Fat Grafting, great plastic surgery with a double benefit - get rid of excess fat in one area and transfer it to your buttocks or face to make it more enhanced.

Fat grafting – a brilliant procedure that can help you feel great about the way you look especially when it comes to your rear end and your face. A healthy lifestyle like a proper diet and regular exercise keeps you fit and healthy but it’s not your decision where your body will store or lose the fat. It’s out of your control because you can’t fight genetics. When it comes to your overall body structure, genetics rule. You can target your gluteus maximus with exercise and make it firm and toned, but that’s all.

This is where the fat grafting procedure kicks in – you can finally create a perfect shape of your buttocks with Brazilian butt lift. Or you can enhance your facial features with full face rejuvenation and remove age signs or scars and restore facial volume and plumpness. Let’s dive into more details about Brazilian butt lift first.


How do you imagine your buttocks – higher, curvier, more voluptuous, rounder or firmer? Whichever shape sounds appealing to you, you can achieve it with Brazilian butt lift or BBL procedure. The result will be a natural-looking and nicely enhanced backside. Your buttocks won’t be flat or small anymore, you will fill out your curves and your jeans.

Why is BBL a win-win procedure? Because it involves harvesting excess fat from one area of your body and injecting it into your buttocks. So you can make your stomach, hips or thighs slimmer and then make your bottom more enhanced. That’s what’s great about this surgery -you get two benefits from a single procedure.

How will you know that BBL is right for you? Easily – you have a consultation with Lucia’s plastic surgeon. With his expertise and an eye for art, you can create the best procedure plan together. The doctor will decide from which body area he will harvest the fat (so you need to have a bit of excess fat in that area) and check if you are in good overall health. One more requirement – you need to have good skin elasticity on your backside, because BBL surgery won’t firm your skin there.

How is BBL different from other plastic surgeries? The biggest difference and benefit is in the fact that your own excess fat from one area of the body is used to improve the other area. Liposuction is the first step. The doctor harvests the fat from your donor site and that site is immediately slimmer – this is the first benefit. Then the doctor purifies the fat and finally takes the second step -he injects the fat into your buttocks and makes it rounder, more volumized, lifted and beautifully shaped. And voila – the surgery is done and you can go home right away (unless otherwise advised).

What can BBL do for you? It can do so much. Prepare for the bikini season with this surgery. Let’s see what you get from this procedure.

Better-balanced silhouette – You indeed consider somebody attractive if he/she has good proportions. Saying that somebody has a beautiful body means that their body is balanced. It doesn’t matter if you have a pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped or apple-shaped silhouette because balance is the key. BBL procedure improves your body proportions and creates proper symmetry.

It completely looks and feels natural – This is because your own fat is used in this procedure. There are no fillers or implants. You will keep your improved proportions even if you exercise or fluctuate in weight.

It reduces cellulite – This is an awesome advantage of BBL because it reduces the cottage cheese dimples on your buttocks or hips. Since it increases the volume of your rear end it also smooths and firms your skin.

You can wear more flattering clothes – Do dresses or pants just hang on you? BBL will solve this by filling out your clothes and giving you a more attractive look. Your waist will appear smaller once you get wider hips so your dresses will show an hourglass-shaped figure.

So, are you ready to return your confidence and feel great about your new body contours? BBL surgery is ideal for you then.

Now let’s turn to fat grafting surgery that enhances your facial features and restores the lost volume.


Let’s start by saying that aging is inevitable and the struggle against it has its shortcomings. We all age and lose collagen and elastin and underlying fat tissue. Our skin starts to get thinner and we lose muscle tone. This is especially visible on our faces – we lose fullness and get saggy skin and wrinkles. In this aging process, it definitely isn’t helpful that our faces are the first thing people notice.

But there are ways to fight against aging signs –  fat grafting is one of them. It is an awesome surgical procedure for restoring facial fullness and eliminating those unwanted wrinkles. It provides you with long-lasting and more importantly completely natural-looking results. Even though it is surgery it is less invasive than some other procedures and can even be performed under local anesthesia. This is a huge plus for you because the downtime is significantly reduced and of course, the side effects are minimal.

Let’s see why Fat grafting for full face rejuvenation is the thing you were looking for.

What results can you expect from full face rejuvenation? Well, first of all, long-lasting. This procedure is different from BBL because only a small amount of fat is harvested from your donor site and injected into strategically chosen facial areas. The fat integrates with already present fat underneath your skin and becomes a part of your facial contours. When the downtime finishes, you will see that your face has more volume and appears youthful again. The effects of this procedure can be seen from 5 to 10 years -you must admit that this is much longer than the results achieved by some other rejuvenation procedures.  Secondly, the results are completely natural. You still look like yourself, there aren’t any overly dramatic changes but still, your face is refreshed and radiant and that is what you actually expect from this procedure.

How can Fat grafting improve saggy skin? We can certainly say that saggy skin on the face is really hard to improve. We can blame it on gravity but there are other reasons why saggy skin starts to develop. As we age we drastically lose collagen fibers, particularly in the lower part of the face. But if you have mild to moderate saggy skin, fat grafting can restore the lost volume and subtly lift your skin.

How is Fat grafting for full face rejuvenation different from other surgical procedures? The first thing that differentiates this procedure from others is that it is only minimally invasive. The liposuction part of this procedure can be performed with tumescent liposuction which is done under local anesthesia and doesn’t hurt at all. Also, the incisions at the donor site are very small and leave minimal to no scars. One more thing – the doctor injects the harvested fat into your facial areas so precisely, that there is no chance that the injection sites will be noticeable.

Why is fat grafting less risky? Because the procedure involves using your own fat cells so there is a minimal risk of unwanted reactions like infection or allergy. This could be why this procedure is so popular – you don’t have to worry about safety. Also, if the procedure is done with local anesthesia, there are no side effects that are connected to general anesthesia. When the surgery is over you can go home straight away – another plus for fat grafting.

What facial areas can you rejuvenate with Fat grafting? You can enhance sunken cheeks, fill out hollow temples, lift your eyebrows and upper eyelids and so much more. You can eliminate Nasolabial and Marionette lines, boost your lips and improve the look of your chin and jawline. There is another brilliant benefit of this procedure – it can make acne and other scars less visible. Fat has therapeutic effects and can heal wounds with its stem cells. Your face will look fresh and plump again – all thanks to Fat grafting treatment.

How will you know that Fat grafting for full face rejuvenation is the right procedure for you? Again very easily – you will have a consultation with Lucia’s plastic surgeon. Overall, you need to be healthy and you need to have excess fat on other body areas from which the surgeon will harvest fat. If you get the green light from your surgeon, then together you can create a tailor-made treatment plan that will work just for you. This procedure really shows the artistic touch that the surgeon must have – he strategically and precisely injects the harvested fat into the facial features you wish to enhance. When the treatment finishes, your face might appear swollen but this is completely normal – after a short period of time your body reabsorbs some of the fat and then everything settles in its place. After this, you will see how much your face is rejuvenated, plumper and youthful-looking.


The results of your fat grafting procedures will make people say – You look awesome, what’s your secret? This is because you will look rejuvenated but still keep your natural appearance.

BBL and full face rejuvenation with Fat transfer are truly advanced treatments that restore your natural facial plumpness and provide a perky and firm rear end. They are completely natura treatments with tons of benefits – shorter downtime, fewer side effects, no risk of infection. All this definitely makes these procedures appealing. On top of all this, you get a double benefit – once the excess fat is harvested from your donor sites like your abdomen, thighs or hips, that body areas get slimmer immediately.

You will return your confidence no matter which procedure you choose. With full face rejuvenation, you will feel radiant and refreshed, while with BBL you will look and feel great about your new and enhanced body contours.

 Schedule your consultation with Lucia’s plastic surgeon and start your journey towards rejuvenation with Fat grafting procedures.