Cosmelan facial peel is one of the most effective skin lightening treatments. It can reduce up to 95% of pigmentation skin issues caused by too much melanin. It is truly a unique procedure with chemical ingredients that reduce and eliminate the areas of skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Cosmelan peel is definitely a high-quality depigmentation facial peel.

The treatment is versatile and addresses all kinds of pigmentation like sun and age spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and freckles. It reduces surface pigment and is followed by a strict after-care protocol that reduces pigment in 3 months. This process reduces the overproduction of melanin at the melanocyte so it actually targets pigment at its source.

Both men and women have these aesthetic concerns. Pigmentation can be caused by overexposure to the sun, genetics or other factors. These unattractive dark blemishes can appear on the face or hands and significantly diminish people’s self-confidence.

However, these stubborn skin imperfections can be significantly improved by Cosmelan peel at Lucia Clinic.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful? No
Is there any downtime? Possibility of itching, tightness, redness, swelling, and peeling for 7-14 days.
How many sessions are needed? One
How long does the procedure take? Around 30 minutes
When can I see the results? After 1-2 weeks
How often should I do it? When advised

How It Works


The treatment actually restricts the production of natural melanin and provides a more even skin complexion. It inhibits the melanin with its ingredients. It involves applying a mask that consists of Kojic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Phytic Acid, Titanium Dioxide and Arbutine.

This facial peel is effective in reducing dry areas, dark spots, acne scars and providing a healthy skin radiance.

The treatment includes the use of Cosmelan II cream as a home kit which continues the reduction of hyperpigmentation or prevents it from reappearing.

The Cosmelan peel is done by a professional skin therapist, but the patient continues to use products at home according to the therapist’s instructions. A strict following of these instructions provides the best results.


Every patient is different and has a unique skin texture and tone. Melanin is the pigment responsible for skin colors and can be produced in smaller or bigger amounts by melanocytes cells. When the melanin is overproduced, the patient gets unattractive dark blemishes on his/her face.

Skin discolorations are caused by a lot of factors like age, race, genetics, hormonal disbalances, sun exposure, pregnancy and the use of birth control pills. Patients can remove the unwanted skin pigmentation and restore an even skin tone by treatments that directly affect the process of melanin formation.

Cosmelan peel is an advanced treatment that successfully treats these skin concerns. It lightens the skin discoloration by targeting the cells that produce skin color. This way the appearance of stubborn skin blemishes is greatly reduced.


The Cosmelan peel treatment is safe and suitable for all skin tones. Anybody who wants to get a more even and healthier complexion can greatly benefit from this treatment. It requires consistency to complete the after-care home treatment but it really pays off because it guarantees optimal results.

It is a state-of-the-art medium-depth peel procedure that doesn’t contain steroids or hydroquinone. It successfully reduces dark spots, melasma and other pigmentation concerns. It can even bring effective results in treating pigmentation where other treatments fail. The treatment is painless, fast and can be done at any time of the year.

It causes minimal side effects and brings fast and long-term results.

This advanced depigmentation peel is one of the most popular and effective treatments, trusted by skin therapists and more importantly by their patients.



    Cosmelan peel is suitable for all skin colors, from lighter to darker tones. It can treat moderate to severe pigmentation.

    It can address the most usual types of hyperpigmentation including:

    ● Melasma - it appears in a form of gray or brown patches on the patient’s skin, usually on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. It is very persistent and difficult to treat. It is usually triggered by pregnancy, hormonal disbalance and usage of birth control pills.
    ● Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH - it appears after inflammation or injury to the skin that causes overproduction of pigment. It can be a result of surgery, burns or other trauma caused to the skin.
    ● Sunspots - they form because of too much sun exposure and usually appear on the face, neckline, arms, shoulders and back.
    ● Age spots - they usually appear because of skin aging and sun exposure. They can form on the face, hands and other areas of the body.
    ● Acne scars - they appear after acne breakouts and can be flat, depressed or raised.
    ● Freckles - they appear on the body areas that are exposed to the sun in a form of small, brown spots.

    The treatment is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies as well as for patients who have active cold sores or other infections.


    The first step involves having a consultation with Lucia’s skin therapist. The therapist examines the patient’s face and determines if this treatment is suitable for his/her pigmentation concerns.

    Also, the therapist determines what type of pigmentation the patient has and adapts the treatment for the patient's individual needs.

    The patient should inform the therapist if he/she has had any previous peels, especially the ones that include glycolic acid. The treatment with this acid must be over at least one week before the Cosmelan peel. The patient also discusses with the therapist about his/her expectations and goals and the therapist creates the customized treatment plan. The plan includes the amount of time the patient needs to keep the mask on his/her face.

    The preparations for Cosmelan peel treatment include avoiding facial exfoliation on the day of the procedure, avoiding waxing the targeted area a week before the procedure and not getting other peels, laser therapies or stronger exfoliation two weeks before the procedure.


    Before the treatment, the patient’s face is carefully cleaned with the oil-removal solution. Then, Lucia’s skin therapist evenly applies the Cosmelan I mask to the patient’s face. At first, the patient may experience a slight stinging sensation but it quickly stops. The mask looks like peanut butter.

    The applying of the mask lasts for about 30minutes.

    Depending on the severity of pigmentation, the patient must keep the mask on his/her face for 8 to 12 hours. The exact amount of time will be advised by the therapist.

    The patient receives the home-care kit together with instructions that are careful but easy to follow.

    After the mask has settled on the patient’s face, the patient may return home. It is very important to avoid heat and light exposure.


    When the appropriate amount of time has passed, the patient may remove the mask with lukewarm water.

    Next day the patient starts with the prescribed moisturizer three times per day.

    From the second week moisturizer is applied twice during the day, and at night the patient applies Cosmelan II cream. Sunscreen should be applied daily from the first day.

    Cosmelan II cream should be used continuously at night, and SPF daily.

    The patient’s skin can get dry when he/she starts applying Cosmelan II cream. It is recommended to alternate Cosmelan II with moisturizer until skin gets used to. This will reduce the sensitivities.

    It is recommended to strictly follow the post-care protocol and not to break the cycle. This way the patient can expect the best results.

    If the patient notices some unusual side effects or if the skin becomes too sensitive, he/she should inform the Skin Therapist right away.

    The patient needs to have a follow-up appointment with a skin therapist who will check the patient’s progress.


    The recovery period depends on the severity of pigmentation. The dark spots will start to fade away after one or two weeks post-procedure. After 3 to 4 weeks the patient’s skin will look brighter, healthier and cleaner.

    As with any chemical peel, this one can also provoke some side effects like itching, tightness and redness of the skin. The patient’s face can be swollen, and the skin will peel off.


    After the treatment, the patient’s skin will peel off and the concentration of melanin will become lighter in color.

    The results start to be visible really quickly.

    After a week or two, the skin imperfections start to fade away, and the patient’s complexion will look significantly brighter. The skin will get a healthier glow. The results continue to improve and the full effect of Cosmelan peel treatment can be seen after two months.


    The number of Cosmelan treatments depends on the severity of the patient’s pigmentation and also on his/her goals and expectations. Typically, one treatment is enough if the patient follows the strict home-care protocol. The therapist may advise the patient to have additional Cosmelan treatment sessions if necessary.