Lucia Clinic is proud to be the first in the Middle East to present EmSculpt NEO Edge. It is the latest addition to non-invasive body contouring treatments that are designed to address the body areas that curve, like the lateral abdomen. Their sleek design allows them to wrap the curvy body areas all the way – these body areas were out of reach before. EmSculpt NEO Edge applicators are extensions to the EmSculpt NEO- a simultaneous fat-burning and muscle-toning device. It is a revolutionary aesthetic procedure that achieves brilliant results in just 4 treatment sessions. The session lasts only 30 minutes and requires no downtime.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful? No
Is there any downtime? No
How many sessions are needed? Usually 4-6 sessions
How long does the procedure take? 30 minutes
When can I see the results? After the course of sessions
How often should I do it? Every week


EmScuplt NEO Edge works by combining two procedures into one. It eliminates stubborn fat pockets and defines the muscles in the targeted body area.

Muscle building is performed with HIFEM energy. It is a high-intensity electromagnetic energy that focuses on the stimulation of muscle contractions. It deeply stimulates and activates 20,000 muscle contractions which are impossible to contract so intensely by just exercising. The muscles adapt to these contractions and start reshaping.

This energy is safe and painless. It activates the muscles without discomfort and makes them more defined and stronger. With this powerful technology, a patient can increase muscle tissue by 25%. The muscles get firmer and the whole appearance gets slimmer and smoother.

Stubborn fat reduction is done with radiofrequency, a non-invasive energy that heats the fatty tissue and eliminates it. The unwanted fat cells are melted away without pain or discomfort. These targeted fat cells get permanently destroyed and are eliminated from the body through metabolic processes. It takes about a month to eliminate destroyed fat cells and the best results are seen 3 months after treatment.

This treatment can eliminate 30% of subcutaneous fat in the targeted body area and thus achieve a better contoured and slimmer appearance for the patients.

These spectacular improvements were limited to the middle area of the abdominal muscles before. But now, with the EmSculpt NEO Edge applicators, the same effect and results are delivered to the lateral abdomen or flanks. This way the treatment slims and defines the sides of the abdomen and increases core strength all in a non-surgical and painless way.

EmSculpt NEO Edge takes body-sculpting procedures to a new level. With its newest applicators, even curvy body areas can lose fat and build muscles at the same time.



At Lucia Clinic, the patient has an initial in-person consultation with a highly-experienced skin therapist. The therapist examines the patient’s problematic area like the lateral abdomen and determines if this treatment is suitable for this patient. The therapist also talks to the patient about his/her lifestyle habits. The patient talks to the therapist about the previous medical history. After that, the therapist creates a customized EmSculpt NEO Edge treatment that will target the patient’s specific body issues, meet their aesthetic goals and provide the best results.

Lucia Clinic’s therapists care about their patients’ safety and can adjust the intensity of the treatment according to the patient’s own comfort level.

Before the treatment starts, the patient lies down on the treatment table and the therapist wraps the EmSculpt NEO Edge applicator over the targeted area. It can be the lateral abdomen for example. The applicator is designed to fully cover this curvy body area.
When the treatment starts, the patient feels the energy as a combination of an intense workout and a hot stone massage. It isn’t painful and most patients tolerate this sensation really well. The patient just relaxes, while the EmSculpt NEO Edge simultaneously emits HIFEM and RF energies.

These two energies contract the muscles intensely and heat the tissue. These sensations are painless and don’t cause any harm to the surface of the skin.

When these new applicators treat the lateral abdomen they define the oblique muscles that are responsible for good posture and core strength.

Each session lasts for 30 minutes and the patient feels like he or she has had an intense workout.



This treatment has more than one benefit. It is a completely safe and non-invasive body-contouring solution that achieves brilliant results.

With the new, sleek applicators EmSculpt NEO Edge treatment can target body areas that curve, like the lateral abdomen. These body areas were hard to reach before but now the new applicators can wrap the entire abdomen and target flanks or love handles.

This treatment is one of the fastest and most effective methods that build and tone muscles and eliminate fat pockets at the same time. This is the first treatment that combines these two procedures in one. In just 30 minutes, this treatment reshapes and defines the midsection of the body without incisions, scars or recovery.

EmSculpt NEO Edge is in first place in body-sculpting procedures, effective for both men and women. This advanced treatment achieves immediate results and the first improvements in muscle definition and slimmer figure are noticed after the first session. The treatment doesn’t require any special preparations, it is painless and without downtime. It can be done during lunch break and patients can normally continue with their busy day immediately after.

New and specially designed EmSculpt NEO Edge applicators are a brilliant addition to standard EmSculpt NEO applicators because they can now treat almost all body areas even the curvy ones that are more difficult to reach.

EmSculpt NEO Edge is an ideal procedure for healthy and fit people who can’t shape and tone their lateral abdominal muscles. It eliminates flanks and shapes oblique muscles that keep the proper posture. It even helps with back pain because it tightens the muscles in the lower back.

Every patient gets a bespoke treatment that targets his or her lateral abdomen and emits the two energies with an intensity that is comfortable to the patient. Therefore this procedure is painless and comfortable. It causes no side effects.
These two powerful energies can build up 25% more muscles and eliminate 30% of fat, which is quite impressive.
EmSculpt NEO Edge is an innovative, effective, non-surgical aesthetic treatment, that contours curvy body areas. Patients can enjoy their better-shaped and slimmer waists and feel confident about their bodies again.



    Both men and women who are generally healthy and wish for a non-invasive and safe body contouring treatment are perfect candidates for this procedure. This treatment is especially effective for candidates who want to trim fat pockets and tone the muscles in their lateral abdomen or flanks.
    Even though exercises and a proper diet are vital for a healthy lifestyle, sometimes it is difficult to contour some body areas that are simply resistant. It also depends on genetics and predetermination to fat cell accumulation. This is especially true for lateral abdomen or flanks or otherwise known love handles. This body area is perhaps the most difficult to sculpt because the accumulated fat cells are stubborn to get rid of. EmSculpt NEO Edge can now precisely target this body area and reduce these fatty deposits. This body area becomes slimmer and better defined so the patients are left with a nicely shaped waist.
    Patients who are fit and healthy can greatly benefit from this advanced treatment and finally get rid of fat and build muscles in their curvy body areas.
    The only factors that limit the patient’s candidacy for this procedure are pregnancy or having an implant such as a pacemaker. Also, this procedure is not a weight loss program so it's perfect when the candidates are close to their ideal weight and have a BMI of up to 35.


    The innovative, slim design of EmSculpt NEO Edge applicators allows contouring the curvy areas of the body like the love handles or lateral abdomen.
    The standard EmScuplt NEO applicators contour the body areas like the abdomen, calves, arms, legs and buttocks. But they are not as effective in contouring curvy areas. Therefore the newest applicators achieve optimal results even in those areas. When standard EmSculpt NEO applicators are combined with new Edge applicators this treatment can burn fat and tone muscles in almost all areas of the patient’s body. This revolutionary treatment now makes non-surgical body sculpting even easier and more effortless.


    No, there isn’t because this procedure is completely non-invasive and safe. The patient may experience mild redness of the skin and soreness in the targeted area but these sensitivities resolve after a day. There are no downtime restrictions and the patient is free to continue with normal daily activities.


    The patient can see the first results after the initial session - the targeted area, like the lateral abdomen, is smoother and better defined. The best results are visible after 4 sessions, one week apart. Once the patient finishes all the sessions, the patient’s body is working hard to eliminate the destroyed fat cells that have been affected by RF energy. 12 weeks are usually necessary to fully eliminate them from the system. At the same time, the muscles in the lateral abdomen are building up and getting better defined. The flanks gradually disappear and the patient’s waist appears slimmer and smoother.The results that are achieved with EmSculpt NEO Edge applicators include contoured oblique muscles and a better-defined mid-section of the body.All in all, the patient can see the best effects of this procedure 3 months post-procedure.The eliminated fat cells are eliminated forever. The muscles that are built in the treated area can last for up to a year. After 4 sessions, the patient can have additional touch-up treatments once a year.The effects of EmSculpt NEO Edge are amazing and the results after 4 sessions can be compared to 4 months of intense workouts in the gym and a strict diet. And as already mentioned, exercising and proper nutrition can’t guarantee that the patient will succeed in toning lateral abdominal muscles and eliminating the flanks. But EmSculpt NEO Edge is a fast and effective method for toning the muscles and reducing stubborn fat bulges. The results that include 25% more muscles and 30% less fat speak for themselves.


    Yes, it can and this is one of the greatest benefits of this treatment. While treating flanks the patient is also tightening the lower back muscles. After a few sessions, the patient can notice that his or her posture is improved, their core strength is increased and back pain is reduced. This treatment sure is one of the best non-invasive methods for tightening the back muscles without pain or side effects.


    The fat cells that have been destroyed and eliminated from the body will never return. However, new fat cells can appear around the treated area so it is best to keep a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and regular exercise. This way the patient can keep the results of this treatment for a longer time. Therefore this procedure is ideal for people who are fit and healthy and who just want to contour the body area that bothers them the most and doesn’t respond to exercise. With healthy habits, patients continue to stimulate their newly built lateral abdominal muscles and thus maintain their perfectly shaped waist.