgeries are done by wonderful and world-renowned Lucia’s plastic surgeons, who go the extra mile in delivering the best possible outcomes.
All the patients knew that they were in good hands after initial consultation with doctors and made their decisions about plastic surgeries much easier. We know it’s not a decision you make overnight. But with doctors’ help and guidance through the process, it sure is more comfortable.
Men were not forgotten in this new department. They had a chance to solve their problems with Gynecomastia, enlarge their pectorals or lose unwanted fat with Liposuction. As we said, Lucia Clinic always follows trends and male plastic surgeries are definitely on the rise.


Lucia Clinic will continue to search for new and more advanced methods for antiaging solutions. Lucia’s team is dedicated to further educating themselves and providing even better results for their patients. But one thing will stay the same – they will care for their patients with the same passion and devotion. And also, helping their patients feel confident and radiant again will remain their mission. Lucia Clinic’s team is looking forward to inspiring their patients in the next year.