Emface is non-invasive, needle-free treatment that can make structural improvements in your face, without side effects and downtime

If the firm and toned facial skin is what you’re looking for from your aesthetic treatments, then EMFACE is your thing. Add a lifted appearance also and you get the full list of what this innovative facial-sculpting treatment can do for you. Include it on your list of facial skincare routines, especially if you are not fond of needles. It is a completely non-invasive, needle-free treatment that can make structural improvements in your face, without side effects and downtime. EMFACE improves aging signs on your face by simultaneously targeting your skin and your muscles – it literally gives you a mini-facelift but without cuts, incisions or recovery.
Interested? Let’s try to answer some questions about EMFACE.

What’s the secret of EMFACE treatment? This ‘IT’ treatment does something that no other facial treatment can – it improves your skin and tones your facial muscles at the same time in a non-surgical way. That’s what makes it innovative. It emits two different energies simultaneously – one reduces your fine lines and wrinkles and the other tones and stimulates your facial muscles. The best thing is that you feel absolutely no pain – EMFACE really is a revolution in facial aesthetics.

How do these two energies work together? The first energy is synchronized RF energy – it heats the dermis of your skin and triggers collagen and elastin production. Once these super-important proteins are boosted, they keep your skin tight and lifted. And aging signs on your face are reduced – with fewer wrinkles your face looks smooth and youthful again. Your skin is completely rejuvenated.
At the same time, the other energy kicks in – HIFES energy targets your facial muscles and activates them. This energy contracts your muscles and they start to get toned and defined again. This is super awesome for your face because once your muscles improve their density and overall quality they keep the structure of your face properly. Forget about saggy and loose skin on your face – with this treatment your face gets nice and firm contours again.

What aging signs does EMFACE fight against? There are so many aging signs that EMFACE can address. It is a full package because it targets both your skin and your facial muscles and they are both responsible for aging. So, first, it triggers the production of collagen and elastin which cause the appearance of wrinkles. And second, it tightens your facial muscles which lose their strength as time passes and become lax.
So, EMFACE deals with both problems that lead to an aged look – loss of collagen and muscle laxity. It helps your face restore the lost volume, fills in hollows beneath your eyes and defines the volume loss and saggy skin along your jawline. That’s the major reason why EMFACE is so advanced and innovative – it improves your skin quality and your muscle tone.

Can EMFACE treat full face? Yes, and that’s exactly what this treatment is all about – it targets and improves your entire face. It precisely matches the unique contours of your face and activates the muscles that are necessary to give you that lifting effect you are expecting. The treatment applicators are strategically placed on your face – one on your forehead and one on each cheek. In these positions, your muscles are stimulated by the treatment energy.

So this way you lift your eyebrows and corners of your mouth, contour your cheeks and define your jawline. You can also notice that the skin on your neck gets also lifted. Moreover, EMFACE can give you that effect of lifted eyes because it can lift your lateral brow and so lift your eyelids for a rejuvenated and refreshed look. All this is achieved with this non-surgical painless alternative to facial-contouring procedures.
It is all connected – once your facial muscles get better toned, they keep your full face nicely structured and lifted. And once more – your facial skin becomes more elastic and with fewer wrinkles.

 Can anyone benefit from EMFACE treatment? Yes, absolutely! If your aesthetic goal is to structurally improve your full face without surgery or needles, then EMFACE is your treatment. It can help you with your aging signs no matter at which stage they are because it is effective in the prevention, correction or restoration of your facial skin.
If you are younger and just starting to notice aging signs like mildly loose skin on your jawline or cheeks or deeper wrinkles on your forehead, this treatment can be the first one you will try to prevent that inevitable aging process.
If you are older then this treatment can correct your aging signs in the most natural way. It can turn back the clock and take years off your face. Also if you want to avoid needles or surgical procedures, EMFACE can be a great alternative for you. It will give you awesome results without disturbing your skin too much.

How come EMFACE is painless? This is yet another reason why this treatment is getting so much buzz. It really is a one-of-a-kind facial toning treatment that is quite comfortable. You don’t even get a numbing cream because it’s totally unnecessary.
The RF energy that is emitted through treatment applicators does make you feel a slight warmth, but it is far from being unpleasant. Some say it feels like having a hot stone massage on your face. On the other hand, the energy that targets your muscles literally makes you laugh – it gently pulls the corners of your mouth and your cheeks up. It’s like someone’s fingers are gently pinching you. It lifts and tones the muscles in your face but without needles or discomfort.
So you see, EMFACE is absolutely safe and painless and that’s what makes it so appealing to people.

What makes EMFACE so groundbreaking? Well, we have muscles all around our bodies. But, the muscles that lie in our faces are much smaller and the anatomy of our faces is different and more delicate than the rest of our body. Prior to EMFACE, there was no such treatment that could address both the skin and the muscles in our faces so that’s what makes this treatment unique. It has been developed to precisely target the muscle groups in our faces that are responsible for lifting our eyebrows and making us smile, and let’s face it – these muscles are the ones that create wrinkles. But EMFACE doesn’t stop there – it also improves the quality of your skin and makes it tighter and smoother next to toning your facial muscles. It’s a perfect combo of anti-aging and lifting treatment that causes no pain or requires downtime.
If you need more visualization, picture EMFACE like an intense gym workout for your face. But you can’t accomplish this alone because there are so many muscles in your cheeks and forehead – you can’t exercise them separately. This is where EMFACE shows its supremacy – its applicators lie precisely over these muscles that we are talking about. And they make them all contract which is quite awesome. So, once more, when you work out on specific muscles in the gym and you flex them, you see that those muscles are contracted but also that the whole muscle group is also activated. That’s why after EMFACE treatment you get that lifted and toned look of your jawline but also of your eyebrow area.

Does EMFACE work for busy people? Yes, completely. EMFACE truly represents a lunchtime treatment. One session lasts for 20 minutes and there is no special preparation for it. You just need to come to your EMFACE appointment without makeup or skin care products. That’s all. After 20 minutes you can go back to work or meet with friends because there is no post-treatment care also. Best of all, there are no side effects or downtime because EMFACE is a completely non-invasive, needle-free procedure. After this brilliant facial-contouring treatment you will be left with fewer wrinkles and more lift – and that’s all your face needs.

When do EMFACE results kick-start? Pretty soon actually. Some even say that they can see improvements right after the first session. But there is a general four-treatment protocol – 4 sessions are necessary for the best results. You should space your sessions one week apart and expect to notice how your facial skin is getting better and better each day. You can see the best effect of this treatment after 6 to 12 weeks, which is not that long.
So 20 minutes session once a week doesn’t take up a lot of your time, but it does promise great improvements in your skin. Muscle activation and building and triggering collagen and elastin take a little time to fully show but in the end this powerful treatment will give you a smooth and lifted look. After the full course of treatments, you will notice that your skin has significantly improved its quality and structure. The muscles that lift your eyebrows and the corners of your mouth will be thicker and more toned and so your full face will look nicely contoured and lifted. Add collagen to all this and you will improve the wrinkles as well.
The results that you achieve are long-term, but to maintain them even longer, you can get occasional touch-up treatments. It all depends on your desired aesthetic goals.

Can I get EMFACE if I already have BOTOX or other injectables? Generally, yes. You just need to wait two weeks after injectables to get this treatment. Your face needs to settle before EMFACE enhances the results even further. For instance, you can get EMFACE to lift the eyebrow area and BOTOX to smooth out frown lines even more. But, make sure to consult with your doctor before getting this treatment.
And also, if you are not a big fan of injectables you can just have EMFACE, a fully non-invasive, painless and effective treatment. RF energy used in this treatment is the latest beauty trend and it has amazing benefits. So, combining this energy with HIFES energy is a winning solution for your aging skin concerns. With EMFACE you get a simultaneous increase in elastin and collagen and activated and toned facial muscles – all that without needles or surgery. With EMFACE you get the best of both energies – and the best results!

Why should you try EMFACE treatment? We can’t deny that this powerful combo of RF and HIFES energy will significantly improve the look of your facial skin. This latest facial-sculpting treatment is so appealing because of all its benefits in facial rejuvenation, prevention and correction of aging signs and so many others. It is the first of its kind in its versatility – it can do so much for your skin. This fantastic treatment can be a great alternative if you want to avoid needles but still fight against aging signs. It is totally painless and non-invasive and this can play a huge role when you are choosing which facial treatment to get. Also, it is super fast and doesn’t need downtime, so if you have a busy schedule, this treatment is cut out just for you. It is a simple, safe and fully reliable procedure that causes no side effects that you have to worry about.
After EMFACE course, your full face is improved – your contours are nicely defined, your cheeks get proper volume and your wrinkles are reduced. EMFACE really is the future of safe, painless, needle-free mini facelifts.
Reduce the wrinkles and fine lines and get more lift. Target both your skin and muscles in a single procedure.
For more information about this innovative Facial-contouring technology, visit Lucia Clinic and start your journey towards rejuvenated, lifted and firmer facial skin.