Ten minutes with Dr. Alessandro Caielli, a beloved plastic surgeon at Lucia Clinic and his signature Laser-assisted liposuction

Dr. Alessandro Caielli and his natural-looking result

Dr. Alessandro Caielli is a UAE board-certified plastic surgeon, who found his home at Lucia Clinic. This exceptionally talented doctor performs different aesthetic procedures and rejuvenating plastic surgeries for his patients who are always exceedingly satisfied with the results. His skill, experience and individualized approach to each patient have earned him the title of one of the most world-renowned specialists. Add to that his warm nature and Italian charm and you got yourself a plastic surgeon you can trust and feel comfortable with. Earning the trust of his patients is something Dr. Alessandro values the most.

Working at Lucia Clinic, enabled Dr. Alessandro to perform plastic surgeries and aesthetic treatments with the most innovative techniques. Lucia Clinic is always at the forefront of the latest technologies and methods – many times this sophisticated clinic in Dubai was the first to introduce the most state-of-the-art treatments.

Dr. Alessandro helped many national and international A-listers fulfill their aesthetic goals with his bespoke treatment plans. He believes in an individualized approach and performs plastic surgeries and aesthetic treatments in order to enhance his patients’ natural beauty. There is no room for mistakes or overly done results with Dr. Alessandro – this doctor is a master of natural-looking, real and beautiful results. His artistic eye is one of many reasons why people consider Lucia Clinic a premier destination in Dubai.

Find out what Dr. Alessandro Caielli says about his signature procedures.

What is your signature plastic surgery?

My signature plastic surgery is Laser-assisted Liposuction and Nano fat transfer.

These two procedures are super advanced and Dr. Alessandro loves combining them for body contouring and rejuvenation. Laser-assisted liposuction is only minimally invasive and uses laser energy to liquefy fat deposits before Dr. Alessandro suctions them out with a cannula.

According to Dr. Alessandro, laser energy is beneficial because it triggers collagen production and leads to skin tightening and smoother final results. So, next to targeting and breaking fat cells, laser-assisted liposuction is effective in improving overall skin quality. This is what makes it advanced when compared to traditional lipo.

The other procedure, stem cells or nano fat transfer is also groundbreaking because stem cells have regenerative properties that trigger the body’s natural healing processes and improve the longevity of fat transfer results. Dr. Alessandro harvests fat cells from one body area and then processes it to isolate stem cells and nano fat. After that, the magic starts – Dr. Alessandro injects the nano fat into another body area to add volume, improve contours and rejuvenate the skin.

As Dr. Allesandro explains, nano fat contains a high concentration of regenerative cells which improve the quality of the tissue and trigger collagen production.

Dr. Alessandro’s patients love the combo of laser-assisted liposuction with stem cell/nano fat transfer because it offers them comprehensive body contouring and rejuvenation. It also enhances the results and shortens the recovery period.

How do you create a customized treatment plan for your signature procedure?

Thanks to the Internet, and especially within the ‘Social Media Universe’, every second we are exposed to somebody promoting or discussing a new beauty trend, brand, technique, or product. My patients get curious and come to me asking for my opinions. Together we create the best and unique treatment plan.

Dr. Alessandro is well aware that the trends in plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments are constantly changing. He understands that patients are well-informed and educated about the anti aging treatments. But, sometimes the information about the latest products or procedures is learned from someone who is not a medical doctor or who doesn’t have a scientific or medical background. This is what Dr. Alessandro always points out to his patients. During the consultation, Dr. Alessandro keeps it open with his clients and recommends which treatment would actually bring them the desired result.

But this amazing plastic surgeon also sees the good side of huge exposure to new and advanced procedures and techniques. He uses every opportunity to share his knowledge with his colleagues around the world. That’s how he realized that laser-assisted liposuction and stem cell/nano fat transfer are safe and effective when put together. He even sees the benefits of regenerative cells in treating hair loss or in rejuvenating different facial and body areas. According to Dr. Alessandro, nano fat transfer acts as a long-lasting volumizer – it even lasts longer than hyaluronic acid.

Which technique do you use for your signature procedure?

At the moment, the lipo laser device that I like the most is a combo of radio frequency and Helium gas. It allows me to have the best and long-lasting tightening effects and to reduce the risks of skin laxity and fluid collection, which are the main side effects after lipo surgery.

Dr. Alessandro puts his patients’ safety in the first place. That’s why he always chooses minimally invasive liposuction techniques – laser-assisted lipo is one of them. With this technique, his patients don’t experience significant side effects and recover much faster.

As Dr. Alessandro says laser-assisted liposuction and stem cell/nano fat transfer have great potential because of their scientific background. In the world of plastic surgery, nothing is more important than a safe, minimally invasive and maximally effective procedure.

Why are natural-looking results important to you?

I come from Italy, the land of Art, Beauty, Nature and real flavors and colors. This shaped so much my mind, personality and vision of beauty.

What Dr. Alessandro explained here so beautifully, is his love for nature. This applies to his love for natural-looking results after he performs a procedure. Sometimes less is more and finding that perfect balance between enhanced features and natural beauty is what makes this doctor exceptional.

How do you achieve natural-looking results?

In order to achieve natural-looking results, first I need to discuss it with the patient. We share our visions and goals together, because sometimes what is natural to me isn’t necessarily natural in somebody else’s mind.

What singles this doctor out is his effort to develop a good and open relationship with his patients. He understands that they feel stressed before their plastic surgery so it’s no surprise really that Dr. Alessandro will meet with his patients many times before the procedure. He uses every opportunity to discuss with his patients about the expected results after the surgery. This way both he and his patients are happy and satisfied with the final outcomes.

What is the biggest benefit of this procedure?

The best benefit of this procedure is to allow the patient to have a boost of one of the most advanced anti-aging treatments.

Dr. Alessandro’s laser-assisted liposuction and stem cell/nano fat transfer enable his patients to get a premium body contouring procedure. His patients can finally enjoy their dream body contours. Laser-assisted lipo allows Dr. Alessandro absolute precision in fat removal and body sculpting. This is super important to his patients who wish to contour specific body areas.

On the other hand, the growth factors and stem cells in nano fat trigger collagen production and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. With this advanced procedure, Dr. Alessandro enables his patients to significantly improve their skin tone and texture and look more youthful. Plus nano fat improves skin elasticity and prevents its dryness which is a big advantage of this procedure.

Achieving beautiful results from this most advanced procedure is precious for both Dr. Alessandro and his patients. This devoted doctor always recommends that his patients continue a healthy lifestyle and care for their skin and body. By adding some non-invasive aesthetic treatment, his patients can prolong the results for many years.

For more information on laser-assisted liposuction and stem cell/nano fat transfer, schedule your consultation with Dr. Alessandro Caielli at Lucia Clinic.