Viora V-form for the body treatment is an ideal solution removing cellulite, stretch marks, reducing circumference and improving the overall skin appearance. Sometimes losing weight, exercising regularly and keeping a healthy diet simply can help excess fat or cellulite dimples. Viora treatment uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate the existing elastin and collagen fibers, enhance the production of new collagen and fight against stretch marks and cellulite. All this results in improved skin elasticity and overall appearance.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful? No
Is there any downtime? No
How many sessions are needed? Usually 6 sessions
How long does the procedure take? Around 30 minutes
When can I see the results? After 3-4 sessions
How often should I do it? Every 7-10 days


Lucia Clinic’s Viora V-FORM™ treatment is anon-surgical, aesthetic treatment that rejuvenates skin and makes it smoother. During this body-contouring treatment, RF energy is used to reduce cellulite dimples and stretch marks. Since it is FDA-approved Viora V-FORM™ is safe and effective. It can firm the loose skin and give it a more toned overall appearance.

During the Viora body treatment, a combination of RF energy and suction is used. The device transmits energy into the deeper layer of the skin and triggers the process of collagen regeneration. It also eliminates the fat cells while at the same time the suction improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the treated area. After a single session, the collagen fibers are stronger and as the fat cells start to disappear, the body gets better contours.


This advanced method of body contouring uses patented CORE™ (Channeling Optimized Radiofrequency Energy) technology, which can be set in three different levels of radiofrequency and also has the fourth level that combines the previous three. CORE technology heats the deeper layers of skin tissue and destroys the fat cells. It also triggers neocollagenesis or the regeneration of collagen. Viora device consists of four different applicators that combine suction with RF energy. The treatment can be fully customized to meet the needs and goals of every patient provide the best optimal results. The areas of concern can be precisely targeted which is one of the advantages of this treatment.

While heating the dermal layers of the skin with RF thermal energy, Viora treatment improves blood circulation and triggers the metabolism of fat cells. When these two processes are combined, the fat cell volume gets reduced. Since this non-surgical treatment targets cellulite where it starts to appear it provides effective and consistent results.


The Viora V-FORM™ skin tightening treatment can be used on almost any part of the body. It can address loose skin on:

  • Arms
  • Inner and outher thighs
  • Calves not really common area for cellulite
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen

RF technology that is used in Viora for body treatment is absolutely safe but also very powerful. It reaches cells in the subcutaneous layer deep in the skin. These cells are located in chambers that are surrounded by connective tissue bands. When the volume of the fat cells starts to increase, these connective bands start to harden and can’t keep the fat cells in their place. The fat cells then rise and push against the surface of the skin which results in dimpled skin with shallow fat pockets. This condition is also called cottage cheese skin.

So, Viora for body treatment can improve the dimpled skin and decrease cellulite. It also reduces stretch marks and tightens the skin overall.


This non-invasive treatment for cellulite reduction, body contouring and skin tightening is clinically proven to bring excellent results. It fights against the aging signs and effects of gravity. It provides life-changing, long-lasting results without incisions and anesthesia. As the RF energy works deeply in the skin levels it triggers collagen production, restores skin elasticity and eliminates fat cells.

The treatment is completely painless, because of the cooling mechanism, but the results are fast and present after just one session.

Lucia’s Viora V-form™ treatment really takes aesthetic goals to the next level.



    This non-invasive treatment is a perfect solution for patients who have visible stretch marks and cellulite dimples. This device strengthens collagen fibers and makes the skin firmer, stronger and smoother once it addresses stubborn fat pockets, cellulite and stretch marks.

    Viora for the body is absolutely safe and can be used for all skin tones and types. Also, both men and women can effectively treat cellulite problems with this procedure. The results of this treatment are effective and long-lasting. There is no downtime and the treatment session can be finished in 30 minutes.

    Each patient gets a custom-made treatment plan that addresses his/her specific needs and goals.


    When patients arrive at Lucia Clinic first they are consulted with Viora V-FORM™ therapists. The therapist examines the patient’s body and determines how many treatment sessions are necessary to address the patient’s issues. The therapist discusses with the patient his/her goals and expectations and creates the treatment plan that will make the patient satisfied with the results.


    Prior to the treatment, a gel is applied to the patient’s targeted area in order to glide the applicator with ease. The applicator is moved slowly over the area and it distributes therapeutic heat evenly and precisely. The applicator has a cooling mechanism that makes sure that the treatment is comfortable for the patient. This way the topical cream is not necessary. The treatment provides consistent and excellent results.

    Initially, four to eight treatment sessions are recommended for maximal results. But, this varies from patient to patient. Also, the Viora therapist may suggest additional touch-ups to maintain the results in the best possible way.


    As the treatment is non-invasive and comfortable no downtime is required. Patients can continue with their normal daily activities right after the treatment session.

    Some mild side effects might occur like redness or swelling, but all these sensitivities seize within a few hours or a few days.


    After 3 treatment session, most patients see the first results - the skin is much tighter than before. The best results are visible two months after the treatment because within that time the body produces new collagen and gradually reveals tighter and smoother skin.