EmSculpt NEO and CoolSculpting body procedures from A to Z - find out the details about effectiveness

In today’s guide, we are going to share with you the secrets of EmSculpt NEO and CoolSculpting aesthetic treatments. Are you in for getting rid of stubborn fat pockets and building muscles? Then read the following chapters.


  1. Getting to the core of EmSculpt NEO
  2. HIFEM and RF – the synergy of two powerful energies
  3. How does EmSculpt NEO destroy the unwanted fat cells?
  4. What is the story behind building muscles?
  5. How can you benefit from EmSculpt NEO treatment?
  6. Introducing CoolSculpting treatment
  7. The science of fat freezing – Cryolipolysis
  8. What body areas can CoolSculpting address?
  9. Can CoolSculpting work for gents?
  10. Can CoolSculpting tighten the skin?


Welcome to the future of muscle toning and fat burning outside the gym.
Welcome to the future of muscle toning and fat burning outside the gym. EmSculpt NEO is a brand-new technology that combines wellness and aesthetic benefits. Moreover, with EmSculpt NEO treatment you can improve your appearance and quality of life. Talking about returning your confidence! The long-desired body shape can finally become reality. With EmSculpt NEO you can get rid of stubborn fat pockets on different parts of your body and build, firm and tone your muscles.

The potential of EmSculpt NEO is huge. Let’s face it. Working in the gym can really pay off and improve your general health and appearance, but some issues sometimes simply can’t be resolved by strenuous exercise or proper nutrition habits.

EmSculpt NEO is a true rescuer – non-invasive, exercise-free muscle building and fat burning in just 30 minutes per session.

Doesn’t this sound great? Compare weeks of doing crunches and sit-ups to this safe, fast and effective treatment.


Well, the results are of course the reason why this treatment is so amazing. After the first course of sessions, you can see the first results – the treated area is more toned and smoother than before. The muscles feel a bit stronger. After the final session, which is usually the fourth one the real magic happens. That’s the time when the best results start to become visible. They gradually develop and after three months they are fully seen. The treated areas are shaped, defined and contoured.

Regarding fat loss, your body needs about 12 weeks to completely eliminate damaged fat cells. This is a part of the natural metabolic process, so it needs a bit of time to finish. But it’s so worthwhile. The treated body parts are slimmer and smoother.

On average, with EmSculpt NEO treatments you can build 25% more muscle mass and reduce 30% of fat – these numbers can’t be neglected. So, are you frustrated with some areas of your body that simply don’t respond to workouts or diet? Then EmSculpt NEO is a true rescuer here.

You must agree that EmSculpt NEO is mind blowing in terms of making you look better and feel stronger.

EmSculpt NEO treatment goes way beyond hear-say tales and before and after pictures. It represents a brilliant example of a treatment that has science behind it, a lot of demonstration to prove its safety and efficacy. EmSculpt NEO treatment will surely remain ahead of its competition for a long time.


Even though EmSculpt NEO is a pretty straightforward treatment, there are two very important and scientifically backed up effects that happen during it. You can feel the energies, but what exactly are they?

Let’s find out.


HIFEM+ stands for high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology. It represents an innovative approach in aesthetic treatments because:

EmSculpt  NEO is the first treatment where this kind of energy is used to tighten and  tone your muscles and at the same time eliminate unwanted fat.

The mechanism of this energy affects both muscles and fat cells non-invasively and safely.

HIFEM+ energy targets skeletal muscles and causes supramaximal contractions. These contractions are super strong and bigger than the highest amount of tension your muscles can employ under normal circumstances. In other words, they are much much higher than your maximal voluntary muscle contractions.

When HIFEM+ energy is used to treat abdominal muscles during EmSculpt NEO treatment it actually causes all skeletal muscles to contract at the same time. These muscles are the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis, and the obliques.

If this sounds too Latin here is an explanation.

The rectus abdominis muscles are also called abs and lower abdominals. There is a pair of them and they stretch vertically on both sides of the anterior abdominal wall. So, they are two parallel muscles and they are separated by a connective tissue formed in a midline band.

Transversus abdominis is the deepest abdominal muscle and it stabilizes the lumbar spine and pelvis before you want to move your arms and legs.

The obliques represent two muscles -external and internal obliques. They run on the sides of six-pack muscles from the hips to the rib cage.

So, during the EmSculpt NEO, you feel how these muscle groups are contracting, but you don’t feel any discomfort.


This condition might sound a bit strange but it is actually quite common. It is a separation of six-pack muscles that join at the midline of your abdomen. It can be partial or complete and it can occur during and after pregnancy. Many women experience this condition simply because the uterus must stretch the muscles in the abdomen to make more room for the baby. It’s all in nature. According to one study, almost 60% of women have this condition during or post-pregnancy.

Of course, this condition is not just limited to women. Men can also experience it because of the incorrect lifting of heavyweights, or too many abdominal exercises that are done in an unsafe way.

So, when these muscles separate it is almost impossible to tighten them with regular exercise. EmSculpt NEO treatment comes to the rescue here with its HIFEM+ energy.


As we already mentioned, during EmSculpt NEO treatment, HIFEM+ energy induces almost 20thousand muscle contractions in one session that lasts for 30 minutes. This number of contractions is not possible to achieve voluntarily, but the muscle tissue must adapt to this so-called stress and the final result is muscle growth.

HIFEM technology works by using alternating magnetic fields and induces these super-strong muscle contractions. This happens through the stimulation of nerve pathways but it doesn’t significantly raise the temperature. These muscle contractions or supramaximal contractions happen because of specific stimulation frequencies and patterns. These contractions are constantly repeated and they stimulate tissue healing – this actually makes your muscles bigger because the muscle fibers increase.

After 4 treatment sessions, the muscle separation can be reduced by 10%, which you must agree is super awesome for your abs, since we said that it is almost impossible to achieve this with regular exercise.

During 3 months after the last session, the general appearance of muscles continues to improve so we can conclude that the results of EmSculpt NEO treatments are long-lasting.

During 3 months after the last session, the general appearance of muscles continues to improve so we can conclude that the results of EmSculpt NEO treatments are long-lasting.


Apart from working amazingly on muscle building and the reduction of muscle separation, EmSculpt NEO targets fat cells and causes their elimination. That’s one of the reasons why this treatment is one of a kind – these energies work simultaneously as a perfectly programmed mechanism. RF energy heats the tissues and makes the HIFEM+ energy even more effective when inducing muscle contractions. The results are so much better than when the energies are used separately.

Basically, RF heating that happens while HIFEM+ makes the muscle contract, activates the proteins that stimulate muscle synthesis and boosts the hypertrophic effect.

Hypertrophy is just another term for muscle increase and it happens when you work out. Especially when you lift weights. So, during this treatment, you are building your muscles, but without a lot of sweat and effort.

On the other hand, RF also heats the fat tissue and leads to the elimination of fat cells while at the same time it is supported by a boosted metabolic activity because of HIFEM+ contractions.

EmSculpt NEO treatment can be used for fat cells elimination, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

The brilliancy of the combination of these two energies lies in their extensive use in aesthetic medicine for body contouring. EmSculpt NEO treatment can be used for fat cells elimination, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. RF energy works by elevating the temperature and selective transforming radiofrequency into heat in treated tissues. This selective heating can be achieved by specific frequencies of the RF spectrum.

EmSculpt NEO treatment combines Synchronized RF and HIFEM+ through a dual applicator. During the treatment, RF boosts local blood flow and brings the heat to the underlying tissue and HIFEM+ makes the muscles contract. And there is the secret – the RF heating supports the HIFEM+ effect on muscles and HIFEM+ boosts the RF effect on fat tissue. Final verdict- fat out, muscles in.

Do you want to find out more about losing fat cells?

Read the following chapter.



EmSculpt NEO treatment affects fat cells and can reduce the unwanted fat pockets.

So, we have established that EmSculpt NEO treatment affects fat cells and can reduce the unwanted fat pockets. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

The treatment actually affects adipose tissue or more colloquially called body fat. Fat cells can be found all around your body – under the skin or subcutaneous fat, between your muscles and other places. Women usually store unwanted subcutaneous fat within the thighs and buttocks. Here is where EmSculpt NEO comes in handy and works like a charm. It can greatly reduce the subcutaneous fat in these areas.

Anyway, EmSculpt NEO applies dual-energy and evenly heats the adipose tissue fat. The temperature goes way beyond normal levels or levels that your body can normally take. It heats the tissue between 43 to 45 degrees. It reaches this temperature in about 4 minutes but it doesn’t harm the surface of your skin or epidermal level. This elevation in temperature is beneficial for fat reduction in two different ways.

First, the temperature increases blood circulation and speeds up your metabolism. Then the lipids that are present in fat cells or triglycerides break down or get hydrolyzed into glycerol and free fatty acids. These two products are slowly and of course without any damage to the surrounding tissue released into your bloodstream. So, the affected fat cells get smaller. And when HIFEM+ energy kicks in this process is even more boosted. Intense muscle work brings a lot of energy to your body and this increases your metabolism even further.

The combination of HIFEM+ and RF  energies is the key to success – the fat cells break down faster.

The second way that the temperature affects fat cells is that when the temperature is sustained for a longer period of time fat cells lose their cellular integrity and some of them enter the apoptotic process – the process of natural cell death. They have no chance against the temperature of 43 degrees and get permanently destroyed. So, the fat cells that enter this process lose their membrane integrity and are digested by cells that clear the destroyed cells and the debris in order to keep the tissue homeostasis or its balance.

So fat cells shrink, flatten and their membrane breaks down. The content that is found inside the fat cells leads to a 33% decrease in their size.


Of course, there were several studies that show that the advanced technology behind EmSculpt NEO treatment really works like a charm in eliminating fat cells. Here are some of the findings.

One study that was actually submitted to the FDA before this treatment was cleared involved 42people. With ultrasound imaging, it was shown that abdominal fat reduced by almost 30% in three months after the last treatment session.

The second study also proved that there was a reduction in fat again by 30% three months after the last treatment. Here ultrasonographic examination was used to back up the findings.

The third study also had the same results – a reduction in abdominal fat by 30% three months after the last EmSculpt NEO treatment session. In this study, magnetic resonance imaging or MRI was used to gather the results.

So, as you can see all studies had similar results and proved that this dual-energy treatment is really efficient in fat reduction. During EmSculpt NEO treatment muscle contractions are something like a massage and together with faster blood flow, they help distribute the heat evenly across the whole targeted area.

Let’s find out now how muscles are built during the EmSculpt NEO treatment.

Read the following chapter


EmSculpt NEO treatment works for fat cells elimination let’s turn to muscle building - the other advantage of this powerful procedure.

Now that we covered how EmSculpt NEO treatment works for fat cells elimination let’s turn to muscle building – the other advantage of this powerful procedure.

Apart from heating fat cells during EmSculpt NEO treatment, two accompanying processes affect muscle tissues. Muscles don’t keep the same temperature because they are highly thermally conductive. On the other hand, fat has lower thermal conductivity and can keep high temperatures. During the treatment, muscles are heated to 40 degrees because of the heat produced during supramaximal contraction, the heat that is directly produced by RF and the heat that spreads from the fat tissue next to the muscles.

Muscles reach the temperature of 40 degrees in the first 2 minutes and keep it during the treatment. It is a safe temperature level and it doesn’t harm muscle tissue. We all know that physiologically speaking, heating muscles is very beneficial. Remember working out for example in the gym? You always warm up first because you don’t want to injure your muscles before strenuous weightlifting or other exercises.

So, heating the muscle tissue during contractions can really boost the muscle response. When muscles are heated the blood flow increases and delivers more oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles fibers that are contracting.

The more oxygen and nutrients your muscles get the more they grow. They promote an anabolic process that regenerates the muscle fibers faster and makes the muscles grow. Faster blood circulation also increases faster toxic waste disposal like carbonic or lactic acid. These acids are unnecessary products of your metabolic processes that give you energy for your muscles while your muscles work intensively. When you have high amounts of these acids in your tissues, your muscles get sore and you feel tired.

the average growth in muscle tissue can be around 24 to 26% with the EmSculpt NEO treatment

When you flush out this waste faster your muscles aren’t so sore and you don’t feel fatigued. What’s more, when your muscles get heated during the treatment you feel better, stronger, less tired than when you exercise and contract your muscles in the gym. So, heating your muscles during the EmSculpt NEO gets the treatment more effective and you don’t feel as tired afterward.

Simultaneous delivery of RF and HIFEM+ energies enhance the muscle contractions and muscles strongly respond. During the treatment, muscle fibers get stretched brilliant and relaxed the same way when you exercise in the gym but the effect is much much more. These strong contractions actually make micro-ruptures in muscle fibers. So, your signaling molecules are released and start regenerating and growing your muscles. Your muscles get stronger.

One of those signaling molecules are heat shock proteins (HSP) that promote muscle protein synthesis and build your muscles.


The studies that were conducted to experiment on the dual-energy technology of EmSculpt NEO showed that muscle hypertrophy is much more powerful than when individual energies are applied. You could think that individual application of HIFEM and RF energies would have a similar effect as the simultaneous application. But, actually it’s not true. You see, your muscle tissue is rich in blood vessels and loses the proper heat that is accumulated when the temperature goes beyond the blood temperature which is about 37 degrees. So, without the constant heat delivery, there is no way you can keep the right therapeutic temperature in the treated tissue. So, without the combination of these two energies, you don’t get the same powerful effect on muscle building.

To conclude this chapter with a number – the average growth in muscle tissue can be around 24 to 26% with the EmSculpt NEO treatment, while without the heating it is just 16%.


Let’s get something straight right away – EmSculpt NEO isn’t a weight-loss treatment.

It is ideal for people with a BMI of up to 35, which is higher than some other non-surgical body sculpting treatments. So, if you are generally in a good shape and you have proper eating habits EmSculpt NEO is an ideal solution for you. It will solve the issues of individual body areas that never seem to get the message and get into shape no matter how much you are trying. Those parts are just immune to dieting or exercising. So how does that make you feel? Well of course frustrated.

Let’s discuss how EmSculpt can help you feel and look better.

First, how do you calculate your BMI?

It’s simple. Body mass index is a calculation of your weight and height. The formula is kg/m2 – kg is your weight and m2 is height in square meters. However, this is just a number. It doesn’t take into account if the weight is carried as fat or muscles. The point is, before EmSculpt NEO treatment you are consulted with the therapist who will determine for sure if this treatment is the right choice for you.

Anyway, EmSculpt NEO has an advanced applicator system, so it can help you get rid of stubborn fat pockets and get your muscles more defined on different body areas. EmSculpt NEO can:

●     Improve your core strength

●     Flatten your abdomen

●     Enhance your calves

●     Add definition to your biceps and triceps

●     Reduce fat and build muscles in your thighs

Let’s cover all body parts individually and see how EmSculpt NEO can shape them.


The muscles on our abdomen attract a lot of attention. Medically speaking they are important because they hold in our organs. Also, they keep our posture engaged and in a proper position.

Aesthetically speaking abdomen muscles are always the source of improvement. You have six-packs, eight packs, on one side and flab on the other. No matter how you try to get your abs ripped they will never look attractive if you have a layer of fat wrapped over them.

Well, this is where EmSculpt NEO works like a charm. As this treatment mimics 20000 muscle contractions there is no way that after 4 sessions your abdominal muscles won’t look more defined, and your stomach will look flatter. As we said before, the unwanted fat cells are destroyed forever. With a proper fitness regime, you can keep those defined abs looking awesome.


EmSculpt NEO gives you a little push and provides you with the desired abs appearance. The rest is up to you – proper diet and regular exercise will help you enjoy your abs for along period of time.


You’ve probably admired photos of bodybuilders and thought how well their arms are sculpted. So, you dedicate hours and hours in the gym, doing exercises like free weights, plank position, shoulder press, bicep curl, triceps kickback -and nothing! You just can’t sculpt your upper arm area the way you want to. Well, you are not the only one. Talking anatomically, biceps and triceps are the major upper arm muscles. And like all muscles, they are not immune to excess subcutaneous tissue or fat.

However, with EmSculpt NEO treatments your upper arm muscles – biceps and triceps can get more defined.


The fat layers that are deeper are totally susceptible to change, and with this treatment, you can influence the way your arms look – you can get them better sculpted, and defined.


I m sure you know the drill for leg muscles toning – lunges, step-ups, heel raisers, squats and other exercises. You can do this all day long but you just can’t make your legs contour as you want to. There are some obstacles that you simply can’t overcome like genetics or body fat that seems to feel quite comfortable in these body areas. You end up feeling frustrated because you can’t get rid of this stored fat.

Usually, when we talk about nicely shaped legs we think of thighs. Unfortunately, a large amount of fat tissue tends to accumulate in this area, especially in the outer thighs. Both men and women can have these problems and desire tighter and more toned legs.

So once more EmSculpt NEO treatment comes as a rescuer here. It can refine, define and sculpt your legs and improve their overall appearance and also overall body appearance.


Moreover, EmSculpt treatment can boost the appearance of muscles on calves and eliminate the fat that can accumulate in these parts of the legs as well.


How do you feel about getting stronger, tighter and more-defined buttocks? Faster than working out in the gym? EmSculptNEO can increase strength and muscle definition in your buttocks and sculpt it o that you can finally be satisfied with your silhouette. The treatment is an awesome non-surgical option for buttocks lift. It requires no downtime and no taking time off.

During the treatment, your glutes work out intensely while you relax, read a book or work on your laptop.


It takes only 30 minutes per session to make your buttocks better shaped. After 4 sessions you will enjoy perky, round and firmer buttocks. The final effect is visible two months after the last session.


This fact is what makes EmSculpt NEO an awesome treatment. This is where its general brilliancy lies. After 4-6 treatment sessions, you feel improvement in stamina and strength. This seems to appear as if from nowhere but you can definitely attribute it to the treatments.

Aesthetically speaking, your waistline gets slimmer, your abs are more defined, your stomach is flatter, your arms are more toned and your legs are better contoured. You feel great and you look awesome – how brilliant is that

So, before EmSculpt treatment was introduced, it was unimaginable to address both fat and muscles in a non-invasive way. They were treated separately.

EmSculpt  NEO is the first-ever technology that brings two different energies to the  same targeting body area.

This truly is a breakthrough in non-surgical body contouring treatments that can build muscles and burn fat in various patients – from athletes to sedentary individuals. EmSculpt NEO is superior to any other standalone treatment system. It is faster, more effective and safer.

EmSculptNEO has a huge potential. It is a hassle-free treatment; it doesn’t require recovery time and it’s remarkably efficient. You don’t need to follow strict pre-or post-treatment protocols, and you feel no pain. You just come to the clinic, have a consultation, get a problematic area treated and continue with your daily activities. It’s that simple.


You just feel as if you exercised a bit more extensively. That’s all.



What an awesome name don’t you think? What is so cool about this treatment besides its name? Well, it eliminates the stubborn fat cells that linger underneath your skin and simply won’t go away no matter how much you exercise. But, with CoolSculpting this problem can be easily solved because it freezes the fat cells and destroys them permanently.

Let’s dive deeper.


How can you freeze away fat cells? What temperature is necessary for that to happen? Those are perhaps the first questions that pop inside your mind when you hear this.

Generally, the level of fat cells stays the same even if we gain or lose weight. They just shrink when you lose a few pounds and expend when you gain weight (for example after the Christmas feast). But the problem is they never go away. It can be also because of mother nature, genetics, gravity – you name it. But fat bulges simply stick out from different body areas. But these fat bulges are not resistant to CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting treatment does exactly what you wish for – it removes fat cells from your body. But of course, in a non-surgical way.


During the CoolSculpting treatment, the fat cells are carefully cooled with precision – the surrounding skin or other tissue is left unharmed. This happens because fat is very sensitive to a certain temperature and it freezes. This is not the case with the other tissues – they aren’t affected by the low temperature and stay unharmed. The fat cells that are targeted with low temperatures crystallize and gradually die. As your body has its natural metabolism processes for flushing away all undesired products, it eliminates these dead fat cells. After weeks and months following the treatment, these dead cells are washed away and the remaining ones get smaller and reduce the layer of fat. And what do you get as a result? A more sculpted body.

Let’s get a bit more scientific and explain this fat-freezing business.


Okay, you are sure thinking that this sounds too good to be true. However, CoolSculpting actually works. It’s all backed up by science which we can’t escape. Cryolipolysis definitely sounds too scientific, but it is actually a process of freezing and removing fat cells.

The name says it all. Cryo-cold, lipo-fat, lysis-cell death and elimination. There you go, now you understand what the word means.

During the CoolSculpting treatment, stubborn  fat pockets are exposed to controlled cooling.

The unwanted underlying fat is frozen, but the overlying skin and the tissue around are not harmed. The fat cells crystalize and rupture or break. The cells undergo the process of apoptosis, which is actually their biological death and removal. In the months that follow, your lymphatic system collects these destroyed fat cells and removes them from your body. When these destroyed fat cells are out from your body, they can’t grow back – your body doesn’t create more fat cells. The plus for CoolSculpting treatment – it provides long-lasting results.

During the CoolSculpting treatment, stubborn  fat pockets are exposed to controlled cooling.

This controlled application of cooling involves the temperature of -4 degrees for approximately 35 minutes per applicator depending on the size of the area you are treating with CoolSculpting. This temperature and this amount of time don’t cause the appearance of frostbites. Fat cells get damaged by this cooling but the skin cells don’t. The fat gets cooled below body temperature but above freezing of course. This temperature is only applicable to fat bulges.

CoolSculpting treatment leaves the surrounding tissue and the  top layer of the skin unharmed.

Coolsculptingcan reduce up to 25% of fat cells. The best part – the results are long-lasting and look completely natural. What more could you wish for? The treatment is minimally uncomfortable, you get rid of unwanted fat bulges, your body looks better sculpted and you achieve all this in a few months after the treatment.


It’s very important to keep this in mind. Cryolipolys is is not used for fat loss. If you are already close to your ideal body weight but you struggle with stubborn pinchable fat pockets that just won’t go away, then you are an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting treatment. CoolSculpting effectively treats subcutaneous fat and can help you to fit into your favorite pair of jeans.



The fact that the CoolSculpting treatment is FDA approved is pretty important. This means that it can be safely used to treat visible fat pockets in the thighs, abdomen, love handles, along the bra line, upper arm, submental area and underneath the buttocks. Visible means that you can pinch it. Let’s describe in more detail how CoolSculpting works in these body areas.

But first, let’s name the body parts that CoolSculpting treatment can address: 

  • Stomach and Abdomen
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Upper Arms
  • Love Handles and Flanks
  • Back and Bra Area 
  • Under Buttocks (Banana Roll)
  • Double Chin
  • Male Chest (Pseudogynecomastia)

The fact that CoolSculpting treatment involves using various applicators is mind blowing. Depending on the body area you have problems with, the CoolSculpting therapistcan use a specific applicator to treat that area. This way you can get a fully customized treatment and of course amazing results. These applicators target fat deposits precisely where you want them.

  • CoolAdvantage applicator – this one is used on the waist, hips and abdomen. It can cover larger body areas.
  • CoolSmooth applicator – this one is flat and without the suction part. It is used for targeting fat on outer thighs for example, or any other area where applicators with suction parts can’t reach it.
  • CoolMini – this one is used for contouring the chin, so it reduces the appearance of the double chin and also improves skin elasticity.
  • CoolAdvantage Petite – this applicator is used for contouring arms, bra live, back and banana rolls.

Let’s talk about how CoolSculpting can reduce fat in different body areas.


You can reduce fat cells in both inner and outer thigh areas with this treatment. It is minimally uncomfortable and requires minimal to no downtime.

For many females, these visible fat bulges are an unattractive and frustrating nuisance and most women have difficulties in achieving the ideally sculpted thighs. This fat is also called sex-specific fat because estrogen somehow draws more fat into thighs and buttocks and these fat reserves prepare women for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Again, it’s all in nature.

The fat on the thighs and buttocks is a hormone-influenced fat and therefore it is almost impossible to get rid of it. When you exercise or diet you can’t affect the exact spot and reduce fat in just that area. So, you are stuck with this stubborn fat.

However, CoolSculpting can target specifically the fat on thighs and reduce it without much fuss and without invasive treatments. Also, the recovery time is non-existent.


So, a CoolSculpting applicator called CoolSmooth helps women sculpt their outer thighs also known as saddlebags (pretty nasty name). This applicator can reduce external thigh fat and it doesn’t work as a vacuum. It just cools hard or non-pinchable fat located on the outer thighs. You can achieve noticeable fat reduction with this applicator in just one treatment session.

More than  90% of patients loved the results.

If n the other hand, you want to reduce inner thigh jiggling or get the so-called thigh gap, the CoolFit applicator is your choice here. It reduces fat cells in this problematic body area. This applicator consists of a flat vacuum cap and a big cooling plate. As inner thighs are a bit difficult to reach the treatment area, this applicator is a perfect solution because of its unique design. According to different studies, 85% of patients were able to notice the fat reduction after a single treatment session.

More than  90% of patients loved the results.

So, as you can see, numbers say it all. However, we should always keep in mind that we are all different and have different bodies. Therefore, the results may vary from patient to patient, and we should always have realistic expectations. That’s why this treatment must be performed with a certified therapist who can explain everything regarding the procedure and actually determine if we are the right candidate for this treatment.


If you have stored fat deposits in the upper arm area CoolSculpting is an awesome way to melt these deposits. Since it is FDA approved, CoolSculpting is a perfectly safe treatment for reducing unwanted fat in areas that can’t be shaped with exercise or a strict diet. This treatment can be done the same day you come for your consultations, it requires no anesthesia and minimal to no downtime.  If you are struggling to sculpt your upper arms, continue to read.


Again, there are few factors that contribute to jiggling arms or chicken wings. Those factors can be age, genetics or hormonal changes especially with the female part of the population. Fat tends to accumulate in the upper arm area, as it does in the thighs and hips. We can blame biology but these areas are well-known for resisting fat burning with exercise and diet. Women usually have problems with the nasty chicken wings and can’t reduce fat in the upper arms so easily.

Men are not excluded from experiencing unwanted saggy skin in their arms and have difficulties in trying to sculpt them and getting rid of undesired fat bulges. So, as you can see, CoolSculpting can really help you achieve more sculpted and leaner upper arms no matter if you are a man or a woman.


As we’ve already mentioned, during this treatment the controlled cooling technology – cryolipolysis is applied to your upper arm area. With the specially designed applicator, the stubborn fat cells get frozen. Every treatment session lasts for about 35 minutes. As the treatment is non-invasive and only mildly uncomfortable there is no need for downtime. You can continue with your daily routine right after the treatment.

You will  notice the fat reduction results in three months.

As your body needs more time to flush away the fat cells that have been damaged, you can see the best results after three months. Generally, the flushing away process lasts for 6 months.

Another thing that makes CoolSculpting a ‘cool’ treatment is that you don’t need to have countless treatment sessions to achieve the best results. Most patients only need 1 to 3 sessions to successfully eliminate stubborn fat deposits.


Why can’t I lose love handles no matter how much I exercise? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question thousands of times while you were looking in the mirror at these unattractive bulges of fat on your waist. Because, let’s be honest –except for its endearing name, there is nothing else that love handles can serve for. Then you search for the solution on the internet and find tons of different solutions for this problem. Pretty soon you realize that most of the solutions don’t work. But maybe if you understand the physiology of love handles, you will realize that one of the best solutions is CoolSculpting treatment.


And once more we must blame biology for this. You see, fat deposits are created differently, depending on the body area. Some areas of your body tend to hold on to weight more than others. So those fat bulges that refuse to go away no matter how much you exercise or keep a strict diet, are there because of nature.

Love handles have a really bad reputation when talking about losing them – it’s virtually impossible to accomplish that. Again, a lot of factors contribute to this like gender, genetics, age and hormones.

Men are also prone to struggling with love handles as well as women, maybe even more. Testosterone is the major culprit here – it just tells the body to keep extra fat in the midsection. So, men get unattractive belly fat and also love handles.

On the other hand, estrogen in women tells the body to keep the extra fat in the lower area of the body – hips, thighs and buttocks. These are the most usual places where women struggle to reduce fat.

So, to conclude – since love handles are genetically and biologically influenced, they are already predisposed to stick to the body.


CoolSculpting comes as a rescuer here again, because if all other methods fail, this treatment could do the trick. It can drastically reduce fat in this area. It will eliminate the fat cells that are so stubborn and won’t go away. Just keep in mind that CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment. So, if having flanks is your only problem then CoolSculpting will work for you. This fat reduction treatment destroys the fat cells and once they have flushed away from your body, they of course can’t grow back.

You can achieve the desired results – a nicely  sculpted waist in two to three treatment sessions.

But this doesn’t mean that you should change your fitness regime or even worse stop with it. CoolSculpting will bring you a nicely shaped waist but in order to keep the results, you should continue exercising.


As you get older, unwanted fat deposits can form under the buttocks. These fat deposits are also known as a banana roll -but there is nothing sweet about this roll. It is absolutely immune to exercise and a strict diet. It simply won’t go away no matter how much you try. You end up feeling frustrated with a bumpy and uneven look of your upper thighs under the buttocks. But, CoolSculpting treatment can be your hero once again – it effectively treats the bulges of fat on this area of your body. After the treatment, this area is better shaped and smoother and looks slimmer.

During the treatment, a special applicator is used to reduce fat deposits under the buttocks. As with any other treatment area, the applicator exposes the fat cells to constantly cold temperatures. The suction part of the applicator draws the undesired fat up to the surface of the skin and treats it as we said with cold temperature.

Banana roll is out after the treatment. You might need more sessions to accomplish the desired results – usually 2 to 3.After the last treatment session, and after all the damaged fat cells are eliminated from your body, you get slimmer upper thighs and defined buttocks.


A lot of people fear the spare tire or muffin top – The not so endearing nicknames for belly fat. This is because your body stores fat in this area – and again we can’t do anything about it. So, CoolSculpting treatment is perhaps the most popular for targeting this area of the body. You might tell yourself – I don’t want to have my belly hang over my pants anymore. Of course, you want your favorite pair of jeans to fit you better. Getting a smoother stomach would also make you more confident –let’s not forget about that.

You can achieve the desired  look – a slimmer abdomen in two sessions.

As we already said CoolSculpting is a safe FDA- approved treatment, but it is not for everybody. The ideal patients are people who are close to their ideal body weight but they are struggling to eliminate the fat on their stomach. You won’t lose weight with CoolSculpting but you will get rid of that stubborn fat that covers your stomach. If you have so-called pinchable fat on your abdomen then CoolSculpting can be effective at reducing it.


On the other hand, if the fat on your stomach is harder and can’t be moved easily, then CoolSculpting won’t be effective. So, as you can see, there are two types of fat and there is a huge difference between them. They are called subcutaneous and visceral fat.


We must get technical again here –but just a little. Visceral fat is deep in your body and it encircles your internal organs. It can be dangerous and can provoke some illnesses. It is harder and forms the so-called beer belly.

Subcutaneous fat lies just under the surface of your skin. This fat is the one that you can pinch with your fingers and this is the fat that can be effectively reduced with CoolSculpting. However, if this is more than 3 inches CoolSculpting can’t bring the desired results.


Double chin is another area of the body that can be easily better-shaped with CoolSculpting treatment. More precisely the issue with double chin is something that can bother you because it is immune to exercise and diet. In the case of a double chin, storing fat in this area doesn’t have to be the single contributor. It can also occur because the skin loses its laxity and makes the double chin more prominent.

So double chin or turkey neck happens because of age, diet or genetics. It develops when a layer of fat creates just beneath your chin. And over time, this deposit of fat gives away to gravity and gradually starts to sag and hang.


One awesome characteristic of CoolSculpting treatment is that it is so versatile. With the proper applicator, you can easily treat the under the chin fat. As before, it freezes fat cells that are the culprit for the appearance of a double chin and sagging skin on your neck. This applicator targets especially this area and effectively brings back the fine contour of your chin area.

CoolSculpting is a brilliant option for non-invasive double chin elimination.

CoolSculpting can reduce the fat layer by 25%  in your chin and improve your skin laxity as well.

You will be the best candidate for this treatment if you have a minor double chin and great laxity of your skin. CoolSculpting delivers the best results when addressing the layer of fat just underneath your chin. During your consultation, the licensed CoolSculpting therapist will determine how much fat you have in this area and tell you if this treatment is the right option for you.

A plus for CoolSculpting -you can get the desired results after just one or two treatment sessions.


Another body area that can accumulate fat and make tight shirts or any shirt unfitting. Back fat tends to stick around no matter how much you exercise. Also, it has no boundaries – it

can hang around the lower area that extends from the love handles, on the sides

of the back, in the armpits or it can appear as a bra bulge. So, again you feel

frustrated because you simply can’t reduce or eliminate back fat. Nothing seems

to work. You invest hours and hours in the gym but when you look in the mirror the stubborn fat is still there. Why does backfat appear?

We’ve already said that you can store fat in any area of your body. When it comes to accumulating fat in your back there are a few factors that contribute to it like poor quality of sleep, age or hormonal changes.

But you don’t need to stress anymore – CoolSculpting will reduce back fat and reduce your stress.

Your clothes will fit better, back fat is the  thing of the past and bra bulge disappears. Let’s not forget – you will  return your confidence.

You can get the best results in just 1 or 2 treatment sessions.

You can treat back fat with CoolSculpting because this procedure is pretty straightforward. Of course ,you will first be examined by a CoolSculpting therapist who will determine if the nature of your excess fat tissue in this area is susceptible to CoolSculpting. Sometimes this excess tissue can be the result of lipoma and not fat. The same goes with the front bra bulge. This excess tissue can be glandular breast tissue and not fat. So, again you need to be examined before the treatment. Just to be sure that CoolSculpting will provide the desired results.

Now that we’ve covered all targeting body areas, let’s see what CoolSculpting can do for men.

Read the next chapter.



Of course, it can. A lot of people think that CoolSculpting treatments are just for women. But actually, men are more and more inclined to having CoolSculpting treatments although perhaps not in the same treatment areas. So, gentlemen, do you want to resolve the problems with excess fat? Read the following chapter.

Men realize as well as women that working out in the gym simply can’t help them get rid of unattractive fat bulges. CoolSculpting is a treatment that is really becoming popular with the male population and there is nothing wrong with that – everybody deserves to be happy and confident about their looks.

Body contouring provided with CoolSculpting treatment, offers men a chance to reduce unwanted deposits of fat in their chest, thighs and abdomen.

Body contouring provided with CoolSculpting treatment, offers men a chance to reduce unwanted deposits of fat in their chest, thighs and abdomen. They end up with better sculpted and leaner body shapes.

By eliminating unwanted and stubborn fat deposits on problematic body areas, men look more sculpted and give a different impression on professional or personal levels. Men became well aware that the bar has risen and they need to try to look their best.



As we said before, women mostly struggle with excess fat on their thighs, upper arms and buttocks. Men have slightly different issues – their most problematic body areas are the abdomen and chest or not so nicely called colloquially – man boobs.


Gynecomastia is the actual technical term for man boobs. It is represented as enlarged or swollen breast tissue. This happens because of hormonal imbalances – too much estrogen and not enough testosterone for the right balance. So, as you can see, estrogen is not the hormone that is produced only by women. Men also have a small amount of it in their bodies, and also women have a bit of testosterone in their bodies. When the balance of hormones is regulated the level of estrogen in men doesn’t cause any changes in physical appearance.

The issue with gynecomastia is more embarrassing than a serious health problem. Men who struggle with it can have difficulties in dealing with it psychologically. Sometimes this issue resolves itself when levels of the hormones get back to normal. But sometimes the best solution is a non-invasive treatment like CoolSculpting.

One more thing, before men can undergo CoolSculpting to treat gynecomastia, consultations with the therapist is absolutely necessary. There are two types of this condition and only one can be treated by CoolSculpting.


So, during your consultation, the therapist determines what type of gynecomastia you’re dealing with. The therapist examines the tissue on your chest and concludes whether it’s fatty (pseudo gynecomastia) or glandular (true gynecomastia). Of course, this examination is painless but necessary. If the excess tissue is fatty then you can schedule your CoolSculpting treatment. The results may vary and you need to be realistic with the expectations – it all depends on the level of subcutaneous fat and how thick is the fat layer.

So, ideally, you are close to your perfect weight and you have just this issue with your chest. Also, you exercise regularly and keep a balanced diet, and you want to maintain this lifestyle after the treatment. If that is the case, the results will be more than satisfactory.

We all have our trouble spots that simply won’t resolve no matter how much we try. We just can’t sculpt these body areas as we desire.

So, once again CoolSculpting can be an ally here. During the treatment, as stated before the fat cells underneath the skin are frozen and eventually eliminated from the body. When the fat cells that give you the appearance of man boobs are destroyed you end up with a nicely shaped and sculpted chest.

CoolSculpting treatment will bring you closer to the sculpted chest you’ve always desired.

Just keep in mind that maintaining the proper diet and fitness regime is important for keeping that ideally sculpted chest.


CoolSculpting treatment will bring you closer to the sculpted chest you’ve always desired.

Other than embarrassing fat tissue on your chest, you can also treat abs, love handles and double chin with CoolSculpting. You can reduce excess fat on these problematic areas non-surgically and with minimal to no downtime. We live in a busy world and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time recovering, CoolSculpting is perfect for you. You can come to the clinic, have a consultation, get treatment and go back to work – it’s that simple.



We covered most of the benefits of CoolSculpting treatment, but there is an extra one – this treatment could make the skin in the treated area firmer and smoother.

This fact could be understood as a side effect of CoolSculpting treatment, but a good one. It treats the unwanted fat of different body areas and brings skin tightening effects. This happens because apparently, CoolSculpting could preserve the appearance and tone of the skin in targeted body areas.


When it comes to fat reduction treatments, like CoolSculpting, the skin must be able to spring back and fit the new, slimmer body contours. So, most patients who have done CoolSculpting treatments report that their skin has nicely contracted once they see the full results of the treatment. The treatment reduces the size of the fat bulge but does not increase skin laxity. Another plus for CoolSculpting treatment.


Even though this theory hasn’t been approved yet, some patients claim that this treatment has improved their skin appearance and tone. After the treatment, the visible skin fold diminishes because the skin actually adopts a nicer and smoother contour. This extra benefit that CoolSculpting offers could be great for people who want to eliminate excess fat and have only a moderate amount of stretched skin. These patients may shy away from surgical treatments but would still like to tighten their skin and eliminate the extra fat layers. For instance, new moms who want to have more children could really benefit from CoolSculpting treatments. They could improve their contours fast, effectively and without having to take days off.

Another reason why CoolSculpting could contribute to skin tightening is that cold temperatures actually stimulate the skin to speed up collagen production. Collagen is a super important protein that keeps our skin elastic, but it diminishes as we grow older.

And finally, since after CoolSculpting treatment the fat loss is gradual and natural and lasts for 3 to 6months post-procedure. After this period of time, the best results of the treatment are actually noticed. So, during this time the skin can slowly and naturally adapt to a slimmer body shape.

So, apart from eliminating unwanted fat deposits, CoolSculpting could provide another ’cool’ benefit –skin tightening. This benefit is very important in the aesthetic world so let’s conclude that the future is bright for the CoolSculpting treatment.

That’s it. That’s everything we wanted to say about EmSculpt NEO and CoolSculpting treatments. We hope this was helpful. If you have additional questions, don’t shy away from asking. Or leave a comment.