Wrinkle treatments for skin rejuvenation at Lucia Clinic - find best and most effective wrinkle treatments for rejuvenation and fulfillment of aesthetic goals.

Signs of aging are bound to show, no matter how well we care and preserve our skin throughout our lives. Stress, daily expressions and environmental factors cause fine lines and wrinkles and make us look older than we really are. Thanks to the advances in cosmetic injectables, 50 has become the new 30 and age is literally nothing but a number. Our best Wrinkle Treatment is one of the proven treatments to prevent the signs of aging and eliminating expression facial line. Wrinkle treatment solution at Lucia Clinic is an FDA-cleared natural looking treatment which is used to treat crow’s feet, frown lines between the brows, bunny lines and forehead lines and neck. The solution consisting of purified protein is injected using a small, fine needle into the muscles on your face responsible for causing the facial contractions. The ingredients in this solution, block signals from the nerves to the muscles thus relaxing those muscles that in turn make the wrinkles and creases softer and less noticeable. Every patient may require a customised dosage of this solution for the effective results. Therefore, a thorough examination of skin type, eye shape and facial features is required before going for this treatment. Getting the Wrinkle Treatment takes as little as 15 minutes. If injected correctly, one might just feel a prick during the treatment. Very few may feel minor redness, bruising or swelling depending on their skin sensitivity. The daily activities can be resumed right after this non-invasive treatment. The results of the Wrinkle Treatment begin to appear after three or four days and continue to improve until about two weeks when the results are at their maximum. The results can last for up to 4-6 months before you need another treatment. Wrinkle Treatment is a technique-sensitive treatment, it, therefore, requires a highly experienced cosmetic medicine practitioner. Licensed and trained medical experts at Lucia Clinic ensure that you do not lose the ability to show a full range of facial expressions after the treatment. To book for the best wrinkle treatment in Dubai, please visit